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Sewellsville Methodist Episcopal Cemetery

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Kirkwood Twp.
Belmont County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Chet & Connie Rice, 11 Feb., 2003
This large old cemetery appears to be in good care. The area is nearly abandoned, but the church and cemetery still stand. My ancestor William Frizzell helped settle section 18 of Kirkwood Twp. in 1818, bringing 7 of his 8 children here to settle. Other pioneering families that married into the Frizzell line, Waddell, Midkiff, Sheppard, Hudson, Fox, Hinton, Perkins, these are just a few that I know are buried in this cemetery.
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Overview of cemetery
There is a whole row of Frizzells together. They are all descendants of William Frizzell the Rev. War Patriot.,
Frizzell, Arthur, 1904 - 1933 Raymond Arthur Frizzell, son of Henry Copeland & Clara A. (Schrader) Frizzell.
Frizzell, Roy, 1912 - 1926 Roy was the son of Henry Copeland & Clara A. (Schrader) Frizzell.
Frizzell, Carl A., 1900 - 1923 Carl Allen Frizzell, was the son of Henry Copeland & Clara A. (Schrader) Frizzell.
Frizzell, Lewis (Copie), 1907 - 1968; Sara Bolon, 1909 - 1992 Lewis Copeland Frizzell was the son of Henry Copeland & Clara A. (Schrader) Frizzell. Lewis married Sara Bolon.
Frizzell, Lawrence O., 1906 - 1922 Lawrence Odell Frizzell, son of Henry Copeland & Clara A. (Schrader) Frizzell.
Frizzell, Dessie (Armstrong), 1880 - 1906 She married Clayton Weldon Frizzell, b. jan. 22, 1880, d. Dec. 3, 1964. She was his first wife. His second wife was Dora M. Brown, b. Oct. 7, 1886, d. Aug. 1873. After the death of Dessie, he moved to Canton, Starke Co., OH. He was the son of Elliott M. & Mary Ella (Moore) Frizzell.
Frizzell, Thomas N., Co. H, 185th Ohio INF He joined at rank of Pvt. and acheived rank of Corporal when he was mustered out. Thomas N. Frizzell was the son of Absalom & Mary (Boyd) Frizzell.
Frizzell, John, John FRIZZELL b.Oct 30,1827-Kirkwood Twp,Belmont Co.,Ohio d.Jan 3,1915-Sewellsville,Kirkwood Twp.,Belmont Co.,Ohio(son of Nathaniel FRIZZELL b.1802-MD & Leah SHEPPARD b.1802-MD) John married Phoebe WILLIAMS b.Aug 16,1832-Belmont Co.,Ohio-d.April 24,1905-Sewellsville,Kirkwood Twp. ,Belmont Co.,Ohio-The couple married April 3,1851-Kirkwood Twp,Belmont Co.,Ohio. Our family of researchers believe they were the parents of 17 children between 1852-1879, all born in Sewellsville,Kirkwood Twp., Belmont Co., Ohio. John FRIZZELL was the grandson of William FRIZZELL b.abt 1760-d.abt. 1850 in Kirkwood Twp.,Belmont Co.,Ohio.His grandfather had brought 7 of his 8 children from Baltimore, Maryland in 1818 to Belmont Co., Kirkwood Twp., sec.18.His grandfather is listed as one the founding Pioneers of the Township.William FRIZZELL is also listed with the Belmont Co.,Ohio - DAR as a Rev. Patriots of the County.
Frizzell, William b. abt. 1760 - Baltimore Co. Maryland, died abt. 1850, Kirkwood Twp., Belmont Co., OH. William married 1st to Elizabeth Miller in Maryland, they had 8 children born abt.1790-1803. He and Elizabeth settled in Kirkwood Twp. in 1818,and is recognized as one of the founding Pioneers for the Sewelsville ME Church. He is a Rev.War Patriot & served in the War of 1812 ,recognized by the DAR ,and his headstone states the same. William's family had arrived from Scotland in the 1630's to Virginia,and then Maryland
Frizzell, Rebecca b.1777, died Apr. 24, 1842, aged 65 years -Kirkwood Twp, Belmont Co., Ohio. She was the 2nd wife of William Frizzell, Rev.War Patriot. They were married in Belmont Co. Jan. 8, 1818 and had 1 child.
