Zion Church Cemetery
Salt Creek Township
Hocking County, Ohio

Zion Church Cemetery
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Zion Church

Ohio Tombstone Transcription Project
Zion Church Cemetery
Pleasant Ridge Road
Salt Creek Twp.
Hocking Co., Ohio
Transcriptions & Photos by
Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.
15 April, 1999

I wish to present the following enumeration of the dear ones interred at Zion Church Cemetery. I have made every effort to accurately transcribe each memorial stone, but must caution everyone viewing this information that it is sometimes difficult to read the older weathered inscriptions, so please keep that in mind, although I tried very hard, I make no warranties to being 100% correct. This Cemetery is located just a few miles outside of Laurelville, Ohio. Leaving Laurelville on route 56 southeast, turn right at Township Road 178 (Sam's Creek Rd.), follow this road until you see signs reading East Sam's Creek Road (TR179), bear to the left and stay on this road until you see a sign reading Diehl Road (TR181). Bear to the left again following Diehl Rd. As you wind up to a ridge, you will notice a sharp bend in the road and a small white church on the right side, with the word "ZION", on the door. The cemetery is located directly across the road from this church, sometimes also known as "Mt. Zion Church Cemetery". At this location or near it, the road becomes Pleasant Ridge Road (TR 201). There is plenty of parking space in the churchyard directly across from the cemetery. The area is rather isolated and unless you have a good map of the area, you would be best advised to return to the main highway (SR56), the same way you came in. The roads up on the ridge can be confusing, easy to get lost, unless you're familiar with the area. In 1882 the churches of Salt Creek Township, Hocking Co., Ohio, numbered 3 or 4. One of them was the United Brethren Society, known as Zion Church Society. This church first organized in 1855 with a congregation of only 10 individuals. This church, still standing, was erected only a few years later. It would be my best guess that the land for the cemetery was either donated or purchased earlier, as the earliest burial found in this cemetery being that of Joseph Schooley on 28 March, 1851, which possibly predates the church by as much as 10 years. Both the church and cemetery are shown existing on 1876 Atlas of Hocking Co. The book "History of Hocking Valley", published about 1882, mentions this church and cemetery. The book described the church as being one of " prosperity and great usefulness", also said that in 1880's they had about 70 members. Unfortunately, this church has been abandoned for the last few years. The township currently mows and maintains this cemetery. I would describe the land where the cemetery lies as being rolling, most of the stones are in average to good condition, with a few concrete poured head stones which are near impossible to read. Each row of memorial stones read starting nearest road, right to left. All information written in italics and/ or brackets,[ ]indicate my personal observations, knowledge, and /or description of conditions and not information inscribed on stone. All information typed in standard text has been read from actual memorial stone. I am responsible for all interpretations, (readings of stones), including any mistakes found, contained in this report. Should anyone have valid information that improves upon this report, your information will be most welcomed, appreciated and applied. Please note information given to me via email on 02 Apr. 2001 by the kindness of Cindy Spangler will be indicated below with the double ** . Revised 30 March 2000. The most recent update to this page made on 10 Nov., 2005. Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.-

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Spring time overview of Zion Cemetery 1999 & 

Summer time image in 2000
Row # 1.
i. HANLIN, Bonnie Thurston- Jan. 16, 1934 inscription" Peace be with you"
[No inscription or indication whether this is a birth or death date]
ii. BEVINS, Bonnie Lou- 1962-1963 [This newer stone setting on older concrete footing. Lot marker located to the upper right, marked B.T.]
Row # 2.
i. THURSTON, Luella M., 1940-1941-- Robert N., 1922-1982
ii. THURSTON, Robert J., 1896-1983 -- Lelia A., 1898-1982
[has veteran marker] Row # 3.
i. HENDERSON, Mary Marie, March 24, 1926 [This information takes up entire area of memorial stone, stone lays flat on the ground, brick sized. Another lot marker engraved with B.T., located just to the right of this memorial stone.] ii. MALTORNEY, Clark, 1871-1949 iia. GRAHAM, Evelyn Armentrout, APR 6, 1900- DEC 23, 1984 iib. GRAHAM, Salem, JUNE 2, 1886- JAN. 1, 1975 (Evelyn & Salem on same stone) iii. GRAHAM, Robbie E., Sept. 7, 1960 "Lived one hour, MOTHER" [This stone appears to have slid down hill to back fence line.] Row # 4.
