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Mt. Zion-Shoup Cemetery

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Beavercreek Twp.
Greene County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Chet & Connie Rice, May 19, 2002
This cemetery is located on the corner of Indian Ripple and Fairfield Rd. in Beavercreek Twp. The old section of this cemetery was established by George Shoup.
Most recent update to this page made on 6 Apr., 2008.

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Coy, Jacob Adam, born Aug. 21, 1809, died July 28, 1884 He was born in and he died in Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH. He Married Margaret Martha Stine, b. 1829 PA/MD, d. June 10, 1891, The couple married Oct. 12, 1847 in Greene Co. They had 8 known children from 1852 - 1869. This couple also became the guardians of 3 younger children that belonged to Jacob C.& Catherine (Custenborder) Coy, who died before 1860. Samuel B., Rebecca G. & Frederick. Jacob was the son of Adam & Catherine (Martin) Coy. He was 1 of 12 children born to his parents.
Coy, Leonard W., b. Sep. 20, 1836, Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., died July 15, 1906, Alpha, Greene Co., OH. Leonard was the son of Jacob Hebry & Barbara (Schnepp) Coy. He was 1 of 12 children. Last resided on the farm with his nephew Edward Coy.
Coy, John Albert, b. 1858, Greene Co., died June 29, 1920, Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co. He married Sarah Elizabeth in abt. 1855, they had 3 known children. John Albert was the son of John & Catherine (Cosler) Coy. He was 1 of 8 children born to this couple.
Coy, Charles C., born 1886, Greene Co., died March 21, 1962, Ohio. Married Bessie L. ?. This couple only had 1 known child, Harriet M. Coy (1903). Charles was the son if John Albert & Sarah Elizabeth Coy.
Martin Coy, d. April 15, 1870 (Greene Co., O.) aged 17y 7m 8d, son of Nicholas & Charlotte (Shoup) Coy. [He was buried next to his parents, all three memorials look similar]Sec. 1, Row 24
Irven M. Coy, b. Jan. 1, 1877,[Beavercreek Twp.,Greene Co., O.] d. Sep. 27, 1862 [Greene Co., he was the son of Aaron Coy & Diana Funderburgh. His twin was Ira Bennett Coy] Irvin married Grace Martha Bear.
Grace Martha Bear, b. Nov. 13, 183_, [Ohio] d. Oct. 11, 1967 [Greene Co., she was the daughter of Joseph Bear & Frances Greason. Irven & Grace married Feb. 22, 1905, Greene Co. Irven & Grace raised their 6 children on the farm they ingerited from his father Aaron Coy]Sec. 2, Row 24
Aaron Coy, b. Dec. 19, 1846 (Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., O.) He was the son of Nicholas Coy & Charlotte Shoup, who both were from pioneering families of Beavercreek Twp. Aaron was the 5th child of the 11 from this union. Aaron married Diana Funderburgh in 1871, Greene Co.
Diana Funderburgh, b. 1848 [Clark Co., O.]d. Oct. 11, 1910 [Greene Co.] Aaron & Diana had 5 children, 4boys & 1 girl. Ira & Irven were twins born in 1877. Aaron was a reverend Minister of the German Baptist (Dunkker) Church at Zimmermanville for over 35 yrs. Aaron also served in the Civil War in 154th Inf. of Ohio for the duration before leaving ill in 1864.
Solomon F. Shoup [stone behind Aaron Coy stone] b. 1844 Greene Co. d. 1892 [Greene Co.] Solomon's relationship Charlotte is unknown, perhaps a cousin. Sec. 2, Row 24
Ira Bennett Coy, b. Jan. 1, 1877 (Zimmermanville, Greene Co., O.)d. April 17, 1925 [Greene Co.] son of Aaron Coy & Diana Funderburgh. Ira was married to Kathryn Hickeyy. She was born Jan. 23, 1893 and d. June 28, 1975. They were married 1924 in Greene Co.Sec. 2, Row 24
Nicholas Coy, b. Jan. 21, 1811,(Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., O.)d. April 7, 1898 , aged 86y 2m 16d [Greene Co.] son of Adam Coy & Catherine Martin. His father Adam was born Nov. 20, 1780 [Montgomery Twp., Cumberland Co.(Franklin Co.) Pa., his mother Catherine was born 1792 Maryland]Sec. 1, Row 24
Charlotte Shoup Coy, d. Jan. 25, 1874, aged 54y 9m 26d,(Greene Co., O.)she was the daughter of Moses W. Shoup, b. May 1, 1795, Maryland, and her mother was Elizabeth H. Miller, b. 1798 Maryland. She is buried next to her husband Nicholas Coy. They married in Greene Co., on March 26, 1818, parents of 9 children, 6 girls & 3 boys.Sec. 1, Row 24
Coy, Benjamin F., 1841 - 1911 -Beavercreek Township,Greene County, Ohio-d.July 11,1911-Zimmermans, Beavercreek Twp.,Greene Co.,Ohio.Benjamin was the son of Nicholas Coy b.1811 & Charlotte Shoup b.1819. Benjamin was a decendant of the Shoup family that the cemetery is named after.
