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Welcome to the Maine
USGenWeb Obituary Project!

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This is a project for Maine and we hope to make it a success by getting many local newspapers involved!

Ways You Can Help:

  1. You can help us by submitting a letter to the publisher of any local Maine Newspaper and get permission for current obits to be published. A sample letter can be found here.
  3. Go through old newspapers (published prior to 1929) and copy the obituaries found. We will also accept single obituaries that you have in your files. You can submit either complete obituaries or abstracts (just the facts) of the obituaries. Check with your local library to see what old newspapers they have on microfilm.

  Copyright Law:

The Maine Obituary Project will abide by today's copyright laws. Obituaries published after December 31, 1929, unless:

  1. you were the original author of the obituary, or
  2. the newspaper in question grants permission to reprint the obituary, or
  3. the obituary is that of a family member (you must give the relation), or
  4. you submit an abstract of your obituaries. A good abstract might give the paper's name, name of deceased, age, date of death, and date that the obituary appears in the paper (in parenthesis) .

Participating Newspapers

Seacoast Online

  Please use the form to submit your obituraries to the Archives!!


Thinking about Adopting a State? Please see the
Guidelines Page for more information.

Obituary Archives Project Coordinator -

Special Projects Representative - Rebecca Maloney