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Kenyon-Rosse College Cemetery

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College Twp.
Knox County

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For those that are perhaps seeing these transcriptions for the first time, the transcriptions may give on first glance, the appearance of a great many typos, so I feel obligated to explain that the abundance of y, m, and d represent abbreviations for year, month and day. Although you will find most engravers follow similar patterns, it seems there are several different abbreviations used to represent these three time terms including: y, yr, yrs, yr's & years; m. mo, mos, mo's, and months; d. da, das, da's, and days and on rare occasions, h, hr, hrs, hr's, and hours. I tend not to use commas except to separate surname from given name, given name from date, except where found on actual inscription, same goes for the [.] (period). When you see the symbol [_] (underscore), I use it to represent missing or unreadable letters, or if a lot of letters are unreadable I may express it by several periods, such as Jos...h . Sometimes you will find raised letters such as "c" in surnames such as in McClain, or if the engraver added smaller letters that were left out and added later, when I encounter them, tend to express them, when possible, as found on the stone. Sometimes engravers will use the latin term Æ or æ, this is just a term that generally replaces the word "aged". One last comment, all actual text found engraved, will come first in bold text. All comments, observations, personal knowledge remarks added by submitter, concerning an individual, but not inscribed on stone, will then proceed in regular text. ~R.M.Sizelove~

These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Andrea Burke, on 19 May, 2006.
Driving East on SR229 to Wiggins St., left turn to College. Follow signs to Kenyon Rosse Hall. Cemetery behind Rosse Hall. The Church of The Holy Spirit is across from the cemetery, and many of the burials are teachers, professors and reverends or ministers who served in the church and college. Andrea has donated a very large number of memorial images, and it will take me awhile to get them all formatted and added to this page, so be sure to check back, as I will be updateing this page often.
The most recent update to this page made on 25 Feb., 2011.

