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Hunt Cemetery

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Harlem Twp.
Delaware County

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For those that are perhaps seeing these transcriptions for the first time, the transcriptions may give on first glance, the appearance of a great many typos, so I feel obligated to explain that the abundance of y, m, and d represent abbreviations for year, month and day. Although you will find most engravers follow similar patterns, it seems there are several different abbreviations used to represent these three time terms including: y, yr, yrs, yr's & years; m. mo, mos, mo's, and months; d. da, das, da's, and days and on rare occasions, h, hr, hrs, hr's, and hours. I tend not to use commas except to separate surname from given name, given name from date, except where found on actual inscription, same goes for the [.] (period). When you see the symbol [_] (underscore), I use it to represent missing or unreadable letters, or if a lot of letters are unreadable I may express it by several periods, such as Jos...h . Sometimes you will find raised letters such as "c" in surnames such as in McClain, or if the engraver added smaller letters that were left out and added later, when I encounter them, tend to express them, when possible, as found on the stone. Sometimes engravers will use the latin term Æ or æ, this is just a term that generally replaces the word "aged". One last comment, all actual text found engraved, will come first in bold text. All comments, observations, personal knowledge remarks added by submitter, concerning an individual, but not inscribed on stone, will then proceed in regular text. ~R.M.Sizelove~

These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., on 12 Aug., 2008.
This small township owned cemetery is located at the southwest corner of Green-Cook (TR29) and Center Village Road (TR25). The cemetery is quite old, nicely mowed, but many stones are very weathered and difficult to read. I have made every effort to read these stones correctly, but due to the deterioration of many stones, I can't be 100% sure of all transcriptions. My readings for this cemetery are complete, as of 20 Aug., 2008. They are read in rows, right to left, starting closest to Green-Cook Road and working back from east to west.

Please Note: Click on underlined name to view tombstone image.
Row 1
i. Gorsuch, Samuel, 1835 - 1911
ii. Gorsuch, Emaline, 1843 - 1936
iii. Bateson, In memory of Eliza, wife of Jonathan Bateson, who died Feb. 10, 1845, aged 34 years 1mo & 9 days
Row 2
i. Bishop, Mary E. Gorsuch, Oct. 21, 1867 - May 3, 1958
ii. Gorsuch, Seth, 1866 - 1942; Milo, 1874 - 1956
iii. Gorsuch, [Family headstone for Samuel and Emaline Gorsuch footstones in row 1]
iv. Bateson, Mary E., dau. of J. & E. Bateson, died May 13, 1864, aged 24yrs 3mo & 22ds
v. Bateson, Margaret S., dau. of L. & E. Mateson, died Aug. 8, 1852, aged 14y 4m 21d
vi. Mother, [footstone for Eliza McLellan]
vii. Bateson, Eliza McLellan, first wife of Jonathan Bateson, died Feb. 10, 1845, aged 34yrs 1mo 9ds
viii. Bateson, Jonathan, born Sep. 19, 1811, died Apr. 8, 1900
ix. Bateson, Mary Evans, second wife of Jonathan Bateson, died Jan. 16, 1889, aged 65years 3mo's
x. Father, [footstone for Jonathan Bateson]
Row 3
