Old Death Register Index

 The three old death register books indexed here are held by  Karen Samek, current County Recorder and vital registrar for the county.  Entries in the three books cover a period from 1893 to 1933.  History of the vital records registration is not clear, but it appears as if these three books may have been kept during that period by the City of Jamestown.

Keep in mind that this register was probably copied from a more formal death certficate.  The transcription done to produce this index,  is then a second copy of a first copy.  Copying errors are likely compounded.  Some spelling troubles with names are related to difficult handwriting, so some names may well be in error. Some attempt was made to check them against databases of obituaries and cemetery books, but children and ND State Hospital patients are quite often not in those databases.

In addtion to things transcribed to produce this index, the original death register also contained: sex, color, marital status, age in years, months, and days, the cause of death, duration of last illness, and the date when recorded.  Names of parents are quite often complete with first, middle, and surnames, which have been shortened for the purpose of the index.  The place of birth shown in the index is usually the state or country of birth, but the register may have also recorded the city or village as well.

None of the three books contain information about the place of burial.  Book number three does record the name of the undertaker.  Some names have been entered more than once in the registers.

If you want a copy of the original death register and have no luck with the County Recorder, our club did keep the photocopies used in this transcription.  Send $2 cash or a check made out to the James River Genealogy Club to George L. Barron, 8399 33rd St. SE, Jamestown, ND 58401-9655 for each name requested.

Copyright 2001 by George L. Barron

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