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Pre-1910 Births (W - Z)

source: Missouri Digital Heritage

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Wade Norborne Carroll December 25, 1887 Wade Benj. Wade Annie Cook Detail
Wagaman Carrollton, MO Carroll July 14, 1884 Wagaman Wm. H. Wagaman Olga Parker Detail
Wagaman Carroll Co., Mo Carroll December 4, 1884 Wagaman Hasting Wagaman Lou Horning Detail
Wagaman Carroll Co., Mo Carroll September 10, 1883 Wagaman John xx Detail
Wagaman Carroll Co., Mo Carroll July 20, 1884 Wagaman Martin T. Wagaman Lola E. Rueter Detail
Wager Chas Emanuel Maudeville Carroll February 14, 1884 Wager Rees J. Wager Henretta F. Green Detail
Wagg Jesse Franklin Residence Carroll September 6, 1883 Wagg Wm. Wagg Rosana Little Detail
Waggener Carrollton, MO Carroll July 1, 1884 Waggener Edward Auther Waggener Belle S Brown Detail
Wagner Egypt Two Carroll August 29, 1888 Wagner Henry Wagner Sallie Detail
Wagner Albrecht Herman Carroll June 29, 1890 Wagner Jacob Wagner Frederika Rn Detail
Wagner Joseph Egypt Twp., Carroll Co., Mo Carroll July 16, 1883 Wagner Davison Wagner Christine Beck Detail
Wagner Mary Moss Creek Twp Carroll November 14, 1884 Wagner John Henry Wagner Sarah Catherine Webb Detail
Wagner Mary Norborne Carroll October 18, 1884 Wagner William Wagner Mary Maloy Detail
Waking Carroll Co. Carroll July 11, 1887 Waking Fred Waking Mary Champert Detail
Walden Combs Carroll February 10, 1886 Walden John F. C. Walden Mary Catherine Monk Detail
Walden Combs Carroll September 25, 1886 Walden Geo. L. Walden Mary Jane Newsom Detail
Walden Combs Carroll February 18, 1888 Walden J. C. Walden Mary K. Monk Detail
Walker Fairfield Twp Carroll September 5, 1884 Walker Frank Walker Elizabeth Jessuh Eldridge Detail
Walker Baylie Carroll Co., Mo Carroll August 27, 1883 Walker Baylie Walker Elizabeth E. Lane Detail
Walker E. L. Warner DeWitt Carroll April 15, 1884 Walker John Walker Malinda Grunjer Detail
Walker Emmel G. Carroll Co Carroll June 30, 1884 Walker Wm F. Walker Laura L. Hancock Detail
Walker Glendale Howland Carroll Co Carroll May 23, 1885 Walker Saml H. Walker Kate Jhowland Detail
Walker Lizzie Carrollton Carroll July, 1886 Walker W. T. Walker Susan Hancock Detail
Wall Carroll Co. Carroll April 9, 1890 Wall William Wall Harriett Roller Detail
Wallace Asper Carroll August 29, 1884 Wallace James H. Wallace Anna Rankin Detail
Wallace Ridge Twp Carroll April 24, 1884 Wallace Gorden Wallace Elizabeth Ellis Detail
Wallace Combs Carroll February 23, 1889 Wallace Ouse Wallace Mary Conipey Detail
Wallis Maudeville, Mo Carroll February 9, 1885 Wallis S. W. Wallis Rebecca A. Detail
Ward Wakenda Carroll January 9, 1886 Ward Fletcher Ward Mary E. Graham Detail
Ward Carrollton Carroll April 12, 1888 Ward Thos. Ward Eva Beau Detail
Warden Moss Creek Twp Carroll April 4, 1885 Warden Wm. Thomas Elizabeth Sarah Banzugardner Detail
Warden Maggie Norborne, Mo Carroll July 15, 1883 Warden William Thomas Warden Sarah E. Baumgardner Detail
Warren Wakenda Carroll October 2 Warren Oliver Warner Martha Bedran Detail
Warren Wakenda Carroll March 20 Warren George Warren Harry Ward Detail
Warren Ida May Combs Twp Carroll December 20, 1884 Warren John B. H. Warren Lucy E. Partton Detail
