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Moorehead Cemetery

Moorhead Cemetery, Liberty Township, Licking County, Ohio

Liberty Twp.
Licking County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., 19 June 2000
The most recent update made on 3 May, 2012.

I wish to present the transcriptions of the loved ones buried at Moorehead Cemetery. This small once family owned cemetery is located on what was once called Moorehead Hill. The road is now known as Racoon Run Road (TR113) between Stone Quarry Rd (TR99) and Corner Road (TR112). It's located in the southeast corner of Liberty Township, Licking Co., Ohio. The cemetery is located on top of a hillside with a beautiful view of the agricultural land around it. In earlier days the land across the road from it was wooded, but in modern times, it has been cleared by the landowner and planted with crops. As always, I have made every effort to take my time and accurately read the names and dates contained on memorial stones here. There has been much damage to the stones in this cemetery, perhaps because of it's rather isolated location. Many of the stones are either completely missing and or damaged from the ravages of natural elements over time and unfortunately showing some damage due to malicious destruction. I found one particularly heavy but stable stone overturned just since my visit there last fall. I am responsible for all transcriptions contained in this report, with the exception of any information containing an [ * ] or [**] asterisk symbol within brackets. Any information within brackets [ ] without * symbol will be my personal observations or personal knowledge. My only reference to earlier reports not made by me will be only to supplement where the memorial stone no longer exist or has deteriorated to a condition which would otherwise cause this information to become lost. In this instance the source is an earlier report given to me by the kindness of Mr & Mrs. Lee Riffe, but didn't contain the transcribers name. Revision of the readings of this cemetery completed on 19 June, 2000, 2001 (c) Robert M. Sizelove, Sr. Dates & inscriptions
Please Note: Click on name to view tombstone image.
Row 1.
i. S. A. M. [foot stone, probably for Sintha Miller in next row]
ii. unidentified [fragment stone not readable]
iii. J.C.M. [footstone, sorry no image]
iv. Shaub, Jacob, born Feb. 15, 1815, died Jan. 19, 1878
iv. Shaub, Leah, wife of J. Shaub, born Jan. 11, 1817, died Nov. 25, 1892 [not positive of last two digits of date]
iv. Shaub, Ann, died July 14, 1849 [above this on stone is:] Children
iv. Shaub, Cora, died Sep 25, 1848
iv. Shaub, Wesley, died Sep 20, 1843, aged 4m; Edwin, died Oct. 2, 1844 [inscription above this:] Children of J & L Shaub
Row 2.
i. Jones, Elizabeth, died May 2_, 1844, aged 62years...- All is well...All is well- [stone broken into two major pieces] DeBow [inscribed at bottom of stone, probably stone cutter (engraver's) name. Base with rectangular hole through it matching with and depth of stone lying on ground covering it. Most of this stone was buried]
ii. Jamison, Mary, dau. of Lewis C. & Christiana Jamison, died Sept. 12, 1847, aged 1year 6m & 5d [verse below this] -Beneath this little grassy mound you sleep my Mary dear, Much as we loved the, thou art gone, And left us weeping here-[stone broken into two pieces through date]
iii. Jamison, Martha A., dau. of Lewis C. & Christiana Jamison, died Aug. 23, 1855, aged 8mo's & 18 d's [inscription below this]- Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest, For such as thee the Saviour blest-
iv. Jamison, Lewis C., died Dec. 15 1878, aged 64y 11m 20d
v. E. S. [footstone, probably for Elizabeth Shaub, stone appears to not be in original location]
vi. Miller, Sintha Ann, daughter of John & Nancy Miller, died Sept. 17, 1842, aged 6mo & 18days [stone broken into three pieces]
vii. Miller, Jared C., Sept. 10, 1836 - Apr. 18, 1859
vii. Miller, Sallie D., Jan. 20, 1836 - June 19, 1908
viii. Woodard, Hiram S., born Jan. 8, 1845 - [no death date inscribed]
viii. Woodard, Roselia K., his wife born Apr. 2, 1852, died Oct. 8, 1908
ix. Helphrey, Fraley F., Dec. 9, 1824 - Aug. 25, 1891
ix. Helphrey, Sarah (PARR), his wife June 20, 1829 - Apr. 20, 1903
ix. Yarnell, Adilla Glendora (HELPHREY), their daughter, June 1, 1855 - July 11, 1883
x. Barrick, Robbie S., son of C. A. & A. L. Barrick, born July 5, 1901, died Oct. 12, 1901, -Gone but not forgotten-