i. RICKETTS, Flora I., 1869-1922 ii. VANFOSSAN, Edward R., 1864-1952-Hester N., 1865-1952
[Large upright stone with both names under surname, this double lot has poured concrete around it, slightly elevated to left side. This tends to level the ground in this area. Hester's maiden name, Mahorney.] Row # 5.
i. BRADSHAW, George E., Feb.25, 1867-Apr. 26, 1945 "FATHER"
[This memorial stone located near gate and near tree.] ii. unknown, [Two unreadable lots poured concrete, slightly cylindrical in shape, lying flat on ground, shows signs of wear, both dated 1921 at bottom, no other writing legible.] Row # 6.
i. VINCENT, John E., 1870-1957
[Next three names listed on one large stone, surname carved large above 3 given names] ii. VINCENT, Laura E., Oct. 18, 1877- Nov. 29, 1909 iii. VINCENT, Mary, Sept. 27, 1900- Oct. 3, 1919 iv. VINCENT, Hazel, July 2, 1907- Jan. 24, 1908 v. VANFOSSEN, Jas. S., Feb. 21, 1880-Apr. 11, 1918, Ida WEAVER, his wife, Sept. 27, 1879-( ) last line left uncut, below this is inscription. "A SLEEP IN JESUS" [The above-described stone is large and has toppled from base & lying flat on ground.] vi. VANFOSSEN, Leslie, son of James & Ida [ (Weaver) ]VANFOSSEN, July 29,1907- Sept. 19, 1907 vii. ARLEDGE, John W., born JUNE 5, 1836- died DEC.28, 1909, AGED 73yrs. [79yrs.], 6mos., 23 days. " ARLEDGE" inscribed on base stone. There is a small difficult to read inscription under above-mentioned data, this is a fragment: A loved one from us has gone, A voice we love is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled. Row # 7.
i. CRANDLEBAUGH, Mary Ann, Mar. 11, 1882-Oct. 29, 1955 ii. GRAHAM, Bryant, 1853-1921, Saphronia, 1861-1930 iii. ARLEDGE, James N. , May 30, 1845-Oct. 22, 19_9, ARLEDGE, Mary E. BUTLER, his wife, Nov. 11, 1844 -- Mar. 29, 1917 [Two above names carved on single headstone] Row # 8.
i. TISDALE, John, 1861 - 1956, Virginia, 1868--1952
"Beautiful Isle of Somewhere"
on base of stone. ii. TISDALE, Noney, Aug. 31, 1887- Oct. 7, 1918, 34th Co. TR. BN., Died at Camp Sherman (GAR memorial medal and flag present) iii. GRAHAM, Dora Alice, Dec. 12, 1878-Nov. 28, 1896 iv. _______, Mary, 1878-1909 [this stone is next to Dora Alice GRAHAM, but no surname listed on it.] Row # 9.
i. TISDALE, Odd, 1899-1982, Augusta, 1907-1952 [small inscription below dates] "And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever" ii. TISDALE, Denver L., 1929-1932, Junior A., March 21, 1936 [no indication whether this is a death or birth date for Junior A. Tisdale] iii. LIVELY, Hazel M., daug. Of J. and D. Lively, Died June 12, 1897, aged 22 D's iv. ARLEDGE, George Irwin, Born Nov. 11, 1869, died Dec. 9, 1888 stone broken v. [Arledge]__, Daisy, 1881-1906 no surname listed, small footstone with MEB inscribed, laying behind head stone [daug. of James N. & Mary E. Arledge] vi. JNA footstone for Jas. N. Arledge from row 7 Row # 10.
i. CHILDERS, John L., Oct.1, 1848-Jan. 4, 1928, his wife, Caroline DIEHL, June 23, 1846-Feb. 16, 1917
[Caroline, dau. of David & Catherine Diehl, sister of John F., Margaret] ii. CHILDERS, Jonney, born Apr. 2, 1883, died Mar. 7, 1886 iii. CHILDERS, Irvin, died Oct. 4, 1899, aged 14y 3m 28d Row # 11.
