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Karshner Cemetery

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Ohio Tombstone Transcription Project
Karshner Cemetery
Big Pine Rd, Section 11
Salt Creek Twp.
Hocking Co., Ohio
Transcriptions & Photos by
Robert M. Sizelove, Sr. On 29 April, 1999.
The most recent update to this page made on 20 July, 2007.

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For those that are perhaps seeing these transcriptions for the first time, the transcriptions may give on first glance, the appearance of a great many typos, so I feel obligated to explain that the abundance of y, m, and d represent abbreviations for year, month and day. Although you will find most engravers follow similar patterns, it seems there are several different abbreviations used to represent these three time terms including: y, yr, yrs, yr's & years; m. mo, mos, mo's, and months; d. da, das, da's, and days and on rare occasions, h, hr, hrs, hr's, and hours. I tend not to use commas except to separate surname from given name, given name from date, except where found on actual inscription, same goes for the [.] (period). When you see the symbol [_] (underscore), I use it to represent missing or unreadable letters, or if a lot of letters are unreadable I may express it by several periods, such as Jos...h . Sometimes you will find raised letters such as "c" in surnames such as in McClain, or if the engraver added smaller letters that were left out and added later, when I encounter them, tend to express them, when possible, as found on the stone. Sometimes engravers will use the term Æ or æ, this is just a term that generally replaces the word "aged". One last comment, all actual text found engraved, will come first in bold text. All comments, observations, personal knowledge remarks added by submitter, concerning an individual, but not inscribed on stone, will then proceed in regular text. ~R.M.Sizelove~
I wish to present my transcriptions of the loved ones buried at Karshner Cemetery. It is located about a mile from State Route 56 on Big Pine Rd. (near Haynes, Ohio). The nearest town being Laurelville, Ohio. This cemetery is not marked at the highway, but as you drive on Big Pine Rd. (CR11), from route 56, watch the hillside elevations on the left side of road, as you drive from Laurelville, the memorial stones are visible through the trees. Turn at the next driveway, this driveway was marked Holbrook at the time of my research, follow the pine tree lined drive past the log cabin to a metal farm gate. Sadly, there are no signs to mark this cemetery, however it is marked on local map of the township. It appears that in early days, this cemetery was associated with the local U.B. Church, located nearby on Big Pine Rd, near the intersection of route 56. The cemetery remains in active use, as there are recent burials present. The land surrounding this cemetery is owned by Clayton and Carol Holbrook whom I had the opportunity to meet on 19 September 1999. They have an authentic log cabin on their property, located just to the left of the cemetery, this structure dates back to 1803 and is rich with local historical connections. This cemetery is nicely cared for by Township Trustees, and lies on a gentle sloping area above the township road. The Holbrook residence is located nearby and plenty of parking space is available. Please don't block the driveway to their residence. Wish to extend my thanks to the Holbrooks for their hospitality & kindness in sharing additional information about individuals buried in this cemetery. All information read directly from the stones will appear in standard text. Any information found within brackets[ ] will indicate my personal observations, knowledge, and/or descriptions of conditions and not information found on stones. All information within brackets with a * symbol indicates additional information given to me by the kindness of David Frey, who has been researching ancestral family groups of this area for many years. Also want to thank my son Arthur Sizelove for his assistance and help in reading both Karshner and Haynes Cemeteries. Our readings of this cemetery, for the sake of bearing, start at the back row. They are read from left to right, in rows starting at lowest elevation, towards highest. The last stone being the one at the top of hill and nearest gate fence. Additional information was given to me by the kindness of the late George Hunter, of Laurelville, Ohio, on 20 December 1999. ** Updates included additional information within these below mentioned enumerations of the Roby, Peddycoart, and Hunter families. His information source being stated as: Hocking Co. Library, 1850 U.S.Census Report Harrison Co., Ohio and his personal research, and also updates given to me by Mary Burchfield on 14 June, 2001. Robert M. Sizelove, Sr. is solely responsible for the transcriptions contained in this article. I have been careful, but make no warranties to being 100% accurate. There are many old stones, in various states of deterioration. Some are broken and /or weathered to a point that makes transcription of data difficult. Use this information as a tool, but don't substitute it for state or county records and documentation, when available. If you have any documented information that improves upon the transcriptions provided here, which were completed on 19 September 1999, please let me know and I will update this article. Revised 20, December 1999. Revised, 08 Aug. 2000, 14 April, 2001, 30 March, 2003, & 18 March, 2004-2013 Copyright © Robert M. Sizelove, Sr
Please Note: Click on underlined name to view tombstone image.
Row #1.
EBERT, David O., July 1. 1945 - May 30, 1996, USArmy, Vietman Veteran [Medal w/flag]
EBERT, Martha [*Fye] Ma., May 7, 1900 - Jan. 1, 1986 [wife of Ralph O.]
iii. EBERT, Ralph O., Feb. 14, 1892 - Mar. 20, 1968, Ohio PFC USArmy, WWI, [medal w/flag][son of Reuben E. & Florence (Watkins) Ebert]
EBERT, George A., "Bud", 1933-1953
WATKINS, U. Grant, Aug. 16, 1869-Aug. 23, 1951
EBERT, James E., Feb. 27, 1923 - Dec. 31, 1943, Ohio PFC USArmy, WWII PH [Medal w/flag]
EBERT, Clifford, 1935-1943

