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Bowling Green Cemetery

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Madison Twp.
Licking County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., Oct. 26, 2004.
This cemetery is located just west of the village of Marne, on the north side of route 585 (Marne Rd.). You will see a wooden cemetery sign in a grassy glen, just east of a drive which leads up to several residences and the cemetery is not visable from the road. The cemetery is up on the hill behind the wooden sign. You will then notice the cemetery stones once you get to the top of a bluff over looking the highway below. This cemetery is very old, there are still readable stones here dating back to 1812. Next to the cemetery near the front, there's evidence of an old foundation which which originally was built by the Methodist society. Older maps & books mention both Bowling Green Cemetery & Channell Cemetery, but after checking old records & asking several of the folks residing in the area, they say they never heard of a Channell Cemetery. This cemetery is described in 1910 as being neglected and it seems that it's care has not improved much. It is still not well kept, evidence of mowing, but no triming and lots of poison ivy everywhere. Many of the stones are in disrepair, either toppled and broken. Some are so weathered that complete transcriptions are near impossible. My readings are preliminary, I read most but not all of them on my first visit here on 24 Oct.2004, have plans to return next summer to do more thorough readings. I have added a few comments from information copied in 1910, but of older data gleaned in 1880's. My use of this older information will be very limited and only to provide additional data where it might otherwise be lost.
The most recent update to this page was made on 10 May, 2009.