i. SCHWALBACH, Scyntha, 1858-1893 [dau. of Benj. & Eliz. (Orr) Vanfossen] ii. SCHWALBACH, Catherine, born July 20, 1865 [1866] died Oct. 19, 1882 iii. SCHWALBACH, Daniel, born Feb. 2, 1821, died Oct. 2, 1895 [my thoughts are that Catherine is daug. of Daniel. Both names are inscribed on one stone] iv. MAHORNEY, Elizabeth, daug. of J. & B. Mahorney, born Sept. 23 1895, died Feb. 25, 1896 C.D. footstone J.D. footstone I.C. footstone v. THOMPSON, M.[Mary] Jane [ (Mahoney) ] 1832-1909, John 1833-1898 Row # 12.
i. PIERCE, Rebecca (Poling), [September 7] 1854-1887
[poured concrete, difficult to read dates. Daughter of Andrew & Susan Poling.] ii. POLING, Susan, wife of Andrew Poling, died June 23, 1881, aged 67y 7m 20d
[this stone was broken and recently repaired by Don & Elaine Poling.] Bottom inscribed} "Asleep In Jesus, Oh sweete sleepe, to no that we all shall meete"[daug. of Henry & Susannah Binkley] iii. POLING, Andrew, died Oct. 9, 1882, aged 73y 5d also has inscription at base. [son of Richard & Elizabeth(Fast)Poling] iv. HINTON, Eli, died Mar. 20 1871, aged 64y. 4m. 2d. v. BLACK, Cathaleen May, daug. of Hattie & Forest Black, Feb.28, 1919-Apr. 21, 1920, "Our Darling" [Cathaleen is daug. of Hattie(Vanfossen)Black, grandaughter of Edward R.& Hester N. Vanfossen] Row # 13.
i. VANFOSSEN, Floyd, son of Joe & Clara[Mary A.] Vanfossen
[This stone is very difficult to read. It's made of concrete, with inscription done very lightly. My genealogy records show this is the son of Joseph W. Vanfossen. Floyd is a grandson of Geo. W. & Mary Eliz.(Schooley) Vanfossen.[Floyd's mother probably Clara (Weaver) Vanfossen] ii. VANFOSSAN, Jefferson, born April 20, 1890, died Nov. 15, 1895 near road fence iii. FAST[FaiT]or[BEST], Simeon P., died Aug. 29, 1860, aged 25y 11m 6d [area of memorial stone damaged around surname, very hard to read] iv. MAHORNEY, James S., died May 11, 1874, aged 44y. 2m. 1d. v. VANFOSSAN, Claud Melvin, son of Hester & E.R. Vanfossan, June 7, 1888-May 2, 1898, "At Rest" This stone located near road fence vi. VANFOSSEN, Elizabeth J., Mar. 31, 1835-Dec. 27, 1900 [wife of Benj. Vanfossan, row 24, ix] vii. MAHORNEY, Smith, Mar. 9, 1925 aged 51y. 2m. 14d. small letter inscription " Go home dear friends and dry your eyes, I will arise when God appears" viii. BULLOCK, Lovina May, 1873-1902 metal funeral home marker Row # 14.
i. VANFOSSEN, Daug. of Mr. & Mrs. Harley Vanfossen
[small metal marker, this marker is damaged , very hard to read, side with name & vitals gone] ii. SPEAKMAN, Mary M., daug. of G. M. & R. Speakman, died Jan. 26, 1878, aged 2m. & 15d. iii. SPEAKMAN, Rebecca L. born Feb. 5, 1848, died Mar. 8, 1886, SPEAKMAN (inscribed on basestone) iv. HINTON, Mary, born Nov. 5, 1807, died Mar. 28, 1879, aged 71y 4m 23d Mary's stone lines up in row 13 with Eli Hinton in row 12, probably her husband. v. SWEARINGEN, Elizabeth, Adopted, daug. of L.J. & A. Swearingen, Aug. 1, 1877, 16y. 1m. 19d. [stone very worn, hard to read] vi. S.P.E. footstone Row # 15.