i. Bateson, Nathan, son of Jonathan & Mary Bateson, died Dec. 2, 1850, aged 2y's 11mo & 2 days
ii. Bateson, J.M., son of J. & M. Bateson, died Sept. 29, 1856, aged 1y 5mo 19ds
iii. Bateson, Milo, son of J. & _, Bateson, died June 28, 1866, aged 9y 7m & 12dJ.M., son of J. & M. Bateson, died Sept. 29, 1856, aged 1y 5mo 19ds
iv. Bateson, David J., son of J. & M. Bateson, died Feb. 22, 1878, aged 19yrs 5mo & 3ds
Row 4
i. Hunt, Eliza, daughter of D. & C, Hunt, died Jan. 23, 1852, aged 18y's
ii. Unknown, [small stone broken into two major fragments, not readable]
iii. Hunt, William, died Mar. 2, 1877, aged 46y 1m 24d
iv. W.H., [footstone for William Hunt]
v. Hunt, Camie D., dau. of Wm. & Stanza M. Hunt, died Oct. 17, 1878, aged 14y 9m 9d
vi. C.D.H., [footstone for Camie D. Hunt]
vii. Unknown, Daniel, son of David & Elizabeth Fin_, died Feb. 12, 1854, aged 13days
Row 5
i. McClelland, Mary Ann, wife of Rees McClelland, died May 10, 185_, aged 43 years 10mo 2day
ii. McClelland, Rees, died June 27, 1869, in the 64th year of his age
iii. Fox, Aratat, wife of Absalom, died Apr. 12, 1854, aged 58yrs & 26ds
iv. Montgomery, James H., son of John & Sormantha Montgomery, died Aug. 25, 1864, aged 15yrs 9mo & 1day
v. Montgomery, Cora, daughter of J. & s. Montgomery, died Feb. 24, 1867, aged 11m 7 17d
vi. Myers, J., son of J. & S. Myers, died Sept. 16, 1870, aged 1y 1m 16d
vii. Montgomery, Bohen H., son of J. & S. Montgomery, died Nov. 23, 1883, aged 23years
viii. Montgomery, Mary S., wife of J. Montgomery, born June 17, 1831, died Jan. 15, 1899; John, born Oct. 5, 1821, died __; Surmantha Mcclelland, his wife, born June 17, 1831, died Jan. 15, 1899
ix. Montgomery, Harry B., born Feb. 14, 1876, died Jan. 21, 1903
x. Cordon/Gordon, Nancy, wife of Robt. Cordon, died Oct. 4, 1855, aged 43y's 6mo 9d's [surname could be Gordon, hard to read]
Row 6
i. Snepp, Pamela K., 1955 - 1984, Romans 8:18
ii. Saunders, Joseph R., son of J.S. & H. S. Saunders, died _, 10, 18_1, aged 10y 16d
iii. Orndorf, R.F., 1832 - 1922; Selina, 1839 - 1918
iv. Orndorf, _ _., dau. of _ & _ Orndorf, died July, 27, 1863, aged _y & 1day [given name is 5 letters, looks like it starts with I]
v. Orndorff, Jonathan, died Mar. 15, 1859, aged 88y & 23d
vi. Orndorff, Maria, wife of H. Orndorff, died Oct. 5, 1863
vii. Orndorff, Henry, died Sept. 1, 1856
Row 7
i. Baughman, Melgenia, daughter of P.H. & L_ Baughman, died Aug. 3, 1871, aged 3m & 29d
ii. Peters, Sarah, wife of Wm. Peters, died July 3, 1872, aged 74y 3m 27d
iii. Peters, Maria, dau of Wm. & S. Peters, died Feb. 4, 1859, aged 17y 5m 18d
iv. Orndorff, Robert L., son of E.F. & M. C. Orndorff, died May 20, 1868, aged 1y 10m 15d
Row 8
i. Calvert, Elisha, died Aug. 17, 1850, aged 42ys 5mo 7ds
ii. Sutton, Annie E., born Oct. 20, 1872, died Sep. 5, 1884
iii. Unknown, [broken fragments, not readable]
iv. Smith, Henry L., died Dec. 10, 1884, aged 35y 1m 29d [very difficult to read]
v. Smith, Amir D., wife of H.L. Smith, died Oct. 10, 1877, aged 20y 5m 10d
vi. Unknown, Clem__ [not readable, very worn]
vii. Unknown, Our Baby [no surname or dates]
viii. Sutton, Samie J., son of M.E. & J. _. Sutton, died June 23, 1851, aged 4m 2d
ix. Smith, William L., died June 6, 1909, aged 90y 4m 29d; Amanda, wife of W.L. Smith, died Nov. 15, 1884, aged 64y 5m 14d
x. Smith, Daniel R., son of W.L. & A. Smith, died Apr. 12, 1865, aged 6y 7m 9d
Row 9
