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Concord Cemetery

Liberty Twp.
Licking County

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For those that are perhaps seeing these transcriptions for the first time, the transcriptions may give on first glance, the appearance of a great many typos, so I feel obligated to explain that the abundance of y, m, and d represent abbreviations for year, month and day. Although you will find most engravers follow similar patterns, it seems there are several different abbreviations used to represent these three time terms including: y, yr, yrs, yr's & years; m. mo, mos, mo's, and months; d. da, das, da's, and days and on rare occasions, h, hr, hrs, hr's, and hours. I tend not to use commas except to seperate surname from given name, given name from date, except where found on actual inscription, same goes for the [.] (period). When you see the symbol [_] (underscore), I use it to represent missing or unreadable letters, or if a lot of letters are unreadable I may express it by several periods, such as Jos...h . Sometimes you will find raised letters such as " c" in surnames such as in McClain, or if the engraver added smaller letters that were left out and added later, when I encounter them, tend to express them, when possible, as found on the stone. Sometimes engravers will use the term Æ, this is just a term that generally replaces the work "aged". One last comment, all actual text found engraved, will come first in bold text. All comments, observations, personal knowledge remarks added by submitter, concerning an individual, but not inscribed on stone, will then proceed in regular text. R.M. Sizelove.

These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., May 15, 2000.
The most recent update to this page was made on 14 Apr., 2011.

This cemetery is located on Castle Road (cr164) north of SR37 a few miles. It lies between Concord Road and Sportsman Club Road. The cemetery is easy to find. This cemetery which is still in use, is located on a small rolling moundlike hillside, lying just west of road. There are parking facilities along the southern edge of entry drive. This cemetery is mowed and nicely cared for by the Liberty Township Trustees. As with all cemeteries that I’ve transcribed, every effort was made to carefully examine and read each memorial stone. I make no warranty to being 100% accurate. Use this information as a research tool, don’t substitute it, but rather include this with good state or county document research. As is true of most of the cemeteries that I’ve transcribed, some stones are unfortunately, weathered beyond complete transcription and in this case (and only in this case) do I resort to the use of previous research information, when available. Any previous information will be noted within brackets [* *--], with special notation as to the source of this information. . In this case, the earlier data was taken from previous readings made in the late 1960’s. The data given to me by the kindness of Lee & Dorothy Riffe of Licking Co., Ohio, didn’t contain the name of transcriber. All information written in standard text will be my interpretation of inscriptions directly read from the stones. I am responsible for information contained within brackets without * symbol. This will include additional comments, observations, and /or personal knowledge, which are not transcribed from the memorial stone. My only use of previous data was to suppliment my readings with information no longer available from reading the stones and personal information about family connections which could have otherwise been lost. My objective as always is to help insure these ancestral loved ones will not be forgotten. This enumeration started in July 1999 and finished in 15 May, 2000 . Cemetery readings started from a bearing of facing cemetery from the road, read in rows from left to right and front to back. Rev., 04 November 1999-Rev., 11 March 2000- Rev., 15 May, 2000. Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.©
The latest update to this page made on 24 Sept., 2009.
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* This page under construction. I have most of the photos for this cemetery, will be adding more images in 2011.*
Row 1
i. Needles, Noah R., Pvt. USArmy, W W II, 1903- 1981; Helen E., 1916-1997 [veteran medal W/flag]
ii. Spiedell, Lester C. (father) 1890-1970, Goldie R. (mother) 1898-1964 [son of Lester D. & Kit Severn]
iii. S., plot marker Not shown
iv. Wimer, Jeanette M., 1923-____, Richard D., 1924-____
v. Aplot marker -not shown-
vi. W plot marker -not shown-
vii. Wimer, Margie, daughter, 1935- 1994
viii. Wimer, Howard D., Dec. 11, 1898- Apr. 23, 1988, Sarah S., July 29, 1900- June 9, 1975
ix. Poulton, Holly Austin, "father", Dec. 19, 1879- May 9, 1915
x. Foster, Edward, 1860-1918, his wife Icy PAGE, 1860- 1916 Edward is son of Geo. & Elizabeth Foster
xi. Unknown, plot marker
xii. Seville, Charles W.,1838-1932, Henrietta F. his wife, 1854-1922
xiii. Seville, Edward B., Mar. 31, 1865- Feb. 15, 1941

Row 2
i. Bush, Roe E., 1894 - 1979; Mamie E., 1893 - 1976 Inscription at bottom of stone Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
ii. Bush, H. Lee, 1891 - 1959 -Father-; Betty L., 1930 - 1933 -Daughter-
iii. Emerson, Ella Wathena, Apr. 13, 1916 - Sep. 10, 1916 *Daughter of Willie L. & Rheuba E. Emerson
iv. Emerson, Willie L., July 7, 1852 - Apr. 14, 1920; Rheuba E., his wife, June 15, 1853 - Dec. 27, 1920 Willie is the son of John Langdon Emerson. There are two footstones inscribed with mother & father on left and right of headstone.
v. Mouser, Lee, son of G.E.& Ina Mouser, Aug. 14, 1906-July 17, 1910
vi. Mouser, Ina E. Emerson, Aug. 23, 1879- Jan. 2, 1949[daug. Of Willie Emerson], George Ernest MOUSER, July 17, 1881- June 4, 1961[*son of Geo.W. & Emma Mouser] married 17, 1905
vii. Neptune, Martha R. [Mouser],Aug. 21, 1912-Feb. 22, 1971, Edgar McClain [NEPTUNE] Mar. 8, 1899-Dec. 21, 1968
viii. Barstow, George W., born May 30, 1824, died Aug. 19, 1905 [left side of headstone], "Barstow" [inscribed on front of midstone], Elizabeth BARSTOW, died June 5, 1896, aged 59 years [on back side of headstone]
ix. Mouser, George W., June 5, 1836- Oct. 4, 1904, Emma his wife, Apr. 30, 1898-June 8, 1904 [ on headstone] "Mouser"[on basestone]
x. Mouser, Howard L., Apr. 7, 1861-Mar. 24, 1864, Jacob E., Dec. 15, 1867- Sept. 10, 1875
xi. Cline, Noah, 1834- 1910
xii. Harman, Syntha, born July 31, 1937, died may 16, 1900, aged 62y, 9m, 15d, John A., born Aug. 11, 1833, died Feb. 27, 1905
xiii. Foster, Charles, 1861-1926, Miss Alice 1865-____[front side of headstone], A. E. HARRIS, 1864-1933, Alice his wife 1865-1934 [on back side of headstone, Alice listed on back, probably same as listed above]
xiv. Neff, George W., son of Eva Neff, died Apr. 3, 1888, aged 30y,11m, 13d

