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Conrad (Lower) Cemetery

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Clear Creek Township
Fairfield County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.,

Partial transcriptions & photos, July 1997
The most recent update to this page made on 24 May, 2008.

This cemetery is located on the north side of Bowers Rd, about 1 mile from State Route 159 (Chillicothe-Lancaster Rd). The cemetery is nicely maintained by township & has a nice old iron fence surrounding it. At this time, my transcriptions are not complete nor are they arranged in actual rows. There are two Conrad cemeteries just a short distance apart on opposite sides of same road. Although this is called New Conrad (also known as Lower Conrad Cemetery), some of the memorials here predate those of the other (Upper) Conrad Cemetery. The earliest readable date I have found here, thus far is 1824, and probably earlier death dates exist, but no longer readable or unmarked. Not all, but most of the individuals buried in this cemetery are my ancestral loved ones and I have added some extra information to many of the transcriptions contained in this report. If you find any information to be in error, and you have supporting evidence, I'll be pleased to update the information posted here. All information contained in this report between brackets [ _ ] or un-bold text, will indicate information not read from the stones but rather information from my personal knowledge and/or genealogy research. Please remember that like in most cemeteries, some memorials are subject to more than one interpretation, due to the deterioration of inscriptions. So, I can not be 100% sure on all readings. Use this information to further your research, but don't substitute it for good county or state records.
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Conrad, Catharine, wife of Daniel Conrad, died Mar. 1807, aged 75y
Conrad, Daniel N., died Aug. 6, 1858, aged 58y 5m 13d
Conrad, Jane, wife of D.N. Conrad, died Mar. 1, 1880, aged 66y 8m 5d
Conrad, Edgar A. , 1871 - 1957
Conrad, Elizabeth, wife of John N. Conrad, died Feb. 6, 1880, aged 78y 1m 21d [dau. of Adam & Barbara (Root)Fosnaught]
Conrad, Esaias, son of J.N. & D. Conrad, died Feb. 23, 1856, aged 21ys 5m 7ds Probable son of John N. Conrad, not 100% sure of family association.
Conrad, George S., 1874 - 1903
Conrad, Henry, born Aug. 18, 1801, died Jan. 4, 1891
Conrad, Jacob D. , died Jan. 26, 1871, aged 60y 5m 20d
Conrad, John N., died Mar. 11. 1869, aged 57y 7m 5d
Conrad, Louisa , 1855 - 1935 Mother; Martin D. Conrad, 1843 - 1920, Father
Conrad, Mary E., wife of M.D. Conrad, died Oct. 30, 1877, aged 25y 1m 11d
Conrad, Mary E., wife of John Conrad, died Jan. 11, 1866, aged 19y 19d
Conrad, In memory of Nicholas, who departed this life, Feb. 20th1824, aged 56years 7 months & 23 days
Conrad, Rhoada, dau. of M. & N.A. Conrad, died Aug. 25, 1875, aged 1y 5da
Conrad, Sarah, wife of Henry Conrad, born Jan. 18, 1802, died Apr. 18, 1889;
Conrad, Stephen, Civil War Veteran, died July 3, 1874, aged 74ys 5ms 3ds Conrad, Elizabeth, wife of John D. Conrad, died Apr. 20, 1864, aged 64yr 3mo 27ds
Conrad, Thomas, 1871 - 1937
Conrad, William L., May 6, 1827- _, Lucinda, wife of William L. Conrad, b. Oct. 30, 1830 - May 16, 1889
Dickson, Amanda, 1851 - 1923
Dickson, Lola M., 1877 - 1926
Dickson, Noah, 1852 - 1942
