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The files below are an assortment of vital records from Atlantic County Newspapers and were contributed by Gloria.

Trenton Evening Times
Trenton, NJ
March 6, 1899   pg 2
   Lorenzo D. Wilson, 54 years old, of Atlantic City, has died at Easton, Pa.

 Trenton Times
Trenton, NJ
August 12, 1885  pg 1
   Louis Kuehnle, the hotel proprietor of Atlantic City, was buried at Egg Harbor City Tuesday.  Nearly 2,500 persons were present at the funeral.

The Trenton Times
Trenton, NJ
July 24, 1894     pg 4
Found Mrs. Geltzer’s Skeleton
   ATLANTIC CITY, July 24 – William Weeks, while picking berries in a swamp near Egg Harbor City, came upon a skeleton, which was afterward identified as that of Mrs. Geltzer, an aged and wealthy woman, who disappeared from her home in that place several months ago. 

Atlantic Journal
January 12, 1860
KILLED ON THE RAILROAD – A terrible accident occurred at about 2 and a half o’clock on Saturday morning on the New Jersey Railroad at the crossing of south Broad street, Newark.  Two men, named James Taylor and Edward Duffy, who were returning from Elizabeth in a sleigh, attempted to cross the track in front of the “Owl Train, “ but miscalculating its distance and speed, were struck by it.  Taylor was instantly killed, and Duffy was knocked insensible and considerably hurt, but his injuries will not probably prove fatal.  The, belonging to Duffy, was killed.

South Jersey Republican
May 21, 1921     pg 1
   Albert Rayboy died at the home of his sister, Mrs. Frank, on Fairview Ave., on Wednesday, after a long illness.
   Samuel R. Holland died on Sunday last, at his rooms in the Godfrey building, aged 57 years.  Sam was well known there, and was one of the best of the older firemen.
   Mrs. Mary Freudenthan, wife of Geo. W. Freudenthal, died on Friday last after long illness.  She was a patient sufferer, a faithful wife, and mother and will be missed also by the orphan grandchildren, who were under her care.  Funeral service was held on Tuesday.

  Mays Landing Record
December 29, 1877  pg 3
   POMELEAR-KEARS – At May’s Landing, on Dec. 24, 1877, (Christmas Eve) by the Rev. Chas. E. P. Mayhew, Mr. William Pomelear to Miss Ella Kears.
   ADAMS – BLACKMAN – At the Colonnade Hote, Phila., on the 27th inst., by Rev. James R. Campbell, Mr. S. V. Adams, Sheriff, to Mrs. Josephine S. Blackman, both of Port Republic.
SLAPE – On December 22d, Josephine, wife of Harry L. Slape, Esq., and daughter of John G. Dyer, in the 28th year of her age.

Mays Landing Record
December 1, 1877   pg 3
   DEVINNEY – At May’s Landing, on Monday the 23d ult., of brain fever, Harry Earl, son of Frederick T. and Julia Devinney, aged 10 months.
   CLAYPOOL – On Wednesday, the 28th ult., at Buena Vista, John Claypool, in the 83d year of his age.
   GIFFORD – On Wednesday, the 28th ult., at May’s Landing, Miss Christian Gifford, in the 83d year of her age.

  Mays Landing Record
January 19, 1878 pg 2
   At the American Hotel, May’s Landing, N. J., on the evening of the 15th inst., by the Rev. C. E. P. Mayhew, Lewis W. Cramer to Miss Mell [Meli??], eldest daughter of Wm. Veal, esq., all of this place.
   We wish them a happy voyage through life; with prosperous winds; smooth seas, and Fortune’s favors.
   GIFFORD – At May’s Landing, January 11th, Daniel, youngest son of Daniel and Emily Gifford, in the 5th year of his age.
   SCULL – At Jersey City, on the 15th inst., Capt. Elmer Scull of English Creek, in the 31st year of his age.
   The funeral of Capt. Elmer Scull, of English Creek, took place on Friday afternoon, 18th inst., at the Asbury M. E. Church, (of which Rev. J. I. Corson is Pastor), in the presence of a densely crowded audience.
   The Pastor not being well, the funeral sermon was preached by W. S. McGowin, who delivered an eloquent and affecting discourse from 1st Samuel 20:3, “There is but a step between me and death.”  He was followed by the pastor with a few appropriate remarks, Rev. William Hollingshead and Rev. J. Vansant taking part in the services.
   The deceased was a young man of great enterprise and was rapidly accumulating a fortune.  He was well known and highly respected in the community.  The sorrow manifested on the occasion was uncontrolable. [sic]  There were but few if any dry eyes in the house.  Such a scene of grief the writer has seldom, if ever witnessed.  May the Lord sustain the broken hearted parents and numerous weeping friends.

