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Letter Martha Stewart to Joseph Stewart

The information for this site
was contributed by
Bill Adkins


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I am a Civil War historian researching the 115th Ohio Volunteer
Infantry. I have a letter written by Martha Stewart to Joseph Stewart
in 1861. I would appreciate any advice or sources of information on
the 115th Ohio and/or the Civil War in Columbiana County, Ohio.
Bill Adkins

Letter Martha Stewart to Joseph Stewart

Text of letter:


21 JULY 1863

Joseph Stewart
Co. H, 115 Regt. O.V.I.
Cincinatia, Ohio
In care of Capt. A. Stergeon

July the 18, '63
good evening dear Joseph
i sat down with my pen to talk with you a little but oh how much pleasant it would be to sit down and talk with you as in days gone by

well now this is Sunday evening and i feel lonely sitting here alone but glad of the chance to wright

we are all well and hope this will find you the same

i have not heard from you cinse i wrote but hope we will soon for in such exciting times i feel anciouse to hear often

i went to salem friday and got that box

it was most come apart but nothing lost

i had to pay $1.25

.75 to cressline and 50 to salem

well now the boys are very rich with knives

just now watson feels very big and that stuff for daytons dress is vert pretty but dont no how to fix it

there is enough to make mama one of it

well now we got the hay in out of the orchard and the wheat all in yesterday so we are all done but the oats and flax

the oats is turning very fast and is very good to

the flax is good but short

well now i think if i had to ear crackers i should make a poor soldier with out teeth

i did ant go to Meeting to day

it is sacrament Meating next sunday at franklin

Leib is at home now and ella has been over at aunt betsy 2 weeks

aunt Betsy was here to day and Josiahs wife to

well now the draft hasnt come yet and i don't no when it will

we hear good news from the army in the south and i do hope it will soon be over

the butter nutts think velandgham will soon declare peace on his own terms

well may be he will but enough of this so good by for this time

wright soon to your wife

Martha Stewart

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