Warren James Franklin Wakenda Carroll January 29 Warren Harrison Warren Percilla Montgomery Detail
Warrock Compton Carroll March 24, 1887 Warrock Joseph Newstan Warrock Louise Idell Detail
Waters Carroll Co. Carroll October 10, 1885 Waters Jno. T. Waters Martha J. Griffith Detail
Watson Carrollton Carroll November 23, 1888 Watson Thomas Watson Annie Crank Detail
Watson Ralph Grant Wakenda, Mo Carroll January 22, 1885 Watson Joseph Grant Oneal Anne Hatty Stewart Detail
Watts Leslie Twp Carroll September 30, 1885 Watts Andrew Watts Vina V. Huidman Detail
Weaver Carrollton, Mo Carroll February 1, 1884 Weaver Steven S. Weaver Fanny C. Watson Detail
Weaver Carrollton, Mo Carroll March 29, 1885 Weaver Stephen Weaver Fannie C. Watson Detail
Webb Carroll Co., Mo Carroll September 14, 1884 Webb Hary Webb Lura Williams Detail
Webb Eugene Twp Carroll October 26, 1884 Webb J. P. Webb Sarah A. Welloughby Detail
Webb Miles Point Carroll December 14, 1883 Webb Andrew G. Webb Flora H. Starden Detail
Webb Jno Cleveland Norborne Carroll October 6, 1884 Webb John R. Webb Kate Archebald Detail
Webber Carroll Co., Mo Carroll September 10, 1884 Webber Henry Webber Laura Scheerer Detail
Weber Carroll Co Carroll October 4, 1886 Weber Hainy Weber Charlotte Schiver Detail
Webster Hurricnae Carroll February 24, 1887 Webster Chrles Webster Ursula Bellem Detail
Wedlock De Witt, Mo Carroll May 9, 1884 Wedlock Out of Hines Annie Hines Detail
Wedmore Carrollton Carroll August 9, 1887 Wedmore David L. Wedmore Elizabeth Shelton Detail
Weicker Combs Twp Carroll May 12, 1885 Weicker Geo O. Weicker Sarah J. Brigintine Detail
Weishaar Carroll January 21, 1888 Weishaar Frank Weishaar Iva Rowe Detail
Weising Egypt Twp Carroll December 10, 1884 Weising Joseph Weising Trasy Long Detail
Weising Norborne Carroll September 26, 1888 Weising Jospeh Weising Theresa Long Detail
Weising Norborne Carroll June 5, 1892 Weising Jos. T. Weising Theresa Long Detail
Weising Norborne Carroll September 26, 1888 Weising J. T. Weising Theresa Long Detail
Welch Carroll Co., Mo Carroll August 3, 1884 Welch Mike Welch Ellen Lynch Detail
Welker Plymouth, Mo Carroll December 26, 1884 Welker Allen T. Welker Laura Bland Detail
Welker Wash Twp Carroll October 14, 1883 Welker Martin Welker Vina Ella Cox Detail
Welliford Compton Twp Carroll September 1, 1884 Welliford Joh B. Welliford Huldah J. Briles Detail
Wellman Carrollton Carroll October 22, 1886 Wellman Wm. Wellman Adeline Mettchon Detail
Wellman Carroll Co. Carroll October 22, 1886 Wellman Wm. Wellman Adlinia Mitteher Detail
Wellner DeWitt Carroll September 17, 1885 Wellner D. C. Wellner Mary L. Suidth Detail
Wells Grace B. Washington Carroll September 7, 1889 Wells Charles E. Wells xx Detail
Went Cherry Valley Carroll January 27, 1887 Went Wm. C. Went Sarah Kitts Detail
Wenzel Louise Dorathea Wilhelmina blank Carroll March 12, 1890 Wenzel Louis Wenzel Caroline Lenders Detail
West Hurricane Twp Carroll February 12, 1884 West John R. West Sara E. Dailey Detail
Westcott Margaret Near Hale Carroll June 9, 1889 Westcott Arthur W. Westcott xx Detail
Westfall Carroll January 7, 1884 Westfall G. W. Westfall Sophia Parton Detail
Westfall Ridge Carroll May 12, 1887 Westfall Wash. Westfall Sophia Norton Detail
Wethers Cherry Valley Carroll April 5, 1888 Wethers Geo. W. Wethers Annie Brody Detail