Row #3.
i. Shockley, Edgar F., Ohio Tec 5 USArmy WWII, Apr. 1, 1912-Dec. 2, 1973 [WWII Vet. Medal W/ flag]
ii. Shockley, Lynn D. "Dad" 1879-1961, Ollie M., "Mom" 1883-1957 [Ollie is dau. of Judson J. & Lemath Peck]
iii. Shockley, Ralph J., "Son" 1907-1930, Vernon D., "Son" 1918-1925 [sons of Lynn & Ollie]
iv. Peck, Judson J., 1845-1910; Lemath, 1846-1937 "father & mother" [inscribed] "In thee O Lord, we put our trust"
v. Thompson, Samuel Clayton, 1892-1979
vi. Windsor, Corbin C., 1904-1988
vii. Myers, Lusetta (Bush) wife of J. Myers, died Apr. 23, 1894, aged 47y, 3m, 7d
viii. Myers, James E., Co. D, 3rd WV Cav. [Vet. Ohio USA soldier, medal w/flag]

Row #4.
BUSH, Clyde Edward, CM USNavy WWII 1926-1976 [Bronze military veteran memorial plate(foot marker)], Clyde E. BUSH, Feb. 24, 1926-July 8, 1976, Dorothy E., Aug. 16, 1927-____[headstone]
BUSH, Clinton, 1893-1960, Millie M., 1897-1992
BUSH, Sylvester, 1859-1931, Florence, 1861-1956
BUSH, Perry C., 1895-1968 [WWI Vet. Marker w/flag], Mary ROBY, 1896-1979 [Bronze military veteran foot marker ] Perry C. Bush, Ohio PFC, CDE 26 INFantry, WWI, Dec. 5, 1895-Jan. 25, 1968
BUSH, Infant, of W. & A.E., Jan. 22 1900
BUSH, Wesley, 1845-1917, Amanda his wife, 1862-1940 [three piece stone, "BUSH" inscribed on midstone]
WYNNE, James R., (father) 1919-____, Ruth A., 1915- 1973
GLYNN, John, Oct. 7, 1838- May 15, 1918 [ son of Edward & Elizabeth Glynn], Elizabeth, Oct. 7, 1842-Apr. 5, 1925[ front side of stone], Tillie, [Glynn][*wife of Price 1872-1962, Price E., 1863-1943 [on backside of stone]
BUSH, Otis W., 1887-1907, Grace BUSH PARSONS, 1883-1967
PATTON, Robert Eugene, 1882-1936 [WWI veteran]
PATTON, Joseph T., Apr. 22, 1845-Apr. 7, 1897 [JJP footstone leaning against this memorial stone]
NEFF, Edith, wife of J. Neff , Sep. 28, 1850, aged 30y, 7m, 3d [right side of stone], Jacob, born Sept. 20, 1819, died Oct. 2, 1885

Row #5.
WASHBURN, James Joseph, Apr. 24, 1938- Mar. 24, 1976 [inscription]"He knew the victory of giving" SCOTT, Mary J., 1862-1937
OVERTURF, Infant, daug. Of Noah H. & Winnie Overturf , born Nov. 4, 1896, died Dec. 17, 1896 [previous readings connected her to Noah Bush, who died in 1894 which would be in error as this child was born 2 years after Noah’s death]
"Father" "Mother" [My thoughts are that these last two stones marked "Mother & Father" are footstones for the Hancock family members in the next row.] BUSH, Noah, born Dec. 26 1815, died June 29, 1894 [inscription on left side of headstone], Eliza A., wife of Noah Bush, born Oct. 27, 1824, died Nov. 4 1900 [ this inscription found on right side of headstone] "Father & Mother" [front side of headstone], [The following inscription found on base of 5 piece memorial stone] "Glad indeed will be that meeting, In the regions of the Blessed. When the saviors kindly greeting. Bids us enter into rest."
BUSH, Susan IoO’dDell, dau. Of M. & J. A. Bush, died Feb. 18, 1885, aged 22y, 1m, 22d
CAIN, Elizabeth, 1840-1914

Row #6.
EVANS, Claire R., Jan. 17, 1937, "Son", died Jan. 17, 2000
EVANS, Floyd J., 1903-1997, Esther C., 1915-1985, married June 30, 1935
[HANNAHS] Infant Son [*of Fred & Annis Hannahs]
[HANNAHS]____, Esther Marie, 1916-1916 [*dau. of Fred & Annis Hannahs]
[HANNAHS] Infant Daughter [Probably child of Hannahs]
HANNAHS, Fred M., 1890-1975, Annis M., 1894-1918
HANNAHS, Lee Lenn, "Son", 1914-1981 [bronze plaque] PFC U. S. Army WWII [veteran medal WWII w/flag]
HANNAHS, Hollie H., 1891-1972 [WWI 1917-1918 Veteran medal w/flag]
HANNAHS, Florence, 1888-1939 [*dau. of Lewis & May E.]
HANNAHS, Leta, 1894-1899 [*dau. of Lewis & May E.]
HANNAHS, Roe E., born May 19,1887, died Aug. 8, 1888 [* son of Lewis & May E. Hannahs] [poem inscribed below dates]
HANNAHS, Lewis M., 1862-1898 [ son of Robert & Mary (Arnold) Hannahs of Newark, Ohio], May E., ., [his wife] 1859-1945
SHUEY, DB.C., [* Daniel C.] died July 21, 1885, aged 82yr’s.,4 mo’s., and 5 days [partial inscription ] "Them also…sleep in Jesus, will God bring back to him"[*source, Deborah S. Grove, Pennsylvania]
HANCOCK, Archibald, born May 26, 1921, died July 17, 1890, "Gone but not forgotten"
HANCOCK, Margaret, born Apr.4, 1827, died Mar.25,1896, "At Rest"
[Hancock], Henry, 1851-1923 [no surname on stone]
HANCOCK, Melissa E., 1849-1-4, 1905-1-13
EMERSON, Susie M., dau. Of G. B.& Mary Emerson, died May 17, 1883, aged 25y, 7m, 19d
EMERSON, George E., April 3, 1819-May 2, 1903, Mary FOSTER, his wife, Dec. 17, 1828-Sep. 1912, Amanda, 1852-1924
JAMISON, Milton B., born Nov. 20, 1842, died Aug. 16, 1893, Lydia E. EMERSON, his wife, born Nov. 12, 1842, died Mar. 12, 1931 [Civil War Vet. Marker w/flag]

Row #7.
FOSTER, Robert W., 1851-1932, Mary S., 1865-1914, Emma C., 1853-1898
LONGWELL, Alva Lee, May 7,1859-Nov. 18, 1947
LONGWELL, Emma, 1852-1933
LONGWELL, James, 1819-1882, Judith, 1825-1906
LONGWELL, ____[*Henry C. 1851-1923]
LONGWELL, Clark, BORN Apr. 14, 1818, d. Aug. 2, 1889, Anna Eliza KELLEY, his wife, born Oct. 3, 1829, d. Nov. 6, 1899
McCORMICK, Joseph H., Aug. 5, 1845, Aug. 23, 1902

