Do you like studying genealogy, or learning about county history and the pioneers involved? Do you have a personal connection to a county? You might enjoy being involved in providing county genealogy and history to others. We are a group of volunteers working together to provide that kind of information in every county and every state; and everything we do is free to the researcher. It is really fun to do.

Here's a great video with an interview with one of our Coordinators:

The technical knowledge required is minimal. FTP is easy to learn. Coding of a county website is done through HTML or other website generation tools and there are easy ways to learn and get help from others. Think it over. Let us know your thoughts. We certainly can use your help and your knowledge.

North Dakota has a need for volunteers. Here is a list of counties available for adoption by you. If interested -

Click Here then Click on "Adopt Me" Button

Perhaps a county outside of North Dakota? Those available counties are listed here. Or, go to the state map page and click on the state you are interested in.

29 April 2021