Wheeler Moss Creek Twp Carroll October 23, 1884 Wheeler John Jane Ora Charlton Detail
Wheeler Fairfield Carroll October 24, 1886 Wheeler Levi Warren Wheeler Martha Jame Wheeler Detail
Wheeler Prairie Twp Carroll February 19, 1888 Wheeler Samule P. Wheeler Mattie Shanks Detail
Wheeler Fairfield Carroll February 22, 1887 Wheeler Silas W. Wheeler Eliza Susan Steers Detail
Wheeler Fairfield Carroll September 22, 1888 Wheeler Silas Wheeler Susan Eliza Stiers Detail
White Ridge Twp Carroll October 21 White Haskel White Nancy Ling Ling Detail
White Compton Twp Carroll September 5, 1884 White Aton White Inis Williams Detail
White Carroll Co, Mo Carroll November 17, 1884 White Fred J. White Annie Chase Detail
White Carrollton, Mo Carroll October 21, 1883 White Howard White Kate E. Shirk Detail
White Carrollton Carroll December 31, 1884 White John Hurricane White Ann Elizabeth Carey Detail
White Carrollton Carroll July 24, 1885 White Jno. N. White Anna Cary Detail
White Combs Carroll December 27, 1889 White Francis C. White Mary D. Maples Detail
White Carroll Co. Carroll February 3, 1888 White Brun Otto White Ada E. Seymore Detail
White Carl Carrollton Carroll December 27, 1887 White Francis White Mary Maples Detail
Whiteworth Bosworth Carroll April 3, 1894 Whiteworth Edwrd Whiteworth Dellie Alice Tole Detail
Whiting Norborne Carroll December 18, 1889 Whiting Frank J. Whiting Elizabeth Wolf Detail
Whiting Theodore Joseph Egypt Twp Carroll December 10, 1884 Weising Jas Theodore Weising Trasy Long Detail
Whittaker Norborne Carroll January 30, 1888 Whittaker James Whittaker Mary Wilson Detail
Whittington Cherry Valley Carroll October 3, 1886 Whittington Castur Whittington Nellie Trout Detail
Whitton Bogard Carroll February 1, 1886 Whitton Geo. Albert Whitton Amanda Taylor Detail
Whitworth Leslie Twp Carroll October 11, 1885 Whitworth Geo Whitworth Elizabeth Adeline Frasser Detail
Whitworth Carroll Co. Carroll June 21, 1887 Whitworth George W. Whitworth Eliza O. Detail
Wiachart Carroll Co. Carroll September 6, 1888 Wiachart Charles Wiachart Lotta Linekuhler Detail
Wiggins Miami Twp Carroll September 17, 1883 Wiggins William H. Wiggins Amanda Murphy Detail
Wiggins Willis Elbert Miami Twp Carroll June 7, 1886 Wiggins Wm. H. Wiggins Amanda J. Murphy Detail
Wilcoxson Carrollton Carroll September 30, 1884 Wilcoxson John I. Wilcoxson Mollie G. Serrmons Detail
Wileaxson Carrollton Carroll January 18, 1886 Wileaxson John I. Wileaxson Mollie E. Sineous Detail
Wiles Prairie Twp Carroll October 29, 1885 Wiles Wm. H. Wiles Louisa Edna Pritchard Detail
Wilhelm Ride Carroll June 16, 1888 Wilhelm John Wilhelm Anna Hill Detail
Wilhite Charles Carrollton, Mo Carroll May 11, 1884 Wilhite Wm. H. Wilhite Malinda Faulkerson Detail
Willard Ciprn E. S. Carrollton Carroll November 30, 1889 xx xx Willard Ann Buckman Detail
William Carrollton, MO Carroll May 26, 1884 William Zachariah Williams Sarah Johnson Detail
William Carroll Co., Mo Carroll September 25, 1883 William Walter William Lucy McCaulan Detail
Williams Moss Creek Twp Carroll March 29, 1884 Williams Soloman Williams Sarah Kernan Detail
Williams Carroll Co., Mo Carroll May 16, 1884 Williams Chas S. Williams Martha A. Troller Detail
