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Bethel United Methodist Church
Cemetery in Hocking County, Ohio

Ohio Tombstone Transcription Project
Bethel Church Cemetery
Big Pine Road (Section 12)
Salt Creek Twp.
Hocking Co., Ohio
Transcriptions & Photos by
Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., on 17 October, 1999.
The most recent update to this page was made on 18 March, 2013.

I wish to present the memorial stone readings of the ancestral loved ones buried at Bethel Church Cemetery. The cemetery is comparatively small and is located about 2 miles from state route 56 on Big Pine Road (CR11) this cemetery is less than a 1 mile from Charter Cemetery. It lies on the north side of the road between Little Pine Rd. (TR155) and closer to Sowers Rd. (TR165). The cemetery grounds surround three sides of this small church, known in modern times as Bethel United Methodist Church, which is still serving the community. This church was listed as a United Brethren Church on township Atlas of 1876, was first organized or established as U. B. Church in 1851 and the actual church structure was built in 1853. The earliest burial known to me would be that of Rebecca Reid whose memorial stone has a date inscribed, August 1829, thus making the cemetery predate the church by at least 24 years. Early records of burials at this cemetery, according to church elders, were lost or accidentally misplaced many years ago. Therefore, the possibility exists that there are some unmarked burials in this church cemetery yard. The land surrounding this cemetery is beautiful. The picturesque valley with rolling hills, typical of Hocking County, a sloping gravel driveway directly in front of cemetery will facilitate several parked cars. This church owned cemetery is well cared for and most of the stones are in good readable condition.

Although I have made diligent my attempt to correctly read the information contained on these stones, I make no warranty to being 100% correct. So, use the information, but don’t substitute for good state or county records, when available. I have abandoned my usual attempt to read stones in rows. Because of the lack of symmetry, I have decided to read the stones associating them to areas, rather than trying to assign each memorial stone to rows. All stone locations will be listed either left or right of the concrete walkway leading to the church and locations behind church. All standard text with or without quotation marks will be information read directly from stones. Information contained in brackets [ ] will indicate my personal observations, knowledge, and /or descriptions of conditions, not information read from stones. Any information within brackets containing an asterisk [ * ] will indicate additional information from another source and will include the name of this source, which in this case is information given to me by the kindness of *David Frey & **George Hunter.

I take responsibility for all interpretations, readings of stones contained in this report. Should anyone have valid information, which improves upon the accuracy of this report, your information will be appreciated and applied. Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.,© 26 September 1999, revised 17 October 1999.

Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.

Please Note: Click on name to view tombstone image.

       Area to left of front walkway
i.     PUGH, Elizabeth, wife of E.B. Pugh, died Apr. 28, 1898, aged 46y, 8m, 4d
ii.    DELONG, Hannah, wife of C. Delong, died Dec. 1, 1874, aged 73y, 10m, 7d
iii.   TAYLOR, Ellen, wife of George W. Taylor, 1820 - 1872, age 52 Yr.
iv.    HUNTER, Catharine, wife of S. Hunter, died July 29, 1877, aged 74 years; 
       " Our Parents" [this inscrip. on east side of stone] 
iva.   HUNTER, Samuel, died July 22 1878, aged 81y & 25d
v.     TAYLOR, Rich’d, Co. I l Ohio H.A., [with GAR medal & flag, Civil War Vet.] 
vi.    E.H. [very old stone, appears too large to be footstone][** Eliza Catherine
       Hunter, bn. 1840, died bef. 1870, dau. of Catherine & Samuel Hunter]
vii.   REID, Samuel, Apr. 18, 1823-Mar. 8, 1897, aged 73y, 10m, 22d
viii.  LYTLE, Charley B., born Oct. 7, 1866, died Mar. 2, 1899
ix.    SOWERS, Melissa A., dau. of E. & S. Sowers, died May 30, 1858, aged 
       15ys & 24d " We’ll meet again"
x.     EBERT, Zelda R. (Friend), June 29, 1840, March 29, 1911[*dau. of 
       A.C. & Zuriah (Jackson) Friend] [*2nd wife of John S. Ebert they married 
       14 Nov. 1904]

