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St. Johns Cemetery

Union Twp.
Auglaize County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Tracy Steinbrook Grant, Feb. 14, 2004
This cemetery is located on the corner of US 33 & US65, in St. Johns, Auglaize Co., Ohio.
I have a complete listing of this cemetery in the Auglaize Cemetery Inscription Book, compiled by Lura Beaty & Mary Lou Chapman, August 1985, if anyone needs a lookup here. I Will try to get back to the cemetery and take more pictures.

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Chief Blackhoof, -Nearby sleeps Chief Blackhoof, Catahecassa, last Principle Chief of the Sahwnees prior to their removal to kansas in 1832. This was Blackhoof Town where he lived and died in 1831, at the age of 109 years of age. He fought with the French against Bradford at Ft. Pitt in 1755. Opposed Col. Lewis at the battle of Point Pleasant in 1774. Served under Capt. Bird in 1780. Lead his people against the Campaigns of Harmer 1790, St. Clair 1791, and Wayne in 1794. He signed the Greenville Treaty in 1795, and opposed the Indian Confederation of Tecumseh in the War of 1812. A just and Honorable Man. Respected by both friends and Enemies. Click here for second close up view.
Corder, Benjamin, died Aug. 28, 1851. In his 87th year of his age. He was born 1769/1770 in VA. Married Rebecca Runyun, April 7, 1798 in Montgomery Co., VA. Row 10
Corder, Barbara A. Bowman, wife of William Jay Corder, died Oct. 5, 1855, In the 21st year of her ageWilliam J. Corder is the grand son of Benjamin Corder. Row 10
Corder, Mary E., daughter of William Jay & Barbara A. (Bowman) Corder, died Sept. 11, 1855, aged 15ms & 9ds Row 10
Corder, Eleanor Howell, wife of Elias Corder, died March 18, 1856, aged 40y 9m 8ds Row 7
Corder, John Milton, son of John & Ruth (Lusk) Corder, died June 17, 1859, aged 5y 11m _ds Row 10

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