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December 6, 1999

December 13, 1999

December 20, 1999

December 27, 1999

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December 6, 1999



  • Mississippi County 1910


  • Pike County 1920 (district sub-directories)


    The United States Digital Map Library, a project of the USGenWeb Archives, is now under the coordination of Kelly Mullins and Mary Ann Hetrick. Please take a moment to browse this project at As with all Archives projects, this one is dependent on both volunteers and contributions. Many states are currently in need of coordination, and map contributions are both needed and appreciated.

    The USGenWeb Archives Project has begun in earnest to gather from contributors and upload military pension records for all wars prior to 1900. Please visit to find out more!

    Did your ancestor serve in the military?

    History, beginning with the early exploration, to present day, has provided nearly every generation with the participation and consequences of war. Each of these wars have a political history and consequence, but what is even more intriguing is the family history and consequences, that have ultimately shaped generations of families. Much of the family history can be told through the military records of an individual. The Pension records provide a timeline and documentation of your ancestors life. It not only places your ancestor into the context of history, but provides an avenue to explore your ancestor in the context of family life.

    Did your ancestor get a pension? Did his widow get a pension? Are there family stories told of your ancestor within the pension records?

    The answer is probably "YES" to all of the above!

    Visit and submit your ancestors pension records today.


  • Randolph County 1840 Census Transcription
  • Shelby County 1850 Census Transcription


  • Searcy County 1850 Census Transcription


  • Los Angeles County 1860 (Partial) Census Transcription Dist/Twp/City: San Juan Twp.
  • San Luis Obispo County 1860 (Partial) CensusTranscription

    The Pikes Peak GS donated their new cemetery books for the First United Methodist Church Columbarium and for the Memorial Gardens Cemetery and Mausoleum both in Colorado Springs. The Memorial Gardens book alone was 387 printed pages (2.3 MB) before I broke it into sections! See:

    Maggie donated another 28 biographies transcribed from Stone's 1918 "History of Colorado" for Bent, Denver, El Paso, Fremont, Larimer, Prowers, Pueblo, Teller and Weld Counties. Over 265 bios transcribed and she reports she is now only half-way through the book! See:

    Karla donated her transcription of the 1920 Cheyenne County Census. See:
    Cheyenne County 1920 (Partial) Census Transcription Dist/Twp/City: Precinct 1

    Carolee Schrader donated her listing of land record entries for western Fremont County. See:


  • Madison County 1870 Census Index This is 542K in size.
  • Marion County 1860 Census Transcription
  • Telfair County 1830 Census Transcription
  • Thomas County 1850 Census Transcription


  • Clinton County 1920 (Partial) Census Transcription Dist/Twp/City: Breeze Twp.
  • Pope County 1820 Census Transcription
  • Vermilion County 1860 (Partial) Census Transcription Dist/Twp/City: Ross Twp.


  • Fayette County 1850 Census Transcription
  • Grant County 1850 Census Transcription
  • Lake County 1850 Census Transcription
  • LaPorte County 1850 Census Transcription


  • Pottawattamie County 1870 (Partial) Census Transcription Dist/Twp/City: Council Bluffs, Ward 4(con't)
  • Palo Alto County 1880 (Partial) Census Transcription Dist/Twp/City: Vill. of Emmetsburg, Lost Island Twp., Vill. of Ruthven, Walnut Twp.


  • Greeley County 1920 Census Transcription


  • St Landry Parish Louisiana, Notarial Records transcribed from Microfilm (9 files total of 930 K)


  • Transcribed and submitted by Karen Ray
    BAILEY ISLAND CEMETERY - (Baily Island) Harpswell, Cumberland Co., Maine OLD HARPSWELL COMMON BURYING GROUND (a.k.a. OLD MEETING HOUSE CEMETERY - Harpswell, Cumberland Co., Maine
  • Both cemeteries are accessible from The Maine Tombstone Transcription page for Cumberland County


  • Hartford County 1790 Census Transcription
  • Worcester County 1850 Census Transcription


  • Worcester County 1910 (Partial) Census Transcription Dist/Twp/City: Mendon Twp.


  • Isabella County 1890 (Special Veterans Schedules) Census Transcription
  • Lapeer County 1850 Census Transcription


  • Butler County 1910 (Partial) Census Transcription Dist/Twp/City: Gillis Bluff Twp., Neely Twp., Neelyville, Pike Slough, Poplar Bluff Twp.
  • Pulaski County 1840 Census Transcription
  • Pulaski County 1860 Census Transcription


  • Sullivan County, Acworth: More listings from History of Acworth with the Proceedings of the Centennial Anniversary, Genealogical Records and Register of Farms by Rev. J. L. Merrill, Town of Acworth, 1869:
    hayward.txt heard.txt hemphill.txt henry.txt
    hilliard.txt himes.txt hobbs.txt honey.txt
    houston.txt hovey.txt howard.txt howe.txt
    howe2.txt hubbard.txt hull.txt humphrey.txt
    huntley.txt huntley2.txt huntley3.txt ingalls.txt
    jackson.txt johnson.txt johnson2.txt jones.txt

    1905 School Census, Stutsman county

  • 1905-ag.txt
  • 1905-hq.txt
  • 1905-rz.txt


  • Abbotts History of Ohio Chapters 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
    Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20
    Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23
  • Know Your Ohio - Ohio in the Civil War Continued
    Part 12a Part 12b Part 13a
    Part 13b Part 13c Part 14
    Part 15 Part 16a Part 16b
  • Maps Project Updated
  • Revolutionary War Pension's Table of Contents
  • Butler County 1850 Census Index
  • Columbiana County 1850 Census Index
  • Green County Pension John McLane
  • Guernsey County 1850 Census Index
  • Knox County 1850 Census Index
  • Monroe County Pension William McClain
  • Muskingum County Pension William McClain
  • Sandusky County 1850 Census Index
  • Seneca County 1850 Census Index
  • Wood County 1850 Census Index
  • Williams County 1850 Census Index
  • Wyandot County 1850 Census Index


  • Bradford County 1850 (Partial) Census Transcription
  • Butler County 1870 (Partial) Census Transcription Dist/Twp/City: Adams Twp
  • Cambria County 1870 (Partial) Census Transcription Dist/Twp/City: Croyle Twp, Summittville Twp, Willmore Borough
  • Fayette County 1800 (Partial) Census Transcription Dist/Twp/City: Springhill Twp.
  • Schuylkill County 1870 (Partial) Census Transcription Dist/Twp/City: Branch Twp.


  • Germantown Cemetery, Turner Co. - WPA Graves Registration Project
  • Kingsbury Co. Marriages extracted from the DeSmet "Leader" (a newspaper), 1883-1886


  • Gray County 1880 Census Transcription


  • Barbour County 1850 Census Transcription
  • The archived obits of The Gazette-Virginian, Halifax County VA - 1998 Archived Obits - 1999 Archived Obits


  • Asotin County Cemeteries Updated
  • Chelan County Cemetery Page
    1. Fraternal Cemetery, Chelan, part I (A-D)
    2. Fraternal Cemetery, Chelan, part II (E-J)
    3. Fraternal Cemetery, Chelan, part III (K-P)
    4. Fraternal Cemetery, Chelan, part IV (R-Z)
  • Gray's Harbor County Cemetery Page


  • Brannon Cemetery, Gilmer County, WV
  • Calloway Cemetery, Raleigh County, WV
  • O'Neal Cemetery, Raleigh County, WV
  • Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery, Raleigh County, WV
  • Pendry Cemetery, Wyoming Co. WV