Logandale, Nevada

The St. Joseph Cemetery is located on a sand bench at St. Joseph and Whittwer in Logandale. Records tell us that in the short span
of a couple of weeks in the fall of 1865, five pioneers perished in the harsh, inhospitable land. Exactly how many were buried here
during this time we don't know. With the sand blowing, it is possible that some graves may have been lost.  It seems that after the first year, burials were made at what is now known as the Overton Cemetery. According to records, in the eighteen nineties there was a renewal of burials at this cemetery.  We do know that both the Perry Davis Huntsman Family and the Joseph Smith Huntsman family buried their children there during this period.

Lee Huntsman, son of Perry Huntsman, during his retirement  took it upon himself as a hobby and a mission to visit and repair if he could, forgotten cemeteries and graves. For the St. Joseph Cemetery, he made an 800 pound marker from granite and cement. On this marker he listed those he knew were buried there.

This cemetery was the site of an Eagle Scout project in August, 1991, by Nathaniel H. Robison who is a descendant of original St. Joseph Pioneers. Each grave was given a wooden cross and the gating repaired along with a stone lined walkway to the entrance.

DENTON, Sarah                            Died Nov 01, 1865         67 yrs 9 mos 1 da
HUNTSMAN, Anthony Call           Died June 24, 1897          1 yrs  4 mos 7 das
HUNTSMAN, Hannah Loretta       Died Aug 31, 1898                    1 mo   1 da
HUNTSMAN, Ivie                         Died Nov 25, 1908           3 yrs           21 das
HUNTSMAN, James Smith            Died Jan 20, 1899                      1 mo  5 das
HUNTSMAN, Milo Parker             Died Apr 2, 1896             1 yr   4 mos 7 das
HUNTSMAN, Salind Addis            Died Apr 22, 1896                    2 mos 11 das
OLSEN, Hans Peter                        Died Oct 24, 1865          45 yrs 2 mos 7 das
OLSEN, Ingleborg Katren               Died Oct 18, 1865            2 yrs 1 mo   5 das
PALMER, George                          Died Oct 23, 1865          40 yrs 1 mo   2 das
WILKERSON, Charles Thomas     Died Oct 17, 1865                     7 mos 5 das

ALLEN, Ingeborg (Christina JESPERSON) HANSEN (PEHLE/PEEL)     (small wooden plank)
                                                            10 Jan 1802  - 3 Jun 1869 St Joseph of Malaria, wife of Joseph S. ALLEN
KARTCHNER, Euphemia Ardimonia 14 Mar 1867 - 15 Apr 15 1868  only formal headstone in cemetery

ANGELL, Charlotte Elizabeth 11 Apr 1867 - 25 Apr 1868 born & died at St. Joseph #2
child of Alma Truman ANGELL and Charlotte BUYS

FARMER, Hyrum Broadbridge **POSSIBLE** Died June 23, 1868 at St. Joseph, son of James and Sarah FARMER 1y 1m 27d
HEAP, Nephi or Robert ** POSSIBLE ** Both sons of Smith and Agnes HEAP, drowned before 1870 while crossing the Virgin River. Only one body was recovered.
JACOBSEN, Maren Christine **POSSIBLE** died 21 Sept 1867 7y 7m 3d dau of Dars & Margrette JACOBSEN, step dau of Rasmus M. ENGLESTADT
KARTCHNER, Henry died 24 Aug 1868 2y 3m 2d son of W.D. & Elizabeth died at St. Joseph

NOTE: Someone has built a beautiful wooden bridge across the culvert to this cemetery since Feb. 2001!

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