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Tips for Locating an Obituary
Sample Letter to Newspaper

The best way to encourage local newspapers to be involved in the USGenWeb Archives Obituary Project is to contact them in an effort to gain their approval to allow volunteers to place copies of obituaries from their publication in the USGenWeb Archives.  Here is a sample letter which includes information that a newspaper would need in determining whether to grant permission for their obituaries to appear in the USGenWeb Archives.


Dear <newspaper>:

My name is <your name>.  I am a researcher and volunteer to the USGenWeb Archives, an internet based repository of genealogical information.  This non-profit organization maintains this internet site through volunteers.  All information in the Archives is received through donation and is available for free access to researchers.  I hope you will visit the site at

The Obituary Project is one of many projects within the USGenWeb Archives, and I'm writing you to ask permission to store copies of obituaries from your publication within this project.  We would be happy to include a link to your website from this project, which may help bring more visitors to your site <omit if no website>.  We'd also be happy to wait a period of time before posting the obituaries, if requested.  Each file includes a notice regarding use of information contained with it for copyright purposes.

Please contact me at <your contact information>  with any questions in association with this project.

Thank you for your time.  I look forward to your response.





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