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Harper Cemetery in Hocking County, Ohio

Ohio Tombstone Photo Transcription Project
Harper Cemetery
State Route 56
Salt Creek Twp. ( Section 24) & Benton Twp. ( Section 19)
Hocking Co., Ohio
Transcriptions & Photos by
Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.
29 April, 2000, revised 26 August, 2000

I wish to present the following transcriptions of the ancestral loved ones buried at what is presently known as Harper Cemetery. This is an unusual cemetery in that it lies between the border of two townships. The townships attends to their respective half of cemetery. Located on SR 56 between Haynes and South Bloomingville, just west of Thomas Road (T-261). There is no sign marking the cemetery at the road or on the new farm style gate, fencing surrounds the cemetery, the eastern part that lies in the jurisdiction of Benton Township has a new chain link fence encompassing it's parameter. The Salt Creek Township has been upgrading their portion of fence recently too. Although there is no township boundary line within the cemetery marking that portion, it's unusual in the sense that all the memorial stones located in each side lie crowded near their respective township's outer parameter fence, and each township only mows to the center of cemetery. My research is incomplete with respect to the history of this cemetery, will add more finding's later. The readings of this cemetery start nearest road and fencing at the Salt Creek side (northwest corner) reading in rows from right to left, and front to back. The oldest burial found to be 1837 and newest, 1978.

This cemetery is located off on an elevated hillside on the south side of road. Like many of the cemeteries of Hocking County, it 's situated on a beautiful hillside, which gives a wonderful view of the road and rolling hills surrounding it. The cemetery is rather difficult to see from the road, my best advice would be to watch for the new chain link fence. There is a garage located nearby, just above the cemetery and a new home located even higher above cemetery, overlooking it. During my most recent visit on August 26, 2000, I found the Salt Creek side freshly mowed, entire cemetery is well kept. I will make comment below indicating where the readings of Salt Creek end and Benton Township begin. Unfortunately, many of the burials are marked with just a piece of local field stone with no markings on them, I've never seen a larger percentage of unmarked stones in any other cemetery that I've ever visited or transcribed.

All information written within brackets will be my personal knowledge, research, observations, and/or descriptions of conditions. All information written in standard text and not within brackets, will be information which I personally read from memorial stone. Although I make every attempt to take my time, being mindful to correct readings. I make no warranty of 100% accuracy. Although some stones are in good condition, a greater number of the stones in this cemetery are very old and some near impossible to read. My thoughts are that many of the stones are missing or buried. Should anyone wish to add valid information that improves upon this report, it would be welcomed, appreciated, and applied. As always my goal is focused to make sure our ancestoral loved ones are not forgotten. 1st draft, 9 May, 2000.An update to this page was made on 16 Jan., 2011. Some of the data listed below includes submissions from a good friend, although he has passed on, Lewis Eby, was especially proud of his Eby ancestors. He will be terribly missed, but warmly remembered for his dedicated family research. The most recent update to this page made on 24 July, 2013.

Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.

Please Note: Click on name to view tombstone image.

Row 1.
i.    DAWSON, Infant, In memory of a Infant son of William & Milley Dawson,
      born July The 17rd, 1837
ii.   DAWSON, Infant, In memory of A Infant of… Dawson, born 
      July The 23, 1838

 Row 2.
i.    DAWSON, Nancy, died August the 22nd 1849, aged 59 years 11 days
ii.   DAWSON, Isrel,  In Memory of Isrel Dawson who was born January the 11, 
      1819, died December the 9th 1840, age 21 years 10 months and 28 days
iii.  HARPER, Infant, son of B. & H. Harper, died Mar. 26, 1852
iv.   HARPER, Hannah, wife of John Harper, died May 7, 1852, aged 51 years & 
      2m's. [inscription below date not readable, broken stone]
v.    HARPER, John,  died Sept. 14, 1880, aged 82y 3m 8d 
vi.   HARPER, Benjamin T., Apr. 11, 1828 - Oct. 17, 1906  [civil War Veteran 
      medal w/flag, this stone recently restored]
vii.  HARPER, Harriett, Died Apr. 19, 1896, aged 64y. 11m & 17d
viii. SOWERS, Nola K. 1907 - 1977, Mae A. 1902 - 1973 "My Darling" 
      [Nola has a WWII Veteran medal w/flag, nice 5 piece memorial]

