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Census Records

Church Records


- Ford's [1881]

Land Records

Military Records



- Esterman
- Meiners

Vital Records


Submission Forms

Vital Records
Abbott, Clarence May 21, 1894
Abding, Fred January 22, 1896
Abel, Frank February 11, 1896
Abel, Tillie August 20, 1899
Abel, Wilfred Otis March 14, 1894
Abeling, Mary Eliz. December 30, 1897
Coleman, Jacob July 16, 1933
Crothers, Still Borne July 12, 1917
Crothers, William Perin July 27, 1918
Crothers, William Windel November 20, 1919
Crothers, William Windel, Jr. Nov. 14, 1928
Deible, Wesley Gordon August 24, 1979
Foley, William Earnest May 12, 1909
Henson, Robert January 26, 1968
Hill, Oletha January 29, 1977
Keene, George W. February 6, 1910
Kelly, Hattie B April 2, 1942
Kneipp, Caroline November 3, 1911
Kneipp, Peter April 17, 1918
Kresser, Joseph 1891
Lutz, Anna Marie December 21, 1935
McClure, Alice L. February 21, 1919
Meckler, Joseph Alfred July 5, 1913
Meckler, Matilda (Janser) December 29, 1940
Nave, Ida M. June 26, 1925
Pierpont, Henry March 26, 1909
Shipman, Samuel E January 15, 1943
Wilson, Frank A. May 16, 1946
WITTE, Mary 1922
Zepf, Louis March 3, 1931
Listing of Marriages - mostly T's and W's
Bowen, Iona - McCormick, John W. October 27 1875
Gordon, Christina Elizabeth - Walters, Isaac J. August 6, 1862
Honeyman, Ch_______ - Cornahan, Albert H. August 1848
Ireland, Laura Ann - DuVall, John Wilson August 13 1844
Kelly, Hattie B - Shipman, Samuel E July 12, 1898
Kling, Caroline - Kneipp, Peter July 12, 1852
Lagrande, Marie - Simms, Phil November 1908
Nelson, Delva - Deible, George August 18, 1909
Reinhardt, Ottilie and Wallbrecht, William (1875)
Runnels/Reynolds, Melvina to Bame, James 1868
Turk, Mrs. Emma - Passmore, George W December 21, 1899


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