Please Note: Click on underlined name to view tombstone image.
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Jasper, David Westwater, 31 Aug. 1916 - 11 Jan. 2003 -Husband-; Eleanor Osborn, 3 Aug. 1917 - 19 May 2004 -Wife-
Balcom, Royal Blake, 1842 - 1909, Priest, The Church of the Holy Spirit
Balcom, Louisa Badger, 1842 - 1910
Blake, Alfred, born Keene, New Hampshire, 1809, died 1877; Anne Jane Leonard, wife of Alfred Blake, born 1819 Amsterdam, Holland, died 1901
Blake, Francis W., M.D., 1858 - 1927; Francis Blake, son of Francis W., M.D., Columbus Ohio; Flora Sparrow Blake, wife of Francis W., M.D., 1878 - 1944
Blake, Charles Royal; Leonard, 1807, Alfred Farnsworth Blake, 1900; John Brooke Blake 1850
Blake, Bessie, 1854 - 1937
Bedell, Gregory Thuston, died 11 Mar. 1892 -Third Bishop of Ohio-, aged 74 yr
Thompson, Reverend William, 1834 - 1916; Gertrude Menager, his wife, 1841 - 1911
Nichols, Mabel L., wife of Edwin R. Nichols, 1872 - 1935
Bates, John, died Feb, 20 1881, aged 75yr
Bates, Cyrus D., died 19 Aug., 1883, aged 2yrs [Bates are on two sides of this monument]
Fagan, Josephine, wife of Ansel Fagan, died 9 Apr., 1900
Fagan, Ansel, died 8 Feb., 1910 [Husband of Josephine Fagan]
Fagan, Overview of Family headstone
Cummings, Samuel Billings, Jr., 1904 - 1994
Lord, Samuel Sherman, 1921 - 1997; Nadene Wright, 1924 - _
Greenslade, Thomas Boardman, 1910 - 1990; Mary MacWilliams, 1911 - 1994; Husband and Wife
DeVol, Gertrude Manning, 1874- 1946
Michael, James E., 1910 - 1997; Kittie Bowman, 1916 - 1978; Husband and Wife
Taylor, Henrietta, wife of Rev. J. R. Taylor, 1821 - 1858
Taylor, Rev. J. Rice, 1815 - 1900 [Taylor on each of the two sides of monument]
Roelofs, Gerritt, Hubbard, 1920 - 1985; Janet Shriver, 1935 - _; Husband and Wife
Newhall, Barker, 1867 - 1924; Marie V., 1869 - 1936 [sorry no image for Marie's tombstone]
Lindstrom, Wendell D., born 7 Feb., 1927 - _; Mariam Bratt, born 18 May, 1928 - _
West, Caroline Ashley, wife of Henry Titus West, 1866 - 1942
Lewis, Anna, daughter of John & Mary; Edwin, son of John & Mary; John Newton [Lewis Family Mausoleum, dated 1890, no dates for individuals]
Mitchell, Anna M. Sparrow, wife of Matthew H. Mitchel, 1816 - 1902
Akers, John, born 13 Feb., 1811, died 28 July 1858
Muenscher, Our Martyred Sons: Joseph Washburn, died At Sandusky, Ohio, 70th Reg., Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Robert Percy, died at Helena, Arkansas, 2 Oct., 1862, aged 22yrs; Sons of Joseph & Ruth Muenscher
Mills, Gertrude, daughter of W.C. & Helen E.G., died Jul. 21, 1861, aged 1yr 10days
Bedell, Thurston, died 15 Feb., 1866, aged 36 hours
Bedell, Julia Strong, wife of Rev. George T. Bedell, departed to be with Christ, Dec. 9, 1897, aged 78yrs
Wittenbrook, Laurence Michael, Aug. 15, 1951 - Aug. 18, 1993, Loving Son & Brother
Finkbeiner, Daniel Talbot II, 1919 - 28 Mar., 1986; Mary Moffat, 1922 - _
Cracraft, Criswold, aged 6yrs 2mos
White, Rebecca, wife of Lewis White, died Oct. 13, 1849, aged 39 yrs 11 mos 4 days
Strong Family Memorial overview
Strong, Emma Louisa, born 31 Aug., 1851, died 23 Jul. 1855; Rosa Camp, born 26 Feb., 1862, died 20 Dec., 1865; Daughters of Rev. E.A. & E. B. Strong
Strong, Elizabeth, 1818 - 1902 [Probable wife of Rev. Erastus A. Strong, born Aug. 9, 1809, died Mar. 29, 1866][sorry no photo of his memorial]
Andrews, President of Kenyon College, Emment as a Teacher... [complete inscription not readable from photo]
Andrews, Overview of Andrews memorial.
Drope, Sarah, wife of James Drope, died... [difficult to read]
Drope, John, died May 16, 1874, aged 66yrs _m 14ds
Drope, James, died...
DeVol, Russell Sedwick, 1847 - 1916; Ellen Douglas, 1847 - 1932, husband & wife [sorry no image for Ellen's stone]
Torode, G.F., 1832
Woods, Mary Greenleafm born Aug. 21, 1831, died Jul. 12, 1864
Bemis, John Hay, 1905 - 1981; Ruth Thomas, 1906 - _
Stockett, Thomas J., died Mar. 16, 1846, aged 46 years 10days [Born in MD, 1800]
Streibert, Gladys Emily, 1885 - 1930
Streibert, Jacob, 1857 - 1929
Streibert, Emily Dayton, 1851 - 1929
McGowan, Stuart Rice, son of Roland & Florence Rice, born Apr. 20, 1904, died Jan. 3, 1981; Mary Herran, wife of Stuart Rice, 1907 - _
McGowan, Ronald Stuart, son of Stuart & Mary (Herran) Rice, 1932 - 1976
Pappenhagen, James M., 1926 - 1994; Susanne D., 1926 - _
Gray, Here lie the remains of Robert, son of Joh.y & Lucy Gray of _ West Virginia, and student of Kenyon College, born Dec. _, 1811, died Dec. 12, 1879
Vandyke, Deborah Ann, Dec. 17, 1958 - Mar. 15, 1959
Heath, James S., 1917 - 1960; Jane E., 1916 - 1978
Lester, Judge, Creed Jopling, 1908 - 1968 "He treated no one unfairly"
Walker, Patricia, 1925 - 1961
Treleaven, Beverly W., 1923 - 1993
Treleaven, Flora H., 1894 - 1986
Lane, Orin, died Sep. 29, 1842, aged 51y 11mos 17ds
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