Williams Norborne Carroll November 24, 1883 Williams Harvey Williams Susan ? Detail
Williams Carroll May 30, 1885 Williams John Zinni Williams Lydia Ann Detail
Williams Tina Prce Carroll June 7, 1885 Williams Chas. Standley Williams Clara Russell Shields Detail
Williams Fairfield Twp Carroll November 12, 1885 Williams Joseph S. Williams Pernicia Catherine Sneed Detail
Williams Mandeville Carroll December 12, 1885 Williams Asher Geo. Williams Hannah Eliza Hudson Detail
Williams Carroll Co. Carroll February 7, 1889 Williams Henry Williams Louisa Smith Detail
Williams Carrollton Carroll March 8, 1888 Williams John Williams Mabel Comia Rigdon Detail
Williams Carroll Co. Carroll August 9, 1888 Williams Zachariah Williams a Johnson Detail
Williams Moss Creek Carroll December 10, 1889 Williams Alanson Williams Donna Foster Detail
Williams Mossbank Twp Carroll October 25, 1886 Williams Nelson Williams Lucy Austin Detail
Williams Carroll Co. Carroll March 26, 1886 Williams Edward W. Williams Lucy McCandleys Detail
Williams Dora Mary Norborne, Mo Carroll March 24 Williams Warren Williams Linnie Williams Detail
Williams Pearl Near Hale Carroll December 13, 1887 Williams James W. Williams Amanda Booth Detail
Williams Pearley May Fairfield Carroll May 21, 1887 Williams Alvis Oliver Williams Nancy C. Odell Detail
Willis Moss Creek Twp Carroll Willis Thomas A. Louisa Martha White Detail
Willis Carroll Willis Elijah J. Willis Ddona A. Dean Detail
Willis Carroll Co Carroll March 5, 1885 Willis Aullow W. Willis Minnie M. McGee Detail
Willis William DeWitt Twp Carroll May 20, 1883 Willis William Willis Ellen Patterson Detail
Wilmot Elsa May Hurricane Twp Carroll September 14, 1883 Wilmot Seymour C. Wilmot Mary L. Dailey Detail
Wilson Van Horn Twp Carroll August 29 Wilson Geo W. Wilson Mary E. McCracken Detail
Wilson Hill Twp Carroll August 29, 1883 Wilson James D. Wilson Coloma Bundridge Detail
Wilson Tina Carroll June 7, 1885 Wilson James Edmons Wilson Annette Swicegood Detail
Wilson Hill Twp Carroll July 30, 1887 Wilson George W. Wilson Mahala Yates Detail
Wilson Carrollton Carroll October 28, 1894 Wilson Jas D. Wilson Tessa E. Brotherton Detail
Wilson Van Horn Carroll November 6, 1894 Wilson Wm. E. Wilson Sarah A. Fretz Detail
Wilson Carroll Co. Carroll March 10, 1887 Wilson Charles Wilson Louisea Herbert Detail
Wilson Beryll Green DeWitt Twp Carroll December 27 Wilson Robert Green Wilsn Lillian Reagon Detail
Wilson Della M. Miami Twp Carroll March 9, 1884 Wilson A. G. Wilson Charlotte Petterson Detail
Wilson George Snodgrass Eugene Carroll August 9, 1886 Wilson Andrew J. Wilson Amanda Snodgrass Detail
Wilson Mary Ellen Wakenda, Mo Carroll March 14 Wilson Wm. Joseph Wilson Agnes Eulle Detail
Wilson Mary Victoria Moss Creek Twp Carroll March 9, 1885 Wilson James Lewis Wilson Calvenia Thompson Detail
Wilson Maud Moss Creek Twp Carroll October 18, 1884 Wilson Mordecai Wilson Anna Parsells Detail
Wilson Neill Tina, Mo Carroll May 18, 1885 Wilson Nicholas Enoch Wilson Lulu Francis Warnick Detail
Wilson William Sherman Stokes Mound Carroll July 24, 1887 Wilson James Wilson Coloma Bundridge Detail
Winchester Sire Gallings Carroll Co., Mo Carroll June 25, 1884 Wenchester Serl J. Winchester Julia E. Morris Detail
Winfray Ernst Lee Johnson Carrollton Carroll April 6, 1888 Winfray James M. Winfray Allie E. Huff Detail