Row #8.
McCLAIN, Charles S., Oct. 12, 1905-Aug. 10, 1975 [inscription of military service] "Sgt. U.S. Army WWII" [WWII Vet. Medal marker w/flag] WYNNE, Nancy E., "Mother" 1901-1969, Gilbert J., "Father" 1896-____
BRUNTON, Elsie Bush, "Wife" March 13, 1905-Feb. 6, 1940
BUSH, Harvey R., 1886-1961, Jennie S., 1887-1942
LONGWELL, Bertha O., 1866-1928
DISBENNETT, Della Florence Longwell, wife of Albert Disbennett, born Aug. 20, 1869, died Sept. 9, 1897 "Gone but not forgotten"
LONGWELL, Levi, b. Jan. 16, 1828, d. June 1, 1900, Samantha White, his wife, b. July 9, 1834, d. June 6, 1924
LONGWELL, Clinton J., son of Levi & Samantha Longwell, died Sept. 5, 1875, aged 6m & 16d {inscription below dates not readable] [INSCRIPTION AT TOP] ‘We miss thee"
LONGWELL, Jennie, wife of Allen Longwell, died Oct. 15, 1881, aged 31ys., 24ds.
LONGWELL, Ralph Lee, son of A. & B. Longwell, 1904-1906

Row #9.
HUFF, Electa J., Sept. 6, 1850- Apr. 1, 1931, Charles C., Mar. 14, 1845- June 30, 1916
FOSTER, Milo M., Sept. 11, 1928-____, Mary Alice, July 25, 1928-____
FOSTER, Mary E., Jan. 11, 1894- Apr. 8, 1975
[FOSTER], Elsa B., 1895-1961 [*dau. of Henry & Bertha Foster]
FOSTER, Bertha M., 1865-1939 [dau. of Josiah W. Price], Henry, 1859-1949
[FOSTER], Milo J., 1899-1922 [* son of Henry & Bertha Foster]
FOSTER, Oscar I., 1891-1976, Prentis M., 1893-1986
SHRADER, Lucy Ella, dau. Of E. & L.A. Shrader, died Apr. 3, 1878, aged 10y, 7m
KISLINGBERY, Thomas F., 1885-1940,
KISLINGBERY, Lucy A., wife of Thomas F., Aug. 7, 1891- Mar. 23, 1913
SHIRLEY, Vera Beulah, July 14, 1911-____, George T., June 24, 1907-Dec. 5, 1989, Married Sept. 17, 1929
CHANNELL, Mary E., dau. Of Jeremiah & Susan Channell, died Sept. 20, 1874, aged 14y, 1m, 19d
CHANNELL, J.[*Jeremiah], June 23, 1818- Feb. 28, 1891, Susannah CHANNELL [his wife], July 10, 1823- Nov. 18, 1900
WELLS, Infant, son of A.M. & C. L., born Apr. 20, 1868, died Apr. 27, 1868 [ front side], WELLS, Infant, son of A. N. & C. L. Wells, d. Mar.__ , 1867
BARBER, Charlie L., son of James R. & Margaret Barber, bn., Apr. 8, 1863, died Nov. 6, 1881, aged _y, 7m, 1d
THORN, Margaret D., wife of J. R. Barber, born Dec. 14, 1825, died Jan. 24, 1902 [front side], J. R. BARBER, born Sept. 26, 1832, died Nov. 28, 1909
DISBENNETT, William J.,1851-1929, Mary A., 1855-1910, Cora M., 1873-1894

Row #10.
unmarked grave
FOSTER, Harry I., 1883-1941 [*son of Wm. & Sarah]
FOSTER, Ida I., 1869-1939 [wife of Geo. W. Foster and her maiden name is Ferguson of Newark, Ohio]
FOSTER, George W., 1875-1960 [ son of Wm. & Sarah]
GLYNN, Nathaniel, May 8, 1826- Jan. 18, 1907, Harriet MILLER, his wife Mar. 24, 1832- Feb. 19, 1901
NEFF, Sadie E., wife of J.F. Neff, died Jan. 11, 1879, aged 20y, 8m
GLYNN, Samuel P., son of N & _ [*M. & R ]_ Glynn died Nov. 28 1875, aged 2y 3m 12d
Unknown [this stone matches preceding one, probably member of Glynn family]
JEWETT, Urbin N., 1856-1938, Anna May, 1860-1931
BARBER, Oscar, Dec. 26, 1845- Oct.10, 1911, Matilda A. [Anna], his wife July 16, 1840- Feb. 24, 1914, Clyda, daug. Of Oscar & Anna Barber, d. Jan. 2, 1876, aged 4yrs [left side of stone]
BARBER, Annie, wife of Oscar Barber, died May 2, 1874, aged 25y, 3m, 5d
BARBER, Ann, wife of James Barber, died Aug. 23, 1872, aged _[*63], J. [James B.] BARBER, born Dec. 14, 1804, died Feb. 18, 1872[*1876], aged 75y, 2m, 4d
BARBER, Luther, b. May 12, 1841, d. Aug. 19, 1903 [*1908]
BALDWIN, Isabella, 1837-1921, George L., 1864-1907
BELT, Josiah P., died May 21, 1867, aged 17yrs., 2mos., & 26dys.[this stone broken off at ground level and leaning against next stone "Lucbetia"
BELT, Lucbetia [** Lucretia ] , wife of Lloyd Belt, died May 6, 1872, aged 61y, 13d [ * dau. of Stephen Emerson] [**information sent by 3rd g-grandson, Jim Belt of St.Louis, MO, on 11 March 2000, via email]
BELT, Lloyd, died Nov. 23, 1869, aged 58y, 6m, 24d [inscription below this not readable][**Lloyd & Lucretia had 6 children, (3) Stephen, Carlton, and John, are buried at Green Hill Cem., Johnstown, Ohio]
EMERSON, James C. [*G], [*son of James D.] Aug. 27, 1876 -[1870] July 3, 1902, Myrtel, 1874-1935 [*maiden name Coombs]
Footstone "J.C. Emerson" EMERSON, J.D.[*J.O.], [son of James Monroe Emerson] 1846-1912, Jennie H. [ * Severn ], his wife, 1854-1937

