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Channell Cemetery

Click here, for additional overview of cemetery location viewed from bike path looking towards bluff.
Click here to view landmarks & RR marker, near where cemetery is located in reference to bike path.

Madison Twp.
Licking County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr. & the kind assistance of
Joe Cullison on Nov. 10, 2004.
The most recent update to this page was made on 6 June, 2010.

I wish to present my readings for the Channell Family Cemetery. I found reference to this cemetery in the Ohio Cemetery Records, reprinted in 1989, from a book titled “Old Northwest” Genealogical Quarterly, published in1898 - 1912, page 356. I recently had a descendant of an early pioneer thought to be buried in this cemetery email and wanting to know if I knew anything about it‘s location and content. When they mentioned it being Channel Cemetery, I first thought of the Channel Cemetery located in Liberty Twp. on Sportsman Club Rd., but there is no individual with the surname, Mason, to my knowledge buried there. After looking over an old Licking County map, I discovered a second Channell cemetery located in Madison Twp. On my first visit to the area, all I found was Bowling Green Cemetery which is very clearly marked with a modern sign near the highway just west of the village of Marne. Recently I received an email message from a local resident, named Joe Cullison, he mentioned that there was a real old unmarked cemetery just above the railroad tracks and bike path, about a mile west of Miller Ranch Rd. (tr183). I would like express my thanks and acknowledge the kindness of Mr. Cullison. On 10 November, 2004, he met with me and we hiked the 1 to 1¼ miles, west to the bluff which was situated as earlier descriptions mentioned, high above the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks (just northeast of RR marker 154). The property was described in 1910 as being on the farm land of George Taylor, and it also mentions that Miss Channell was his wife. My thoughts are that at this time there might have been access from Marne Road (CR585). I’m not sure when the railroad would have been built through the area, but it’s quite possible the tracks cut the burial place off from easy access. The old readings which were copied in 1910 from earlier readings, maybe as early as 1890’s, listed an inventory of about 10 individuals, being buried here between 1825 to 1856, but my reading of Alpheus Channell‘s death date pushes this up to 1872 as last known burial. The cemetery measures about 50 foot by 100 foot in size, is totally overgrown with ivy, brambles, tree roots, and even couple large fallen trees. On first glance you wouldn’t even notice the cemetery existed. This poor little isolated cemetery has been uncared for probably a hundred years, and in nearly the worst condition of any cemetery I‘ve ever seen. My first readings are preliminary and very scant. Joe and I searched the area as best we could, given the amount of heavy roots and timber, it will be nearly impossible to do further research until the overgrowth is removed. It will take several days and lots of help to remove the brush, fallen trees, and undergrowth, just to allow search of the earth for the actual memorials. Most have toppled and are covered by roots and soil. My hopes and prayers are that perhaps the owners of the land where this cemetery is located will permit a restoration effort, by a local boy scout or church group with some supervision. It would be nice to see this little known historical site saved and the dignity restored to honor the ancestral loved ones buried here. The original readings done in 1890's, mention the following individuals, and I mention them here simply to insure they are not forgotten. "Channell, John Jr., b. [dates match my readings], Absalom d, Aug. 6, 1849, age 43y 5m 24d " [ on first reading, I thought the four in the year of death could be 1819, but since there is a wife mentioned, it surely must be 1849 and age 43.];" Hannah, wife of Solomon, d. Mar. 21. 1855, ae 65y, Julia, wife of Alpheus, Sept. 13, 1855 ae 49y 7m 28d" [I found a memorial for her husband Alpheus, which was not read in earlier reports, but so far not the stone for Hannah.]; "(also children of Julia & Alpheus); Brown, Rebecca B., wife of J. Brown, d. Nov. 19, 1855, ae 41y3m 3d; Dewees, Martha, wife of Samuel, d. Aug. 1851; Hall, Mary V., wife of A. F. Hall, d. Mar. 15, 1856, ae. 23y 4m 16d; and last memorial, Lees, Sarah Ann, dau. of William & Mary, d. Aug. 8, 1848 ae. 17y 8m 8d." A Newark Advocate newspaper accounting, and remembrances of a Miss Stevens, of Columbus, in March 8, 1969. She listed the following burials as being noted by her grandmother, Harriet Channell Sherman: Hannah, wife of Solomon Channell, died March 21, 1855, aged 65years; Absolom Channel, died 1849, aged 43y; John Channell, Jr., born 1802, died 1825; Jesse Channell, died 1828, aged 34y (Jesse was the father of Tom Channell); Julia, wife of Alpheus, died Sept. 13, 1855, age 40 (Alpheus & Julia (Williams) married on Feb. 23, 1836, she was born 1815); Alpheus Channell, died May 23, 1872, aged 64y; Edward Channell, son of Alpheus & Julia Channell, died 1852, aged 1yr & 2 days; Rollin Channell, died 1844, aged 5yrs. Additional information included in this accounting mentioned that Henry, Aaron & Absolom Channell were sons of Isom Channell, who was a veteran of the War of 1812, and received land grants for his service to his country. Aaron served as captain of Company E, 12th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, during the Civil War. There are other members of the Channell Family buried at the nearby Bowling Green Cemetery, also located in Madison Twp. Near Marne Rd. This concludes my reference to the previous readings done well over one hundred years ago, and the ones listed by a family descendant in 1969. Although I have made some references to the location, I would ask that anyone interested in visiting this cemetery please wait until ownership of this cemetery can be determined and permission obtained before returning. I will try this winter to correspond with the township trustees and see if they can work out permission with the owner of the land, for volunteers to clean and restore the cemetery. On April 15, 2008 & 6 June, 2010, I received a correspondence from Jodie Robinson. She included the following excerpt from the local newspaper obituary." "The remains of the infant child of W. H. Ryan, who died yesterday morning, will be taken to Madison township tomorrow morning. Interment made in Channel Cemetery" Newark Daily Advocate, 11 Aug 1895.