Frizzell, Wilson, 1875 - 1933; Anna Schrader, 1876 - 1932 Wilson Frteemont Frizzell, born Nov. 25, 1875 & died 1933 in Kirkwood Twp., Belmont Co. OH. He married Anna Schrader on April 18, 1901 in Belmont Co., she was b. Feb. 19, 1876. Wilson was the son of John & Phoebe (Williams) Frizzell.
Frizzell, John E., 1881 - 1927, Kirkwood Twp., Belmont Co., OH Descendant of the Rev. War Patriot, William Frizzell.
Frizzell, Ernest Deforest, May 27, 1891 - May 9, 1954 He was the son of Nimrod Tecumseh & Chellnissie C. (Trimmer) Frizzell. Ernest was one of three children born to his parents.
Frizzell, N. T., 1865 - 1902; Chellnissie, 1867 - 1938 Nimrod Tecumseh, b. Dec. 18, 1865, died 1902 Kirkwood Twp., Belmont Co. Married Chellnissie C. Trimmer. They were the parents of three known children. Nimrod was the son of John & Phoebe (Williams) Frizzell.
Frizzell, Infant 5 weeks old Very difficult stone to read. She was a descendant of the Rev. War Patriot, William Frizzell.
Frizzell, Clifton E., 1856 - 1893; Martha, his wife, 1859 - 1935; Nettie E., their dau., 1884 - 1953 Clifton Edward, son of John & Phoebe (Williams) Frizzell. He was born 20 Dec., 1856,in Kirkwood Twp., Belmont Co., died in Belmont Co. and had 3 known children. Clifton married Martha Ellen Dillion abt. 1876.
Frizzell, Nimrod, 1825 - 1910 Nimrod, son of Nathaniel & Leah (Sheppard) Frizzell. He married Catherine Wilkin on Oct. 25, 1849. Catherine, dau. of Archibold & Margaret Wilkin, was born 1828, died 1901. Nimrod served as a private, Co. J, Regt., Ohio, during Civil War.
Frizzell, Henry, 1869 - 1945; Clara A., 1872 - 1946 Henry Copeland Frizzell, son of John & Phoebe (Williams) Frizell. He was born 22 July, 1869 in Ohio.
Frizzell, James S., 1838 - 19__; Elvira G., his wife, 1839 - 1906 James S., was the son of Nathaniel & Leah (Sheppard) Frizzell. He married Elvira G. Sheppard on Sept. 15, 1872, in Kirkwood Twp. Belmont Co. She was the daughter of Samuel & Eliza Ann (McPerson) Sheppard. Both Frizzell & Sheppard families were pioneers of Kirkwood Twp. since early 1800;s.
Frizzell, Robert A., 1855 - 1888; Ida M. Burkhead, his wife, 1859 - 1933 Robert Alexander Frizzell, son of John & Phoebe (Williams) Frizzell, born Dec. 24, 1854, Kirkwood Twp. They married Sep. 26, 1878 in Kirkwood Twp.
Frizzell, Albert, son of J. & P. Frizzell, died Sep. 7, 1887, aged 25 y'rs 1mo & 5 d'ys John Albert Frizzell, son of John & Phoebe (Williams) Frizzell. He was born Huly 22, 1862 in Ohio, died in Kirkwood, Belmont co., OH.
Sheppard, Martha, wife of Wm. Sheppard, died June 10, 1841, aged 36 years 3mo 27days Martha (Honnold) Sheppard, b. 1805, died 1841. She was the wife of William Sheppard b. 1808, d. 1884. William Sheppard was the son of James & Hannah (Gatschall) Sheppard. He was one of 14 children born to James & Hannah.
Sheppard, Hudson, b. Aug. 7, 1804 [MD], d. Aug. 27, 1898 [Sewellsville, Kirkwood Twp., Belmont Co., OH.] Hudson was son of John & Mary Ann (Hudson) Sheppard. Hudson married Rebecca Miller b. Sep. 6, 1811, MD, d. Nov. 17, 1896, on June 21, 1827. Number of children to this marriage unknown.
Waddell, Josephus, b. Sep. 4, 1814 [Belmont Co.], died Dec. 18, 1894 [same twp. & co.] He married Lavina Hinton. Josephus was the son of Robert & Lydia (Sheppard) Waddell & grandchild of Rev. George Waddell who settled early in Kirkwood Twp., Belmont Co.OH. They married about 1840 Belmont Co., 4 known children.
Waddell, Lavina, wife of Josephus Waddell, born Mar. 13, 1817, died Apr. 29, 1900.

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