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Photos - Tombstones
Vine Street Hill Cemetery is located north of Forest Ave and Woolper Ave intersection, west of Vine Street, Clinton, City of Cincinnati, Ohio. (AKA German Evangelical Protestant, German Protestant)
Ainsworth, Leo J. - Image 209K
Anderson, Carrie A. - Image 215K
Anderson, J.E. Gene - Image 211K
Bacon, Edward C. - Image 236K
Bacon, Mae E. - Image 236K
Baker, Jesse D. - Image 243K
Baloun, Eileen R. - Image 237K
Bammerlin, Alice B. - Image 245K
Bammerlin, Amelia J. - Image 236K
Bammerlin, Arthur W - Image 235K
Bammerlin, August G. - Image 245K
Bammerlin, Herbert G. - Image 241K
Bammerlin, Sara - Image 235K
Baron, John E. - Image 244K
Beck, Carrie - Image 203K
Beck, Henry - Image 214K
Beitman, George - Image 247K
Beitman, Henry - Image 238K
Beitman, Katherine - Image 235K
Beitman, Norma - Image 244K
Benus, Adam - Image 240K
Benus, Family Stone - Image 226K
Benus, Louisa - Image 242K
Black, Kimberly Marie - Image 244K
Blackwell, Family Stone - Image 189K
Blackwell, John - Image 241K
Blackwell, Lawrence W. - Image 244K
Blackwell, Lula - Image 239K
Boehm, Harold J. - Image 233K
Bosse, John - Image 219K
Bosse, Laura - Image 197K
Bosse, Mary - Image 215K
Brandhorst, Elizabeth Black - Image 199K
Buck, Wesley W. - Image 244K
Cook, Charles - Image 247K
Cook, Daisy W. - Image 222K
Coverston, Jeanette - Image 231K
Craig, Amelia C.M. - Image 191K
Craig, Arthur J. - Image 223K
Craig, Clara M. - Image 219K
Delong, Clarence F. - Image 241K
Duke, Elizabeth A. - Image 226K
Elsner, August - Image 243K
Elsner, Mabel C. - Image 243K
Faul, Adam C. - Image 226K
Finkelmeier, Lillian - Image 244K
Finkelmeier, Walter E. - Image 243K
Foerstel, Anna M. - Image 239K
Ford, Catherine - Image 245K
Ford, Lawrence - Image 245K
Frey, Rosalie L. - Image 223K
Geisker, William - Image 220K
Giesker, Susan Moorhaus - Image 203K
Glass, Richard W. - Image 220K
Graf, August - Image 195K
Gutjahr, Catherine - Image 233K
Gutjahr, Emma - Image 221K
Gutjahr, John - Image 211K
Gutjahr, John G. - Image 243K
Gutjahr, William - Image 239K
Haas, Hilda - Image 242K
Haas, Milton - Image 244K
Hackman, J.F. - Image 225K
Hackman, Mary C.M.A. - Image 225K
Haefner, Alma B. - Image 246K
Haefner, Bertha K. - Image 220K
Haefner, Edward H. - Image 217K
Haefner, Family Stone - Image 204K
Haefner, Henry - Image 226K
Haefner, Kunigunda - Image 199K
Haefner, Norma M. - Image 223K
Haering, Ester - Image 179K
Haering, Harold - Image 187K
Haering, Margie - Image 187K
Hamann, Anna - Image 226K
Hamann, Edward - Image 247K
Hamann, Edward F. - Image 238K
Hamann, Irene L. - Image 232K
Harris, Alice A. - Image 236K
Harris, Thomas F. - Image 236K
Hartman, Emma - Image 245K
Haustetter, Clifford H. - Image 247K
Haustetter, Lottie C. - Image 238K
Helton, John Jr. - Image 243K
Helton, Pearl M. - Image 241K