Coy, Catherine, 1846 - 1926 His wife was Catherine Silzel b. 1846-June 9,1826. The couple married Jan 4,1867-Green Co.,Ohio, and they had 8 children of this union.
Coy Albert A. 1852 - 1924 b.Nov 1852-(Greene Co.,Ohio) d.1924-(Dayton,Montgomery Co.,Ohio) -he was the son of Jacob A Coy b.1809, and Margaret "Martha"Stine b.1829 both of Greene Co.,Ohio. I believe all the info I have found supports that he was the oldest boy of 8 children born of this union.
Sarah E., 1869 - 1941 Albert's wife b.April 1869- d.1941-is buried next to him. They married about 1889, and had 7 children. 2 boys and 5 girls
Coy Jacob H., 1820 - 1894 b.1820-(Beavercreek Twp,Greene Co.,Ohio) d.Oct 1,1894-(Greene Co.,Ohio) he was the son of Henry Coy b.1789-(Montgomery Twp, Cumberland Co, Pa) and Anna Maria Schnepp b.1788-(Orwigsburg,Pa). Jacob was the 5th child of 7 born to Henry and Anna Maria
Coy, Rebecca H., 1831 - 1906 -Jacob married Rebecca Helen Buck b.Jan 2,1831 (Sheperdstown,Jefferson County,Va) she was the daughter of Henry Buck b.1791 and Hannah Fisher b.1798, the 8th child of 10 born to this union. Jacob and Rebecca married on Feb 24,1849-Greene Co.,Ohio by Rev.David Winters . They had 9 children from 1851 to 1867.
Coy Charles M., May 11, 1856 - Oct. 17, 1936 b.-Beavercreek Township,Greene County, Ohio d.Oct 17,1936 -Greene Co.,Ohio. I have no further info about Charles M Coy's martial status during his lifetime in Greene Co.,Ohio. Charles was the son of Jacob H COY (OH) b.1820 & Rebecca Helen BUCK b.1831(VA) Charles was child #4 of 10 children born to his parents. There were 5 boys and 5 girls. His parents are also buried in Mt.Shoup Zion-the large log family stone is where the family is buried.The Family headstone has COY in the center, and large logs on each end and several members of the family have their names on each piece surrounding this monument.
Coy, Joseph M., 1859 - 1906 Son of J.H. & R. H. Coy. b.Oct 4, 1589 -d.1906 (Greene Co.) is listed on a part of the family headstone. The stone itself is shaped like a large Log, and section on each end are reserved for each member that was buried in the family plot. I have no further info about Joseph M Coy.
Coy, Daniel O., 1872 - 1947; Clara, 1874 - 1965; Ann L., 1902 - 1985 Daniel Overholser Coy, b.July 31,1872 -Beavercreek Township,Greene County, Ohio-d.Jan 16,1947-Greene Co.,Ohio- Daniel O. was the son of Samuel Bartholomew Coy b.1842(OH) & his mother was Elmira Jane Overholser b.1849-(PA). He was child #3, of 6 children to his parents.
Coy, Clara, 1874 - 1965 his wife was Clara (SHOUP) b.Jan 27,1874-Beavercreek Township,Greene County, Ohio-d.Sep 8,1965-Greene Co,Ohio. The couple married on Dec.25,1896-Greene Co.,Ohio, and were the parents of 4 children. Clara was the daughter of Ephriam Shoup b.1847 (OH) & Lucinda Gorgas b.1846(OH),I have no further info about her siblings.
COY, Anna Lucille, 1902 - 1985-b.Oct 1,1902-Beavercreek Township,Greene County, Ohio-d.June 18,1985-Greene Co.-daughter of Daniel & Clara, and she never married. Further research was sent to me saying Anna had a twin brother Edmond L Coy b.Oct.1,1902-NFI..He may have been a still born, and the family had not yet bought their family plot and headstone in which to bury or mark a grave for him.
Coy, Family Headstone Parents and infant sons
Coy, Frederick b.1844-Greene Co.-d.1909-Greene Co.,Ohio. Frederick Sr. was the son of Jacob A Coy b.1809(OH) & Catherine Custenborder b.abt.1815(OH). His parents were known to have had 9 children, and he was child #8.
Coy, Margaret Cohagen, his wife, b.1850-Ohio d-1921-Greene Co.,Ohio. This couple was married abt.1869-in Greene Co.Ohio , and the parents of 11 children.7 boys, 4 girls.