Row #11.
SPIDELL, Lester C.[D.], 1852-1893, Kit, 1858-1943
SEVERN, Mary Belle, dau. Of R. & M.A. Severn, died Jan. 6, 1883, aged 15y & 12d
FOSTER, Lydia J., 1868-1920, Callie L. Bottenfield, 1881-1920 "At Rest"
FOSTER, Albert C., 1876-1932, Arthur H., 1883-1910, Lucy Curtiss, 1842-1895
FOSTER, Florence M., dau. Of A.H. & M. J. Foster, died Aug. 9, 1873, aged 1m & 3d
FOSTER, Albert H., 1844-1920
FOSTER, Melissa J., wife of A. H. Foster, died July 13, 187_[*1873], aged 25y 6m 14d [ possible complications of child birth, same month]
WISE, Jacob, "Our Father" died Aug. 17, 1885, aged 62y 1m 19d
WISE, Sarah L., wife of Jacob, died Oct. 30, 1870, aged _ y, 6m, 5d [stone laying toppled off of base]
FLOWERS, dau. of Isaac and Mary Flowers, born July 7, 1895
JOHNSON, Maude Foster, dau. of A.H. & Melissa Wise Foster, 1871-1943
PYLE, Elizabeth, died Oct. 29, 1864, aged 93y 2m 8d "Mother"
COLLINS, Andrew T., Oct. 7, 1851, aged 67y 7m 9d [stone broken in half and the following fracture inscribed on lower piece] "This… is at rest, The…and aching are o_rt_n immovable breast, troubled by affliction no more, …heart is no longer the seat, of trouble and torturing pain, …uses to flutter and beat,…never shall flutter again.
Unknown, [fragment of memorial stone, not readable]
DISBENNETT, Clark W., 1859 ____- 1917
COLLINS, Howard L. 1861-1939, Etta Jane, 1867-1939 [this stone was almost completely buried, only corner was showing] [*brother of Andrew]
COLLINS, Juanita, dau. of H. L. & J. E. Collins, died Apr. 27, 1893, aged 6m & 9d
COLLINS, L. Beatrice, 1872-1953, Andrew, [*G.]1861-1927

Row #12
LANE, Albert E., 1879-1967, Jennie R. [ *Foster], 1881-1964
FOSTER, William W., July 30, 1837- Aug. 12, 1907 [medal w/flag Ohio USA Soldier Civil War], Sarah E., his wife, Apr. 15 1849- Jan. 31 1937, Nora I. COFFMAN, Jan. 18, 1873- Nov. 18, 1905 [Nora probably dau.]
FOSTER, John O., 1842-1876 [Civil War Vet. Medal w/flag], Almira F., his wife, 1840-1900, Joseph B., 1874-1875 [probably their son]
ACHISON, Mary Jane, died Aug. 7, 1859, aged 25 [or 15] yrs, 5m [or 7], 23 [or 13] d [very difficult stone to read]
BROWN, Eliza, wife of Robert Brown, died Sep. 15, 1875, aged 60y, 9m, 17d [three piece stone, hard to read]
BROWN, Robert, died Jan. 10, 1877, aged 67y 10m 24d
Unknown, [leaning against Brown mem. Stone I found a fragment, lower portion 16 3/8" wide with inscription] "8M & 10D, [at bottom] Mchurin & Co., Newark, Ohio
PALMER, Sarah, wife of Thomas Palmer and 2nd wife of Thomas Miller, died Dec. 2, 1880, aged 90y, 1m, 5d
MILLER, Martha, dau. of T. & S. Miller, died Feb. 7, 1895, aged 63y, 5m, 22d
FOSTER, George, 1826-1919
FOSTER, Elizabeth, 1830-1905 [This stone matches that of Geo. Foster] [*maiden name Wilkinson, and wife of George]
JENKINS, Emmanuel, son of [Daniel] & Mary Jenkins, died May 15, 1855, aged 23y, 6m, 9d [ following inscription] "Remembered…you.., …now soon you must be…, prepared for death & follow me" [very deteriorated and soft stone with nicely carved weeping willow tree at top center. This stone is similar to those of Kelso family buried at Channel Cem nearby.]
HUGHES, Mary J., dau. of Hughes, died Apr. 3, 1861, aged 7y 1m 3d
Footstone, "WPS"
HILDRETH, Isabell, wife of Charles Hildreth, died Mar. 12, 1868, aged 34y, 7m, 17d [front side], Charles, b. Mar. 14 1825, died Aug. 9, 1905, aged 79y, 4m, 16d [right side], William, b. Oct. 1, 1861, died Mar. 9, 1897 [back side]
DISBENNETT, Letha F., 1902-1914
DISBENNETT, [no other inscriptions]
COLLINS, Jesse M., [ * wife of Cyril D.] 1899-1970, Cyril D., 1901-1969 [son of Andrew & Beatrice]

Row #13.
FOSTER, Carrie L., dau. of Geo. & Mary Foster, died Jan. 4, 1871, aged 15y, 7m, 19d
FOSTER, Hannah M., dau. of George & Mary Foster, died Dec. 26, 1870, aged 22y, 9m, 15d
FOSTER, Joseph T., son of George & Mary Foster, died Dec. 24, 1870, aged 17y & 1d
STENSON, Mary, wife of George Foster, Sept. 13, 1818- March 22, 1904
FOSTER, George, born in Staffordshire, England, died Jan. 15, 1867 [ or 1861], aged 55y, & 25d [very tall 4 piece stone, inscription below date not readable]
FOSTER, William, died Jan. 13, 1899, aged 84y, 2m, 24d, Susannah, wife of Wm. Foster, died Mar. 10, 1887, aged 83y, 6m, 10d
Unknown, [stone has lost all inscriptions, has Civil War Veteran medal W/flag]
______, Joseph W., son of ____, ____22, 1831 [or 1835] [stone fragment, sorry no surname remaining]
CONVERSE, George L., son of Bond__ong [ *Bonaparte], [very weak inscription] & Catherine, died Sep. 5, 1851, aged 8mo, 27d "Sleep little child, from pain and woe, Your…. The…[only partial inscription readable]
_____, wife of John Henry Mam_diea_ [died], May 19, 1811 [very hard to read stone], aged 30 years, __m, 25 days
BOWMAN, Louisa V., dau. of Jesse & H_lle_ [ *Hattie] Bowman, d. Jan. 8, 1850 or 1856 [stone broken in area of last digit of date] aged 4yr’s, 27d
FOSTER, Infant, son of G. & E. Foster, died Mar. 24, 1863, aged 24 days [ this and several of the last stones read were stone fragments stacked together in one large pile, which also contained several foot markers of various letters]
SHINN, William P., died Sept. 3, 1868, aged 47y, 9m, 3d, Clara, wife of Wm. P. Shinn Runnels, died Feb. 29, 1908, aged 84y, 3m, 13d, Lucinda RICHARDS, died Feb. 26, 1899, aged 78y, 9m [all three inscribed .on one stone ]
BARBER, Emeline, [difficult to read] daughter of John & Elizsa Barber, died Jan. 19, 1861, aged 24y, 3m, & 27d

