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Description Size Date Submitter
Cemeteries in Nevada      
Alamo Cemetery 2002 15K Jan 2002 Patricia A. Scott
Alamo Cemetery 2010 22K Mar 2011 Gerry Perry
Armagosa Cemetery 2002 1K Jan 2002 Patricia A. Scott
Barclay/Clover Valley Cemetery 4K Oct 2002 Kelton Hafen
Boot Hill 4K Jul 2009 Gerry Perry
Bullionville Historic Cemetery 2K Feb 2000 Doreen Robinson
Caliente City Cemetery 2002 36K Feb 2002 Patricia A. Scott
Caliente City Cemetery 2010 29K Apr 2011 Gerry Perry
Caliente I.O.O.F. Cemetery 18K Apr 2011 Gerry Perry
Castles Family Cemetery 2K Apr 2007 Logan Wright
Delamar Cemetery 2K Aug 2001 Kerri Pettit
Hackett Family Cemetery 2K Feb 2003 Patricia A. Scott
Hiko Cemetery 8K May 2007 Logan Wright
Hollinger-Hammond Cemetery 9K Feb 2002 Patricia A. Scott
Panaca Memorial Cemetery 45K Jan 2002 Patricia A. Scott
Pioche Cemeteries 54K Jan 2002 Patricia A. Scott
Pioche City Cemetery 25K Oct 2011 Gerry Perry
Pioche I.O.O.F & Masonic Cemetery 28K Oct 2011 Gerry Perry
Rachel Cemetery 2K Jun 2005 Campbell & Scott
Richardville Cemetery 5K Jun 2007 Patricia A. Scott
Schofield Cemetery 6K Jul 2007 Logan Wright
Spring Valley Cemetery 4K Jun 2007 Rice & Scott
St. Laurence Catholic Cemetery 13K Mar 2011 Gerry Perry

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