Winfrey Leslie Twp Carroll April 13, 1885 Winfrey C. B. Winfrey Mary Alice Brown Detail
Winfrey Eugene Carroll November 21, 1885 Winfrey John Winfrey Nellie Hardiwick Detail
Winfrey Rockford Carroll January 22, 1889 Winfrey Harrison Winfrey Isabel Jenkins Detail
Winfrey Carroll Co. Carroll October 19, 1888 Winfrey J. J. Winfrey Phebe L. Cowler Detail
Winfrey Eugene Carroll September 4, 1888 Winfrey John R. Winfrey Anna W. Hardwisk Detail
Winfrey Chas W. DeWitt, Twp Carroll October 17, 1884 Winfrey Peter Winfrey Emma Galten Detail
Winfrey Gilbert A. Wakenda Twp Carroll December 17, 1884 Winfrey Gilbert M. Winfrey Matilda I. Bryrkover Detail
Winfrey Harry DeWitt, Mo Carroll August 10, 1883 Winfrey Harrison Winfrey Caroline B. Jackson Detail
Winfrey Sarah E. Wakenda Carroll October 22, 1884 Winfrey Mathew M. Winfrey Emma Circle Detail
Winfrey Willie Missouri Carroll August 10, 1883 Winfrey Harrison Winfrey Caroline B. Jackson Detail
Winfry Sugar Tree Carroll February 23, 1890 Winfry Jas. W. Winfry Lillie Clark Detail
Winpry Carroll Co. Carroll November 25, 1888 Winpry Reuthin S Winpry Docia M. Smart Detail
Wiseman Combs Carroll April, 1889 Wiseman Robert Wiseman Roxie Belle Wood Detail
Withers Carroll Co. Carroll January 21, 1887 Withers George W. Withers Anna A. Brady Detail
Witti Egypt Twp Carroll February 13, 1886 Witti Durthuns Witti Sophia Ditchier Detail
Wolf Norborne Carroll June 28, 1890 Wolf John Wolf Eva Rick Detail
Wolf Annie Norborne Carroll June 30, 1888 Wolf John B. Wolf Eva Rock Detail
Wood Combs Carroll February 19, 1888 Wood John H. Wood Dora Wilson Detail
Wood Jas A. Combs Twp Carroll June 17, 1884 Wood John H. Wood Dora Wilson Detail
Wooden Hill Twp Carroll July 17, 1885 Wooden Harry M. Warden Henrrietta Keer Detail
Wooden Carrollton, Mo Carroll October 17, 1883 Wooden John W. Wooden Mary Jane Crawford Detail
Wooden Jesse Carroll Co., Mo Carroll March 3, 1885 Wooden Ephraine I. Wooden Laura Ann Marples Detail
Woodruff Myrtle Alice Carroll Co., Mo Carroll October 22, 1883 Woodruff John Henry Woodruff Martha B. White Detail
Woods Hurricane Carroll June 16, 1884 Woods Humphrey F. Woods George Ann Jeffres Detail
Woods Hurricane Twp Carroll April 19, 1885 Woods James S. Woods Lizzie K. Kaizneman Detail
Woods Washington Carroll May 9, 1887 Woods William P. Woods Florence E. Martin Detail
Woods Wm. Rhea Hale Carroll August 12, 1890 Woods Nathan S Woods Addie Billows Detail
Woodson Carrollton, Mo Carroll August 28, 1883 Woodson L. H. Woodson Mary Catharine Vaughn Detail
Woodson Carrollton Carroll May 14, 1890 Woodson Lycinges Woodson Mary C. Vaughn Detail
Woodson Margaret Carrollton, Mo Carroll June 7, 1885 Woodson Sycusgus Wooden M. C. Vaughn Detail
Woodward Lula May Combs Carroll March 20, 1886 Woodward Wm. C. Woodward Elizabeth Lutepage Detail
Woodyard Ridge Carroll August 23, 1885 Woodyard Lewis H. Woodyard Kate Cassinyham Detail
Woolsey Sugar Tree Twp Carroll February 26, 1884 Woolsey Albert N. Woolsey Aurora S? Detail
Woolsey Cherry Valley Carroll February 12, 1884 Woolsey Sanford H. Bell Amandy E. Bell Detail
Woolsey Claudius Steiner Carroll Co., Mo Carroll February 18, 1885 Woolsey Wm. Anderson Woolsey Mary Elizabeth Steiner Detail
