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Mt. Zion Park Cemetery

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Beavercreek Twp.
Greene County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Chet & Connie Rice, Aug. 19, 2004
This cemetery is located on the NE corner of Indian Ripple and Fairfield Rd. in Beavercreek Twp. This cemetery is across the road from Mt Zion-Shoup Cemetery, which is located on the SW corner.
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Brown, Rebecca, wife of Joseph Brown, Aug. 12, 1825 - June 17, 1860, aged 34y 10m _d Rebecca, dau. of Jacob Henry b. 1792 & Barbara (Schnepp) b. 1795 Coy, was one of 12 children. Joseph, b. 1827 & Rebecca Brown had 1 child, Flora Brown b. 1856. Rebecca was bornin and died in Beavercreek Twp., Greene co., OH.
Coy, Barbara, wife of Jacob Coy, died June 6, 1856, aged 61y 5mo & 10d Barbara nee Schneepp, born Dec. 26, 1795, Manheim, Berks Co., PA, died in Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH. She married Jacob Henry Coy, b. May 8, 1792, Montgomery Twp., Cumberland Co. (now Franklin Co., PA) on Sept. 23, 1813, Montgomery Co., OH. They were the parents of 12 children. Barbara was the dau. of Leonard b. 1752 & Catherine (Straub) b. 1760 PA Schenpp.
Coy, Henry Leonard, died June 31, 1893, aged 71y 2m 23d Henry was b. May 8, 1822 in Beavercreek twp. Greene Co., OH. He married Lucinda Custenborder on Mar. 12, 1848 in Greene Co. They were the parents of 5 known children. Henry was the son of Jacob Henry & Barbara (Schnepp) Coy.
Coy, Madison, 1852 - 1926 Madison, son of Henry Leonard & Lucinda (Custenborder) Coy, born Mar. 5, 1852, Beavercreek twp., Greene Co., OH, died April 6, 1926. Married Mary Elizabeth Deems on March 27, 1873, Greene Co., OH.
Coy, Mary Elizabeth (Deems), wife of Madison Coy, born June 10, 1855 OH, died Sep. 14, 1922, Greene Co., OH. Mary Eliz. & Madison had the following children: Bertha Pearl, Effie, May, Oscar Lee, Herbert Franklin, Ruby D.& Ralph E.
Coy, Cornelius, b. June 5, 1850, d. Nov. 14, 1918, aged 68y 6m 11d His inscription is carved on the back of his father, Henry Leonard Coy's stone. Cornelius was born in and died in Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH.
Coy, Adam, 1834 - 1918; Sophenia C., his wife, 18141 - 1913 Adam, son of Jacob Henry & Barbara (Schnepp) Coy, was b. Dec. 5, 1834, d. Feb. 20, 1918. He was born in and died in Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH. Sophenia Catherine Crowl was born 1841 in Germany and died in Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH. She married Adam on Jan. 24, 1861 in Greene Co., OH, they had 6 known children.
Coy, Samuel B., 1863 - 1864 Infant son of Adam & Sophenia C. (Crowl) Coy. He was born in and died in Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH on Dec. 11, 1864.
Coy, Oscar L., 1880 - 1904 Oscar Lee Coy, son of Madison & Mary Elizabeth (Deems) Coy, was born Sept. 25, 1880 & died 1904 in Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH
Coy, Ralph, b. June 27, 1887, Beevercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH, died 1890 same location. He was the son of Madison & Mary Elizabeth (Deems) Coy.
Coy, Lucinda nee Custenborder b. July 9, 1829 -Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., d. July 25, 1914. She married Henry Leonard Coy. She was the mother of Mary Ellen, Cornelius, Madison, Harriet A. & Wiliam. Lucinda was one of six children born to Matthias & Sarah (Zimmerman) Custenborder.
Coy, Mildred P., 1920 - 1992, Daughter of John & Ruth She was born 1921 in Beavercreek Twp. Greene Co, died Xenia, Greene Co. She was the daughter of John & Ruth J. (Weeks) Coy.
Coy, , Valentine, 1842 - 1908; Caroline I., 1849 - 1917 Valentine, son of Peter & Sarah (Brown) Coy, b. Nov. 11, 1842 Beavercreek Twp., died same twp. Married Caroline Isabelle Graham on Feb. 26, 1874, Greene Co. Caroline Isabelle Graham was born 1849, d. Sep. 4, 1917. They had 6 chuldren.