i. LIVELY, George W., son of S.& M. Lively, Sept. 12, 1869, aged 10 m. 6d.[ has small inscription near base, unable to read, too worn.] ii. STRAWSER, George Washington iii. STRAWSER, Alfred iv. STRAWSER, Alcy v. STRAWSER, Clorus E. [All four Strawser names read off single memorial stone] vi. ARLEDGE, James, born Mar. 1815, died Nov. 1. 1890 vii. BRADSHAW, Silvey M., born Oct. 2, 1887, died Aug. 13, 1888, aged 10m 11d Row # 16.
i. Unmarked burial ii. ARLEDGE, Edith, 1899-1900, Ellen, 1897-1899 iii. BLOSSER, Margaret, died Jan. 1, 1876, aged 24y. 1m. 2d. Row # 17.
i. SMITH, David, died Sept. 5,1882, aged 62y. 7m. ii. SMITH, Manerva, daug. of D. & M. Smith, died Jan.21, 1875 [1876], aged 12y. 10m. 26d.[Portions of this stone deteriorated & difficult to read] Row # 18.
i. McQUAIDE, Sintha C., daug. of L.M.[* Lewis Marion, son of Eliphelet & Sarah] & N. J. [*Nancy J.(Jinks)] McQuaide, [* b. 08 May 1876] died July 22 1877, aged 1y. 4m. 15d., inscription on base "Guided on earth to Bloom in Heaven" ii. McQUAIDE, Sarah [ *(Sweet)], wife of E. [ *Eliphelet] McQuaid, [*born 06 Dec. 1820], died [ Sept] 26, 1879 [*in Ross Co.], aged 59y. 9m. 20d. [ broken stone, had to decipher by laying pieces together.] [source information above with [*] symbol is by the kindness of Cecelia Inboden of Logan, Ohio] Row # 19.
i. SPEAKMAN, Wilson J., of Co. 11 114 Reg. Oh__, died June 25, 1863, "In the 26 year of his age" ii. SPEAKMAN, Lucinda, wife of Wilson Speakman, died June 10, 1860, aged 22years iii. CHILDERS, "William" Albert, born May 2, 1869, died June 12, 1869 iv. SCHOOLEY, Joseph, son of J.& M. Schooley, died Mar. 28[25], 1851, 11y. 2m. 7d. [This stone very hard to read, very weathered, probably 1st burial in cemetery. Son of John & Margaret (Gillereth) Schooley] Row # 20.
i. CRIDER, David C., died June 3, 1880, aged 75y. & 3m. ii. CRIDER, Margaret, wife of D. C. Crider [No dates] [**Magdalene (Polly)(Spangler), married David on 11 March 1828, Pickaway Co.] iii. CRIDER, Claressy E., wife of Daniel Crider, died Oct.10, 1873, aged 22y's 2m's & 10d's Inscription "I think of thee and often mourn, Thy absence here I often miss, We hope to meet among the blest"[**Daniel served/killed in Civil War] iv. FRIEND, Andrew G., died Aug. 28, 1873, aged 73y's. 6m's. & 23d's. Row # 21.
i. McDOWELL, Bertha, "MOTHER" ii. FEIGHTNER, John S., Aug. 4, 1829- DEC. 17, 1902- Leah Annah (**Crider)his wife, Mar. 5, 1833- DEC. 23, 1896 [**daughter of David C. & Margaret (Spangler) Crider] Row # 22.
i. SEARLES, Samuel D., Apr. 4, 1906-Jan. 15, 1923 ii. SEARLES, Nancy L., Dec. 18, 1901-May 22, 1903 iii. SEARLES, Rev. J.F. "BROTHER", Nov. 15, 1877-Oct. 17,1918 iv. SEARLES, Nancy E., Feb. 25, 1853-Feb. 25, 1932 v. SEARLES, Samuel V., Oct. 12, 1855-Feb. 21, 1932 vi. KNEECE, Alfred, Oct. 14, 1872-( ), Lelia Belle, Jan. 26, 1882-Feb. 21, 1942 no date of death inscribed for Alfred vii. VANFOSSAN, Father-Mother, [no given names or dates on stone , heart shaped stone] [Looking for records to document this burial site being that of William & Mary (Murphy) Vanfossen] Row # 23.