Please Note: Click on underlined name to view tombstone image.
Channell, Alpheus, died _, _, 1872, age 64y stone broken into four major fragments, one missing.
Channell, John, Jr., born Dec. 22, 1802, died Jan. 31, 1825 stone was toppled, broken from base.
J. C. Small footstone for either John Channell Jr. or Jesse Channell.
Channell, Absalom, died Aug. 6, 1849, aged 43y 5m 24d Stone very worn, hard to see the "4" in 1849, almost looks like 1819, but earlier readings indicates a death year of 1849.
A.W.C. Small foot stone for Absalom Channell.
Channell, In memory of Jesse, died Jan. 16th 1828, aged 34 years Click here for close view of Jesse's memorial.
Ryan, infant child of W.H. Ryan, died 10 Aug., 1895, buried on 12 Aug., 1895. No memorial found, only notice listed in two newspapers.
The following burials are noted in various text reports, but not found during my visit.
Channell, Hannah, died Mar. 21, 1855, aged 65y
Channell, Julia (Williams), wife of Alpheus Channell, died Sept. 13, 1855, age 40
Channell, Edward, son of Alpheus & Julia Channell, died 1852, aged 1y 2d
Channell, Rollin, died 1844, aged 5yrs
Ryan, Infant Child, 10 Aug., 1895
Brown, Rebecca B., wife of J. Brown, d. Nov. 19, 1855, ae 41y3m 3d
Dewees, Martha, wife of Samuel, d. Aug. 1851
Hall, Mary V., wife of A. F. Hall, d. Mar. 15, 1856, ae. 23y 4m 16d
Lees, Sarah Ann, dau. of William & Mary, d. Aug. 8, 1848 ae. 17y 8m 8d
This brings to a total of 13 known burials in this small family cemetery, as of this date 6 June, 2010.

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