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Clark County
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Submission Forms

Photos, Clark County Atlas 1873 submitted by Cheryl Shaw
Bethel Township, Surnames B-L
Bethel Township, Surnames L-W
Green Township, Surnames A-L
Green Township, Surnames M-W
Photos Of Persons
Rankin, Warren H., Sr. Ca 1860 - Image 46K
Summers, Augusta N., Judge May 19, 1927 - View Image
Photos of Places
Shawnee Hotel In Springfield, Ohio. 1921 - Image 67K
Photos of Tombstones
Green Plain Meeting House Cemetery (Partial Photos)
South Vienna Cemetery (395543N 0833733W) U.S. 40 (National Road) half mile west of South Vienna, Harmony Township.
South Vienna Cemetery October 3, 2007 - Image 57K
Bardwell, William And Rhoda - Image 74K
Bennett, William And Mary - Image 146K
Busbey, Hamilton - Image 151K
Campbell, Henry A. - Image 133K
Clark, William And Rebecca - Image 80K
Dixon, Raymond Roy - Image 149K
Durkee, George W. - Image 78K
Dynes, Eliza T. - Image 57K
Dynes, Unnamed - Image 85K
Elefritz, Charles And Nancy - Image 95K
Frock, Jeremiah And Sophia - Image 76K
Glover, James H. - Image 79K
Goings, William A. - Image 108K
Herriman, Andrew - Image 134K
Hinkle, George W. - Image 68K
Jones, Wallace And Amanda - Image 80K
Logue, James - Image 64K
McCafferty, James - Image 76K
McManamay, J. W. - Image 70K
Nelson, Samuel H. - Image 64K
Parrill, Forest H. - Image 150K
Randolph, George W. - Image 63K
Rathbun, David - Image 60K
Robbins, David M. - Image 148K
Sheets, Lemuel W. - Image 74K
Slagle, James And Mary - Image 75K
Slentz, Henry And Ruth - Image 94K
Stites, Thomas C. - Image 62K
Tippee, George J. - Image 65K
Young, William H. - Image 119K


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