viii. EBERT, Georgianna, 1920-1929

ix. EBERT, John R., 1927
[not known if this is birth or death date]
x. Unmarked stone,
[stone fragment, sorry no image]
xi. Unmarked stone,
[stone fragment, sorry no image]

Row # 2.
EBERT, Wayne, 1939-1977
ii. EBERT, Vera L., 1907-1994
iii. EBERT, Rudolph, 1897-1976
iv. REID, Ambrose, 1854-1938, Susie, 1859-1944
[Ambrose is son of Nathan & Eliz. (Wiggins) Reid] [Susie is Susannah Ebert, dau. of Reuben & his second wife, Paulina Susan (Collins)Ebert] Ambrose & Susie married 4 Sept. 1878, Hocking Co., Oh.
v. FETHEROLF, Francis Harold, Oct. 11, 1909- Aug. 5, 1910 "our little Angel" [*son of Howard & Ida Mae (Chilcote) Fetherolf]
vi. EBERT, Jane L., dau. of R. & P. Ebert, died Mar. 21, 1881, aged 23y, 10m, 26d
vii. EBERT, Angeline, dau. of R. & P. Ebert, died Nov. 3, 1877, aged 19y, 11m, 26d
viii. EBERT, Emma, dau. of R. & P. Ebert, died Feb. 3, 1883, aged 21y, 11m, 26d
ix. EBERT, Carrie F., dau. of R. & P. Ebert, died Jan. 3, 1884, aged 18y, 6m, 9d
x. EBERT, Reubin, died July 3, 1892, aged 80y, 5m, 2d
xi. EBERT, Paulina, wife of Reubin , died June 26, 1896, aged 70y, 1m, 10d [maiden name,*Paulina Susan Collins]
xii. BOWSHER, Benjamine, died Mar. 18, 1885, aged 41y [GAR, 1861-1865,Civil War Veteran medal w/flag]

Row # 3.
McKNIGHT, Lorena, 1884-1938
ii. POLING, Jasper, 1867-1945, Ella, [*Tisdale]1868-1945 [*Jasper & Ella married 16 Jan. 1896][*Jasper, son of Joseph & Mary Jane (Hoy) Poling-Ella, dau. of William N. & Mary Jane (Reid) Tisdale]
iii. EBERT, Reubin, 1862-1937, [ Beatrice] Florence [*Watkins], 1872-1951

Row # 4.
i. TISDALE, William N., born Feb. 12, 1841
[*died 22 May 1922], Mary Jane, [nee/Reid] born Sep. 21, 1842 [* died 16 Jan. 1935] "Mother & Father" [this inscribed on top], "Their sons & daughters" [inscribed on side] Obud TISDALE, born Feb. 24, 1870 - died July 18, 1887; Minney TISDALE, born July 15, 1874 - died Dec. 21, 1888; Olley TISDALE, born June 11, 1867 - died Dec. 12, 1890; Willey TISDALE, born Nov. 25, 1872 - died Feb. 28, 1897
HINTON, Harold, 1907-1932
TISDALE, Ollie, dau. of W. & J. Tisdale, died Dec. 12, 1899, aged 23y, 6m, 1d
iv. THOMAS, Lewis A., son of M. & S. Thomas, died July 8, 1872, aged 2y, 1m, 5d

