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Hall Cemetery

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Pierpont Twp.
Ashtabula County

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For those that are perhaps seeing these transcriptions for the first time, the transcriptions may give on first glance, the appearance of a great many typos, so I feel obligated to explain that the abundance of y, m, and d represent abbreviations for year, month and day. Although you will find most engravers follow similar patterns, it seems there are several different abbreviations used to represent these three time terms including: y, yr, yrs, yr's & years; m. mo, mos, mo's, and months; d. da, das, da's, and days and on rare occasions, h, hr, hrs, hr's, and hours. I tend not to use commas except to separate surname from given name, given name from date, except where found on actual inscription, same goes for the [.] (period). When you see the symbol [_] (underscore), I use it to represent missing or unreadable letters, or if a lot of letters are unreadable I may express it by several periods, such as Jos...h . Sometimes you will find raised letters such as "c" in surnames such as in McClain, or if the engraver added smaller letters that were left out and added later, when I encounter them, tend to express them, when possible, as found on the stone. Sometimes engravers will use the latin term Æ or æ, this is just a term that generally replaces the word "aged". One last comment, all actual text found engraved, will come first in bold text. All comments, observations, personal knowledge remarks added by submitter, concerning an individual, but not inscribed on stone, will then proceed in regular text. ~R.M.Sizelove~

These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Sheila Garland, on 20 Feb., 2011.
Pierpont Twp, Ashtabula Co, on Hall Rd. east off Rt 7.
The most recent update to this page was made on 27 March, 2011.

