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The USGenWeb Archives Volunteers are proud to present our official newsletter.

USGW-ARCHIVES-ANNOUNCE is a read-only mailing list for weekly announcements of new updates and submissions to the USGenWeb Archives. To subscribe send the following as the only text in the body of a message that says SUBSCRIBE to:

If you have a submission or update for the USGenWeb Archives Newsletter, please feel free to email that link to

What are the archives anyway?

The USGenWeb Archives are a "virtual library" of historical documents that have been transcribed and donated by folks like you. This newsletter contains some of the newest submissions. In The USGenWeb Archives you may find items such as wills, obituaries, letters, biographical sketches, county and township histories, census, cemeteries, etc. This will vary by state and county, dependant upon what has been submitted. The Archives were first established as a support tool for the USGenWeb County Coordinators, to provide a permanent storage place for valuable genealogical date, with unlimited space available.

What a wonderful wealth of information -- free genealogical data online -- what a concept....there must be a catch. There ISN'T a catch. The USGenWeb Archives should be supported and presented as an alternative to other avenues of publishing genealogical data. The Archives are housed by RootsWeb with unlimited space for data storage. Dr. Brian Leverich was one of the founders of the Archives and RootsWeb deserves financial support from all of us for their gracious, untiring, and patient support of the genealogical community.

The USGenWeb Archives Digital Library was implemented in July 1996, and files are being added everyday. If you have transcriptions to contribute, please read the Guidelines for file contributions.

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    The USGenWeb Tombstone Project was started by Pam Reid to encourage people to walk cemeteries and donate copies of the surveys to The USGenWeb Archives. Many transcriptions are already available online and more are added daily.

    That's exactly why the organizers and the current volunteers of the USGenWeb Archives structured them the way they are (for future growth). Every circumstance, idea, possibility, technology (present and future), was considered when setting the Guidelines of the USGenWeb Archives. They've grown to over 2.5 GIGS of text data, and way over that in scanned documents... in just three years. The first file was uploaded in June 1996.

    We have a million hits (downloads) a month, and researchers find the present structure very easy and useful. The archivists have made very few changes since June 1996, for example - including adding the USGenWeb Archives Notice to each file, because several ventures were starting to point to the files behind a fee-based website, and some were copying the files to build a library for their own purpose.

    File submitters are from all over the Internet, including genealogical societies, departments of the United States government, and local and county offices. People see the advantage of the Archives for researchers, and go out of their way to help. We're constantly getting messages asking, "How can I help?"

    The Archives have also gained a respect from the NGS, who helped us start the Chalkley Chronicles project, and other genealogical societies - who send databases of their out-of-print publications, and government offices - census and Bureau of Land Management.

    Since 1996, The USGenWeb Archives and it's volunteers, have been dedicated to free online genealogy.

    USGenWeb Archives File Managers