Row # 5.
footstone, "WILLEY"
ii. EVERT, Renjamin, died Sep. 11, 1860, aged 58y, 9m, 26d
[Renjamin not a typo, this could possibly be another member of the Ebert family, just misspelled]
iii. WYNKOOP, Eliza Jane, wife of John Ebert, died Mar. 17, 1890, aged 27y, 4m, 26d note:the backwards (z).
iv. WYNKOOP, Alford, died June 22, 1842, aged 2yrs

v. EBERT, Harley, son of J. & E.J. Ebert, died Jun.
[*Feb.] 12, 1890, aged 3m, 6d [*bn. 06 Oct. 1889]
[*Sarah] Elizabeth, [*born 5 June 1865] died Sept. 24, 1882, aged 12y [difficult to read], 8m, 19d, [opposite side of same stone] Mary D.[*Della] Wyncoop [* born 12 Sept. 1872] died Sept. 8, 1882, aged 9y, 11m, 26d
vii. WYNKOOP, Samuel, son of P. & M. Wynkoop, died Nov. 23, 1877, aged 23y, 4m, 19d
viii. WYNKOOP, Minerva J.
[*Jane (Justus)], wife of Peter Wynkoop [ no dates inscribed], [opposite side of stone] Peter, [**Peter Henry Wynkoop, Jr.] June 7, 1819 - Oct. 30, 1896 "Blessed are those who die in the Lord" [*Minerva Jane born Nov.21, 1829, died Aug. 31, 1907][Peter Sr. buried at Wynkoop Cem.]
More images coming soon!

Row # 6.
i. HUNTER, Betty Jane, 4 .17.59 " 4.18.59
[**family member confirmed the date to be 1959, dau. of Genevieve (Hart)& John Hunter]
ii. STEVENS, Genevieve L., born July 6, 1934, died April 10, 2001
[Genevieve L. (Hunter) Hart-Stevens, [** Information given to me 30 March, 2003, by Genevieve's daughter, Cheryl][**Genevieve is wife of 1st husband John Hunter and 2nd husband Chester Stevens, he died in 1987. She is dau. of Melford & Dorothy Hart]
iii. ANDERSON, Dora Wilson, 1883 - 1933
iv. WILSON, Homer William, son of Frank and Lucy Wilson, died Feb. 14, 1916, aged 28d
v. WILSON, Silas, 1852 - 1894, Minerva, 1851 - 1921
vi. HAMMOND, Scinica, died Aug. 14, 1870, aged 58yrs
vii. STILLWELL, John, son of J. & A. Stillwell, died June 25, 1878, aged 17d

viii. STILLWELL, Axa, dau. of J. & A. Stillwell, died Feb. 15, 1850, aged 5m, 27d

ix. EVERT, John F., son of L. & L. Evert, died Aug. 31, 1869, aged 6y, 2m, 17d
x. WALTERS, Nancy, wife of J. Walters, died Mar. 31, 1860, aged 37y, 2m, 6d
xi. DAVIS, Sarah J., dau. of H.T. & S.A. Davis, died Aug. 9, 1861, aged 1y, 5m, 6d

xii. PEDDYCOART, Levi, died Oct. 1, 1865, aged 64y, 1m, 24d " He was long a consistant member of the U.B. Church and died in the hope of….Glorious Immortality"[This inscription at bottom]
xiii. PEDDYCOART, Lydia, wife of Levi Peddycoart, died Dec. 9, 1886, aged 80y, 10m, 19d
xiv. PEDDYCOART, John S., died Aug. 20, 1900 [date hard to discern], aged 67y, 4m, 12d
xv. PEDDYCOART, Amanda M., wife of John S. Peddycoart, died March 7, 1898
[date hard to read, stone broken through date], aged 36y, 8m, 22d
xvi. PEDDYCOART, Susannah M., dau. of J.S.& A. Peddycoart, died Oct. 6, 1870, aged 4y
xvii. HOEY, Charles W., Nov. 10, 1852 - Dec. 12, 1916, Mary E. his wife, Feb. 24, 1853 - Oct. 22, 1916
[this surname is also written Hoy]
xviii. ARLEDGE, John H.
[*Harley], 1892 [**Nov.17, 1881] -[*Jan. 20] 1919, Rosella HOEY [*Hoy], his wife, 1885 - 19__[last two numbers of inscription not carved], Charles H.[*Herbert]their son, [*March 11]1912 - [*Oct. 3] 1918 [John H. Arledge is son of Henry & Minerva (Reid) Arledge] **information given to me by the kindness of Pam Wilson, coordinator for Arledge Family History Project on 24 April, 2001.]

