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Photos of Tombstones
Caldwell Cemetery (391318N-0825101W), Old US Highway 35, about two & one half miles NW of the town of Richmond Dale, Ohio.
[ Tombstone Photo Project]
Caldwell Cemetery Entrance July 10, 2005 - View Image
Allen, Charles (Parky) - Image 300K
Allen, Charles (Parky) - Image 300K
Allen, Charles And Harriet - Image 233K
Allen, Howard And Elizabeth - Image 189K
Arick, Donald R. - Image 288K
Beaujean, Roy E. - Image 284K
Bowen, Laura Woodbridge Foster - Image 279K
Brown, Frank And Dorothy - Image 306K
Cash, Fay F. - View Image
Chamberlin, James - View Image
Chenault, Ellsworth E. - View Image
Chenault, Hugh K. - View Image
Chenault, Norman E. - View Image
Clymer, Bruce Kelly - Image 225K
Clymer, Lois Anne (Nona) - Image 264K
Cosby, Darwin - View Image
Cottrill, Ina Brown - Image 298K
Cottrill, Mary Florence - Image 299K
Cottrill, Warren E. - Image 261K
Crabtree, Ismael B. - View Image
Crabtree, Ishmael B. - Image 289K
Crabtree, Louise F. - Image 286K
Davis, Clarence A. - Image 314K
Davis, Clarence E. - View Image
Davis, Everet K. - View Image
Davis, Mary Wheeler - Image 318K
Davis, Wheeler V. - View Image
Dixon-Peecher, Magdalena Woods - View Image
Dozer, Russell And Maribel - Image 295K
Durrant, Alace Rebecca - Image 27K
Durrant, Joseph Emray - View Image
Earhart, Robert Eugene - View Image
Eisenhart, Charles And Mabel - Image 290K
Eisenhart, James And Hannah - Image 241K
English, Agnes Counts - Image 273K
English, Roy L. - Image 260K
Fassler, George Edward - Image 240K
Fitzpatrick, Herbert A. - Image 245K
Foster, Ada C. - Image 295K
Foster, Charles J. - Image 256K
Foster, Edna - Image 295K
Foster, Eleanor Hays - Image 270K
Foster, Emma W. - Image 308K
Foster, Florence M. - Image 281K
Foster, Harry L. - Image 273K
Foster, James C. - Image 306K
Foster, James And Martha - Image 268K
Foster, James And Martha - Image 233K
Foster, Jean M. - Image 287K
Foster, John - Image 235K
Foster, John C. - Image 325K
Foster, John C. (Jr.) - Image 294K
Foster, Joseph F. - Image 270K
Foster, Lucy Fulton - Image 285K
Foster, M. Gertrude - Image 260K
Foster, Mary Vause - Image 292K
Foster, Mary E. - Image 314K
Foster, Richard C. - Image 270K
Foster, William C. - Image 313K
Freeman, Glenn (Tony) - Image 204K
Fyffe, Earl - View Image
Fyffe, Earl and Ruth Ann (Anders) - View Image
Fyffe, James And Gladys - Image 314K
Fyffe, James F. - Image 279K
Fyffe, John L. - Image 257K
Fyffe, John, Bertha, And John L. - Image 264K
Goheen, Betty L. - Image 281K
Goheen, Earl "fuzzy" - Image 243K
Graves, Estes V. - Image 294K
Graves, Josephine Higby - Image 276K
Grubb, John Q. A. - View Image
Grubb, John Q. A. - View Image
Harris, Emerson L. - View Image
Hartley, Archie Edward - View Image
Hartley, Hersel - Image 202K
Hartley, Luther And Helen - Image 287K
Hartley, Sheila Marie - Image 249K
Haynes, Edwin N. - View Image
Helton, Joseph I. - Image 254K
Helton, Orvil - View Image
Higby, Ada - Image 286K
Higby, Charles And Mary - Image 231K
Higby, Charles Orlando - Image 293K
Higby, Earl N. - Image 304K
Higby, Edgar A. - Image 309K
Higby, Gertrude Barker - Image 288K
Higby, Gertrude Dubois - Image 295K
Higby, Infant Son - Image 264K
Higby, Infant Son - Image 265K
Higby, Jennie Foster - Image 306K