Row # 14.
Gilkerson, Hansford, 1915-____, Clemma, 1909-1988
LAND, Thomas, died Oct. 20, 1884, aged 83y, Hannah, wife of Thomas Land, died May 25, 1873, aged 70y, 10m, 12d
__, [fragment in very deteriorated condition, only few letters readable] _RA__M_NERV__
BARNETT, Jane, wife of W. B. Barnett, died Nov. 24, 1866, aged 37 years
BARNETT, George L., son of W. D. & Jane Barnett, died Sept. [*4], 1866, aged 3 weeks
LAND, Thomas, Died Oct. 27, 1862 [*Marine]Hospital,[*Cincinnati, Ohio] aged 29y 9m &5 or 7d
LAND, William, son of Thomas & Hannah Land, died Jan. 2, 1853, aged _y, 9m, 27d
RAMAGE, James, died Dec. 24, 1848, aged 42 years
SEVERN, Julius H., son of Joseph & Mary Seven, died Mar. 2, 1879, aged 26y 8m 5d [this memorial stone incorrectly had a WWI medal w/flag next to it, if he was a veteran, should have been Civil War Medal]
SEVERN, Joseph, died May 7, 1874, aged 64y 6m 6d, Mary SEVERN, died Apr. 1898, aged 84y 4m 3d
WALLACE, Sarah, born Sept. 22, 1834 [no other dates or information]
WALLACE, William I, William II
HILLEARY, Lilburn, died April 18, 1867, aged 53y 8m 19d [small inscription on base, "DeBors Bro’s, Granville, O.]
HILLEARY, John M., died Feb. 23, 1870, aged 27y 9m 23d
HILLEARY, Oliver S., son of L.E.& M. A. Hilleary, died Feb. 29, 1872, aged 22y 5m 29d
HILLEARY, Tilman, son of L. E.& M.A. Hilleary, died Mar. 1, 1875, aged 34y 5m 26d
WELLS, Henry A., son of Thomas & E. Wells, died Feb. 20, 1863 in General Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee, aged [*12] y, ?m, ?d [small inscription DeBors Bro’s, Granville, Ohio]
WELLS, Thornton E. B., son of T. A. & E. Wells, died May 2, 1869, aged 25y 9m 22d
WELLS, Thornton Asbury, born Feb. 24 1808, died Aug. 25, 1843, Eliza B., wife of T.A. Wells, born May 27 1804, died July 16, 1898 [inscp. On base] "At Rest"
DISBENNETT, Lemuel R., 1857-1935, Flora L., 1861-1919
COMSTOCK, Charles H., 1892-1971, Luella C., 1894-19__

Row #15.
HILDRETH, Jeremiah, Died Nov. 1, 1883, aged 83y 6m "FATHER", Elizabeth, wife of J. Hildreth, died Mar. 1 1872, aged 78y 3m 8d
HILLARY, Silvester, son of L. E. & M Hillary, died Dec. 8, 1848, aged 1y 2m 13d [ Believe this stone was probably originally located near other Hilleary family members, in row 14. This broken stone was almost completely covered (overgrown) by grass]
Footstone, "FATHER" [footstone of Jones family in next row]
Footstone, "MOTHER" [footstone of Jones family in next row]
FOLK, Mary Ann, dau. of L. & C. Folk, died Sept 5, 1847, aged 2y 3m 22d
COOK, Marietta A., daug. Of Josiah & Sarah Philbrick [no dates]
PHILBRICK, J., [* son of Jonathan & Anna (Blackenberry) Philbrick] Apr. 14, 1788, June 12, 1856, Sarah G., his wife, [dau. of Stephen Emerson] June 20, 1804, Mar. 25, 1895
LANE, Mary T., dau. of John & Mary Lane, died July 11, 1845, aged 1y 11m
LANE, Laura, dau. of John & Mary Lane, died Sept. 3 [or 8], 1841 [or 1847], aged _y, 2m, 11d [both Mary T. and Laura’s stones are lying flat on ground, difficult to read]
BOYER, Samantha, 1852-1931
BOYER, Catharine, 1836-1874
BOYER, Isabele, 1849-1849
BOYER, Malinda, 1833-1835
BOYER, David, 1810-1868
BOYER, Dilemma, [ *wife of David] 1815-1888 [remnant of an older stone leaning against it, not readable]
FRANCIS, Isaiah, died Sept. 7, 1855, aged 57y 2m 20d [inscription at bottom not readable]
McCAMY, Nelson P., son of John & Mary McCamy, died Apr. 6, 1865, aged 23y 10m 7d [GAR, Civil War Veteran Medal w/ flag]
McCAMY, Mary, wife of J.C. McCamy, died Dec. 1 [or 4], 1871, aged 60y 5m 2d
McCAMEY, John C., [note spelling var.] died May 11, 1885, aged 76y, 6m, 29d [*22d]
McCAMEY, Infant, son of L.S. & M.E. McCamey, died Dec. 28, 1868

Row #16.
JONES, Eliza, wife of David D. Jones, born June 24, 1825, died July 6, 1904, Barzilla, July 27, 1850- Nov. 8, 1860, Martha E., [*dau. of David] Feb. 9, 1853- Dec.11, 1860, David D. , born Dec. 25, 1809, died Oct. 13, 1889
GLYNN, Morris, 1840-1913, Alice, his wife, 1848-1884 [*dau. of David & Eliza Jones]
[fragment stone] "Loving Memory_______, of John & Sarah______, 1835, aged 7y 1m 19d
MUZZEY, John N., son of Page & Fanny Muzzey, died Oct. 5, 1847, aged 4y 6m 17d [the following inscription on lower section of stone:] "He’s gone but oft in memory’s light. His cherished face will shine. His plaintive voice in my ear. His little hand in mine"
_____, Phebe L., dau. of _____, died Mar.7, 1858, aged _____[stone broken through surname]
CAPELL, Lyman W., son of Thomas & Hallie Capell, died Sept. 3, 1872, aged 1y & 13d
DISBENNETT, Harvey B.,1876-1954, Lulu Foster, 1878-19__
MOUSER, Abram, Esq., died July 27, 1858, aged 52y, 5m, 7d [stone broken two pieces , lying flat on ground]
BARBER, Nancy A., wife of J. Barber, died May 9, 186_ [last number broken off], aged 21y, 9m, 24d [stone has diag. break that has been repaired]
MOUSER, Samuel, 1834 -1906, Isabel, 1834 – 1913 Footstones (4) "George, Sarah Jane, Mother, Father" [these footstones are for Glynn family located in next row] DISBENNETT, Truxton, 1890 – 1935, Rose, 1894 – 1961
DISBENNETT, John L., Ohio AS USNR, World War II, May 29 1925 – Feb. 25, 1968 [WWII medal w/flag]
BOWEN, Alice Mae, born Jan. 17, 1955, died May 5, 1956 age 15 months, daughter of Robert & Sylvia Bowen [inscrip. on metal plate, attached to memorial stone with screws at four corners]