Area to right of entry walkway
i. WIGGINS, Joanna, wife of Thomas Wiggins, born Nov. 1, 1864, died June 25 1895, aged 30y 7m 24d ii. MURLETT, Thomas, May 6, 1826- Apr. 19, 1895 [Civil War Veteran medal w/flag] [husband of Margaret Reid] iii. LAMA, Harry M., son of D.G. & E.J. Lama, died Jan. 28, 1899, aged 4y, 1m, 18d iv. LAMA, Eliza J., Mar. 2, 1867- Mar. 25, 1942, David C., Sept. 19, 1864 - Nov. 8, 1938[***Middle name Chase, information given to me by the kindness of Donald Lama, via email on 13 Aug., 2000. David one of 11 children of Hiramn Gard Lama & Catherine Lama, both 1835 -1884] v. WYNKOOP, Arthur L., Apr. 3, 1902 - Aug. 15 1902 vi. MARTIN, Deborah, died Nov. 20, 1875, aged 83y, 9m, 19d, Jonathan Martin, died Dec. 2, 1875, aged 89y, 10m, [east side of stone] "Father & Mother" vii. FEBES, Jane, "Mother", 1863-1917 viii. MARTIN, Margaret A., dau. of J. & M. Martin, died Nov. 3, 1863, aged? y 9m 28d [very weathered, hard to read stone] ix. REID, Nathan, son of A. & M. Reid, died Apr. 23, 1851, aged 16ds x. REID, Anna, dau. of G. & L. Reid, Dec. 14, 1850, aged 16y, 6m, 14d xi. REID, John, died Oct. 22, 1856, aged 86y, 10m, 4d, Joanna, [Brown] 1st wife of John Reid, died Aug. 12, 1841, aged 47y, 8m, & 5d "Our Parents"[*married 2 Apr. 1812, Ross Co.] xii. REID, Rebecca, died Aug. 12, 1829, aged 74 years xiii. REID, Matilda [*Bird], [*2nd] wife of John Reid died Jan. 2, 1884 in her 75th year "Blessed are thee who die in the Lord" xiv. REID, John, died Oct. 29, 1876, aged 87y, 10m xv. REID, George, Sept. 1, 1821- Feb. 6, 1857 xvi. REID, Joanna, dau. of A. & M.A. Reid, died May 4, 1867 [or 1861, last # broken, hard to read] [probably dau. of Ambrose & Matilda (*Wiggins)Reid] xvii. REID, Mary A. M. Gibson, wife of Alfred Reid, died Dec. 19, 1861, aged 33y, 6m, 3d, Alfred Reid, died Apr. 19, 1896, aged 70y, 8m, 19d xviii. REID, Eliza L., dau. of A.G. & M. Reid, died Nov. 16, 1884, aged 30y, 9m, 14 d xix. REID, Ambrose G., 1815-1913 [02 Mar. 1815-02 Nov. 1913], Matilda, [Wiggins] his wife, 1820-1905 [18 Oct. 1820-14 Nov. 1905] xx. REID, children of Ransford & Lena M. Reid, Infant daughter, born Oct. 31, 1897, Infant son, born Mar. 27, 1889 [inscription at bottom] xxi. REID, Elizabeth, dau. of _ & M. Reid, died July 2 [possibly 12] , 1857, aged 12y, 3m, 15d [this is different stone, but appears to be a newer stone for same person] xxii. REID, Elizabeth, dau. of A. & M. or H. Reid, died July 2, 1857, aged _y, 3m, 15d

Near northeast corner fence line
i. SMYERS, Hannah J., 1872-1927 ii. WILLIARD, George, Feb. 3, 1875- July 15, 1906, Dora Williard Koch, Apr. 13, 1878 - Mar. 30, 1903 iii. WILLIARD, David A., 1848-1941, Martha J., 1855-1929 Behind church, near fence line
iv. REID, Andrew, [son of John & Joanna (Brown) Reid] died July 19, 1897, aged 84y, 4m, 14d, Anna,[*Anna Mirah Huffman]wife of Andrew Reid, died Dec. 31, 1892, aged 81y, 1m, 3d v. REID, William, son of Andrew & Anna M. Reid, July 26 - 1840- Feb. 22, 1863 vi. LOY, Infant, dau. of Wm. & M. B. Loy, 1902 [assume this to mean birth & death year] This concludes my readings of Bethel Church Cemetery, Salt Creek Township of Hocking Co., Ohio, 17 October, 1999.

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