 Mays Landing Record
January 26, 1878  pg 2
   SHAW – At Estellville, on Tuesday the 22d inst., Mrs. SARAH SHAW, wife of Ezekiel Shaw, Esq. In the 88th year of her age.  The funeral will take place on Sunday next, the 27th inst. at 2 o’clock, p.m.
   EBERHART – At May’s Landing, on Saturday the 5th inst., FREDERICK EBERHART, in the 63d year of his age.

 Mays Landing Record
February 9, 1878   pg 2
   BROWN – At Petersburg, on Friday the 8th inst., Willie, son of Zibe Brown, of Weymouth.  Funeral service at the church at Weymouth this day at 3 o’clock p.m.

 Mays Landing Record
February 16, 1878    pg 2
   REED. – At May’s Landing, on Sunday night, 10th inst., of consumption, REBECCA REED, aged 23 years.
   An Obituary notice has been prepared, but we are compelled to defer it till next week, on account of the pressure of legal advertisements.
   MAY – In this village, on Tuesday night, 12th inst., SARAH MAY, aged 85 years.
   Obituary notice next week.

 Mays Landing Record
February 23, 1878   pg 2
   SOOY – At Smithville, on Tuesday, the 19th inst., CHARLES SOOY, in the 18th year of his age.
   SCHWINGHAMMER – At Egg Harbor City on Monday the 18th inst., Mrs. ANNA [?] . wife of John Schwinghammer, aged 28 years and 11 months.

 Atlantic Journal
November 24, 1859   pg 3
   At Colville, Atlantic county, on Friday, the 21st inst., Mr. DAVID GORRICK, aged about 45.  He was one of the first settlers of that place, and the first buried in the cemetery connected with the Presbyterian Church there.
   Near May’s Landing on the 22d inst., ROBERT, son of Thomas Davis, aged about 18 months.
   At Spring Garden, on the 19th inst., Mr. LAYTON EVANS, formerly of Spring Garden, Burlington County, in the 87th year of his age.

 Atlantic Journal
October 13, 1859  pg 3
   Suddenly, in Philadelphia, on the 6th inst., DAVID C. WOOD, in the 79th year of his age.
   In Philadelphia, on the 11th inst., Mrs. MARY TREEN, wife of John M. Treen, formerly of this place.
   At Mauricetown, Cumberland Co., N. J., on the 8th inst., FRANK, son of George C. Blizzard, aged about 5 years.

 Atlantic Journal
November 17, 1859  pg 3
   Very suddenly, on Tuesday last, at Egg Harbor City, Mr. CHRISTOPHER COATES, about 70 years of age.  He was a brick maker by trade, and the first settler in that city.

 Atlantic Journal
February 9, 1860  pg 3
   Suddenly, at Bakersville, on the morning of the 8th inst., Mrs. DEPORAH ADAMS, in the seventy-ninth year of her age.
   The deceased was for twenty nine years a member of the M. E. Church, greatly beloved by all who enjoyed Church fellowship with her; such a life as here could not but be followed by a peacefull and tryumphant Death.  She died suddenly but safely.
   “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.”

   Near May’s Landing, of Consumption, THOMAS FOSTER, in the thirty third year of his age.

 Atlantic Journal
March 8, 1860  pg 4
DEATH OF PRESIDENT BARKER – Rev. John Barker, President of Allegheny College, died at Meadville on the 26th ult.  Cause, paralysis.

 Atlantic Journal
March 16, 1860   pg 3
   At English Creek, on the 8th inst., MRS. HANNAH HICKMAN, aged about 90. 