Row 3.
i.    DAWSON,  footstone for Isrel in row 2
ii.   HARPER, James M., son of B. & H. Harper, died May 12, 1854, aged 3y 2m, 12d
iii.  HARPER, footstone for John Harper in row 2
iv.   HARPER,  B.T.H., footstone for Benj. T. Harper in row 2
v.    HARPER, Tecumseh, son of B. & H. Harper, died Oct. 26, 1856, aged 1y 20d's 
      [this stone leaning against footstone of Benj. T. Harper]
vi.   HARPER, footstone for Harriet Harper in row 2
vii.  SOWERS, [military footstone for Nola K. Sowers, in row 2] Mar. 28, 1907
      - Jul 19, 1977 - PFC US Army WWII

Row 4.
i.    Unknown burial, fragment of base stone
ii.   STARKEY, Aaron, died Aug. 24, 1865, aged 62 y'rs & 2m's

Row 5.
i.    [Unknown burial fragment] … 183?…
ii.   [Unknown burial fragment]
iii.  [Unknown burial fragment]
iv.   DENNIS, Ida C., wife of G. W. Dennis, b. Aug. 31 1873, died Feb. 23, 1898
v.    DENNIS, George W., June 1, 1870, Jan. 19, 1959
vi.   DENNIS, Nora B., wife of G.W. Dennis, Jan. 10, 1883 -  Nov. 29, 1912
vii.  DENNIS, Jennie, wife of G.W. Dennis, Jan. 3, 1870 -  Feb. 29, 1916
viii. DENNIS, Edith G., dau. of G. W. & Nora A. Dennis, Aug. 6, 1902 - Mar. 22,

Row 6.
i.    STARKEY, Charles W., Mar. 7, 1881 - Aug. 27, 1890
ii.   STARKEY, Reuben, June 3, 1878 - Sept. 21, 1895
iii.  STARKEY, Lorren Frederick, Nov. 9, 1895 -  May 13, 1896
iv.   STARKEY, John D., June 7, 1846 - June 24, 1897
v.    STARKEY, Eliza J. (Snyder), Oct. 6, 1853 - May 9, 1932
vi.   STARKEY, Frances A., 1909 - 1910; Infant, 1917- 1917 
      Side of cemetery]

Row 7.  [This begins readings for Benton Twp. side of cemetery]
i.    [Unknown burial stone]
ii.   [Unknown burial stone]
iii.  [Unknown burial stone] 
       [All three of these field stones contain no inscriptions]

Row 8.
i.    [Unknown burial stone]
ii.   DOWD, Delili, born May 7, 1803, died June 1844 
iii.  [Unknown burial stone] Sorry no photo available.

Row 9.
i. Eby, Lafayette [Source the late Lewis Eby, as told to him by Delores Klin of Rockbridge, OH]
ii. Eby, Christian  [Source the late Lewis Eby, as told to him by Delores Klin of Rockbridge, OH]
iii.    [Dawson, Cinderella] 
[Source the late Lewis Eby, as told to him by Delores Klin of Rockbridge, OH]
iv.   [Unknown burial stone] Sorry, no photo available.

Row 10.
i.    MATTOX, Margaret E., 1885 - 1941 [fairly new stone on old base]
ii.   Black, Mary[Unknown burial stone]

Row 11.
i.    [Unknown burial stone fragment]
iii.  HARPER, GRANDMA KATE [footstone for Kathryn A. Harper in next row]

Row 12.
i.    JOHNSON, Joseph Malcolm, 2nd Lt., Army Air Corps, World War II, May 9, 
      1916, Aug. 1, 1945 [WWII Veteran medal W/flag]
ii.   HARPER, Kathryn A., Mom, Our Father Who Art In Heaven Hallowed Be Thy 
      Name, Aug. 9, 1917, Apr. 6, 1978

This concludes my readings of Harper Cemetery, Salt Creek & Benton Townships 
of Hocking Co., Ohio, 26 August, 2000. Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.

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