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Putnam County
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Photos of Tombstones
Harmon Cemetery, Lepsic, Ohio
Fredericks, William Louis - Image 30K
Osborne Cemetery, Pleasant Township (On State Route 12 at the Putnam - Allen County Ohio Line) December 9, 2006 - Image 240K
Allen, Albert And Lydia - Image 211K
Allen, Joseph H. - Image 168K
Allstetter, Jacob And Sarah - Image 205K
Altstaetter, Peter, Jr. - Image 214K
Altstaetter, Peter, Sarah, And William - Image 172K
Amstutz, Peter And Isabell - Image 236K
Arnold, George - Image 250K
Barkimer, Henry And Nancy - Image 232K
Beardsley, Calvin W. - Image 215K
Belford, Benjamin - Image 163K
Best, John And Sarah - Image 185K
Bogart, John F. - Image 265K
Bowman, Daniel B. - Image 220K
Breckbill, Henry T. - Image 184K
Breckbill, William And Amanda - Image 194K
Brewer, James And Matilda - Image 255K
Bush, Jesse B. - Image 163K
Bush, Jesse B. - Image 280K
Chase, Alvin W. - Image 207K
Core, John - Image 169K
Core, John And Vieletta - Image 211K
Crawford, G. W. - Image 244K
Crouse, Michael And Jane - Image 273K
Cupp, Samuel - Image 219K
Curry, Francis And Amanda - Image 202K
Day, Elam And Mary - Image 234K
Doty, Cornelius - Image 240K
Durkee, George And Mary - Image 245K
Foltz, Fred M. - Image 198K
Fuller, William R. - Image 159K
Fruchey, Lafayette And Louisa - Image 264K
Gander, G. S. - Image 201K
Gettman, Adam - Image 156K
Gettman, Adam - Image 193K
Gillespie, Andrew And Louisa - Image 202K
Gladfelter, Earl I. - Image 254K
Good, George And Elizabeth - Image 214K
Goodwin, David C. - Image 214K
Goodwin, David C. And Eliza - Image 226K
House, George - Image 196K
Johnston, R. R. - Image 223K
Johnson, Robert - Image 240K
Killen, Abner - Image 118K
Killen, Abner - Image 257K
Kohli, Jacob - Image 266K
Light, John - Image 271K
Mapel, William T. - Image 219K
Martin, Wilson - Image 196K
McDonald, S. B. - Image 214K
Miller, Henry And Mary - Image 189K
Miller, Henry And Mary - Image 24K
Moore, Charles H. - Image 193K
Moore, Charles H. And Mary - Image 289K
Moore, Wade And Geraldine - Image 132K
Myers, Thomas And Matilda - Image 287K
Nigh, Isaac And Sarah - Image 205K
Ogan, N. W. - Image 176K
Ogan, N. W., Emma, And Augustus - Image 210K
Risser, Christian - Image 218K
Risser, Christian And Mary - Image 191K
Roberts, Benjamin And Julia - Image 255K
Rockwell, Albert Loy - Image 212K
Rockwell, Albert Loy And Elnora Ann - Image 199K
Sakemiller, Stansbery - Image 200K
Sakemiller, Stansbery And Surrene - Image 217K
Sanders, Sidney And Sarah - Image 214K
Schlosser/slusser, John And Ellen - Image 196K
Skinner, Benjamin And Rachel - Image 195K
Smith, Adam And Susan - Image 195K
Smith, Adelbert A. - Image 202K
Smith, James And Eliza - Image 263K
Smith, James And Mary - Image 262K
Smith, John R. - Image 200K
Smith, Warren M. - Image 197K
Smith, William And Hannah - Image 195K
Sprague, Charles, Matilda, And Sherman - Image 177K
Stalter, Daniel - Image 225K
Strow, Daniel - Image 208K
Strow, Daniel And Sarah - Image 222K
Strunk, Jacob - Image 201K
Tate, Francis - Image 229K
Tate, Robert S. - Image 219K
Teegarden, Peter - Image 189K
Tingle, W. C. - Image 242K
Thompson, William And Rhoda - Image 249K
Tracy, Elza L. D. - Image 215K
Tracy, Elza L. D. - Image 278K
Turner, R. H. - Image 168K
Ward, Samuel H. - Image 246K
Ward, Samuel H. And Effie - Image 217K
Wells, Marvel W. - Image 191K
Wells, Marvel W. - Image 296K
Wells, Marvel W. And Florilla - Image 210K
Wilkinson, C. S. And Lodemia - Image 206K


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