Coy, Valentine, Co. E, 154 Ohio INF, 1842 - 1908 Served in the Union, national Guard during the Civil War.
Coy, John A., 1857 - 1920 John Albert, b. 1858, d. June 29, 1920 Greene Co., son of John & Catherine (Cosler) Coy, married Sarah Elizabeth ?. Couple had 3 children.
Coy, Jacob H., 1848 - 1909; Eliza B., 1853 - 1937 Jacob Henry born in Greene Co, d. Wayne Twp., Montgomery Co. Married Eliza Belle Boroff on Oct. 19, 1882 in Greene Co. Jacob was the son of John & Catherine (Cosler) Coy. Eliza was the daughter of Daniel & Jeanette (Fitzpatrick) Boroff.
Coy, John, b. Sep. 3, 1811, Beavercreek Twp., Greene co., O., died Oct. 7, 1892, same twp. & co. He married Catherine Cosler on Feb. 3, 1848 in Greene Co. They were the parents of 8 known children. Jacob Henry, Sartah Elizabeth, Valentine P., Rebecca, John Albert, David Edward, Mary Catherine & Effie. John was the son of Peter & Elizabeth (Ritter) Coy.
Coy, Catherine, wife of John Coy, dau. of Lewis & Elizabeth (Durnbaugh) Cosler, b. July 2, 1826, Montgomery Co., died May 24, 1883. Catherine & John had 8 children.
Coy, Mary C., Dec. 17, 1862 - Mar. 12, 1925; Rebecca, Sep. 28, 1854 - Mar. 30, 1930 Mary and Rebecca were daughters of John & Catherine (Cosler) Coy, both were born in and died in Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH.
Coy, David Edward, b. 1861 Greene Co., d. March 23, 1941 Died in Mad River Twp., Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH. Married Helen V. Weeks, b. 1861, d. 1947. This couple had 2 known children, Lucrectia R. & John W. David was the son of John & Catherine (Cosler) Coy.
Coy, Lucretia R., 1885 - 1974 Lucretia, dau. of David Edward & Helen V. (Weeks) Coy. She was born in and died on March 18, 1974 in Beavercreek Twp.,Greene Co.
Coy, Lawrence D., May 3, 1917 - 2004; Elenore L., Dec. 1, 1925 - Dec. 1, 1999 Lawrence Daniel married Elenore Lucille Hare. they hadd two children. Lawrence was the son of Joseph Ray & La Verna Isodore (Miller) Coy.
Coy, John W., 1892 - 1963; Ruth J., 1898 - 1988 John W. born in Greene Co. son of David Edward & Helen V. (Weeks) Coy. He died Beavercreek Twp, Greene Co. , married Ruth J. Weeks. They had 4 children.
Coy, John E., 1881 - 1921; Elva Ethel, 1892 - 1921 John Edward, b. Nov. 7, 1881 Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH, died in Harrison Twp., Montgomery Co., OH. He married Elva Ethel Fought. This couple had 3 known children, who went to live with her sister Hattie Fought (Williamson) & Al Williamson of Sandusky, OH. after the couple died in 1921. John was the son of Valentine & Caroline Isabelle (Graham) Coy.
Coy, Clarence A., 1886 - 1972; Eva B., 1886 - 1972 Clarence, b. Jan. 30, 1886 Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co.OH, d. July 27, 1972. Clarence was son of Valentine & Caroline Isabelle (Graham) Coy. Eva B. was his wife.
Coy, Irvin J., 1876 - 1955 -Father-; Anna Ray, 1870 - 1960 -Mother- Irvin Jacob married Anna Martha Ray on June 21, 1910 in Greene Co., OH. There are two known children, Ruth E. & Phillip Ray. Jacob was the son of Valentine & Caroline Isabelle (Graham) Coy.
Coy, Chester Peter, 1879 - 1947; Annie, 1884 - 1930 Peter b. March 16, 1879, d. April 18, 1947, Zimmerman, Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH. He married Annie Arganbright, b. 1884, d. Aug. 6, 1930. Chester was the son of Valentine & Caroline Isabelle (Graham) Coy.
Coy, Chester Peter, Pvt. 44th Coast Arty, Mar. 16, 1879 - Apr. 18, 1947 Veteran of WW I.
Frizzell, George W., 1858 - 1929; Dora K., 1868 - 1948
Hawker, Family Monument in the center of the cemetery.