Higby, Joseph - Image 269K
Higby, Joseph Elsworth - Image 295K
Higby, Joseph Elsworth - Image 296K
Higby, Joseph H. - Image 299K
Higby, Julia A. - Image 245K
Higby, Luella J. - Image 269K
Higby, Mary Belle - Image 277K
Higby, Matilda Norton - Image 294K
Higby, Neva W. - Image 280K
Higby, Robert O. - View Image
Higby, Sylvester - Image 301K
Howard, Curtis - Image 261K
Howard, Herbert N. - View Image
Howard, Victor And Wana - Image 245K
James, Charles And Nellie - Image 259K
James, William And Vicie - Image 269K
Jenkins, Parthene - Image 192K
Johnson, Conrad - View Image
Johnson, Harold - View Image
Johnson, Paul C. - View Image
Johnson, Warren H. - View Image
Jones, Algia And Elma - View Image
Jones, Arsene And May - View Image
Jones, Boyton G. - View Image
Jones, Charles And Minnie - Image 311K
Jones, Clarissa Corwine - View Image
Jones, Dale And Iva - View Image
Jones, Dale M. - View Image
Jones, Estella M. - View Image
Jones, Eugene R. - View Image
Jones, Eugene R. - View Image
Jones, Jennie Calver - View Image
Jones, Jennie E. - View Image
Jones, Leslie M. - View Image
Jones, Lloyd Mason - View Image
Jones, Mason - View Image
Jones, Mason - View Image
Jones, Margaret Luella - View Image
Jones, Martha Rittenour - View Image
Jones, Thomas Corwin - View Image
Jones, Samuel Wilson - View Image
Jones, Victoria L. - View Image
Kemp, J. A. And Martha - View Image
Kendle, Viola A. - Image 315K
Kendle, William And Viola - Image 212K
Lee, Charles R. - View Image
Lee, Clarence And Elsie - View Image
Lee, James - View Image
Lee, Lucy - View Image
Lee, Paul E. - Image 241K
Lee, William - View Image
Lucas, Booker And Dorothy - View Image
Maple, Esten And Ora - View Image
Marshall, James And Ethel - Image 238K
Massey, Rebecca Counts - View Image
Maxwell, Bess E. - View Image
Maxwell, Harry Fay - View Image
Maxwell, Henry W. - View Image
Maxwell, Howard And Walter - View Image
Maxwell, Julia Dray - View Image
Maxwell, Julia Dray - View Image
Maxwell, Lucy Orr - View Image
Maxwell, William A. - View Image
McCune, Marge E. - View Image
McDonald, Dan - View Image
McDonald, Dan And Laura - View Image
Miller, Alonzo Hugh - Image 235K
Miller, Bert L. - Image 275K
Miller, Henry And Louisa - Image 283K
Miller, Lafayette W. - Image 281K
Minard, James A. G. - View Image
Minard, James And Gladys - View Image
Minnix, Earl E. - View Image
Minnix, Earl E. - Image 299K
Montgomery, Buell I. - Image 306K
Montgomery, Dorsey And Mima - Image 272K
Montgomery, Grace Bost - View Image
Montgomery, Ida Mae - Image 264K
Montgomery, Lunda - Image 230K
Montgomery, Patrick And Mildred - Image 252K
Montgomery, Prater And Ordna - View Image
Murray, Lawrence - Image 282K
Murray, Lawrence F. Ii - Image 273K
Neff, Allen R. - View Image
Neff, Della Kight - View Image
Neff, William - View Image
Neff, William And Della - View Image
Netter, Worley And Lucille - View Image
O'Dell, Alda Stockman - View Image
O'Dell, Cliff And Dwight - View Image
O'Dell, Homer C. - View Image
O'Dell, Myron And Margaret - Image 267K
Olsen, Nella A. - Image 292K
Parker, Frances Higby - Image 291K
Phipps, Carl Robert - Image 244K
Phipps, Dorsa And Ina - Image 253K
Pleasant, John E. [1] - View Image
Pleasant, John E. [2] - View Image
Pleasant, John G. - View Image
