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Carroll County Missouri
File Name Description Size Date Submitted by:
c160050.txt Cooper, Alfred, Rev., February 21, 1816 3.2K Sep1998 Virginia Flesher
f460800.txt Fuller, Thomas D., April 28, 1842 6.3K Nov1997 Candy Grubb
h400400.txt Hale, John B., February 27, 1831 4.7K   Steve Pfeiffer
m420420.txt Miles, J. W., August 1876 2.3K   Leslie Kohler
p520400.txt Pence, Joseph S., 1836 3.6K   Lisa Smalley
r300300.txt Reed, David, January 10, 1794     Leland Garton
r200250.txt Ross, Clarence E., November 15, 1867
"History of North Washington" Published 1904
4.5K Oct1997 Candy Grubb
traughber.html Records and Genealogies -- by John Logan Traughber, Jr.
(written about September 1889)
    Kristy Williams
journal.html Traughber Journal 1885
A Journal Commencing May 3rd, 1885
by J.L. Traughber, Jr. (John Logan Traughber, Jr.)
    Kristy Williams
Von Arb, Christian, January 30, 1826-April 24, 1879   Jan2014 Bob Wilson

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