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Pre-1910 Births (I - K)

source: Missouri Digital Heritage

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Iler Combs Carroll April 17, 1889 Iler Daniel Iler Lucy Martin Detail
Imhoff Hill Twp Carroll February 7, 1885 Imhoff Richard Imhoff Ella Graham Detail
Imhorf Hill Twp Carroll December 27, 1884 Imhorf Rich Imhorf Ella Graham Detail
Ingalls Washington Twp Carroll August 20, 1883 Ingalls William A. Ingalls Mary E. Detail
Ingnam Ruby Pearl Hale Carroll February 27, 1888 Ingnam James D. Ingnam Sophroria Venable Detail
Inman John T. Washington Twp Carroll September 11, 1884 Inman Geo B. Inman Matilda Welker Detail
Isaacs Bosworth Carroll March 7, 1890 Isaacs John Isaacs Saville Dening Detail
Isham Saml Sugar T. Twp Carroll February 4, 1884 Sepastian xx Jane Emma Hodges Detail
Isom Leslie Twp Carroll November 18, 1883 Isom James R. Isom Hannah Street Detail
Isom Carroll Co Carroll July 15, 1885 Isom Jonithan Murry Isom Cornelia G. Newton Detail
Issrig Ida Mary Near Norborne Carroll May 24, 1884 Issrig Joseph Issrig Ottella Brand Detail
Jackson Carrollton Carroll February 27, 1889 Jackson Isaac N. Jackson Aphanetta Willard Detail
Jackson Carroll Co. Carroll May 30, 1887 Jackson Sephen Jackson Jackson Detail
Jackson Carroll Co Carroll September 14, 1884 Jackson Oliver Oliver Marie Oliver Detail
Jackson Carrollton, Mo Carroll January 18, 1885 Jackson Morris Jackson Nathalia Goodman Detail
Jackson Edgar Carroll Co., Mo Carroll August 16, 1883 Jackson Andrew Jackson Mary Allen Detail
Jackson Richard Norborne, Mo Carroll July 3, 1883 Jackson Andrew J. Jackson Annie Woodruff Detail
Jacobs Norborne Carroll October 26, 1888 Jacobs George H. Jacobs Alice Clark Detail
Jacobs Mary Lilian Carrollton, Mo Carroll July 3, 1883 Jacobs William F. Jacobs Ophelia Combs Detail
James Hale Carroll September 21, 1888 James Edward J. James Bertie Duncan Detail
James Alexander Leslie Twp Carroll April 13, 1884 James Chas M. James Phoebe Ann Smith Detail
James Cary Leslie Twp Carroll November 24, 1883 James John T. James Sarah C. Sibert Detail
Jannsion Carroll Co. Carroll October 1, 1886 Jannsion Henry Allen Jannsion Catherine E. Bartlett Detail
Jeffers Livingston, Mo Carroll June 27 Jeffers James Heffers Sarah Hane Mellon Detail
Jeffries Bosworth Carroll December 28, 1889 Jeffries Flord Jeffries Ellen Reynolds Detail
Jenkins Carroll Co. Carroll March 24, 1890 Jenkins David Jenkins Jane Hoover Detail
Jenkins Carrollton Carroll February 24, 1888 Jenkins Robert W. Jenkins Iona Bell Rybolt Detail
Jenkins Carroll Co. Carroll August 5, 1889 Jenkins Granville Jenkins Dealia Smart Detail
Jenkins Rockford Carroll May 2, 1892 Jenkins Wm. Jenkins Lerra Deo Detail
Jenkins Wakenda, Mo Carroll October 25, 1883 Jenkins Leander B. Jenkins Callie Hovel Detail
Jenkins Harry Wakenda, Mo Carroll January, 18 Jenkins Andrew J. Jenkins Lucinda Sims Detail
Jenkins Martha P. Near Carrollton Carroll February 16, 1884 Jenkins Granville M. Jenkins Ortelia Smith Detail
Jenkins Myrtle Wakenda Carroll September 3 Jenkins Granville Jenkins Ardelia Swart Detail
Jenkins Stella Rockford Carroll January 31, 1888 Jenkens Wm. B. Jenkens Lena Bell Detail
Jennings Combs Twp Carroll February 20, 1885 Jennings John E. Jennings Caroline L. Craig Detail
Jennings Combs Twp Carroll November 21, 1883 Jennings Geo W. Jennings Lora Ella Daugherty Detail
Jennings Tina Prcnt Carroll March 4, 1885 Jennings John Jennings Mary Bell Roberts Detail