Pleasant, Margaret R - View Image
Poindexter, M. - View Image
Quesinberry, Candy [1] - View Image
Quesinberry, Candy [2] - View Image
Ragland, Edward And Mary - View Image
Ragland, Mary Kathryn - View Image
Ralston, Allen Smith - Image 268K
Ralston, Harvey - View Image
Ralston, Wayne And Mildred - Image 253K
Ramey, Grace - Image 285K
Ramey, Jesse - Image 240K
Ramey, Jesse - Image 248K
Ramey, Oscar O. - View Image
Ramey, William And Pearley - Image 205K
Rayburn, Margaret Roush - Image 223K
Reynolds, A. B. And Elizabeth [1] - View Image
Reynolds, A. B. And Elizabeth [2] - View Image
Reynolds, A. B. - View Image
Reynolds, Elizabeth - View Image
Rice, Elizabeth Foster - Image 312K
Rice, Howard E. - View Image
Rice, Howard E. - Image 300K
Rice, Howard E. - Image 281K
Richards, Elmon And Mabel - View Image
Richards, L. G. And Bertha - View Image
Richter, Carlon And Vivian - View Image
Rittenour, Cecil Bost - View Image
Rittenour, Eliza DuBois - View Image
Rittenour, Elizabeth Sargent - View Image
Rittenour, George Claypool [1] - View Image
Rittenour, George Claypool [2] - View Image
Rittenour, George Norton - View Image
Rittenour, Henry Francis - View Image
Rittenour-Prather, Alberta Norton - View Image
Roush, James And Martha - Image 286K
Rozell, Clara E. Merritt - View Image
Rozell, Edward Aden - View Image
Rozell, George Aden - View Image
Ryan, Robert L. - View Image
Scheibeck, Lydia Counts - View Image
Scott, Alonzo And Bessie - View Image
Scott, Edward - View Image
Scott, Melissa And Samuel - View Image
Segraves, Kelly B. - View Image
Segraves, Kelly B. - View Image
Sherrick, Robert And Mazie - Image 286K
Singer, Clayton And Vera - View Image
Slaughter, Abigail J. - View Image
Slaughter, Charles S. - View Image
Slaughter, Charles And Clara - View Image
Slaughter, Clarence R. [1] - View Image
Slaughter, Clarence R. [2] - View Image
Slaughter, Claud C. - View Image
Slaughter, Inez M. - View Image
Slaughter, William - View Image
Smith, Almeda - View Image
Smith, Lois Mary - Image 297K
Smith, Lucy Farnham - View Image
Spriggs, Eddie E. - Image 268K
Staffan, Harley - View Image
Staffan, Presley - View Image
Steely, Samantha - Image 278K
Stevens, Earl And Mabel - Image 291K
Steinbrook, John And Emma - View Image
Stevens, Rex Lane - View Image
Stevens, William L. - View Image
Stewart, Clara Slaughter - View Image
Stewart, Geneva A. - View Image
Tackett, Arnold Lee - View Image
Tackett, Dockie - View Image
Tackett, Jimmie N. - Image 262K
Tackett, Neal And Frozie - Image 238K
Tackett, William And Tealie - Image 244K
Tanner, Dorsey E. - View Image
Tomlinson, Richard (Closeup) - Image 233K
Tomlinson, Richard - Image 244K
Tomlinson, Ward B. - View Image
Touhy, Ralph And Mary - Image 256K
Troutman, Lee Pfeifer & Nancy Elizabeth - Image 129K
Whitcomb, Lexie Sweeney - Image 238K
Williams, Joel K. - Image 256K
Williams, Sanford E. - View Image
Woods, Blaun Dodridge - Image 287K
Woods, Carolyn Jane - Image 301K
Woods, George W. - View Image
Woods, Jacob And Clara - Image 253K
Woods, Luther E. - View Image
Woods, Luther E. - Image 261K
Woods, Luther E. - Image 214K
Woods, Ovid Owen - Image 262K
Woods, Ovid Owen - Image 335K
Woods, Seth Owen - Image 301K
Woodworth, Gladwin Anson - Image 307K


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