Hoehlein, Joseph - Image 243K
Hollingsed, Elida - Image 208K
Hollingsed, Harvey - Image 244K
Horstman, Edward W. - Image 237K
Horstman, Jessye I. - Image 237K
Hucke, Frank A. - Image 243K
Hucke, Ida L. - Image 248K
James, George W. - Image 220K
James, George W. - Image 215K
James, Helen K. - Image 219K
James, Walter - Image 225K
Keck, Barbara - Image 245K
Keck, Family Stone - Image 218K
Keck, George - Image 243K
Kelley, Mayme B. - Image 243K
Kelley, Stearnes W. - Image 223K
Kersten, Minnie L. - Image 227K
Kiefer, Jewell Elizabeth - Image 244K
Kieninger, Frieda - Image 239K
Kingsley, Fanny M. - Image 245K
Kingsley, Floyd S. - Image 240K
Kirkpatrick, Kenneth - Image 245K
Klein, Lena - Image 225K
Klein, William - Image 246K
Kloepfer, Unknown - Image 243K
Kloepfer, Unknown - Image 244K
Kohl, Charles J. - Image 244K
Kohl, Elsie Ainsworth - Image 234K
Kolbinsky, George - Image 244K
Kolbinsky, Louisie - Image 235K
Krueger, Friederika - Image 245K
Krueger, Henry F. - Image 239K
Kull, Frieda Luessen - Image 240K
Kull, Louis Jacob - Image 240K
Kurtz, Katherine - Image 240K
Kurtz, August M. - Image 225K
Kurtz, August W. - Image 247K
Lammers, Alfred - Image 221K
Lammers, Alfred - Image 221K
Lammers, Caroline - Image 208K
Lammers, Emily - Image 187K
Lammers, Fred W. Jr. - Image 219K
Lammers, Frederick - Image 177K
Lammers, Lissetta H. - Image 220K
Lammers, Lydia - Image 215K
Lance, Hoyt Jr. - Image 233K
Laufer, Conrad - Image 176K
Laufer, Jacob - Image 176K
Laufer, Margaretha - Image 176K
Lees, Charles N. - Image 212K
Lees, Rosa B. - Image 212K
Loescha, Catherine - Image 247K
Loescha, Henry - Image 241K
Loheide, Emma - Image 224K
Louis, Austin - Image 236K
Ludwig, Carl - Image 205K
Ludwig, Elisabeth - Image 199K
Ludwig, Mary A. - Image 201K
Ludwig, Wm. C. - Image 236K
Lusch, Blanche I. - Image 241K
Lusch, Charles G. - Image 231K
Maier, Magdalena - Image 221K
Maier, Sr., William - Image 241K
McCarthy, Emma - Image 201K
McCarthy, Family Stone - Image 241K
McCarthy, Thomas - Image 246K
Meineke, George Edward - Image 55K
Meineke, Raymond - Image 49K
Michael, Arnold - Image 207K
Miller, Eva - Image 242K
Miller, Janet - Image 246K
Morris, Helen K. - Image 247K
Morris, James R. - Image 246K
Muncy, Carol A. - Image 235K
Murphy, Martha Woodley - Image 206K
Murray, Carolyn C. - Image 228K
Murray, Robert K. - Image 228K
Notter, Cecil - Image 247K
Pfalzgraf, Arthur P. - Image 230K
Pfalzgraf, Edward J. - Image 230K
Pfalzgraf, Elizabeth - Image 230K
Pfalzgraf, Ida Mae - Image 237K
Pfalzgraf, Philip G. - Image 206K
Pfalzgraf, Philip G. - Image 230K
Pieper, Elizabeth - Image 179K
Pieper, William - Image 179K
Powell, Ida Wiedenbein - Image 246K
Reese, Atha - Image 247K
Reese, Dwight Victor - Image 247K
Reese, Dwight Douglas - Image 246K
Reinke, Caroline - Image 248K
Reinke, Edna P. - Image 245K
Reinke, Elizabeth - Image 241K
Reinke, Family Stone - Image 184K
