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Vital Records
Birth Records
Good, Robert Cartwright November 20 1917
Luke, Edgar Gaver February 21, 1885
Luke, John Mckenzie June 29, 1879
Morse, Eunice L. March 16, 1842
Murphy, James Alfred August 26, 1876
Death Records
Bennett, Lucy January 14, 1912
Bennett, Moses February 3, 1912
Brown, Laura Matilda, Death Cert, April 23, 1941
Brown, Wm. Anthony March 17, 1928
Burkle, Mary Beulah January 24 1930
Clark, Walter E May 1995
Cronin, Letha R. September 17, 1985
DeBee, Eddie P. June 23, 1926
DeBee, Etta Lodge August 23, 1943
DeBee, Eva I February 28, 1921
DeBee, Lydia Viola September 4, 1927
DeBee, Mary Viola November 17, 1940
DeBee, Moses Monroe January 10, 1923 [1]
DeBee, Moses Monroe January 10, 1923 [2]
DeBee, Sarah June 11, 1912
DeBee, Sylvanus June 24, 1915
F Surnames 1881-2 Death Records Extractions
F Surnames 1895 Death Records Extractions
Flickinger, Nancy April 26, 1919
Gallagher, Mildred Virginia February 2, 1958
GRIMM, Anna (d. 1963)
GRIMM, William J. (d. 1960)
Hay, Samuel Henry November 15, 1944
Hemsley, Howard Elwood March 5, 1944
Hemsley, Mildred July 20, 1981
Hemsley, Paul Bass March 16, 1981
KAYLOR, Isabella, Death Cert, 7 Dec 1921
McKee, William F. March 15, 1918
Parsons, Robert R December 23, 1920
Poynter, Anna Mae Wilson March 23, 1938
Poynter, Charles Bishop February 2, 1940
Richardson, Sarah Collidge April 13 1928
Rinehart, Olive April 30, 1935
Sinclair, Benjamin, Death Info, 24 Nov. 1873
Tanner, Carrie Hemsley February 9, 1955
Thompson, Isabelle M. February 21, 1925
Voss, Frances Debee January 23, 1934
Welch, Marvel Aileen February 1, 2000
Westlake, Martha September 18 1914
Westlake, Mary Adaline June 12 1920
White, John October 1, 1912
Marriage Records
Barton, Lizzie - Evans, Thomas July 3 1872
Burrows, Ellinore (Aka Elenor) - Mckenzie (Aka Mackenzie), James October 16, 1802
Clark, Sarah Colquitt (?) - Luke, John Mckenzie November 24, 1904
Debee, Eliza - Baxter, William September 14, 1886
Debee, Rachel B - Fickes, Harry November 16, 1886
Douglass, Mary - Ashbaugh, W.A. April 18 1872
Gaver, Lydia A. - Mckenzie, Norman K December 25, 1845
Hamilton/Baird Marriage in 1856
Hartman: Marriage of Philip and Barbara (Saunders), Jan 11, 1849, Fairfield Twp
Johnson, Elizabeth E - Luke, Edgar Gaver November 30, 1916
McGilvary, Margaret J. - Swine, Elwood H. July 6 1872
McKenzie/Luke Marriage October 18, 1876
McLellan, Maggie J.C. - Potts, Geo. W. June 17 1872
Poynter, Oma - Debee, Sylvanus L February 9, 1920
Ramsey, Melissa - Sines, Geo. May 13 1872
Riley, Ruth Anna - Patton, James June 20, 1833
SINCLAIR-MCCANN Marriage (1823)


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