Fosnaught, Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Fosnaught, died June 9, 1830, aged... Stone in very bad condition, no mention of this stone in the transcriptions report done in about 1960. Located next to her husband, Jacob's stone. Elizabeth was born 1796, married Jacob, 14 Apr. 1816. This was probably 1st wife of Jacob.
Fosnaught, Jacob, died Apr. 11, 1863, aged 73y's 5m 23d Jacob Fosner Fosnaught, won of Adam, Sr. & Barbara (Root) Fosnaught/Fosnaugh. Husband of Elizabeth 1st & Margaret 2nd.
Fosnaught, Margaret, wife of Jacob Fosnaught, died Oct. 28, 1872, aged 60y 2m 10d Margaret (Mathias) Fosnaught, probable 2nd wife of Jacob. They married on 13 Oct., 1831, Fairfield Co., Oh.
Leape, Nicholas, who died March 4th1835. aged 52 years
Lindsey, Elmer Eugene, son of Samuel & Flora Lindsey, born Jan. 5, 1877, died Mar. 5, 1904, aged 27y 2m 19d
Milligan, Charlott, wife of Robt. Milligan, died Aug. 23, 1849, In the 83 year of her age
Milligan, Robert, died July 1842, In the 75 year of his age
Shupe, John M., Aug. 10, 1826 - June 12, 1896 [Son of Henry & Mary Ann (Secrest) Shupe], Sarah A. Valentine, his wife, Mar. 31, 1831 - Nov. 28, 1927 John & Sarah married March 19, 1852, Fairfield Co., OH.
Shupe, Rueben [Valentine] , Jan. 11, 1849 - _, [son of John J. & Susan Shupe], Letitia Dickson, his wife, Feb. 18, 1850 - Dec. 9, 1909
Shupe, Sylvester, Apr. 28, 1844 - Dec. 29, 1913 [Son of Henry & Mary Ann (Clutter)Shupe], Lorane A.[(Fleming)], his wife, Aug. 22, 1844 - May 5, 1923
Shupe, Bessie T., Oct. 9, 1894 - May 1, 1960
Shupe, Henry , died Fbry. 23, 1884, aged 85ys 9ms 17ds
Lovina [Eckert], wife of H. Shupe, died July 20, 1820, aged 20 ys 9ms 20ds [1st wife of Henry], Mary A. [Mary Ann Secrest], wife of H. Shupe, died March 19, 1842, aged 36ys 9ms 27ds [2nd wife of Henry] Mary A. , [Mary Ann Clutter], wife of H. Shupe, d. Nov. 22, 1884, aged 60ys 10ms 20ds [3rd wife of Henry] overview of the memorial of Henry, his three wives and surrounding area
Shupe, Stephen, Ohio Pvt. 24th Co. 158th Depot Brigade, WWI, July 30, 1892 - July 11, 1958 [Son of Salem & Calista Shupe]
Shupe, Homer, Ohio Pvt. Co.K, 336th Infantry, WWI, Dec.8, 1890 - June 9, 1961 [Son of Salem & Calista Shupe]
Shupe, Calista, Feb. 5, 1862 - Feb. 7, 1844 [wife of Salem], Salem Shupe, Aug. 11, 1858 - May 22, 1917 [Son of Henry & Mary Ann(Clutter) Shupe]
Stebelton, Catherine, wife of Jesse Stebelton, died Feb. 7, 1846, aged 48 years 8mo 16ds [dau. of Daniel & Esther (Root) Conrad]
Shupe, Susan [Dysinger], wife of John J. Shupe, died June 29, 1875, aged 59ys 6m 5ds [dau. of Geo. & Catherine Dysinger]
Shupe, John J., died Feb. 26, 1879, aged 63y 4m 16d, Vet. Spanish American War [Brother of Henry Shupe & son of John & Elizabeth (Conrad) Shupe]
Shupe, Daniel J., died Oct. 1, 1868, aged 68y 2m 7d [son of John & Elizabeth (Conrad) Shupe]
Shupe, Lydia [Dysinger], wife of Daniel J. Shupe, died Nov. 8, 1887, aged 76y 9mo 5d [dau. of Geo. & Catherine Dysinger]
Shupe, Charles F., son of John M. & Sarah A. Shupe, died Dec. 23, 1883, aged 18ys 22ds
Shupe, Willie T., Dec. 14, 1874 - Feb. 23, 1875, Nellie F. Shupe, Nov. 25, 1880 - Nov. 25, 1882
Shupe, Susan, wife of I.C. Shupe died Mar. 6, 1875, aged 31y 11m 5d Susan (Campbell), wife of Isaac C. Shupe. Susan died only a few days after giving birth to her 4th child. He married Lucinda Chrisinger, after Susan died.
Stebelton, Henrietta C., 1875 - 1898
Stebelton, S. Franklin, died Dec. 6, 1884, aged 29y 4m 2ds Silas Franklin Stebelton, born 29 October, 1855, husband of Maggie (Fox) Stebelton and son of Noah & Elizabeth (Dickson) Stebelton.
Valentine, Ezra, 1829 - 1908, Andaline his wife 1830 - 1906

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