Johns Prairie Twp Carroll July 23, 1994 Johns John D. Johns Lydia M. Jones Detail
Johns Nelly M Washington Carroll January 31, 1887 Johns John D. Johns Lydia A Jones Detail
Johnson Carroll Co. Carroll March 23, 1887 Johnson George Johnson xx Huff Detail
Johnson Cherry Valley Carroll December 4, 1886 Johnson Jno. G. Johnson Elizabeth Young Detail
Johnson Carroll Co. Carroll November 3, 1888 Johnson Jcob Johnson Sallie Giles Detail
Johnson Carrollton Carroll October 14, 1888 Johnson Robt H. Johnson Sallie C Clark Detail
Johnson Leslie Twp Carroll March 27., 1884 Johnson Luther Johnson Dolly Miller Detail
Johnson Stokes Mo Carroll August 22 Johnson Royal Johnson Millie Cowles Detail
Johnson Carroll Co. Carroll July 8, 1885 Johnson Eliha W. Johnson Mary Ann Street Detail
Johnson Van Horn Carroll April 5 Johnson A. D. Johnson Hattie V. Rhodes Detail
Johnson Erwin Rhea Hale Carroll June 28, 1887 Johnson Chas. S. Johnson Lotta Edwards Detail
Johnson John Franklin Hale Carroll February 13, 1888 Johnson J. F. Johnson Alice Turner Detail
Johnson Josephine Leola Stokes Mound Carroll August 19, 1883 Johnson Carl S. Johnson Alice B. Draper Detail
Johnson Lizza Combs Twp Carroll March 20, 1884 Johnston Joseph P. Johnston Clara Eller Detail
Johnson Mary L. Carroll Co, Mo Carroll October 4, 1884 Johnson George Madison Johnson Mary L. Huff Detail
Johnson Nessie T. Carroll Co Carroll May 15, 1885 Johnson Charles W. Johnson Susan E. Cunningham Detail
Johnson Richard F. Carroll Co., Mo Carroll September 20, 1883 Johnson Ira Newtn Johnson Mary Eliza Hicks Detail
Johnson William C. Leslie Twp Carroll October 15, 1883 Johnson Elza Johnson Mary Ann Street Detail
Jones Washington Carroll May 17, 1888 Jones Isaac O. Jones Margaret Alice Jones Detail
Jones Washingtn Carroll May 30, 1890 Jones Thomas Jones Katie Hickey Detail
Jones Rockford Carroll November 3, 1887 Jones William Jones Ava Minfree Detail
Jones Bogard Carroll April 12, 1886 Jones Asa E. Jones Harriet Amanda Linville Detail
Jones Cherry Valley Carroll December 15, 1886 Jones Herbert Jones Harriet Hill Detail
Jones Carroll Co., Mo Carroll September 2, 1883 Jones A E. xx Detail
Jones Wakenda Twp Carroll June 10, 1884 Jones Charels D. Jones Frances B. Horean Detail
Jones Combs Twp Carroll November 6 Jones Zepheniah G. Jones Mary Jane Gross Detail
Jones Cherry Valley Twp Carroll January 12, 1884 Jones Herbert Jones Harriet Hill Detail
Jones Clifford Plymouth Carroll February 8, 1885 Jones John C. Jones Mary Detail
Jones Joseph Rollin Near Hale Carroll January 5, 1888 Jones John Newton Jones Mary Olive Lauck Detail
Jones Sinton Cherry Valley Carroll December 15, 1886 Jones Herbert E. Jones Harriet M. Hill Detail
Jones Thomas Carroll Co., Mo Carroll November 7, 1883 Jones David Jones Mariah List Detail
Jones Wesley Logan Carroll Co Carroll July 12, 1885 Jones John Jones Eliza Pery Detail
Jones Winnie Rockford Carroll December 21, 1886 Jones B. F. Jones On??ann V. Garrett Detail
Jones Wm. Jasper Near Hale Carroll July 4, 1889 Jones John N. Jones Mary Olive Lauck Detail
Jowls Moss Creek Twp Carroll December 6, 1884 Jowls Jacob H. xx Detail
Judd Prarie Twp Carroll April 20, 1884 Judd Samuel S. Judd Margaret A. Jones Detail
Judd Mary Jane Prairie Twp Carroll June 27, 1885 Judd George Judd Jame Ellen Jones Detail
Kallenlerger julia Norborne Carroll April 20, 1884 Kallenberger John Kallenberger Ida Vogt Detail