Coy, Jacob A. b.Jan 29,1891-Xenia,Greene Co,Ohio d.1891-Xenia,Greene Co,Ohio-in infancy.
Coy, Frederick Jr. b.1892-d.1892-Xenia,Greene Co,Ohio.
Coy, William, son of Abraham & Catherine (Zimmerman) Coy, died Apr. 20, 1861 William Coy -b.Jan 13,1850-Beavercreek Township,Greene County, Ohio d. April 20,1961-Greene Co. He was the son of Abraham COY b.1820 & Catherine Zimmerman b.1831. William was the 1st son of 13 children born to this couple. The parents lost all 4 of their 1st children during the year 1861. Their must have been some kind of illness that was claiming alot of the early settlers.
Coy, Valentine P., 1852 - 1935; Sevilla P., 1863 - 19__ Valentine Coy-b.Feb 14,1852-Beavercreek Twp,Greene Co., Ohio-d.JAn.16,1925-Greene Co., he married Sevilla P FOLKERTH b.1863-Dubuque,Iowa -d.April 5,1832-Greene Co.-.The couple married Jan 18,1883-Greene Co. Ohio .Valentine was the child of John COY b.1811 & Catherine COSLER b.1826. Valentine was the 3rd child of 8 children born of these parents. Sevilla was the daughter was the Abraham FOLKERTH b.1836 & Rachel WILSON abt.1840. Valentine & Sevilla were not known to have had any children.
Coy, Rhea Black, 1901 - 1975; Roy M., 1896 - 1954, Veteran W.W. I Roy William McKinley Coy -b.June 25,1896-Greene Co. d.1954-Greene Co. ,married Rhea H Black b.June 29,1901-Dayton,Montgomery Co -d.Feb 20,1974-Greene Co. The couple married Dec 15,1920-Greene Co.OH. Roy Coy was the son of John N COY b.1873 & Cora ZIMMERMAN. Rhea was the daughter of Korah E BLACK b.1873 & Blanche L Klunz b.1876. Roy & Rhea were the parents of 4 children,2 girls,2 boys.
Coy, Ruth Jean, dau. of Roy & Rhea Coy, Jan. 16, 1931 - Dec. 12, 1932 Ruth Jean Coy b.Jan.16,1931-Greene Co. -d.Dec 12,1932-Greene Co. She was the 3rd child born to Roy M COY & Rhea H Black in Greene Co.Ohio
Coy, Cassius L., 1860 - 1944 -Who made a liberal donation to this cemetery. Erected by the trustees of Mt. Zion Cemetery- COY,Cassius Lincoln b.1860-Zimmerman,Beavercreek Twp,Greene Co.,Ohio-d.Feb 9,1944-Greene Co.,Ohio . He was the son of Abraham Coy b.1820 & Catherine Zimmerman b.1831.. He was child #5,of 13 born to his parents .Cassius married Marie Mollie (?).,the couple married abt.1904 and were the parents of Norbert E ,Thelma,Edwin,Robert M
Coy, Charles M., 1898 - 1959 Coy,Charles Milton-b.July 17,1898-Greene Co.-d.1959-Greene Co.,Ohio..He married Mary Frances Barnes on July 23,1924-Greene Co. Ohio. Charles was the son of Perry T Coy b.1867 & Eva O Snyder Bingaman .He was known to only have 1 brother named Rosco C Coy of Greene Co. Ohio .
Coy, Crawford, 1899 - 1975; Evelyn, __-__ Coy,Crawford Raymond b.May 3,1899 -Beavercreek Twp,Greene Co., Ohio-d.May 1975, he married Evelyn McCary in abt 1920 in the Greene Co. Ohio area. They had one known son, Crawford Kenneth Coy. Crawford Sr was the son of John Newton Coy b.1873 & Cora M Zimmerman, he the 2nd child of 3 to his parents.
Coy, Henry, son of Abraham & Catherine Coy, died may 3, 1864, aged 6yrs 7mo _days Coy,Henry -b.Nov 1857-Beavercreek Twp.,Greene Co.,Oh- d.May 3,1864-Beavercreek Twp.,Greene Co.,Oh-..He was the son of Abraham Coy b.1820 & Catherine Zimmerman b.1831-his parents had 13 children, and he was child #3.
Coy, Burley J., 1873 - 1953 Coy,Burley J b.Jan 2,1873-Beavercreek Twp,Greene Co., Ohio-d.June 23,1953-Zimmerman's,Beavercreek Twp.,Greene Co,Ohio..He was the son of Abraham Coy b.1820 & Catherine Zimmerman b.1831..His parents had 13 children, and he was child #10. After completing school he was employed by the Railroad as a motorman on the traction line between Dayton & Piqua. Burley owned and operated a general store for many years, he was the 1st post master general of that village.

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