Row # 7.
i. HUFFMAN, Mary, wife of Frederick Huffman, died Oct. 19, 1842, aged 31y

ii. OLD, Margaret B., daughter of John & Hannah Cold, died March 18, 1817, aged 6y, 1m, 25d

iii. BUTLER, Corra E., dau. of J.C.& M.C. Butler, died Apr. 1, 1875, aged 10m, 11d

iv. BUTLER, Cashies L., son of J.C. & M.C. Butler, died Sept. 20, 1870, aged 1y, 7m, 2d "Sleep dear babe and take your rest for such as you the Savior Blest"

v. BUTLER, Thomas, d. 28 Mar. 1863, aged 58y

vi. BUTLER, Catherine, wife of Thomas Butler, died Feb. 10, 1860, aged 40y 7m 12d
[unreadable inscription below dates][Hocking Co. marriage, 12 Apr. 1840, Catherine's maiden name listed as Hyne]
vii. HYNE, John, died Oct. 31, 1869, aged 84ys, 8ms, 5ds

viii. FEBES, Simon P., son of Thomas & Lucinda , died Nov. 17, 1875, aged 1month
[inscrip. at bottom] "He is not dead but sleeping" [surname not discernible]
ix. PEDDYCOART, Mary Ann
[**Roby], wife of James Peddycoart, died Sept. 14, 1871, aged 41y, 1m [** dau. of William & Mary (Ford) Roby][**married James 05 Sept. 1848]
x. ROBY, William, died Mar. 31, 1870, aged 61y, 10m, 29d "Sleep you sweetly till the …, Culls the quiet dead to wake, Sleep you sweetly till you enter, and of Heavens full bliss partake" [broken stone][**bn. Charles Co., MD, 04 Sept. 1808]
xi. ROBY, Priscilla
[** Black], [**2nd] wife of William Roby, died Nov. 12, 1879, aged 56y 11m 25d "Weep not for her, who meekly led a life of piety and love. Whose unassuming virtue shed a hallowed influence from above."
xii. HOY, Edward, son of D.L. & N.E. Hoy, died Oct. 26, 1871, aged 22 days

xiii. HOY, Henry L., son of DL & NE Hoy, died May 24, 1874, aged 8m

xiv. HOY, David L., died Dec. 24, 1875, aged 32y 3m & 19d "Our family link that was broken on earth is to be welded in heaven"
[Civil War Veteran Medal w/flag]
xv. HOY, Nancy E.
[**Elizabeth], wife of D. L. Hoy, [**bn. 14 Sept. 1847] died May 14, 1882, aged 35y, 4m " Her spirit smiles from the …but softly whispers….[partial inscription ][**dau. of William & Pricilla (Black) Roby][**married D.L. Hoy 1865 & Charles Campbell in 1878]
xvi. HOY, Joanna, dau. of D.L. & N. E. Hoy, died July 28, 1888, aged 21y, 3m, 26d " Her happy soul has winged it's way to one pure bright eternal day"
[inscription at bottom of stone]
xvii. PEDDYCOART, Martha
[**Martha Anne (Roby) Hunter], [**2nd ]wife of John S. Peddycoart, died Apr. 20, 1901, aged 68y & 27d

Row #8.
i. ALEXANDER, Infant, son of G.W. & M. Alexander, died Oct. 24, 1842

ii. ALEXANDER, Jacob, died Dec. 15, 1851, aged 72yr., 2mo.