Kanke Carrollton Carroll August 30, 1886 Kanke George Kanke Mary Bode Bode Detail
Kassen Mary Elizabeth Norborne Carroll June 30, 1892 Kassen Martin Kassen Anna [Blank] Detail
Kassens Norborne Carroll December 12, 1894 Kassens Marion Kassens Anna Blanke Detail
Kassins Berhard Heinrich Norborne Carroll June 24, 1890 Kassins Martin Kassins Anna Balke Detail
Kauffman Carroll Co. Carroll December 27, 1887 Kauffman Lincoln Kauffman Mary Hart Detail
Kaufman Carrollton Carroll October 7, 1885 Kaufman A. Lincoln Kaufman Mary B. Hart Detail
Kauke Carrollton Carroll August 30, 1886 Kauke George Kauke Mary Bode Bode Detail
Kauke Carrollton, Mo Carroll November 23, 1884 Kauke George Kauke Mary Bode Detail
Kay White Rock Carroll February 20, 1885 Kay Christopher James Kay Nancy E. Johnson Detail
Kay Thomas Arthur Miami Twp Carroll June 15, 1888 Kay C. Kay Nannie Johnson Detail
Kearns Egypt Twp Carroll May 20, 1888 Kearns John Kearns Amanda Neithercutt Detail
Keidel Egypt Twp Carroll May 16, 1892 Keidel Crist Keidel Dorathae Thorne Detail
Keidle Miles Point Carroll November 20, 1889 Keidle Chris Keidle Katherine Torn Detail
Keidle Emma Miles Point Co., Mo Carroll October 16, 1883 Keidle Dora Thorne Detail
Keller Fred Lafayette Washington Carroll December 23, 1888 Keller Samuel L. Keller Nancy E. Lesley Detail
Kelley DeWitt, Mo Carroll December 23, 1883 Kelley Wm. Martin Kelley Eliza Jane Scott Detail
Kellner Virgil Carroll Co. Carroll September 19, 1885 Kellner Morgan Kellner Stellie Bankston Detail
Kello Margarette Carroll Co., Mo Carroll September 2, 1883 Kello R. H. Kello Myrtle Downs Detail
Kelly Carrollton Carroll January 12, 1890 Wm. Kelly. Kelly Susan Ecton Detail
Kelly Carrollton Carroll February 11, 1888 Kelly Wm. Kelly Susan Ecton Detail
Kelly Rockford Twp Carroll April 18, 1885 Kelly Henry Kelly Martha E. Dean Detail
Kelly Wm Waggener Carrollton, MO Carroll June 17, 1884 Kelly Jno Vincent Kelly Almira Allen Detail
Kelner Tina Prcnt Carroll May 29, 1885 Kelner Henry Herman Kellner Elizabeth Ann Millsaps Detail
Kendrick DeWitt Carroll April 6, 1886 Kendrick Alonzo Thomas Kendrick Harriet Elizabeth Dunne Detail
Kengiry West of Hale Carroll February 9, 1884 Kengiry Melvin Kengirg Rebecca Gibson Detail
Kennand Combs Carroll March 27, 1887 Kennand Marshall Kennand Artie Franklin Detail
Kennedy Hale, Mo Carroll February 16, 1886 Kennedy Calvin J. Kennedy Ida Inglesber Detail
Kent Hurricane Carroll October 24, 1892 Kent J. V. Kent Lydia Jessie Wimott Detail
Kenton Cherry Valley Carroll July 10, 1890 Kenton Wm. T. Kenton Anna Bell Foreman Detail
Kenton Cherry Valley Twp Carroll September 5, 1884 Kenton Henry F. Kenton Martha E. Freeman Detail
Kenyon Miami Twp Carroll August 21, 1883 Kenyon Charles Kenyon Mollie S. Felkin Detail
Kephart Wakenda Carroll March 10, 1888 Kephart Daniled Kephart Dicey Yates Detail
Kerby Georgia Etta Hill Twp Carroll January 6, 1884 Kirby George W. Kirby Elvira E. Humphrey Detail
Kerker Rockford Twp Carroll February 25, 1884 Kerker Thomas Kerker Fannie Noble Detail
Kern Cherry Valley Carroll July 18, 1886 Kern John P Kern Amanda D. Nethercock Detail
Kern Cherry Valley Twp Carroll August 11, 1884 Kern John Kern Amanda Nethercut Detail
Kerr Bosworth Carroll November 2, 1888 Kerr Leonard Kerr xx Detail
Kerr Bosworth Carroll November 2, 1888 Kerr Linard Kerr Mary Brounlee Detail
Kerr Ridge Carroll April 30, 1887 Kerr Leonard Kerr Mary A. Brownlee Detail
Kerth Clay W. Carroll Co., Mo Carroll September 8, 1883 Keith Perry C. Keith Sally W. Hicks Detail