Woolstan Carroll April 14, 1888 Woolstan Walter Woolstan Mary A. Hardwick Detail
Worden Hill Twp Carroll March 2, 1885 Worden Jonn F. Worden Emma A. Stall Detail
Worden Hale Carroll March 7, 1887 Worden J. H. Worden Nancy J. Miles Detail
Worden Hill Carroll January 9, 1886 M. Wordenm James Worden Ann E. Graham Detail
Workan Wakenda Carroll February 25, 1886 Workman Henry Malison Workman Nancy Jane Bricker Detail
Workman E. Carrollton Carroll August 4, 1884 Workman Henry M. Workman Nancy Jane Bucken Detail
Workman Wakenda Carroll October 2, 1885 Workman Thos. B. Workman Martha Jane Clements Detail
Worth Carroll Co., Mo Carroll September 12, 1884 Worth James xx Frizell Detail
Worth Leslie Twp Carroll February 14, 1885 Worth Jerome Worth Delaney Jane Williams Detail
Worth Leslie Carroll March 3, 1888 Worth John L Worth Mary Jane Frizzell Detail
Worthy Carrollton Carroll July 14, 1884 Worthy Alford Worthy Elizabeth Hughes Hughes Detail
Wright Prairie Twp Carroll July 29, 1884 Wright Robe A. Wright Elza J. Owens Detail
Wright Carroll Co Carroll July 13, 1884 Wright M. V. Wright Phebe A. Goodson Detail
Wright Norborne Carroll July 16, 1889 Wright T. B. Wright E. H. Leinbird Detail
Wright Lula Combs Carroll March 22, 1886 Wright David Wright Sarah E. Shipe Detail
Wynn Carroll Co. Carroll December 12, 1885 Wynn Charles Wynn Lola Powell Detail
Wynn Murray Carroll Co., MO Carroll July 8, 1884 Wynn Chas Wynn Leola Powell Detail
Wynne Prairie Twp Carroll July 28, 1884 Wynne Obediah E. Wynne Sarah E. Boone Detail
Yarger Perley P. Fairfield Twp Carroll September 4, 1884 Yarger Wm. Sylvester Yarger Keziah Frances Lockport Detail
Yarnell Combs Twp Carroll May 27, 1885 Yarnell Sterling Price Yarnell Louisa W. Sternetzker Detail
Yarnell Combs Carroll January 18, 1888 Yarnell S. P. Yarnell Louisa Stingly Detail
Yates Hale Carroll December 15, 1886 Yates Charles E. Yates Emma F. Averill Detail
Yates Carrollton Carroll October 28, 1888 Yates Chas. E. Yates Emma A. Averill Detail
Yehle Stokes Md Carroll December 7, 1884 Yehle John Yehle Cami Anderson Detail
York Wakenda Carroll March 26 York Elmer E. York Reliance Cary Detail
Young Combs Twp Carroll September 25, 1883 Young Jospeh Ellen Young Mary Louisa Schaffer Detail
Young Egypt Twp Carroll July 19, 1890 Young Nicholas Young Harriet Reid Detail
Young Trotter Carroll January 1, 1886 Young James Madison Young Mary Elizabeth Martin Detail
Young Norborne Carroll July 4, 1889 Young Howard Young FLora Berry Detail
Young twins Carroll Co. Carroll December 1, 1887 Young James M. Young Mary E. Martin Detail
Zellers Carrollton Carroll April 10, 1887 Zellers George Zellers Sarah J. Smith Detail
Zerley Percy B. Combs Carroll February 2, 1886 Zerley John H. Zerley Nancy H. Brandone Detail
Zields Stokes Mound Carroll September 16, 1887 Zields Thomas C Zields Lucy C. Canor Detail
Zimmerman Milton Fred Washington Twp Carroll April 28, 1885 Zimmerman James Zimmerman Mary Alice Menifee Detail
Zully Hale Carroll February 2, 1890 Zully Louis Zully Lydia Gossett Detail
Zun Bosworth Carroll December 31, 1889 Zun Lionedas Zun Tressie Detail
. Carroll Co. Carroll xx xx xx Bettie Detail
. Carroll December 24, 1884 xx xx xx Detail
. Norborne, Mo Carroll March 21, 1885 xx Detail

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