Row #17.
i. WOOD, Ephriam, died Sep. 23, 1856, aged 80yrs. [stone broken, lying flat on ground]
ii. WOOD, Elizabeth, died Feb. 5, 1855, aged 78yrs. [stone broken and lying flat on ground]
iii. CURTISS, Armenia, daughter of D.H. & Martha Curtiss, died July 29, 1847, aged 11y 4m 4d
iva. CURTISS, Martha, wife of D.H. Curtiss, born July 15, 1804 [no age lived inscribed]
ivb. CURTISS, Daniel H., born Apr. 25, 1804, died Oct. 31, 1869
v. LEARNARD, Orphelia, wife of Nathan C. Leanard, died July 5, 1848 [third digit hard to discern 1 or 4] , aged 23y, 8m, 3d
vi. LEARNARD, George F., son of J. l [ *N.C.] & Orphelia [difficult to read] died Nov. 11, 1848, aged 4y 2m 8d
vii. STOCKWELL, Mary, " In memory of Mary, dau. of Eli & Mary Stockwell who died Dec. 20, 1835 aged 13years & 8 days"
viii. BOURN, Almerin, 1813 – 1865, Elizabeth, 1819 – 1906
ix. BOURN, Judson, son of Almerin & Elizabeth Bourn, died Jan. 13, 1848, aged 24 ds
x. STONE, Almira, born Oct. 19, 1817, died May 9, 1891 [ on one face of stone] , Sarah, wife of Judson Jewett, born Dec. 25, 1791, died Oct. 18, 1849 [inscribed on opposite side of same stone] [This stone has toppled from base, lying flat on ground]
xi. GLYNN, Edward, born June 5, 1802, died Aug. 21, 1863, Elizabeth Price, his wife born May 5, 1802, died Sept. 18, 1885, Sarah Jane, Born July 23, 1843, died Sept. 10, 1851, George, born May 1, 1835, died Dec. 17, 1850 "Children of E. & E. Glynn" [large 3pc. memorial]

Row #18.
GOFF, Sanford S., died near Broadway O. Mar. 25 1870, aged 29y 1m 24d [inscription below date unreadable] base stone has the following inscription; DeBode Bros-Granville O.
GOFF, Alice B. [D], daughter of……, died Oct. [1] 10, 1858, aged 1 or 4 y, 6m, 24d [stone very deteriated and broken, difficult to read]
GOFF, Sarah O., daughter of H. D. & A.D. Goff, died Oct. 1, 1853, aged 6years 3m and 9d [inscription below date not readable] PERRY, Mary E., wife of Stacy B. Perry, died Jan. 4, 1871, aged 28y 1m 8d, [original headstone (now being used as footstone) new headstone located near beginning of next row (19).[*b. Nov. 27, 1867]
[EMERSON], John N., son of John L., footstone (headstone located in next row (19).
Mother [Sarah (Hiler) Emerson, footstone of 1st wife of John L.]
Father [John L. Emerson's footstone]
BISHOP, Josephine M., daughter of J. J. & Catherine Bishop, died Jan. 11,1862, 15y 9m [inscription below dates unreadable, broken stone]
BISHOP, Harvey, son of E. & A. E. Bishop, died Feb. 16, 1869, aged 25y & 21d [24d]
Unidentified stone …died 1837, aged 3y, .?m, 9d [upper area of stone peeled off]
Unidentified stone …[none of the upper area readable, all that's left is partial verse at bottom] Farewell my mate and …., now have gone to prdise…your God, left your partner here to feel… A fathers …chastning… rod.
Unidentified stone [very old, deteriorated, and broken 3 pieces] In mem…
STREETER, James, died Aug. 5, 1888, aged 50 years, Laura BILLS, died Mar. 19, 1891, aged 79y, 9m, 13d
EMERSON, Stephen, died Oct. 27, 1856, aged 74years, 5mo, 1d [stone broken, laying on ground, very deteriorated]
EMERSON, Elizabeth, wife of Stephen Emerson, died Mar. 4, 1854, aged 74y & 1d [verse below date not readable, entire stone weathered and difficult to read]
BLAKE, Jane Mariah, daughter of Samuel & Mariah Blake, died Oct. 7, 1851, aged 2y'rs & 6m
Sleep our dear child & like thy rest, God will'd thee home when he thought best.
BLAKE, Charlotte E., daughter of Samuel & Mariah Blake, died Oct. 11, 1846 AE16y 9m & 14d [broken stone]
BLAKE, Mary Ruth, daughter of Samuel & Mariah Blake, died Sept. 3, 1836, aged 9mo's, 24 days
BLAKE, Maria, wife of Samuel Blake, died Nov. 18, 1860, aged 58Y & 24D [older original stone located next to 2nd stone containing both husband and wife names]
BLAKE, Maria, wife of Samuel Blake, died Nov., 18, 1860, aged 58y 24d, Father & Mother, Samuel BLAKE, died Feb. 25, 1879, aged 77y 11m 16d
BLAKE, Julius T., 1843-1907 ,Father, Nancy M. [Blake] 1881-1951, daughter
BLAKE, Carl, b. Sept. 22, 1883, died Oct. 27, 1883, Paul BLAKE, b. July 14, 1885, died Aug. 10 or 18, 1885 (sons of JT & J Blake) [very deteroriated stone, hard to read]
BLAKE, Mary B.[*N.], wife of _ W. Blake, died Nov. 20, 1861, aged _2y, 5m, _d [very worn hard to read stone]
NICOLLS, William A., son of W.A. & S. Nicholls, died Nov. 2, 1840, aged 2y, 8m, 22d, William A. NICOLLS, died Feb. 25 1874, aged 70y, 5m, & 28d, Dear father & mother thou art sleeping, Thy dearst for us we see no more, Though for thee we art weeping, Thou only gone before, Sarah, wife of Wm. A. Nicholls, died Aug. 11, 1871, aged 70y, 5m & 27d