i. CRIDER, Isaac, son of A. & M. Crider, June 16, 1873, aged 18y. 8m. 8d.[this stone very difficult to read son of Aaron & Mathilda (Vanfossen) Crider,Isaac bn.08 Oct.1854] ii. _______, J. B., _____May 1871, aged________ [this taken from stone fragment] iii. BEST, Wm. H., Co. (R?), 75th Ohio Inf. GAR medal & flag next to stone iv. BEST, Mary A., 1845 * 1927, "MOTHER" [daug. of J.P. & M. Orr][m.William 19 Aug. 1865] [Wm. Died before 1870 census] v. ORR, Mary, 1826-1909 [ this is Mary (Vanfossen) Orr, wife of Jonathan Orr.] vi. ORR, Jonathan P., died Sep 25, 1886, aged 65y. 4m. 12d. Inscription, "Asleep in Jesus, sweet sleep" vii. ORR, Hannah, daug. of J.P. & M. Orr, died Feb. 17, 1878, aged 21y. 6m. 21d. [stone broken, very weathered] viii. DANISON, Elmer, son of H. & C. Danison, died Feb. 12, 1877, aged 4m. 3d., small letters inscribed at base: "Sweet baby..." [can't read remainder] ix. WIGGINS, Willis M., 1888-1892 x. BROKAW, Lydia E.[Orr], wife of Benj. F. Brokaw, died Apr. 7, 1877, aged 28y. 11m. 1d. [inscription on base, only partially legible]: "...where calm in death ...our noble line ...and brave..." [dau. of Jonathan & Mary (Vanfossen) Orr] xi. BROKAW, Benj. F., [Benjamin Franklin Brokaw] died Aug. 28, 1871, aged 25y. 6m. 25d.[both Lydia & Benj.'s memorial stone very weathered, difficult to read.] Row # 24.
i. SMITH, Wayne, 1921-1976, "Father" ii. SMITH, Alice, 1889-1933, "Mother" iii. SMITH, Ruth, May 28, 1922-Nov. 9, 1926, "At rest" iv. SMITH, Millard, 1919-1994 metal marker with" Maeder-Quint funeral home"written at bottom v. PEFFERS, Hazel Mae, June 20, 1916- Nov. 4, 1925 B, location marker stone vi. BROKAW, Edmund, 1925-1926, Leona, 1924-( )no last entry vii. BROKAW, Burl Denver, son of C.L. & Susie Brokaw, May 7, 1920-Mar. 26, 1923 [1928] hard to determine last number of date viii. BROKAW, Oakley, Born 1913 or 1918 [cement stone, hard to read B, location marker stone next to it] ix. VANFOSSAN, Benjamin, Aug. 22, 1829-Feb. 8, 1897 [possible husband of Eliz.(Orr)Vanfossen, row 13, vi] x. STEVENS, William, 1872-19___ xi. STEVENS, Ocie, 1872-1935 xii. STEVENS, Lanie, 1898-19___ xiii. STEVENS, Bertha, 1894-1894 [All four Stevens listed on one large stone] xiv. ARLEDGE, Minerva, 1850-1942, Henry, 1847--1916 Row # 25.
i. SMITH, Arena, 1863-1945, Lewis, 1858-1944 ii. HART, Margaret A., 1891-1952, Allen B., 1884-1960 iii. VANFOSSEN, Catherine [*'(Speakman)], 1859-1935 , Henrey, 1849-1925 [(Henrey not a typo) [possibly James Henrey Vanfossen], b. 09 Jan. 1849, d. 03 Mar., 1925, [son of John & Emily Vanfossen, source: 1860 Salt Creek Twp., census #338-334] iv. BROKAW, Cleve, Oct. 28, 1892-Apr. 18, 1987, Susie, June 11, 1895-Jan. 28, 1960 v. BROKAW, Betty J., 1939-1942, Dwight, B., 1922-1928 'W' location marker stone Row # 26.
i. SMITH, Shirley, 1898-1991, Bertha, 1899-1935 ii. SMITH, Archie L., 1927-1931 iii. VANFOSSEN, Raymond, Oct. 14, 1914-Aug. 1, 1925 iv. VANFOSSEN, Marvin, Feb. 5, 1922-July 30, 1925
[these last two stones containing surname Vanfossen are located just behind larger memorial stone for Catherine and Henrey Vanfossen's stone in row 25, probably part of same plot. Possibly grandsons of Henery and Catherine?]
This concludes my readings of Zion Church Cemetery

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