Keruber Jas Walker and John Egnal Carroll Co., Mo Carroll May 25, 1884 Keruber John W. Keruber Angeline Bailey Detail
Kestner Ray Co, Mo. Carroll June 17, 1890 Kestner A. F. Kestner Frncis Underwood Detail
Kettner Norborne, Mo Carroll February 29, 1884 Kettner Geo. Alfred Cadwalader Kettner Amanda E. Crockell Detail
Keul Carroll October 15, 1885 Keul James Keul Marcella Staten Detail
Kewl Stokes M. Twp Carroll January 15, 1884 Kewl James Kewl Calla Staton Detail
Keynon Carroll Co., Mo Carroll September 6, 1885 Keynon John A. Keynon Mary C. Crispen Detail
Kibbs Maggie Carroll Co., Mo Carroll June 29, 1883 Kebbs W. O. Kebbs Sophronia Clark Detail
Kieyery At home Carroll October 30, 1885 Kieyery Mel Kieyery xx Gibson Detail
Kile Carroll Co., Mo Carroll January 10, 1885 Kile Truman Smth Kile Isabel D. Squires Detail
Kile Joseph Roy DeWitt, Mo Carroll July 28, 1883 Kile xx Kile Isabella D. Squins Detail
Kimball Thomas E. Ridge Carroll November 27, 1889 Kimball Frank Kimball Emma Lewis Detail
Kimbell Wakenda Carroll September 8 Kimbell Henry Kimbel Elizabeth Anderson Detail
Kimble Minna A. Combs Twp Carroll August 6, 1884 Kimble Charles A. Kimble Arty S. Jones Detail
Kindrick Charles O. DeWitt, Twp Carroll December 21, 1884 T.Kindrick Alonzo Kendrick Harriet E. Dunn Detail
King Compton, Township Carroll November 5, 1883 King Willie King Ellen Bowlware Detail
King Carrollton, Mo Carroll March 25, 1884 King Henry King Sallie Anderson Detail
King Norborne Twp Carroll August 11, 1883 King Robert A. King Mattie A. Starr Detail
King Roy Emil Hale, Mo Carroll November 18, 1884 King Robert King Alice Grace Detail
Kinnard Carroll Co., Mo Carroll Apri 20, 1884 Kinnard A. Judsen Kinnard Annie Bensendorf Detail
Kinneman Ridge Carroll December 27, 1885 Kinneman F. M. Kinneman Eliza Kinsey Detail
Kinnenan Charles L. Hurricane Twp Carroll December 9, 1884 Kinnenan Harry A. Kinnenan Valle Woods Detail
Kinsey Ridge Carroll January 15, 1888 Kinsey Alonzo Kinsey Sarah Dugan Detail
Kinsey Ridge Carroll July 9 Kinsey John Kinsey Cornela Tencke Detail
Kinslow Carrollton, 3rd Ward Carroll September 15, 1886 Kinslow Webster Kinslow Mattie Willis Detail
Kirby Carroll June 7 Kirby James Kirby Mary Kirtly Detail
Kirken Rockford Twp Carroll December 13, 1883 Kirken J. Kirken Lucy Huffman Detail
Kirker Hurricane Carroll August 4, 1887 Kirker Gohn Kirker S. Huffman Detail
Klassenderic Washington Twp Carroll July 24, 1884 Klassenderic Jas B. Klossenderic Mana L. Ogle Detail
Kleeman Anna Prairie Carroll August 26, 1890 Kleeman Peter Kleeman Maria Stamme Detail
Kleman Prairie Twp Carroll December 15, 1887 Kleman Peter Kleman Mary Stenn Detail
Knappenberger Rose Muriel DeWitt, Mo Carroll July 28, 1883 Knoppenberger James E. Knoppenberger B. R. Williams Detail
Knellman Hurricane Carroll October 4, 1889 Knellman Albert Knellman Vadie Woods Detail
Knight S. Carrollton Carroll July 25, 1884 Knight Frank M. Knight Laura Perry Detail
Kovritz Carroll Co., Mo Carroll January 26, 1884 Koontz Peter Koontz Elza J. Stomes Detail
Kramer Annie and Kate Carroll Co Carroll May 20 Geo A Kramer Kramer Barbara Gantz Detail
Kuhrota Lena Carroll Co., Mo Carroll August 5, 1883 Kukrota Henry Kukrota Charlotte Rogginsas Detail
Kunke Carrollton, Mo Carroll July 2, 1883 Kunke George xx Detail
Kurz Hurricane Carroll March 10, 1890 Kurz Max Erdman Kurz Ruth E. Hall Detail

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