Reinke, John G. - Image 247K
Reinke, Louisa M. - Image 240K
Reinke, William - Image 247K
Rice, Elma Wieman - Image 246K
Richter, John Henry - Image 243K
Richter, M. Elizabeth - Image 240K
Riess, Eunice M. - Image 241K
Riess, Fredericka - Image 245K
Riess, Fredericka - Image 247K
Riess, George - Image 246K
Riess, Louis - Image 242K
Rotert, Clara C. - Image 204K
Rotert, Julia - Image 208K
Rotert, William - Image 224K
Roth, Edward N. - Image 202K
Rothhaas, Elizabeth M. - Image 244K
Rothhaas, George Sr. - Image 185K
Rothhaas, George - Image 238K
Rothhaas, John Sr. - Image 242K
Rothhaas, John Jr. - Image 239K
Rothhaas, Margaretha - Image 185K
Ruthemeyer, Dorothy A. - Image 241K
Ruthemeyer, Harold L. - Image 241K
Sachs, Lois V. - Image 241K
Sauer, J. Henry - Image 215K
Sauer, Julia - Image 214K
Sauer, Oscar - Image 209K
Schaller, Paul - Image 245K
Schottmiller, John - Image 248K
Schottmiller, Mamie - Image 248K
Schroerluecke, Family Stone - Image 246K
Schroerluecke, Henry - Image 227K
Schroerluecke, Louise - Image 228K
Schuh, Charles G. - Image 229K
Schuh, Family Stone - Image 201K
Schuh, Katie C. - Image 237K
Schuh, Unknown - Image 246K
Schuh, Unknown - Image 247K
Schumacher, Christian - Image 225K
Schumacher, Fred C. - Image 236K
Smith, Cora - Image 236K
Smith, John F. - Image 238K
Sprague, C. Margaret A. - Image 242K
Sprague, Walter L. - Image 244K
Stahl, Anna M. - Image 237K
Stahl, Bruce W. - Image 245K
Stahl, Joseph F. - Image 237K
Twachtman, Family Stone - Image 189K
Twachtman, Louise - Image 240K
Twachtmann, John - Image 242K
Underhill, Laura R. - Image 247K
Wallace, Edna B. - Image 248K
Wallace, Jean Emily - Image 248K
Wallace, Walter I. O. - Image 204K
Wallner, Pauline Kull - Image 221K
Walsh, Harry C. - Image 244K
Walsh, Nancy B. - Image 239K
Webb, Mary A. - Image 241K
Webb, Sarah - Image 247K
Weber, Margaret - Image 243K
Weber, Margaret - Image 243K
Weber, Peter - Image 246K
Weis, Alice - Image 215K
Weis, Conrad J. - Image 233K
Weis, Erma - Image 196K
Weis, Lester - Image 215K
Weis, Lester - Image 215K
Wiedenbein, Edward - Image 216K
Wiedenbein, Henry - Image 248K
Wiedenbein, Mary - Image 245K
Wieman, Henry J. - Image 241K
Wieman, Iva G. - Image 245K
Wieman, Milford - Image 245K
Willis, Erna F. - Image 239K
Willis, Herbert - Image 235K
Winchester, Minnie - Image 241K
Wind, Carl V. - Image 207K
Wind, Jacqueline G. - Image 241K
Wind, Marguerite E. - Image 207K
Woehrlin, Anna Louise - Image 236K
Woehrlin, Carrie L. - Image 238K
Woehrlin, William - Image 244K
Woodley, Charles J. - Image 223K
Woodley, Helen Dickoff - Image 240K
Yarrington, Harry Wm. - Image 247K
Ziechner, Augusta - Image 243K
Ziechner, Auguste - Image 242K
Ziechner, Emma - Image 213K
Ziechner, Hilma - Image 235K
Ziechner, Oscar - Image 245K
Zimmerman, Egbert - Image 246K


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