i. Oldham, Elizabeth, wife of C. B. Oldham, died Oct. 27, 1863, aged 60yrs 3mo & 1day
ii. Oldham, Shuah Edmund, son of Charles & Elizabeth Oldham, died Sept. 1, 1850 6ys 8mo & 22ds
iii. Loern, Isadore, dau. of L. & C. Loern, died Dec. 24, 1865, aged 1yr 11mo 9ds [Surname hard to transcribe, not 100% sure]
Row 10
i. Trout, S.E., Company C, 78th Ohio Infantry [Civil War Veteran]
ii. Johnson, Omar, son of D. & M. Johnson, died Nov. 5, 1854, aged 1yr 8mo 15ds
iii. Case, Emly J., dau. of A. & S.H. Case, died Jan. 10, 1854, aged 2ys 1m 15d
iv. Johnson, __, dau. of T. Johnson, died Feb, 4, 1864, aged 18y 9mo 16d [stone broken into two major fragments, given name not readable]
v. Ford, Hugh, Sen. [remaining stone below turf]
vi. Ford, Ann, wife of Hugh Ford, died Aug. 17, 1851, aged 73yrs 9mo & 22days
vii. Ford, J.S.H.R., son of V.M. & E. Ford, died Nov. 18, 18_5, aged [remaining inscription not readable]
viii. Unknown, Hannah, dau. of _, died Sept. 7, 1864, aged 11y _m 9d [Very worn, possibly a daughter of Hugh & Ann Ford]
ix. Ford, Priscilla S., daughter of Hugh & Ann E. Ford, Jr., died Aug. 27, 1851, aged 8yrs 11mo 27ds
x. Ford, Isabella, daughter of Hugh & Ann Elina ford, died Aug. 10, 1850, aged 1mo 18ds
xi. Triplett, Arthur J., June 29, 1849 - Apr. 20, 1915; Mary E., his wife, Dec. 25, 1854 - Dec. 5, 1917
xii. Triplett, Ray V., 1890 - 1970; John A., 1877 - 1955
xiii. Triplett, Stanzie, 1881 - 1970; Edith, 1879 - 1963; Carl M., 1874 - 1959
Row 11
i. Unknown, Catharine, died Sept. 23, 18_1, aged 43y 3m 4d [surname contains 4 letters]
ii. Blain, Sarah, wife of E. Blain, died Oct. 6, 1862, aged 55y_m 11d, -Our Mother-
iii. Blain, Catharine, wife of Alam Blain, died Dec. 13, 1855, aged 92yrs _mo 15ds
iv. Blain, Alam, died Nov. 22, 1846, aged 86ys 6ms 9ds
v. Wickiser, Infant, 1906
vi. Wickiser, Millie, 1892 - 1896
vii. Wickiser, Perry, 1884 - 1885
viii. Hatch, Matilda A., daut. of Jonathan & Leonora Hatch, died Sept. 28, 18__, aged 10months [looks like 1849, but can't be sure]
ix. Hatch, Sarah J., daughter of Jonathan & Leonora Hatch, died Aug. 29, 1863, aged 2yrs 5mo & 27ds
x. Holt, Our Little Emma, dau. of C. & Matilda Holt, died Aug. 29, 1863, aged 3yrs 2mo & 11ds
xi. Montgomery, J.C. M. Sr. [footstone for Montgomery family in next row]
xii. Montgomery, J.C.M. Jr. [footstone for Montgomery family in next row]
Row 12
i. Barr, Elizabeth, died Dec. 9, 1873, aged 75y 11m 5d
ii. Barr, William, died Jan. 21, 1873, aged 77y 4m 2d
iii. Barr, Nancy, wife of F. Barr, died Dec 7, 18_7, aged 86y [probable wife of Francis Barr]
iv. Barr, Francis, died March 7, 1844, aged 64years
v. Barr, Sarah, wife of Samuel Barr, died Oct. 14, 1846, aged 46yrs
vi. Barr, Mary E., daut of James & Anna Barr, died Apr. 1, 1861, aged 16y 6m 9d
vii. Barr, James, Of Company H, 121st Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, died at Chattanooga, Tenn., July 9, 1864, aged 44y 8m 15d [Civil War]
viii. Barr, Anna, died Mar. 21, 1884, aged 63y 10m 27d [wife of James Barr]
ix. Barr, Joseph W., died Jan. 18, 1852, aged 9y 9m 12d
x. Barr, Ann, wife of J. H. Barr, born Dec. 6, 1823, died Sep 29, 1861
xi. Montgomery, J. Curtis, Mar. 3, 1858 - Apr. 10, 1908; Anna E., July 18, 1865 - Apr. 18, 1935
xii. Montgomery, Curtis, born Sept. 6, 1900, died Apr. 19, 1902
Row 13 Overview,
i. Gorsuch, William, 1823 - 1859; Jacob Smoots, 1826 - 1895; Hannah Smith Gorsuch Smoots, 1831 - 1906 Bronze marker