   At Emmellville, on the 11th inst., of Consumption, Miss PHEBE ASHTON, aged 22 years.
   Farewell to my sisters and brother,
To my friends and companions so dear;
This world is a wilderness wild
To the Christian – naught in it to cheer.
The storms of this life are all o’er,
I have prayed to the God I have loved,
Then meet me, oh, meet me on that blessed shore,
In that glorious mansion above.
   No anger, henceforward, or shame,
Shall redden this innocent clay,
Extinct is the animal flame,
And passion is vanished away.
This anguishing head is at rest,
Its thinking and aching are o’er;
This quiet immovable breast, Is heaved by affliction no more.
   The lids she so seldom could close,
By sorrow forbidden to sleep,
Now sealed in their mortal repose,
Have strangely forgotten to weep.
The fountains can yield no supplies;
These hollows from water are free;
The tears are all wiped from these eyes,
And evil they never shall see.
   Weymouth, March 13, 1860
Rev. Chas. E. P. Mayhew will preach the funeral sermon of Jas. B. and Phebe Ashton, at Weymouth, March 25, 1860.  Services to commence at half-past two. 

   On the 14th Inst., HANNAH CATHARINE, daughter of Henry and Eliza Adams, aged 3 months and 14 days.
   Oft, along the busy street,
Sad and tearful mourn ra?g?;
Mothers for their children weep –
Weep that death has laid them low.
Nipped the buds before their bloom,
Hid them in the silent tomb.

 9Atlantic Journal
April 27, 1860   pg 3
   At Estellville, on the 20th inst., SOPHIA, wife of Peter Steelman, in the 83d year of her age.

    On the 10th inst., Mrs. ELIZABETH ADAMS, in her 74th year.
   She died in the communion of the M.E. Church, of which she had been an exemplary member for about 31 years.  Her life may be said to have been hid with Christ, in God.  She was a living epistle of the reality of religion, “known and read of all men.”
   On the 15th inst., Mrs. ABIGAIL BUDD, relict of the late John Budd, in the 76th year of her age.
   Her life was a beautiful development of the power of divine grace.  At the early age of 15 she consecrated herself to the Lord, and for 60 years maintained her Christian integrity.  Like a ripe shock of corn, she was gathered home to the heavenly garner [sic – gardener.]   (Ocean Wave please copy.)

 Atlantic Journal
August 10, 1860  pg 3
   At Smith’s Landing, on the 4th inst., Mrs. LETITIA ?ERRY, formerly of May’s landing, aged about 8? Years.
   At the residence of her father, Townsend Stites, Beasly’s Point, Cape May county, on the 5th inst., HARRIET, wife of John Thomas, Esq., of Philad’a.

   Near Weymouth, on the 7th inst., ANNA ELIZABETH, infant daughter of Thomas A. Vanmeter, aged 3 weeks.

Daily State Gazette   (Trenton)
September 20, 1878
In And Around the State of New Jersey
Hon. John C.  Smallwood, aged about 80 years, died at his home, at Woodbury, on Wednesday.  He was presiding officer of the old State Council previous to 1841, and for many years Surrogate of Gloucester county.  During the last fifty years he had had charge of all the large estates in the county, and has always enjoyed the unlimited confidence of the public. 

Daily State Gazette   (Trenton)
November 25, 1898
In And Around the State of New Jersey
Henry Smith, a carpenter, of Rutherford, died Wednesday morning from injuries received a week ago.  He was on a ladder painting the roof of his house, when the ladder fell, throwing him to the ground a distance of about thirty feet.  A wife and several children survive him.

Daily State Gazette   (Trenton)
November 25, 1898
In And Around the State of New Jersey
Mary Komer, the two-year-old daughter of Peter Komer, of Passaic, was fatally burned on Wednesday.  Little Mary was playing in the kitchen, when the coals in the stove attracted her attention.  She drew close and her dress caught fire.  Before she was reached by neighbors she was badly burned.

 Daily State Gazette   (Trenton)
November 25, 1898
In And Around the State of New Jersey
Mrs. Sarah McCarthy, of Hoboken, called on Mrs. Rose Mechlers, of Jersey City, on Wednesday, and while at her friend’s home, committed suicide by drinking carbolic acid.  Mrs. Mechlers found the woman writhing in agony on the kitchen floor and sent for a physician, but when he arrived Mrs. McCarthy was dead.