Hawker, William Burton, b. 1874, d. 1955; Beryl E., 1876 - 1907 William, son of Perry & Katurah Elizabeth (Yingling) Hawker.
Hawker, Emma J., 1850 - 1912 Emma J. (Pasco) Hawker, wife of John Martin Hawker. They married Aug. 19, 1870 in Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH.
Hawker, Clarence E., 1871 - 1960; Elizabeth M., his wife, 1883 - 1980 Clarence E., was the son of John Martin & Emma J. (Pasco) Hawker.
Hawker, John T., b. 1829, died abt. 1891 He was one of 9 children born to David & Sarah Hawker. (image pending)
Hawker, Sarah E., 1st wife of John T. Hawker, b. 1834, d. July 2, 1891 They had three children; Edward S., Charlotte & Clara.
Hawker, Armantia D., 2nd wife of John T. Hawker, b. 1841, d. 1910
Hawker, Clara, died Nov. 25, 1881, aged 10yrs 4mo 29ds Clara was born in and died in Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH, was daughter of John & Sarah E. Hawker.
Hawker, John Martin, 1841 - 1931 John Martin Hawker was the husband of Emma J. Pasco, they were known to have 5 children.
Hawker, Robert L., 1907 - 1971 Descendant of Andrew & Susannah (Coy) Hawker.
Hawker, Herbert K., 1876 - 1952 Herbert Kable b. Aug. 29, 1876, married Bessie May Martin, b. may 22, 1880, d. 1939 Beavercreek Twp. They married June 26, 1928. Herbert was the son of David & Martha Jane (Kable) Hawker.
Hawker, Harry H., 1884 - 1962; Lena M., 1889 - 1914 Harry died Nov. 8, 1962, son of Perry & Katurah Elizabeth(Yingling). Harry married Lena M. Ankeney, both of Greene Co. area.
Hawker, Carl E., 1910 - 1967; Catherine M., 1916 - __ Carl Eldon Hawker was descendant of Andrew Hawker. Catherine M. Wolf, Carl's wife, was the dau. of Daniel W. & Effie (Harner) Wolf.
Hawker, David, 1839 - 1925 David born June 30, 1839, died June 30, 1925. He married Martha Jane (Kable) on Oct 13, 1875 in Greene Co. They were the parents of 4 known children. Unsure of his parents name, but he descends from Andrew & Sussanah (Coy) Hawker, early pioneers.
Hawker, Martha J., 1848 - 1928 Martha Jane (Kable) Hawker, was born May 20, 1848, died July 13, 1928, wife of David Hawker. She was the daughter of Samuel & Catherine (Garver) Kable.
Hawker, Bess M., 1887 - 1979 Bessie Marie Hawker, born May 9, 1887, daughter of David & Martha Jane (Kable) Hawker.
Hawker, Mary Etta, 1882 - 1976 Mary Etta was a daughter of David & Martha Jane (Kable) Hawker.
Hawker, Edward S., 1856 - 1935 Edward, son of John T. & Sarah E. Hawker, was married to Minnie, b. 1874, and Mary E., b. 1864, d. 1956.
Hawker, Jacob L., Dec. 20, 1907 - Dec. 20, 1907 Jacob was born in Greene Co., son of Adam & Hannah (Westfall) Hawker. Grand son of Andrew & Susannah (Coy) Hawker. He, married Sarah Elizabeth Coy. The couple had 1 known child. His father helped start the Hawker Church-Brethern connections in early Greene Co.
Hawker, Sarah Coy, Feb. 9, 1850 - Sep. 4, 1938 Wife of Jacob L. Hawker. Daughter of John & Catherine (Cosler) Coy. Her grandfather was Peter Coy, great-grandfather was J. Jacob Coy, Pioneer of Beavercreek. Sarah Coy was great-neice of Susannah Coy, b1776 & Andrew Hawker b. 1768.
Tobias, William, b. March 14, 1821, Greene Co., died Jan. 15, 1910 He was married twice, 1st wife Sarah Swigart, b. 1825, d. 1850, 2 nd wife, Jane Irene Miller, 1822 - 1910. William & Sarah had 2 children, Martin & Samuel, David and Jane had 4 known children; Catherine, Elizabeth, Orville and Newton. He was the son of Samuel & Elizabeth (Haney) Tobias. The Tobias Family weree early Beavercreek Twp. Pioneers. (image pending)

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