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Death Certificates
Source: Missouri Digital Heritage

Missouri Death Certifcates (1910-1963)

Ray County Death Certificates (1962)

Ray County Death Certificates (1961)

The following are Ray County Death Certificates (1910-1960):


Abbott-Amos Anderson-Austin
B Babcock-Bayne Beall-Blythe Boehmer-Boyle Braddie-Bryden Buchanan-Byus
C Cain-Church Clairday-Clivenger Coats-Cox Crabb-Curtis
D Dagley-Dewey Diamond-Dye
E Eads-Ezell
F Fairchilds-Floyd Folger-Furrie
G Gabert-Gowing Grable-Gwinn
H Haas-Hayson Head-Hixon Hoalman-Hyder
I Imler-Izett
J Jack-Judd
K Kalberloh-Kutz
L Lackard-Leylo Liebel-Lyons
M Macey-Mallory Manel-Maquess Mardment-Maze McAbel-McWilliams Meador-Mizner Moad-Myres
N Nading-Nutter
O Obley-Owens
P Padgett-Petty Pfeffer-Powless Prather-Pyle
Q Qeever-Quioenonez
R Rachke-Rhodus Rice-Rivescomb Roach-Royle Rrosewarren-Ryding
S Sackman-Sexton Shackelford-Sisson Skeleton-Smoot Snaraden-Spurr St. Clair-Stymelski Subett-Sylevester
T Tabler-Thurman Tickle-Tuttle
U Uieple-Utt
V Valcomer-Vonholten
W Wade-Weymouth Wharton-Whorton Wickstrom-Witte Wolfe-Wysong
Y Yallaly-Yowekem
Z Zalrader-Zuklin

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