 Daily State Gazette   (Trenton)
November 25, 1898
In And Around the State of New Jersey
While reading a prayer book on Wednesday evening, Mrs. Anna Fennell, aged 63 years, of Atlantic City, died of heart failure.  She was sitting near her mother, Mrs. Margaret Fennell, when she suddenly dropped her head on her mother’s shoulder, and died in a few seconds without uttering a sound.  Her mother is 94 years of age, and is prostrated with grief.

 Daily State Gazette   (Trenton)
December 3, 1898
In And Around the State of New Jersey
Josephine Thomas, the thirteen-year-old girl who was frightfully burned at Egg Harbor City on Wednesday night, died Thursday morning.  She suffered great agony during the entire night.  Anthony Thomas, father of the girl, who attempted to rescue her, had his hands and arms so badly burned that it is feared amputation is necessary.  A similar accident occurred Thursday afternoon, when Miss Emma Kranz was polishing a heated stove with a polish containing gasoline.  An explosion followed, and the girl’s face was so badly burned that she cannot be recognized.

 Daily State Gazette   (Trenton)
December 3, 1898
In And Around the State of New Jersey
The body of Zenos Loder, aged 72 years, was found frozen in the snow near Broadway Station, Salem county, on Tuesday, by his son, Edward Loder.  Loder and his son have been living in a little two-story house that had been abandoned a few years ago and were very poor, depending much upon the neighbors for their subsistence.  Last Saturday the old man started with his horse to borrow a wagon from a nearby neighbor named Coe, intending to visit a relative in Bridgeton.  He never reached Coe’s residence, having perished within two hundred yards of his own home in the snow storm that was raging at the time.  The son found the horse running loose about two hours later, but made no effort to find his father.  On Monday he met Coe while out gunning and inquired if he had seen anything of his father.  Receiving an answer in the negative he instituted a search that resulted in finding his father’s body the next day, frozen stiff in a snow drift.

Atlantic County Democrat & Cape May County Register  [at Absecon]
April 16, 1864
Bartlett – On the 9th inst., at Atlantic City, Henry H., infant son of Thomas A., and Mary Ann Bartlett, aged about fourteen months.
Hindle – Suddenly, in Camden, on the 9th inst., of congestion of the brain, Grundy Hindle.

 Atlantic County Democrat & Cape May County Register  [at Absecon]
December 24, 1864
Mattix – Hanthorn – In Philadelphia, May 21st, 1864, by the Rev. Chas. Hill, Nathan P. Mattix to Battie D. Hanthorn, both of May’s Landing.

 Atlantic County Democrat & Cape May County Register  [at Absecon]
December 17, 1864 – Page 3
Scull – At Leed’s Point, Nov. 28th, of consumption, Mrs. Mary Scull, in the 48th year of her age.

 Atlantic County Democrat & Cape May County Register  [at Absecon]
December 17, 1864 – Page 2
Court Proceedings
The courts of this county were opened on Tuesday.
But little criminal business was done, the following being the cases before the court:
Licenses were granted to Henry D. Smith, of Smithville, and Japhet Townsend, of Leedsville.
Three indictments were found, among them Daniel Heister for assault and batter, and Larner Loder, a boy of eleven years old, for breaking, with intent to steal.
In the Court of Oyer and Terminer, the following cases were tried:
State vs. John Boey – assault and battery on Thomas S. Steelman.  Plead not guilty.  Found guilty, and fined $1.00 and costs.
State vs. Daniel Heiter – assault and batter.  Found guilty, and fined $1.00 and costs.   [note – probably same Daniel as listed above]
State vs. Abagail Leeds – assault and battery on Lavinia A. Lovern.  Plead guilty, Fined $1.00 and costs.
State vs. Caroline Herbert – assault and battery on Abagail Herbert.  Found guilty, and fined $1.00 and costs.
In the C___t Court the following case were disposed of:
The Central Agricultural Association of North America vs. David Jung.  R_plevm. Verdict for the defendant.  Damages 10 cents; cost 6 cents.
In the appeal court the case of William B. Harbett, appellant vs. Jacob Dobidon, appelle, was tried and a verdict of $9 rendered in favor of the plaintiff.

