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THE ARCHIVES NEWSLETTER, Week Ending October 19, 2001
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The following census images are now online in the USGenWeb Archives:

KENTUCKY 1830, 1840 Laurel County

LOUISIANA 1850, 1860 Ouachita Parish

TENNESSEE 1850, 1860, 1870 Johnson County

WEST VIRGINIA 1860 Wyoming County

WISCONSIN 1870 Pierce County

Please visit the USGenWeb Census Project at if you are interested in transcribing any county of any federal census records. A copy of all transcriptions done for this project are submitted to the appropriate state File Manager for inclusion in the USGenWeb Archives.


Autauga County
1910 ED 1 Federal Census Transcription>

Baldwin County
Marriages to 1825

Bibb County
Marriages to 1825

Blount County
Marriages to 1825

Clarke County
Marriages to 1825

Dallas County
Marriages to 1825

Franklin County
Marriages to 1825

Greene County
Marriages to 1825

Henry County
Marriages to 1825

Jefferson County
Marriages to 1825

Lauderdale County
Marriages to 1825

Lawrence County
Marriages to 1825

Madison County
1830 Federal Census Transcription
1840 Federal Census Transcription
Marriages to 1825

Marengo County
Marriages to 1825

Mobile County
Marriages to 1825

Monroe County
Marriages to 1825

Morgan County
1870 Federal Census Transcription
1900 ED133 Federal Census Transcription
Marriage Records to 1825

Perry County
Marriage Records to 1825

Shelby County
Marriage Records t0 1825

St. Clair County
Marriage Records to 1825

Sumter County
1840 Federal Census Transcription

1880 ED157 Partial Federal Census Transcription

Tuscaloosa County
Marriage Records to 1825

Washington County
Marriage Records to 1825

Wilcox County
Marriage Records to 1825

Grafton County
Smart Cemetery in Rumney Foster Cemetery in Wentworth

Onslow County
Beverly Cole is transcribing the complete Will Book 1 for Onslow County, and making the wills available to the genealogy public:

Statewide Files
Historical Collections of Ohio
The Kelley Family Collections
Newspaper article, Plains Dealer
compiled by S.J. Kelley-- 1925
And Then They Went West
by Darlene E. Kelley 1998
Ohio -- The Frontier (Parts 5 - 9B)

There is an online version at:

Ross County
Estate of John England, 23 June 1847

USGenWeb Archives File Managers

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