Please Note: Click on underlined name to view tombstone image.
Chester, George, son of Chester E. and Olive (Cook) Cleveland died Dec. 14, 1848, aged 27 yrs 13 days
Cleaveland, Priscilla Benjamin, dau. of Mary Bromley and Asa Benjamin, consort of Asahel Cleaveland, who departed this life Decr.1850, aged 54 years [she was born Apr. 7, 1796]
Benjamin, Eli P., died Sep. 11, 1854, aged 23 y _ mo and 78 da[son of Almira (Prince) and Reuben Benjamin, born May 4, 1831]
Benjamin, Emily L., daughter of Reuben and Almira Benjamin, died Feb. 14, 1850, aged 20yrs 7mos & 15days [born abt. 1829 Pierpont]
Benjamin, Unknown [possible footstone]
Benjamin, Unknown [not readable from photo]
Benjamin, Reuben, died Jan. 30, 1864, aged 71yrs [son of Mary (Bromley) and Asa, born Dec. 29, 1792 Worthington, MA][married Almira Prince and Lydia Pratt]
Benjamin, Almira Prince, wife of Reuben Benjamin, died June 18, 1861, aged 53 yrs [dau. of Rhoda (Rawson) and Eli Prince, born Jul. 12, 1808]
Benjamin, Sacred to the memory of Lydia Pratt, consort of Reuben Benjamin, who died Aug. 28, 1826, aged 32 years [born abt. 1794]
Unknown, B_ tsty [Broken fragments glued together, only few letters readable from photo]
Dewey, In memory of Nancy A., who died Apr. 16, 1846, Æ 25 yrs 6m
Benjamin, Ansel, died Sept. 2, 1832, aged 32yrs 8mo's & _ days [son of Mary (Bromley) and Asa1, born Feb. 19, 1798]
Leonard, Asa, died Jan. 29, 1816, in the 17 yr of his age [son of Sarah Pierce and John Leonard, born Apr. 26, 1771]
Leonard, In memory of Esther (Brown), wife of Asa Leonard, who died June 27, 1839, in the 59 yr of her age [born 1781]
Turner, Polly, wife of Jesse Turner, died Jul. 19, 1815, In the 34 year of her age
Turner, Jesse, born Apr. 11, 1782, died May 8, 1836 [son of Jane Randall and Sihon Turner]; Polly (Frey), his wife & dau. of Barbara Baumgartner and Henry Frey] born Jun. 18, 1794, died Jan. 4, 1875 [white zinc cast memorial]
Ellis, Deidemia Perry, consort of Manoah Ellis, __ died January 3, 18__, [born 1774 MA, dau. of David Perry][much of stone not readable from photo]
Ellis, In memory of Manoah, Jr. who departed this life June 4, 1832, in the 57th year of his age [Manoah, son of Susannah Long and Manoah Ellis, born 1775]
Ellis, Cornelius, died Apr. 20, 1819, in the 32ndyr of his age [son of Susannah and Manoah, born abt. 1789, (married Ruth Turner)]
Ellis, Manoah, died Oct. 15, 1837, in the 87 year of his age[son of Elizabeth (Cahoon) and Samuel Ellis, born 1750]; Susannah Long, wife of Manoah Ellis, died Jul. 31, 1835, in the _ year of her age. [dau. of Sarah (Cahoon) and William Long, born abt. 1755] [unusual double stone]
Turner, Sarah L., daughter of N. & M. H. Turner, died Sept. _ 1849, in the 8thyear of her age
Rice, Elizabeth (Ellis), wife of Paul Rice, died Jan. 26, 1843 In the 64th yr of her age [Paul is the brother of Speedy #30]
Unknown, Sally d. Apr. 30, 1818 aged 30 yrs; Ame_? d. Aug. 14, 1856 aged 66Yrs. [double stone]
Turner, Allen James, died June 1, 1848, aged 22 yrs 3mos & 27days [married to Sarah Seager who is buried in Evergreen with her second husband, Johnathan Davis) b abt 1820, died 1845 Pierpont]
Huntley, Amos, died May 16, 1828, In the 81st year of his age [son of Lydia Allen and Jacob Huntley, born Sept. 23, 1747, MA]
Huntley, Lois Cook, wife of Amos Huntley, died March 24, 1835, in the 78th year of her age. [8-7-1757 CT to 3-24-1835]
Huntley, Hiram, died Sept. 26, 1854, in the 52nd year of his age [son of Lois Cook and Amos Huntley, 12-18-1803 MA to 9-26-1854 Pierpont (first husband of Elmira Leonard, who is buried in Evergreen with her second husband Joseph Williams)
Wright, Edmond, died Aug. 4, 1855, aged 60y [son of Lydia Lamson and Ewins Wright, 8-15-1796 to 8-4-1855 (married Jane McBride)]
Wright, Ewins, died Aug. 1, 1831, aged 64yrs; He immigrated to Pierpont Ohio, March 1810, being one of the first pernament settlers.son of Jennet Ewing and George Wright, 8-11-1867 to 8-1-1831 (married Speedy Rice and Lydia Lamson)
Wright, Speedy Rice, wife of Ewins Wright, died Nov. 12, 1861, aged 87 years [1774 to 11-12-1861]
Gaut, Hannah Susan Morse, dau of Mary and Elijah, wife of John Gaut, died Nov. 29, 1874 11-5-1804 MA to 11-29-1874]
Gaut, John, died Sept. 20, 1855, aged 51 years [5-30-1799 VT to 9-20-1855, son of Elizabeth Mixer and Alexander Gaut]
Gaut, Alexander, died Apr. 5, 1841, aged 73yrs; Elizabeth, wife of John Gaut, died Nov 27, 1850 [5-5-1770 to 4-5-1851, son of Mary Morse and John Gaut married Elizabeth Mixer, dau of Mary Eames and Timothy Mixer, 1774 NH to 11-27-1850]
Gaut, Henderson, died June 19, 1849, aged 2_? [9-13-1824 to 6-19-1849, son of Hannah Morse and John Gaut (married Rebecca Tyler)]
Gaut, Ale…
Gaut, Sylvanus, son of John and Hannah Gaut, died Mar. 25, 1858 1-18-1844 to 3-25-1858
Gaut, (WH) [very difficult to read from photo]
Wright, Caroline, wife of (Lampson?) Wright, died Apr. 9, 1847, aged ?
Holmes, Aaron, died Aug. 21, ?-, aged ?
Leonard, Infant son of MA & HE Leonard, died Apr. 17, 18?1 [(Mary Austin + Henry D Leonard? Milton Asa Leonard +Harriet? )]
Wright, Oren B., son of Silas & Polly Wright, died Dec. 10, 1849, aged 18 y'rs.
Wright, Silas, died Aug. 17, 1837, Æ 33 yrs [son of Speedy Rice and Ewins Wright]
Wright, Lucy, wife of Moses Howard, died July 20, 1841, aged 40 years [dau of Ewins Wright and Speedy Rice]
Curtis, Mary Elizabeth, dau of Ancil & Elizabeth Curtis, died Aug. 23, 18__, aged ?
Wheeler, Jesse L., Co. E, 196 OVI, 1849-1877 [son of Betsey Ludington and Isaac Wheeler, (Married Elva Brainard), Civil War Veteran]
Woodard, Emeline P., wife of Ira H. Woodard, died July 6, 1883, Æ 54 ys 9 ms & 29 ds
Palmer, Sarah Ann, dau of Enoch & Abigail Palmer, died Oct. 25, 1876? aged 47 years
Palmer, Abigail Barnum, wife of Enoch Palmer, died Nov. 17, 1855, aged 57 yrs [dau of Tamer Barnum (her maiden name also) and Enoch Barnum]
Palmer, Alta L., daughter of M. & A. Palmer, died Mar. 7, 1861, aged 2 ys 5 mos 23 ds [(Myron and Almira (Wheeler)?)
Palmer, Isabella, daughter of M & A Palmer, died Dec. 13, 1863, aged 1 y'r 9 m's 29 d's
Palmer?, Infant Son of _ & _, died March 12, 1869
Kinne, Rufus, died Ap'l 6, 1843, Æ 69 yrs 2 mos
Palmer, Joseph D., son of E & A Palmer, died Jan. 20, 1845 ag'd 6y's 1mo 8d's
Palmer, Israel son of J. & Polly Palmer, died June 3, 1856
Marvin, Rufus K., son of John & Emily Marvin, died Jun. 15, 184?, Æ 18 mo's
Johnson, Ellen, wife of N. I. Johnson and dau of Cornelius & Phila Pratt died Feb. 23, 1866 aged 25 ys 23 ds
Pratt, Cornelia, daughter of C. & Phila Pratt, died Feb. 6, 1863, aged 18 y's 8 m's
Pratt, Cornelius, died Sept. 20, 1865, aged 54y 7m & 3d
Pratt, Philena, wife of Cornelius Pratt, died Oct. ?, 1872, aged 52 ys 2 ms
Pratt, Lucretia M., wife of William Pratt, died Dec. 14, 1846 aged 27 years & 22d
Rowe, Mary, wife of M.E. Rowe, died Sept. 9, 1849 aged 34yrs 6mo 22ds
Hopkins, Lydia, Dau. of S.& M. Hopkins, died May 10, 1839, In the 16th Year of her age [dau. of Stephen Hopkins and Mary Davis]
Hopkins, Mary (Davis), wife of Stephen Hopkins Sr., died Aug. 15, 1847 aged 64 ys 21 ds
Hopkins, Gilbert M., son of G. & R. Hopkins died Apr. 17, 1850 Æ 2 ms 8 ds
Baker, Emerson, Jr., died Oct. 12, 1853, aged 11 or 44 years

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