 Atlantic County Democrat & Cape May County Register  [at Absecon]
December 17, 1864 – Page 2
Orphans’ Court Proceedings
The following accounts were settled:
Phebe Homan, administratix of Mahlon Homan:  John McClees, administrator of Manassah [?] McClees; Margaret Gandy, executrix of Uriah Gandy; T. W. & Chalkley Clement, executors of John A. Clement; William Veal, administrator of Henry Veal; James S. Smith, guardian of Henry S. English.
Letters of guardianship were granted to the following patrons:
Ezra Somers, guardian of Deborah and Elmer Somers; Ann Somers, guardina of Sarah S., David H., Harriet J., and Joseph Somers; John R. Somers, guardian of Mary V. Somers; Andrew Robinson, guardian of David S. Robinson.
Report of the sale of Hannah F. Somers, guardian of Sarah E., Lewis C., and Emeline Somers, was continued.
Order to sell land was granted to Samuel Smallwood and Francis H. Hoover, administrators of Edward Russell; and to Mary Marling, administratix of Andrew Marling.

 Atlantic County Democrat & Cape May County Register  [at Absecon]
December 17, 1864 – Page 2
A Family Swept Away
We don’t know when we have read a sadder story than is embodied in the following, under the head of “Deaths, “ in the Utica Morning Herald of Saturday.
In New Hartford, of diptheria, on the 10th inst., James H. Graves,  aged 9 years.
On the 11nd inst., William T. Graves, aged 7 years.
On the same day, Fernando G. Graves, aged 5 years.
On the 23d, Hattie Margery Graves, aged 2 years.
The notice adds that all these were children of Rev. C. and Mary Ann Graves.  Four lambs snatched from a single flock – four chairs made vacant in a single household, and all in the short space of a week. – Albany Journal, 28th  [NY ?]

 May’s Landing Record
July 7, 1906 – Page 3
Death of Miss Edna R. Smallwood.
   The entire community was shocked early last Sunday morning when word was received of the death of Miss Edna R. Smallwood, only child of Mr. And Mrs. William Smallwood.
   The estimable young lady was admitted to the Atlantic City Hospital about two weeks ago to be operated on for appendicitis.  The operation was performed and the patient seemed to improve very rapidly and the relatives and physicians were elated over her condition.  Saturday evening Miss Smallwood enjoyed a hearty supper and conversed freely and was in the best of spirits.  About nine o’clock she was taken with violent pains in the stomach and shortly after three o’clock Sunday morning died from hemorrhages.
   The sudden death of Miss Smallwood cast gloom not only among her relatives but her many friends as well.  She was well-known in society circles being a member of the Gamma Sigma, a teacher in the public school and devout member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  She was beloved by everybody and her kindly disposition won for her friends wherever she was known  It was her delight to be always helping some one and many can attest to her good deeds.  She was 27 years of age.
   The funeral occurred Thursday morning from her late residence on Main Street and was largely attended.  Services were conducted by Rev. George W. Ridout and interment was made in Union Cemetery.  The floral offerings from family and friends, attesting the high esteem in which the deceased was help, were many and beautiful.
   Mr. and Mrs. Smallwood have the sympathy of the entire community in their deep affliction.

May’s Landing Record
July 7, 1906 – Page 3
Local News Notes
Mr. L. Bonyay, father of Mrs. Charles Bartha, died at his home in New Haven, Conn., last Tuesday morning after a brief illness of paralysis, aged 65 years.  Deceased leaves a widow and four children, two sons and two daughters.  Mr. and Mrs. Bartha and children left Wednesday afternoon for New Haven to attend the funeral.

South Jersey Republican  - Hammonton, NJ
April 22, 1922  -  page 1
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Patten, of 57 S__ayth St., Camden, N. J., announce the marriage of their daughter, Melba A., to Joseph A. Rekel[?],, also of Camden, April 15[or 25].