ii. Gorsuch, William, died Feb. 21, 1850, aged 36y 5m 28d
iii. Barcus, William, son of Wm. & M. Barcus, died Aug. 4, 1851, aged 6y
iv. Barcus, Fanny E., dau. of Wm. & M. Barcus, died Mar. 2, 1851, aged 13y 11d
v. Gorsuch, , Sarah E., dau. of N. & H. Gorsuch, died Apr. [3 or 5], 1851, aged 19ds
vi. Gorsuch, Harriet, wife of Nathan Gorsuch, died Aug. 18, 1852, aged 30y 11m 9d
vii. Gorsuch, Nathan, died Dec. 15, 1865, aged 49yrs 3mo & 7ds
viii. Gorsuch, Lorana O., 1831 - 1889
ix. Ogelvie, In memory of James, who died July 8th , 1846: Aged 55ys. 11mo. & 4 ds. [Additional verse at bottom of inscription]
x. Bauserman, Mary Ann, daughter of James & Mary A. Bauserman, died Apr. 16, 1847, aged 11mo & 9days
xi. Evans, Charlie, son of J.C. 7 M. C. Evans, born Aug. 11, 1875, died Sept. 11, 1876
xii. McClurg, Samuel, 1810 - 1880
xiii. McClurg, Rachel, wife of S. McClurg, died Sep. 17, 1872, aged 60y 9m & 4d
xiv. McClurg, Matilda, died June 20, 1870, aged 24y 9m 4d
xv. McClurg, William, son of S. & R. McClurg, died Aug. 30, 1851, aged 17ys 5m 17d
xvi. McClurg, Alexander, son of S. & R. McClurg, died Aug. 23, 1854, aged 8yrs 3ms 18ds
xvii. McClurg, Isabella, dau. of Samuel & Rachel McClurg, died Aug. 25, 1851, aged 3y 8m & 25d
xviii. McClurg, Margaret, daughter of Samuel & Rachel McClurg, died Sept. 3, 1851, aged 5y 11m & 7d
xi. McClurg, Rebecca, daughter of Samuel & Rachel McClurg, died Apr. 14, 1865, aged 12y 11m & 11d
Row 14
i. Brown, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Brown, died July 12, 1878, aged 75yrs
ii. Brown, Joseph, died Apr. 22, 1878, aged 72y 6m 26d
iii. Unknown, [base stone with missing headstone. Looks to be correct size for Garlinghouse memorial]
iv. Unknown, [base stone with missing headstone]
v. Garlinghouse, Phebe A., wife of D. Garlinghouse, died Oct. 21, 1856, aged 27y 20m [There are folks with same surname buried in St.Albans Twp., Licking Co., OH]
vi. Brown, In memory of John S., son of Joseph & Elizabeth Brown, who departed this life April 3, 1843, aged 10 days
vii. Hursey, George, died Oct. 3, 1851, ag'd 56y's
Row 15 Overview,
i. Edwards, Gracie, dau. of H. & E. Edwards, died Aug. 14, 1883, aged 3m & 24d
ii. Edwards, , Emily, dau. of J. & C. Love, died June 21, 1883, aged 30y 1m 8d
iii. Love, Philetus, son of John & Clarissa Love, died Sep. 12, 1873, aged 17y 7m 23d
iv. Brown, Louisa E., dau. of J. & E. Brown, died July 27, 1860, who died in the 33rd year of her age
v. Unknown, [This stone weighs near 350 pounds, sorry, was not able to turn it to read inscription]
vi. Love, Simon, son of J. & C. Love, died Nov. 26, 1870, aged 22yrs 9mo 14ds
vii. Rogers, Louisana, dau. of F. & J.J. Rogers, died _, aged 2y 2m [very hard to read, 2 fragments, broken through date]
viii. Rogers, W. B., son of _ & J.J. Rogers, died July 3, 1852, aged 14ds
ix. Love, John, 1814 - 1884; Clarissa Grant Love, 1820 - 1912
x. Love, William, Nov. 20, 1849 - Sept. 14, 1913, 63y 10m 24d
xi. Clark, Maranda E., wife of John Clark, died Jan. 9, 1896, aged 38y 4m 6d
xii. Love, Melissa J., 1851 - 1911
xiii. Love, Lillie G., 1903 - 1905
xiv. Love, Jas. W., Jan. 1905 - May 1905
xv. Perry, In memory of Samuel, died May 2, 1841, aged 40y's & 20days
xvi. Hursey, Simon, died Sep. 12, 1843, aged 50y's
This concludes my readings for this cemetery.

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