Row #19.
PERRY, Mary E., wife of S.B. Perry, born Nov. 27, 1847, died Jan. 4, 1871[*1891]
EMERSON, J. L., Nov. 20, 1821- Apr. 15, 1900, Sarah HILER, his wife, July 4, 1828 - Mar. 11, 1851, John N., their son, Sept. 15 1850 - June 26, 1851, Martha RICE, 2nd wife, Oct. 14, 1833 - Mar. 17, 1905 [ very nicely carved, large stone]
GOFF, Samuel B., born in Orange Co., VT, July 14, 1825, died July 6, 1910, aged 84y 11m 23d, Lydia V. GOFF born in Alexandria, Oh., Feb. 21, 1826, died July 21, 1907, aged 81yrs 5mos [obverse side of this large 4 piece stone contains the following inscription]Uncle & Aunt
YEARSLEY, Rachel S., bn in Orange Co. VA, July 2, 1822, died Oct. 15, 1852[*1892]
LAKE, Chloe M., wife of Lewis Lake, died Jan. 5, 1855, aged 27y 4m 19d [very worn stone]
Unidentified stone, fragment- In Mem….of , Ann…, died April 29, 18__, _7yrs [ very deterioriated stone, not much information left]
Unidentified stone, Anna [nothing else remaining on stone]
GOFF, Betsy, born July 25, 1790, died March 7, 1865, Samuel GOFF, born Jan. 22, 1787, died Mar. 2, [month and day difficult to read] 1868
BOURN, Lucy, wife of Joseph Bourn, died Jan. 4, 1863/2, aged 78y, 3m, 10d
GOFF, Rachel, died Aug. 29, 1839 In the Sixty sec'd year of her age, In Memory of…[ very fragile, but beautifully carved]
GOFF, EZRA b., [b carved small above and next to the last letter in Ezra] was killed by the bursting of a gun, Aug. 3, 1844, aged 24 years, 6mos, & 9days [stone simular to Rachel's]
KNAPP, Anna, wife of Charles Knapp, died Apr. 10, 1816 [18?6] aged 29y 8m & 10ds, Sleep…pass, …Known silence we lie, Soon you must lie beneath the sod, So now prepare to meet thy God. [sorry only parts of verse readable]
DISBENNETT, Walla S., Father, 1886 - 1963, Ora M. [Disbennett] Mother 1888 - 1953
DISBENNETT, Infants, of Mr. & Mrs. W.S. Disbennett [not dated]

Row #20.
AUSTIN, Edward, son of J. & M. A. Austin, died Aug. 15, 1841, aged 10 m & 11d [this memorial is located away from the other stones, probably not where it was originally placed]
Base only, [headstone missing]
EMERSON, Sarah Lovina, daughter of Jasper & Eliza Emerson, died Aug. 4, 1846, aged 13 years, 11m 27d, [this stone has inscriptions poems & verses on two other sides of obelisk looking stone]
EMERSON, B. Elizabeth, daughter of James & Charity Emerson, died Jan. 27, 1862, 17y 1m 6d
EMERSON, Mary, daughter of James & Charity Emerson, died Nov. 21, 184_, aged 8mo & 25d [these last two stones are broken and laying on ground, very difficult to read]
EMERSON, Infant, son of J. & C. Emerson, died Nov. 2, 1857 [very worn, laying on ground]
EMERSON, Charity, wife of James M. Emerson, born Nov. 29, 1817, died June 18, 1890, age 72y, 6m, 19d, James M. EMERSON, born April 3rd 1817, died November 6th 1884 [large 4 piece stone, nicely carved]
ELKINS, Henry, son of J. W. & Elizabeth Elkins, died Feb. 10, 1877[*1855], aged 22 years 2m 2d [this stone very difficult to read, dates were hard to be certain of] WILLIAMS, Sarah (Price), born in Wales, March 16, 1785 _ Apr. 22. 1867 [This newer stone resting on the base which held a much older stone. Fragment of original stone exactly matches width of remaining fragment and opening through base stone see Row 20, x]
WILLIAMS, Sarah, wife of Thomas Williams, died April 22, 1867, In the 82 year of her life.
WILLIAMS, Charles, died Mar. 18, 1893, aged 82y 10 m 11d [inscription below date not readable], Mary L. Bowen, wife of Charles Williams died Mar. 28, 1927 [*1907], aged 85y 1m 26d [large nicely carved 6 piece memorial, slightly leaning]
BULLOCK, Anna L., Mother, 1896 - 1950, In memory thou art dear [text inscription below date]

Row 21.
i. PECK, Solomon, died Oct. 2, 1844, aged 64y, 5m, 2d
ii. PECK, Elizabeth D., wife of Soloman Peck, died Jan, 19, 1844, aged 50y 2m 3d's
iii. Footstones, [ three belonging to Peck family leaning against cedar tree]
iv. PECK, Franklin, son of S. & E. D. Peck, died Apl. 6, 1847, aged 23y 9m 4d [Apl. probably refers to the month of April]
HARTER, In memory of James Oscar, son of Wm. & Almira Harter, who died Oct. 29, 1847 : Aged 6mo & 12 d [very weathered stone leaning against cedar tree]
vi. PECK, Chloe R., wife of Sewel W. Peck, died Apr. 12, 1845, aged 36y 9m 1d
vii. WATSON, Jacob, In Memory of…, son of Daniel & Elizabeth Watson, who died June 7, 1840, aged 15years, 9mos & 17days
viii. WATSON, John, In Memory of…, son of Daniel & Elizabeth Watson, who died Dec. 2, 1839, aged 18y & 9d [ very difficult stone to read]
ix. HANCOCK, Sarah K., daut. Of C [B] J. & L. H. Hancock, died Jun. or Jan. 23, 186_, aged 22y and 5m [text inscribed below date] Passing away…
x. HANCOCK, George B., son of C. J. or B. J. & Lelia Hancock, died July 2, 1853 or 1859, aged 23y 9m 22d [ dates difficult & inscription at bottom not readable]
xi. ADAMS, Mary (Morrison), 1868 - 1922 [information on rectangular plate mounted to large stone]
xii. ADAMS, Infant daughter, Dec. 2, 1926, son Charles M., May 24, 1927, May 26, 1926, Budded on earth to bloom in heaven
xiii. ADAMS, Dwight C., son, Apr. 10, 1932 - March 25, 1956, [Korean War Veteran medal w/flag]
xiv. Military foot stone, Dwight Calvin Adams, Ohio BT2, U. S. Navy, Korea, April 10, 1932 - March 25, 1956
xv. ADAMS, Faye I., mother, 1899 - 1970
xvi. Adams plot marker
xvii. FIELDS, Jacob, born Feb. 10, 1822, died Dec. 3, 1888
xviii. FIELDS, Mary F., dau. of J. & S. Fields, died Nov. 17, 1859, aged 5m & 6d [buried fragment]

