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Riverview Cemetery

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Martins Ferry
Pease Twp.
Belmont County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Sharon Jones, Aug. 23, 2004
Photos taken by Mark & Jim Myers, May, 2004.
The cemetery is on the side of a mountain, near the top, over looking the town and Ohio River.
The most recent update to this page made on 11 Aug., 2010.

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Dallison, Jesse I., 1886 - 1965; Margaret, 1886 - 1871; Hazel M., 1906 - 1919 Jesse was born Jan. 25, 1886, died March 6, 1965. Margaret Ann (Myers), wife of Jesse, was born Aug. 27, 1886 at Woodlands, Marshall Co., WV., died Nov. 10, 1971 at Carrollton, Carroll Co., OH. She was the dau. of David & Adaline (McIntire) Myers. Hazel M., dau. of Jesse & Margaret (Myers) Dallison.
Darrah, W. John, 1832 - 1907; Indiana, 1840 - 1920; William H., 1874 - 1910; Anna L., 1877 - 1920 William John, son of Robert & Mary Darrah. Indiana (Tilton) wife of William John Darrah. She died July 4, 1920. William H., son of William John & Indiana (Tilton) Darrah. Anna L., died Feb. 27, 1920, dau. of William John & Indiana (Tilton) Darrah.
Darrah, Robert J., 1871 - 1955; Margaret D., 1873 - 1946 Robert was the son of William John & Indiana (Tilton) Darrah. Margaret (Davidson) was the wife of Robert J. Darrah.
Eberley Headstone
Eberley, Fred, 1875 - 1942 Fred is the husband of Jessie E. (Myers) Eberley.
Eberley, Jessie E., 1876 - 1943 Jessie E. (Smith) Eberely, dau. of Martin & Rosetta Elizabeth (Warner) Smith, wife of Fred. She died Sept. 9, 1943.
Eberley, Neville J., b. June 1879, d. Feb. 24, 1919 Ross Co., OH She is the daughter of Fred & Jessie E. (Myers) Eberley.
Evans, Goldie Higgs, born Mar. 27, 1902, died Jan. 18, 1918 Goldie was the dau. of Harry Lee & Rosa Higgs, died in Belmont Co., OH.
Gasaway, William R., July 6, 1908 - Apr. 19, 1979; Thelma M., wife of William, July 18, 1908 - June 21, 1988 Both died at Martins Ferry, Belmont Co., OH.
Higgs, Rosa, 1866 - 1925 Rosa, wife of Harry Lee Higgs, died May 19, 1925, Belmont Co., OH.
Higgs, George W., 1852 - 1929
Hutchinson, Bessie Higgs No dates inscribed.
Kelly, Phillip, 1882 - 1927
Lopusniak, Alice E. (Eberley), 1909 - 1962 She is the daughter of Fred & Jaeeie E. (Myers) Eberley.
Myers, Charles Cyrus, 1884 - 1943 Son of David & Adaline (McIntire) Myers.
Myers, Curtis, son of David Martin & Ella (Higgs) Myers
Myers, David E., 1914 - 1945; Frances Scott, 1914 - __ David is the son of Ephrtain David & Annie L. (Tressler) Myers. Frances is the wife of David E. Myers.
Myers, David Martin, 1872 - 1952 Son of Ephrain R. & Mary E. (Willison) Myers.
Myers, Adaline, July 18, 1856 - July 28, 1944 Daughter of Silas & Charlotte (Hurley) McIntire, wife of David & Ephriam R. Myers.
Myers, Ephriam R., born Sept. 6, 1848, died May 25, 1929 Husband of Mary Willison, Rebecca Ellen Clark & Adaline McIntire-Myers, son of John Martin & Mary (Smith) Myers.
Myers, David, born Sept. 9, 1846, died July 8, 1887 -Private Co. A, 7th WV INF David was the son of John Martin & Mary (Smith) Myers. This stone is a memorial to David, placed here by James Myers, A descendant. He was a Civil War Veteran and his actual burial location is Grace Chapel Cemetery, Franklin District, Marshall Co., WV. Veteran of Civil War.
Myers, Ephriam David, Mar. 12, 1883 - Oct. 7, 1959; Annie L., wife of Ephriam David Myers, 1833 - Jan. 22, 1961 Ephriam David is the son of David & Adaline (McIntire) Myers.
Myers, Ella (Higgs), b. 1873, d. March 15, 1935 Ella, wife of David Myers, daughter of George & Caroline Higgs. She died in Belmont Co.
Myers, Elsie, 1898 - 1903 She was born in and died in Belmont Co. She was the daughter of Leander "Lee" Madison & Lottie (Groves Myers.
Myers, Harriet A., Feb. 28, 1918 - Aug. 28, 1927 Died from injuries after being struck by a car. Daughter of Ephriam David & Annie L. (Tressler) Myers.
Myers, Leander "Lee" Madison, died Feb. 20, 1958; Lottie, his wife, June 14, 1875 - June 20, 1972 Leander, son of Job Smith & Martha Emmoline (Logsdon) Myers, was born in Wood Co., died in Belmont Co. Lottie (Groves) was born in WV and died in Niles, Trumbull Co.
Myers, Martin Smith, Mar. 27 1843 - May 22, 1913, Pvt. Co. B, 7th Regt. WV INF; Rosetta Elizabeth, his wife, Aug. 1848 - May 9, 1908 Martin was the son of John Martin & Mary (Smith) Myers, born in Woodlands, Marshall Co., WV, died Martins Ferry, Belmont Co., OH. Rosetta Elizabeth (Smith) Myers was born in Union Co, died in Belmont Co.
Myers, Mildred M., Nov. 10, 1903 - Jan. 7, 1987 Mildred, dau. of David Martin & Ella (Higgs) Myers, died in Martins Ferry, Belmont Co.
Myers, Ralph, 1896 - 1896 Son of Leander "Lee" Madison & Lottie (Groves) Myers.
Myers, Franklin Smith, Aug. 28, 1889 [Marshall Co., WV] - Mar. 3, 1960 [Belmont Co., O.]; Vella Marie (shemp) 1889 - 1951 Son of Ephraim R. & Adaline (McIntire) Myers. Vella is the wife of Franklin and dau. of Jacob & Sarah Shemp.
Myers, William H., Jan 9, 1921 [Martins Ferry, Belmont Co.] - Feb. 28, 1982 [Martins Ferry, Belmont Co.] Son of Franklin Smith & Vella Marie (Shemp) Myers.
Schemp, Claude D., 1880 - 1954 -Father-; Amy L., 1880 - 1968 -Mother-; Claude Jr., 1919 - 1953 -Son- M/SGT, killed in crash while on special service for5 USAF; Herbert A., 1914 - 1916 -Son-; Jane Shemp Secrest, 1911 - 1976
Turpin, Rufus L., Mar. 17, 1889 - Mar. 1977 -Father-; Iona Aurelia (Myers), Feb. 1893 - Nov 1952 -Mother-; Whittley E., 1916 - 1936 -Son- Iona is wife of Rufus and dau. of Ephraim R. & Adaline (McIntire) Myers. Whittley, son of Rufus & Iona Myers.
Turpin, Carlington J., July 21, 1923 - Feb. 2, 1989, SGT US Army, World War II Son of Rufus L. & Iona A. (Myers) Turpin.

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