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Baker, Ann, died Oct. 15, 1849, in her 73 year
Bowman, Jacob, born July 25, 1810, died Aug. 18, 1894 -Husband-
Bowman, Sarah, wife of Jacob Bowman, died Nov. _, 18?0 aged ?? y 28d Older records from 1890, indicate the death date is Nov. 12, 1880, ae. 73y 22d
Bradley, Augustin, born May 10, 1810, died Feb. 26, 1886
Bradley, Daniel, born Sep. 19, 1842, died May 12, 1884, aged 41y 7m 23d
Bradley, Mary, born Feb. 9, 1817, died Mar. 14, 1898
Carver, John S., son of Seth & Deb Carver, died Dec. 15, 1826, aged 9years 6m & 28 days -..sweet babe..- [update: In April, 2009, I found one tombstone located up on a hill, this property was once owned by Seth and Deb Carver. It's located in Mary Ann Township, not far from Wilkins Corner. Near the top of this hill I found the tombstone for Seth Carver. His data can be found by checking the Licking County index page and clicking on Carver Cemetery.]
Chanel, Joseph Memorial very worn, no dates or additional data readable. Older records copied in 1910 of much older records, show a death date of Sept. 27, 1833. He is said to have been a soldier of the Rev. War.
Channell, in memory of Judea, wife of J. C., who died Aug. 30th AD, 1832, aged 71 years 3m and 2d
Channell, Miss Barbary, died June 10, 1813, aged 14 yers Early records set her death date at 1815, but I will stand on date inscribed being 1813.
Church, Robert, ...aged 77 years Very worn, hard to read. Earlier records set his death date at Nov. 18, 1829. He settled here in 1803.
Collins, Jas. J., born Aug. 10, 1839, died Feb. 10, 1866
Cruise, David N., died May 7, 1874, aged 21y 9m 2d; Martha Cruise, died Sep. 11, 1859, aged 5y 5m 13d; Louisa Cruise, died Sep. 17, 1869, aged 1y 3m 6d Reminants/fragments of older memorials w/this surname laying around.
Earhart, John T., died Nov. 1, 1852, aged 29 yr 6mo & 13 d's
Earhart, Lidy, wife of John b Earhart, died Feb. 1, 1833, aged 30 years
Ellis, Thomas T., born Apr. 15, 1819, died Jan. 13, 1884
Fletcher, John, died Aug. 14, 1857, aged 48 y's 9m's & 4d's
Fletcher, John, died Aug. 14, 1857, aged 48y 9m 4d; Sarah, wife of John Fletcher, died May 26, 1899, aged 84y 9m
Fletcher, Thomas A., son of Thomas & Sarah Fletcher, died __ _5, 18__, aged 3yr 6mo _d Very worn stone. This stone not mentioned in 1890 report.
Fletcher, Thomas A., died Mar. 5, 1818, aged 3y 6m 5d Echoes data on previous stone
Fletcher, William H., died Apr. 6, 1865, aged 25y 14d
Huse, Annas W., son of James & Betsy Huse, died Feb. 24, 1841, aged 22yrs 8mo & 30d's
unknown, J. W., died June 12, 1812, ageed 69 No surname on this early carved stone.
Kleiber, Margaret, wife of Henry Kleiber, died April 19, 1826, aged 75 years -Weep not my friends, Nor shed your tears...-
Klieber, Henry, died July 23, 1829, aged 80 years Henry & Margaret are the parents of Mrs. Isaac Stadden.
Lippincott, Mary A., wife of Thomas Lippincott & dau. of J. & H. Williams, born Dec. 5, 1842, died Dec. 16, 1863 Mary may have died of complications of child birth, as she died 16 days after giving birth to a son who also died just three days before her.
Lippincott, Charles, son of T. & M. A. Lippincott, born Nov. 30, 1863, died Dec. 12, 1863
Moore, Frank M., died Apr. 22, 1898, aged 58y 3m 19d, soldier, Co. E, 30th REG
Murphy, Henry, died Aug. 3, 1846, aged 32 y's -Some welcome deth, Thou end of fears, I am prepared to die
Murphy, Jane, wife of Samuel Murphy, died June 30, 1850, aged 66 yrs
Palmer, Joannah E., 1844 - 1928
Palmer, Joel, 1838 - 1911
Parry, Elizabeth, wife of Jas. Parry, died July 21, 1881, aged 32y 7m 4d
Patterson, James W., died Oct. 8, 1863, in the 77th yr of his age
Patterson, Ann M., wife of J. W. Patterson, died Mar. 10, 1838, in the 25 yr of her age
Paxton, George A. W., son of S.S. & M. Paxton, died Aug. 9, 1873, aged 1y 4m 7d; Maggie J., dau. of S.S. & M. Paxton, died May 1, 1876, aged 2y 4m 20d
Paxton, John W., son of S.S. & M. Paxton, died May 30, 1888, aged 33y 2m 27d
Paxton, S. S., born Nov. 19, 1842, died Nov. 13, 1888
Perkins, Robert, died May 12, 1840, aged 24y
Perkins, Rebecca, died Jan. 1, 1844, aged 18y 15d
Purkins, In memory of Thomas, son of Thomas and Margaret Purkins, who died January the 15 AD 18_1, aged 16y and _m & 23ds
Shaw, Marium, wife of Zachariah Shaw, died Dec. 15, 1848, aged 58y
Shaw, Zachariah, died Apr. 15, 1852, aged 74y 8m
Siler, Andrew, who died May 22, 1837, aged 42 years Older records form 1890, mention that Andrew's wife Jane, is buried here, b. Aug. 29, 1800, d. June 12, 1883.
Snell, Thomas, died Sept. 19, 1849, aged 50y's & 8d's
Stadden, Jed M., 1817 - 1899
Stadden, Zevolena, 1820 - 1901
Stadden, Wm. B., died Dec. 31, 1840, age 25y 3m 27d
Stadden, Catharine, wife of Isaac Stadden, died July 3, 1870, age 89y & 18d I'm sorry to report that I didn't find a stone for Isaac, although old records indicate he is buried here. He died June 5, 1841 aged 71y 3m 9d. I found old data which is worth mentioning here." Isaac Stadden, with his wife, two children and brother John, settled in Licking Co. in 1800. They were from Northumberland Co. PA, and his was the second wagon that came up the Licking Valley. John's marriage to Betsy Green on Christmas 1800, was the first within the territory now embraced in Licking Co. (Hist. of Madison Twp. (pg. 216-17) Isaac S. while hunting deer just west of the present site of Newark, discovered the prehistoric earthworks, known as "The Old Fort". He was a carpenter by trade. First Justice of the Peace 1802." Source: The Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly.
Stadden, Wm. B., died _ 3, 1840, aged 5 years _ mo & 27 days Portions of the dates are no longer readable, but according to older records, he died Dec. 3, 1840, ae. 25y 9m 27d.
Strother, John, died Sept. 18, 1821, aged 50 years
Williams, John W., son of _ & _ [Margt.] Williams, died May 16, 1852, aged 1y 1m 1d

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