Row 22.
CRAWFORD, Loren N. , died Feb. 3, 1862 in Camp Lyon O., aged 25y 1m 9d [military stone]
JOHNSTON, Matilda Elizabeth, dau. of John C. & Emiline C. Johnston, died Sep. 9, 1850, aged 5y 1m 22d [very worn and difficult to read]
JOHNSTON, John C., born Mar. 27, 1804, died July 7, 1874, Emeline C. (Mount), former wife of J.C. Johnston born Feb. 27, 1820, died Aug. 18 1902
CONVERSE, Franklin, son of S.W. & B. F. Converse, died Sep. 2, 1848, aged….[this stone fragment leaning against back side of John C. Johnston memorial]
BROWN, Mary, wife of Alonzo Brown, died Mar. 3, 1873, aged 35y 1m 5d [inscription below date not readable]
BROWN, Alonzo F., died Mar. 9, 1867, aged 27y 3m 3d[ stone broken, laying flat on ground]
BROWN, Clarriss S., died October 29, 1853, aged 31 years 6m 3d's [inscription verse below dates] Be thou faithful unto death & I will give thee a crown of life
PRICE, Homer, son of _ W & M _ Price, March 3, 1862 aged 1m & 12 d [inscription below date] Rest sweet babe, Thy work is done [upper area containing names very difficult to read]
BROWN, George W., son of James & E. Brown, killed by lightning, July 31, 1863, aged 19y 11m & 22 d [inscription under dates] Ah death has taken from us our lovely soldier boy And may his angel Spirit be near to guide us home [Civil War Veteran medal w/flag]
BROWN, James, died Apr. 24, 1866, aged 74y 10m 24d [verse below this] A husband & father dear, Has left us here to mourn, An honest man the work of Gods own hand, In heaven we trust the rest, With all the good and blest
BROWN, Emeline, wife of James Brown, died Feb, 15, 1875, aged 75y 4m 26d [inscription below date not readable]
ELKINS, Mary Ann, wife of Horace Elkins, died Oct. 31, 1882, aged 54y, 9m & 3d, Horace, 1824 - 1907
PILE_, Samantha E., dau. of Absol__& Deliliah , died Oct. 8, 1850 or 1856, aged 12y 2m [this stone half buried and leaning against Elkins memorial stone]

i. PECK, George W., son of W. N. & _ E. Peck, died June 11, 1860, aged 9y 8d [just two fragment pieces of this very hard to read stone left. Only the upper fragment pictured.]
ii. Peck, Mary A., dau. of _ & _ Peck , died _, 1862, aged _y 2m 19d [this stone is very worn, in very poor condition]
iii. PECK, William M., died Sept 26 1863, aged 34y 3m 4d
iv. ADAMS, Rev. David, died May 31, 1891, aged 85y 10m 2d
v. ADAMS, Eliza, wife of Rev. D. Adams, mother, died Oct. 25, 1872, aged 64y 10m 17d
vi. CONVERSE, Fannie, wife of I.N. Converse, died March 20, 1876, aged 67y 10m, 10d [very deteriated stone, difficult to read]
vii. ADAMS, William C., Sept. 17, 1827 - March 3, 1886, Cassandra (Converse), his wife Apr. 2, 1828 - Apr. 3, 1909
viii. ADAMS, Luella M., dau. of Wm. & C. Adams, died June 15, 1856, aged 2y 2m 5d [verse below date] Ella like a star of eve, Just gleamed and passed away, But now she blooms in heaven, Astar of another day
ix. Unknown burial, stone too weathered to read [appears to be an infants memorial]
x. PRICE, Hannah M., wife of J. W. Price, born Apr. 11, 1832, died June 28, 1889 [on south face], Mother & Father [on west face], Josiah W. Price, born Feb. 4, 1829, died Feb. 2, 1899, At Rest
xi. PRICE, Infant, dau. of I. M. & Anna Price, died Sept. 18, 1879
xii. ADAMS, D. Calvin, Apr. 16, 1856 - July 26, 1936, Nellie M. FOSTER, his wife Apr. 6, 1871 - Dec. 7, 1897

Row 24.
SMITH, Fred W., 1898 - 1988
SMITH, Lillie, 1908 - 1965
SAXTON, Fred A., 1892 - 1954, Hazel M., 1892 - 1966
GARRABRANT, William R., July 14, 1910 - Feb. 3, 1975, Letha O., May 19, 1911 - Nov. 2, 1997
ADAMS, Willis C., Dad, May 14, 1890 - Nov. 28, 1972, Inez E. JONES, Mom, Dec. 14, 1892 - June 23, 1972
ADAMS, Dwight D., 1913 - 1977, Mary E., 1913 -

Row 25.
BURRIS, Raymond G., June 9, 1930 - Jan. 9, 1988, Bernadean, Mar. 30, 1933 - ____ [Korean War Veteran medal w/ flag] HENTHORNE, Lester R., Apr. 12, 1926 - Apr. 12, 1988, Dorothy D., Dec. 7, 1916 - Jan. 31, 1992
KING, Russell D., 1908 - 1989 [Masonic sign], Helen L., 1905 - 1984 [Eastern Star sign]
PRICE, John B., 1906 - 1983, Eula G., 1910 - 1978, married Dec. 22, 1928
PRICE, James L., 1939 - 1993, Elnora, 1937 - 1987, Parents of James Jr., Krista, John, Steven, Frany

Row 26.
TERRY, Thomas S., June 22, 1943 - ___, Susan M., July 6, 1942 - June 27, 1996
McKENZIE, Willis Gene, son, may 5, 1936 - June 5, 1981
McKENZIE, Tolbert Jr., (son) Oct. 3, 1918 - Oct. 29, 1979
McKENZIE, Tolbert Sr., (Dad) Jan. 8, 1893 - Sept. 22, 1974
McKENZIE, Nellie M., (Mom) May 15, 1899 - Sept. 4, 1998 [All the McKenzie memorials contain ceramic photo images of individuals, attached to their head stones]
HELWIG, Dan W., 1888 - 1972, Indus M. Disbennett, ___, Daniel William Helwig [Memorial bench]
DISBENNETT, Merle E., [bronze military foot marker] Pvt. U. S. Army Mar. 9, 1911 - Dec. 15, 1977 [WWIIVeteran]
KEPLAR, Carl D., (father) 1913 - 1989, Elizabeth M., (mother) 1915 - 1975 BULLOCK, Louise N., (daughter) 1926 - 1986, Rosa BURNS, (Mom) 1902 - 1985 [WWII Vet. Medal w/flag]

Row 27.
i. CONLEY, Thomas J., Jan. 15, 1916 - May 29, 1987 (father), Elenor D., July 23, 1923 - Feb. 18, 1990 (mother), Patrick M., Dec. 10, 1963 - Jan. 21, 1997
ii. WALTER, Barbara C., Feb. 12, 1946 - Jan. 11, 2000 [dream catcher and feathers, indicate Native American roots]
iii. DISBENNETT, Merle E. Sr., Mar. 9, 1911 - Dec. 15, 1977 [WWII Vet. Medal w/flag], Geraldine B., Aug. 21, 1928 - _
iv. BOWEN, Robert J., June 6, 1918 - Apr. 11, 1998, Sylvia M., Mar. 22, 1915 - Mar. 17, 1992
v. DUKE, Mary F. Disbennett, May 18, 1913 - July 11, 2000, "Mommy", Beloved Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother

Row 28.
i. CLAYTON, Juanita M., May 20, 1915 - Jan. 6, 1999, teacher
This concludes my readings of Concord Cemetery as of this date, 15 May, 2000.

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