Row 3.
i. Emery, Clarissa , wife of M. T. Emery, died Nov. 28, 1847, aged 30y 1m & 8d
i. Emery, Sylvanus E., of Co. B, 32nd Reg. OVI, died may 27, 1865, aged 26y, 9m & 11d [ this stone toppled from base]
ii. Emery, Clarisa, -In memory of...-wife of Moses T. Emery who died Nov. 28, 1847, aged 30years 1mo & 8 days [ this stone leaning against base of previous stone, probably the original stone for Clarissa]
iii. J.M. [footstone]
iv. Unknown [base with headstone missing]
v. P.M. [footstone]
vi. Moorhead, Samuel, son of John & Elizabeth Moorehead, died Aug. 23, 1850, aged 12y 10m & 28d -Weep not for...not for me. My sons are There's not a....-
vii. Moorehead, Nelson
viii. Moorehead, John, died Aug. 30, 1854, aged 48yrs, 1mo, & 12ds [very deteriated stone]
ix. Moorehead, Elizabeth, wife of John Moorehead, died Mar. 6, 1860, aged 55 years 10 m & 12d, [inscription below] -My toils are past, my work is done And I am fully blest. I've fought the fight, the victory won, And entered into rest-
x. unidentified [stone is broken up, lying on base, beyond reading, all that's left is, & 20 days...]
xi. Spangler, Sarah M., Infant daughter of John & Abigail Spangler, died March 28, 1851
xii. Spangler, Joseph, son of John & Abigail Spangler, died Apr. 20, 1852, aged 2 weeks [inscription] -Go to thy rest my child, Go to thy dreamless bed, Gentle & undefiled with blessings on thy head-
xiii. Rose, Mamie, daughter of L.C. & C. D. Rose, born in Hampton Iowa, Nov. 18, 1866, died Oct. 8, 1869 [inscription] -Blest...thou art...Thy dear face we see no more. Though for thee we now are weeping, Thou art only gone before-
xiv. unidentified [sandstone fragment, not readable]
xv. Rose, Lucian C., son of Milo & Hannah Rose, died Dec. 2, 1871, aged 36y 4m & 21d [inscription below date not readable]
xvi. Gosnell, Charlie, 1865 - 1913
xvi. Gosnell, Maggie, his wife 1868 -
xvi. Gosnell, Hubert, their son, 1890 [not sure if this is birth or death date]
xvi. Kelly, Charles, 1909,[ not sure if this is birth or death date]

Row 4.
i. McDaniel, Phebe, daughter of Daniel & Jane McDaniel, died Apr. 26, 1843, aged 28ys 5ms
ii. [*McDaniel] [*child of Daniel & Jane McDaniel, no dates known, headstone broken off from base stone, missing. Sorry no image]
iii. McDaniel, Joseph, son of Daniel & Jane McDaniel, died Jan. 5, 1853, In the 43rd year of his age.
iv. unknown [fragment, only lower portion remaining] ...aged 87y's 1mo 6d
v. unknown [stone missing on depression common with older burials]

Row 5.
i. Shaub [footstones]
ii. Shaub [footstones]
iii. Shaub [footstones]
iv. Shaub [footstones]
v. Morgan, Parker, born May 19, 1799, died Feb. 12, 1853
v. Morgan, Caroline L., wife of M.Parker, born Aug. 20, 1818, died Oct. 20, 1898
v. Morgan, Elizabeth, born Apr. 14, 1839, died Aug. 11, 1859
v. Morgan, Henry, born Oct. 16, 1849, died Aug. 11, 1854
vi. [Morgan] Henry O., died Aug. 11, 1854, aged 13 years [ This is an older very deteriated stone w/matching information from memorial #5, believe the missing given name is located on the base of Thressa A. Shaub memorial row 6,i.]
vii. Morgan, Sarah, dau. of P. & C. Morgan, died Aug. 13, 1854, aged 17ys 10m 2d
viii. Morgan, Parker, son of P. & C. Morgan...[fragment contains no dates]

Row 6.
i. Shaub, Thressa A., dau. of Isaac & Ann Shaub, died Mar. 26, 1852, aged 2y 8m 13d
ii. Shaub, Christiana, wife of Abraham Shaub, died Oct. 19, 1858, aged 69y 10m 7d
iii. Shaub, Ann, wife of Isaac Shaub, died June 19, 1862, aged 38y 11m 8d
iii. Shaub, Isaac, died Apr. 25, 1886, aged 67y 7m 18d
iv. Conner Carrie E., dau. of T. & E.A. Conner, died Aug. 2, 1868, aged 1y, 10m, 20d ,[inscription] Dearest Carrie thou here thy loss we deeply feel, But tis God who hath herefor...he can mend sorrows...heart... [stone broken, hard to read]
Row 7.
i. Woodard, Dora
i. Woodard, Mary
i. Woodard, Martha, -children of John & Mary Woodard- [this inscribed above last three given names]

The following list contains known burials with no memorial stone presently existing.

Row 8.
i. [**Parr] [**Anna] [**May] [**(Helphrey), born Mar. 17, 1878, died Jan. 14, 1909, burial 16 Jan., 1909] [** information given by the kindness of Betty Rose & Rod on 3 May, 2012]
ii. [*Shaub] [*Edwin] [* son of Jacob & Leah, died Oct. 12, 1844]
iii. [*Moorehead] [*John] [*Apr. 18, 1863, aged 18y 8m 20d, civil war veteran] [ stone missing]
iv. [*Conner] [*Orlena] [*dau. of T.P.&E.A. Conner, died Jan. 16, 1861, aged 2y 9m 7d] [stone missing]
This concludes my transcriptions of Moorehead Cemetery, 20 June, 2000 R.M. Sizelove, Sr.

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