iii. HERRON, Charl's L., son of Geo. J. & N Herron
[ Geo.'s middle initial hard to read], died Nov. 8, 1881, aged 3y, 3m, _d [days lived broken off section of stone]
iv. HOSLER, James, son of ____Hosler, died Jun. 28, 1862, aged 7y
[this stone very weathered and difficult to read]
v. LOY, George, son of J. & R. Loy, died Aug. 30, 1849, aged 2yrs., 4ms., 19ds

vi. Unknown,
[this stone totally weathered, no longer readable]
vii. HUFFMAN, Jonathan, died Oct. 10, 1876, aged 73y, 9m, 13d

viii. HUFFMAN, Mary, wife of Jonathan Hoffman, died Dec. 3, 1873, aged 67y, 5m, 11d "Not lost blest thought, But gone before where we shall meet to part no more"
[this inscription at bottom of stone]
[HOSTLER], Arthar, son of D. & E. Hosler [Hostler], died Oct. 25, 1870, aged 1y, 1m, 3d [parents: Daniel & Elizabeth (Karshner) Hosler]
x. ,HOY F. J., Co. A, 73 HQ, Ohio Inf.
[no dates, military stone]
xi. KARSHNER, Mary, wife of Wm Karshner, died Feb. 13, 1865, aged 24y, 1m, 9d
[nee/Reid, dau. of John & Catherine (Loy) Reid][*Wm. Son of Enoch & Sabina (Collison) Karshner]
xii. HAMILTON, Julie, "MOM", Aug. 6, 1910 - July 23, 1990
[mother of Carol Holbrook, great-grandmother of Brandon M. Winnestaffer]
xiii. WINNESTAFFER, Brandon M.,
[born] Feb. 26, 1995, [died] Apr. 9, 1995 [son of Rebecca & Mark Winnestaffer, grandson of Clayton & Carol Holbrook]

Row #9.
DIEHL, Theobald, died Mar. 22, 1891, aged 72y, 8m, 29d "3rd Reg. Ohio" Records show that Theobald, enlisted at Chilicothe, OH, Co. B, 73rdInfantry, on 30 Aug., 1861, disc. 1 Sept. 1963. He was born 23 June, 1818 and died on 22 March 1891.[Civil WarVeteran medal w/flag]
MILLER, John J., died Mar. 19, 1871, aged 65y, 1m, 27d
HOSELTON, Joseph, died Sept. 10, 1869, aged 51y, 2m, 8d -Boast not thyself...tommorrow, for thy ...est, not what... Only partial verse readable
MILLER, Lucinda, dau. of J.J. & M. Miller, died Dec. 28, 1852, aged 2y, 2m, 28d
HUFFMAN, Margaret, dau. of J & E. Huffman, died Sep. 12, 1869, aged 16y, 7m, & 13d "Weep not for me my friends, Weep not" [broken stone]
SMITH, Elmore, [could be Elnor, very weathered and difficult to read], died Nov. 2, 1869, aged 3m, 18d
HOSTLER, Wash., son of C. & L. Hostler, died Aug. 21, 1877 [date hard to read], aged 5y, _m, 6d
HYNE, William, son of J. & E. Hyne, died Aug. 21, 1846, aged 1y, 18d
Footstone, "J.K." no photo available
REID, Milton, son of S.& S. Reid, died Sep. 14, 1869, aged 9m, 8d [son of Samuel & Susannah (Karshner) Reid]
Unknown, [damaged fragment of headstone, not readable]
KARSHNER, John, son of E. & S. Karshner, died Mar. 27, 1855, aged 16yr., 1mo., 27d. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord" [son of Enoch & Sabrina (Collison) Karshner]
xiii. LOWE, Nancy, wife of Joseph Lowe, died Oct. 25, 1864, "In the 83rd year of her age" [Wish to thank Mary Burchfield & Linda E. Rowe, for their kindness in supplying new corrected information concerning dates and first letter of surname of the Lowe family members mentions here][Joseph & Nancy are the parents of Hansen Lowe.]
xiv. LOWE, Miranda, dau. of J. & N. Lowe, died Oct. 18, 1856, aged 48y, 1m, 20d
LOWE, Lurena C., dau. of J.? & N. Lowe, died Sep. 19, 1857, aged 6m., 6d " Born on earth to bloom in heaven"
LOWE, ____, son or dau. of J. & N. Lowe [ given name looks to be about 5 digits long, not readable, very weathered stone]

This concludes my readings of Karshner Cemetery, Salt Creek Township of Hocking Co., Ohio.

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