South Jersey Republican  - Hammonton, NJ
April 22, 1922  -  page 1
Died on Monday, April 17th, Harry Lester Treat, husband of Mary R. Treat (nee Habermehl), and father of Dorothy M. Treat, in his forty-eighth year.  Funeral services at his later residence, 15 A Leggett Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. on April 18th.  Interment at Hammonton, the burial service conducted by Rev. G. H. Keller.  Harry was a former pupil here, and is well remembered by all his former classmates.

South Jersey Republican  - Hammonton, NJ
April 22, 1922  -  page 1
Married, at the M. E. Parsonage on Bellevue Ave., last Saturday evening, April 15, 1922, Elton S. Dayton, of New Cretus, N.J., and Rhea M. Stackers, of Hammonton, by the pastor, Gwynne H. Keller.

The Trenton Times
March 16, 1891   Page 1
Around the State
Heath Norbury, a retired sea captain of the old days, died at his home in Green Creek, Cape May County, on Saturday, at the age of 82 years.

The Trenton Times
March 16, 1891   Page 1
Death of a Former Trenton Potter
The death of Harry Drakeford of Staffordshire, England, at his home in Hanley, Staffordshire, is announced.  The deceased lived in Trenton in former years, and took an active part in forming some of the unions that contended for the rights of workmen to organize in the early days of the pottery industry in Trenton.  In 1869 he was president of the potters’ union.  He was a faithful and conscientious man at his trade and was a genial shopmate.  He was in his 49th year at the time of his death.

The Trenton Times
March 16, 1891   Page 1
Died Unrepentant and Defiant
DECATUR, Ills, March 16 – W. H. Crawford, Jr., was hanged here at 11:15 a.m.  The drop was five fee and his neck was broken by the fall, death being instantaneous.  The wound inflicted by himself in his throat was torn open.  Crawford walked to the gallows with a wonderful show of indifference, and as the rope was placed around his neck he drew himself up to his full height.  He declined to make a statement and refused to be baptized, dying unrepentant and defiant.  The crime for which Crawford was hanged was the murder of Mr. Lina Mathias on Aug. 30, 1890.  He induced her in some way to accompany him to a lonely field and there cut her throat.  Crawford was arrested on suspicion and, after making an attempt to kill himself, confessed that he had killed Mrs. Mathias, saying that he loved her.


South Jersey Republican
Personals and Otherwise
The remains of Orville E. Moore, who died January 17, 1900, were brought from Boston;- and interred in Greenmount Cemetery on Monday

Mr. Jesse Whiffen, formerly well-known as one of the Wiffen Bros. shoe manufacturers, died early yesterday morning, at the residence of
his nephew, Percy E. Whiffen, Hammonton, aged seventy-nine Years.

 South Jersey Republican
April 22, 1922 pg 1

Died, on Wednesday, April 19th, Mrs. Nellie G. Ragg (nee Stout), wife of John Ragg. Funeral service will be held to-morrow afternoon
at 2:00 o’clock, at her late home at Rosedale.

Sympathy is extended to John Ragg and family, of Rosedale, in the death of the wife and mother, on Wednesday, and a son and
brother on Tuesday, both of pneumonia, at the Egg Harbor City Hospital.

George W. MacGreggor, Jr. of Newtonville, N. J., and Miss Berthe Baker of  Winslow, N. J., were united in marriage by. Rev. Chas. O. Mudge
on Saturday, evening. April 15th, 1922, at the manse of the First Presbyterian Church, Hammonton.

 Died, on Monday, April 17th
Harry Lester Treat, husband to Mary R. Treat.(nee Habermehl) and father of Dorothy M. Treat, in his forty-eighth year. Funeral
services at. his late residence, 15A Leggett Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y on April 18th. Interment at Hammonton, the burial service conducted
by Rev. G. H. Keller.  Harry was a former pupil here, and is well remembered by all his former classmates.

 Married, at the M. E. Parsonage on Bellevue Ave., last Saturday
evening, April 15, 1933, Elton S. Dayton, of New Gretna,  N. J., and
Rhea M . Stackers, of Hammonton by the pastor, Gwynne H. Keller.

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Patten of 57 S. 27th St., Camden, N.J., announce the marriage of their daughter, Melba A., to Joseph A. Eckel, also of Camden on April 15, 1922.

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