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Zion Church

The information for this site
was contributed by
Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.

Photo by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.
Zion Church Cemetery
Pleasant Ridge Rd,
Laurelville, Saltcreek Twp., Hocking Co., Ohio

27 April, 1999

I wish to present the following enumeration of the dear ones interred at Zion Church Cemetery. I have made every effort to accurately transcribe each memorial stone, but must caution everyone viewing this information that it is sometimes difficult to read the older weathered inscriptions, so please keep that in mind, although I tried very hard, I make no warranties to being 100% correct.

This Cemetery is located just a few miles outside of Laurelville, Ohio. Leaving Laurelville on route 56 southeast, turn right at Township Road 178 (Sam's Creek Rd.), follow this road until you see signs reading East Sam's Creek Road (TR 179), bear to the left and stay on this road until you see a sign reading Diehl Road (TR181). Bear to the left again following Diehl Rd. As you wind up to a ridge, you will notice a sharp bend in the road and a small white church on the right side. The cemetery is located directly across the road from this church. At this location or near it, the road becomes Pleasant Ridge Road (TR 201). There is plenty of parking space in the churchyard directly across from the cemetery. The area is rather isolated and unless you have a good map of the area, you would be best advised to return to the main highway (SR56), the same way you came in. The roads up on the ridge can be confusing, easy to get lost, unless you're familiar with the area.

In 1882 the churches of Saltcreek Township, Hocking Co., Ohio, numbered 3 or 4. One of them was the United Brethren Society, known as Zion Church Society. This church first organized in 1855 with a congregation of only 10 individuals. This church, still standing, was erected only a few years later. It would be my best guess that the land for the cemetery was either donated or purchased earlier, as the earliest burial found in this cemetery being that of Joseph Schooley on 28 March, 1851, which possibly predates the church by as much as 10 years. Both the church and cemetery are shown existing on 1876 Atlas of Hocking Co. The book "History of Hocking Valley", published about 1882, mentions this church and cemetery. The book described the church as being one of "prosperity and great usefulness", also said that in 1880's they had about 70 members, Unfortunately, this church has been abandoned for the last few years. The township currently mows and maintains this cemetery. I would describe the land where the cemetery lies as being rolling, most of the stones are in average to good condition, with a few concrete poured head stones which are near impossible to read. Each row of memorial stones read starting nearest road, right to left. All information written in italics is my personal observation and /or description of conditions and not information inscribed on stone. All information typed in standard text has been read from actual memorial stone. I take responsibility for all interpretations, readings of stones contained in this report. Should anyone have valid information which improves upon this report, your information will be appreciated and applied. Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.

Actual Cemetery Transcription File

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