Mountain View Cemetery
435 Stoker Ave., Reno, Nevada
(775) 329-9231

All photographs donated by Betty Kloosterman of Reno, Nevada
(2006 Copyright) unless indicated otherwise

Main Entrance



  ABERNATHY, Bobby O. 4/20/1942 8/18/1999 Garden of Memory
  ADAMOV, Isabelle A. 1912 1968 Urn Garden of Friendship
  ADAMS, Charles E. 7/12/1949 3/15/1980 Pinecrest Lawn
  AINSWORTH, Lyn Mayo Cusick 1/12/1946 1/22/2004 Pinecrest Lawn
  AKERT, Bluma B. 1907 1981 Urn Garden of Friendship
  AKERT, William H. 1900 1973 Urn Garden of Friendship
  ALBERS, Donald J.
1925 1999 Garden of Memory
  ALEXANDER, Clyde W. 1949 2006* Garden of Memory
  ALEXANDER, Leroy Thomas 1913 1978 Pinecrest Lawn
  ALLEN, Arthur V. 7/20/1897 2/21/1987 Pinecrest Lawn
  ALOS, Mankileg 6/28/1907 12/26/1980 Pinecrest Lawn
  ALTUNIN, Karen R.
1952 2004 Garden of Memory
  ANDERSON, Daniel 1/18/1950 1/1/1974 Pinecrest Lawn
  ANDERSON, Gwen Bradish 1896 1985 Urn Garden of Friendship
  ANDERSON, Joseph 1902 1977 Pinecrest Lawn
  ANDERSON, Lawrence F. 1890 1968 Urn Garden of Friendship
  ANDERSON, Lelah Mae 1922 1977 Urn Garden of Friendship
  ANDERSON, Margaret G. "Marni" 1930 2000 Pinecrest Lawn
3 ANDERSON, Marie 1887 1922 Oak Lawn
  ANDERSON, Ralph C. 2/19/1917 2/13/1976 Pinecrest Lawn
  ANDERSON, Wayne S. 7/17/1923 1/1/1981 Pinecrest Lawn
  ANDES, George Robert 1912 1976 Pinecrest Lawn
  ANGELL, Rose M. 3/31/1905 12/18/1989 Pinecrest Lawn
  ANIFANT, Theodore T. 2/12/1908 3/11/1977 Pinecrest Lawn
  ANSELMO, Joseph 1888 1963 Urn Garden of Friendship
  APPLONIE, Gary Dan 5/31/1963 5/20/2002 Garden of Memory
  APPLONIE, Guy Leon "George" 5/31/1958 12/31/2004 Garden of Memory
  ARNETT, Cecil R. 8/23/1899 4/3/1985 Urn Garden of Friendship
  ARNETT, Ida M. 1900 1986 Urn Garden of Friendship
  ARNOLD, Binney
EVANS, Gene T.
Garden of Memory
  ARNOLD, Louise M. 10/7/1901 5/22/1978 Urn Garden of Friendship
  ASNAULT, Hedwig 4/23/1920 4/20/1986 Pinecrest Lawn
  ASNAULT, Leo D. 9/21/1903 11/25/1976 Pinecrest Lawn
4 ATKINS, Rose Myra 1921 1958  
  AUBLE, Albert H. 4/30/1925 1/7/2006 Pinecrest Lawn
  AUBLE, Christina S. 1/7/1900 10/31/1974 Pinecrest Lawn
  AUBLE, Diana D. 12/30/1927 10/7/2002 Pinecrest Lawn
  AUBLE, Raymond C. 6/28/1899 2/16/1972 Pinecrest Lawn
  AUBLE, Robert B. 8/9/1929 11/19/1982 Pinecrest Lawn
  AUBUCHON, Richard L. 1953 1972 Urn Garden of Friendship
  AXTELL, Norman E. 1917 1981 Pinecrest Lawn

* Social Security Death Index
Photo by Marcena Thompson
(2) Photo by Kay Inglis
(3) Photo by Holly Hart
(4) Photo by Bob Berrington

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