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Photos - Tombstones
Walnut Hills (German Protestant) Cemetery, Located in Walnut Hills, Entrance off Victory Parkway, East part of Cincinnati, City of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Backhaus, Carrie M. - Image 175K
Backhaus, Hermann - Image 175K
Bacon, James A. - Image 240K
Bacon, Maude L. - Image 239K
Bacon, Myrtle M. - Image 243K
Bacon, Sherman H. - Image 239K
Becker, Fred. - Image 216K
Bedell, George T. - Image 242K
Bedell, Mary H. - Image 231K
Bernhard, William - Image 193K
Bockstiegel, Anna - Image 231K
Bockstiegel, Diedrich - Image 221K
Britton, Geneva M. - Image 244K
Brockmann, August - Image 182K
Brockmann, Bernhard - Image 250K
Brockmann, Dora - Image 187K
Brockmann, Elise - Image 255K
Brockmann, Elizabeth - Image 196K
Brockmann, Elizabeth - Image 224K
Brockmann, Emilie - Image 208K
Brossard, Sadie Long - Image 245K
Brown, Mary L. - Image 246K
Bruck, Louis - Image 207K
Bruck, Louisa C. - Image 207K
Bruck, Natalie - Image 207K
Buckstiegel, Henry J. - Image 240K
Buening, Norma L. - Image 243K
Coldiron, Virginia M - Image 242K
Cooke, Aurthur Leroy - Image 217K
Cooke, Zula M. - Image 234K
Copeland, Pauline - Image 232K
Corpening, Mary E. - Image 151K
Crockett, Josephine - Image 231K
Cullen, Albert M. - Image 232K
Cullen, Frieda - Image 243K
Diew, Rueberta - Image 159K
Dornhagen, Anna - Image 241K
Dornhagen, Harry - Image 242K
Drumright, Mary P. - Image 158K
Eggleton, Genevra - Image 228K
Eggleton, John B. - Image 228K
Eken, Emma - Image 245K
Fennemann, Matilda - Image 187K
Ferguson, Grace - Image 246K
Ferguson, William F. - Image 237K
Flick, Charles P. - Image 245K
Flick, Thusnelda - Image 158K
Froehlich, Charles F. - Image 222K
Froehlich, Katherine - Image 222K
Gaeb, Edward G. - Image 237K
Gaeb, Lillian G. - Image 242K
Gerber, Margaret - Image 231K
Gohs, Elfriede - Image 243K
Gohs, Elfriede - Image 238K
Gohs, Louis H. - Image 238K
Grassmuck, Elizabeth M. - Image 238K
Grassmuck, Florence M. - Image 249K
Grassmuck, Helen G. - Image 214K
Grassmuck, John F. - Image 244K
Grimes, Ida S. - Image 247K
Grimes, Margarette - Image 241K
Grimmeissen, Elizabeth - Image 214K
Grimmeissen, Frederick J. - Image 214K
Haendel, Albert W. - Image 232K
Haendel, Dorothy C. - Image 232K
Haller, Jennie M. - Image 248K
Haller, John - Image 249K
Hans, Anna - Image 232K
Hans, Dora - Image 232K
Hans, George - Image 217K
Hans, Hilda - Image 240K
Hans, Robert - Image 217K
Harris, Velma - Image 247K
Hartmann, Renee I. - Image 227K
Heidenreich, Fred K. - Image 199K
Heine, Carl - Image 231K
Heine, Emma - Image 238K
Heine, Henriette - Image 249K
Helm, Wm. T. - Image 147K
Hoff, Elizabeth - Image 241K
Hoff, Richard - Image 245K
Horst, Frank - Image 240K
Horst, Louisa - Image 244K
Jeffries, Cecile - Image 247K
Jeffries, Herbert C. - Image 233K
Jennings, Gerald W. - Image 249K
Jesse, Viola - Image 239K
Jesse, William E. - Image 249K
Kammer, Helena - Image 238K
Kirchner, Amos - Image 229K
Kirtley, Baxter T. - Image 231K
Kolkmeyer, Harry J. - Image 204K
Kramer, Maggie - Image 239K
Kratz, Conrad - Image 191K
Kratz, Geo. Conrad - Image 191K
Kratz, John - Image 191K
Kudernatsch, V - Image 244K
Long, Hallie Grimes - Image 233K
Long, Jr., W.R. - Image 233K
Lott, Albert A. - Image 244K
Lott, Carolyn A. - Image 244K
Lott, Edward F. - Image 228K
Lott, Franklin F. - Image 240K
Lott, Louise E. - Image 250K
Lott, Martha N. - Image 231K
Lott, Martha - Image 240K
McCaffrey, Elizabeth - Image 238K
McCaffrey, John L. - Image 242K
Meadows, Carey G. - Image 254K
Meadows, Jeanette R. - Image 254K
Milano, Sanford - Image 255K
Overbeck, Louise - Image 177K
Parker, Rhoda - Image 209K
Phillips, Ella Weese Weathersby - Image 160K
Roehm, Emil - Image 219K
Rom, Carl V. - Image 166K
Rom, Dorothy - Image 166K
Rom, Dorothy - Image 166K
Ruese, Henry - Image 228K
Ruese, Henry G. - Image 215K
Ruese, Louise - Image 228K
Ruese, Stella - Image 222K
Ruese, William H. - Image 235K
Sand, Hattie - Image 239K
Sand, J. Henry - Image 211K
Sand, Louise - Image 227K
Sander, Clifford R. - Image 234K
Sander, Edward J. - Image 219K
Sander, Minnie - Image 230K
Schmidt, Phillippina - Image 231K
Schneider, Mary C. - Image 220K
Schneider, Wm. - Image 251K
Schroeder, Joseph B. - Image 247K
Schroeder, Margaret M. - Image 247K
Schuette, Sophie - Image 219K
Schultheis, M. - Image 243K
Schwabedis, August - Image 165K
Schwarz, Albert L. - Image 246K
Schwarz, Charles A. - Image 241K
Schwarz, Chas. - Image 198K
Schwarz, Louise - Image 236K
Seibert, Amelia M. - Image 190K
Seibert, Carrie L. - Image 180K
Seibert, George H. Thomas - Image 192K
Seibert, George Anton - Image 192K
Seibert, George - Image 180K
Seibert, Louisa C. - Image 180K
Seibert, Philipp H. - Image 190K
Sessler, John - Image 242K
Sessler, Mary - Image 242K
Sicker, Adam - Image 242K
Sicker, Anna - Image 246K
Siebert, Harry - Image 226K
Siebert, Stella - Image 234K
Snider, Harry - Image 220K
Steding, Allan - Image 233K
Steding, Julia - Image 231K
Steding, Louis - Image 212K
Steele, Willie - Image 252K
Straub, Grant - Image 237K
Straub, Lisette - Image 204K
Straub, Nickolaus - Image 204K
Straub, Theresia - Image 204K
Studer, Mamie - Image 249K
Tackenberg, Anna - Image 235K
Tackenberg, John - Image 235K
Tackenberg, Robert - Image 235K
Ufermann, Mary C. - Image 198K
Unknown, Emma - Image 185K
Unknown, Freddie - Image 185K
Vehrenkamp, Henry - Image 240K
Vehrenkamp, Mary - Image 234K
Vonnida, Augusta C. - Image 234K
Wagner, Minnie - Image 234K
Webb, Robert E. - Image 253K
Weis, Edward M. - Image 218K
Weis, Helen - Image 229K
Wick, Edwin H. - Image 231K
Wick, Marie C. - Image 231K


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