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Pre-1910 Births (C - C)

source: Missouri Digital Heritage

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Cabell Mary Combs Twp Carroll August 9, 1884 Cabell Robert Boyd Cabell Emma Thomas Detail
Cabell Sue Combs Carroll August 11, 1887 Cabell Robert Boyd Cabell Emma Thomas Detail
Cain John Carroll xx xx xx Detail
Call Cherry Valley Carroll December 24, 1886 Call Samuel Call Laura Frennan Detail
Callaway Carroll Co. Carroll February 20, 1887 Callaway Hugh P. Callaway Lunetta Green Detail
Calloway Cass Co, Mo. Carroll January 4, 1889 Calloway Hugh P. Calloway Lunetta Greene Detail
Calloway Carroll Co. Carroll November 12, 1885 Calloway Hugh P. Calloway Lunetta Green Detail
Cally Carroll December 28, 1885 Cally Adreon Cally Adelia Rose Pounds Detail
Caloway Carroll Co., Mo Carroll August 24, 1884 Calaway Hugh Caloway Lola G. Creasy Detail
Calvert Carroll Co., Mo Carroll December 15, 1884 Calvert Jno Calvert Viola Mayberry Detail
Calvert Ethel Blanch Combs Twp Carroll January 16, 1884 Calvert Jas A. Calvert Martha Belle Calvert Detail
Calvert May Elizabeth Combs Twp Carroll January 27, 1885 Calvert Robert M. Calvert Emma Wllas Detail
Cape Zada Fairfield Carroll March 24, 1893 Cape Jerry Frances Cape Eva Mary Mobray Detail
Carico Walter Scott Wakenda Twp Carroll ? 1, 1883 Carico Reuben Carico Amanda Green Detail
Carmody Combs Carroll October 6, 1886 Carmody Thos Carmody Bridget Ryan Detail
Carney Prairie Twp Carroll June 4, 1884 Carney A. G. Carney Elza Ann Poureas Detail
Carpenter Hurricane Carroll August 15, 1892 Carpenter Jacob Clarence Carpenter Laura Jane Rancher Detail
Carpenter Carroll Co., Mo Carroll May 13 Carpenter Joseph W. Carpenter Lotta Hannes Detail
Carpenter Carrollton, Mo Carroll July 6, 1885 Carpenter E. H. Carpenter Mary J. Stooper Detail
Carpenter Earl Norborne, Mo Carroll October 9, 1883 Carpenter Wm. Lowis Carpenter Mary Pauline PaulineSnoady Detail
Carr Prairie Twp Carroll July 3, 1884 Carr Allen Newton Carr Mary Emma Plummers Detail
Carr DeWitt, Mo Carroll January 16, 1884 Carr Elisha E. Carr Anna Jenkins Detail
Carr Marion Bogard Carroll January 25 Carr A. J. Carr A. J. Donelly Detail
Carrico Mazephyr Wakenda Twp Carroll March 27, 1885 Carrico Reuben Carrico Amanda Gaun Detail
Carroll Carroll November 22, 1888 Carroll John W. Carroll Matilda C. Ryan Detail
Carroll Combs Carroll February 2, 1887 Carroll John Carroll Matilda Ryan Detail
Carroll James E. Carroll Carroll July 15, 1883 Carroll Edward M. Carroll Katharine Griffin Detail
Carson DeWitt, Twp Carroll August 15, 1884 Carson Joseph A. Carson Lucy Weber Detail
Carter Carroll Co. Carroll December 7, 1883 Carter William H. Carter Margeret Johnson Detail
Carter Carroll Co. Carroll December 20, 1889 Carter Andrew Carter Eliza Detail
Carter Carroll Co., Mo Carroll October 27, 1885 Carter Jesse T. Carter Lovie Aullenfron Detail
Carter Carrollton Twp Carroll May 17, 1885 Carter Wm. Carter Hattie Moffit Detail
Carter Benjamin Fredrick Prairie Twp Carroll July 5, 1884 Catron Thomas Catron Fredricka Rickey Elizabeth Myers Myer Detail
Carter Phoeba Miami Twp Carroll June 29, 1886 Carter Andrew J. Carter Phoeba Christenberry Detail
Cartwright Carrollton Carroll March 15, 1888 Cartwright Charles Cartwright Kate Orr Detail
Caruthers Ola Gertrude Carroll Co. Carroll January 1, 1888 Caruthers Samuel M. Carruthers Edan Gertrude Katznen Detail
Cary Carroll Co. Carroll March 22, 1889 Cary M. Trotter Cary Sarah H. Stroude Detail
Cary Ridge Carroll March 27, 1887 Cary Robert Cary Nancy A. Courts Detail
Cary Carrollton, Mo Carroll April 14, 1885 Cary M. Trotter Cary Sarah H. Strand Detail
Case Hurricane Twp Carroll November 15, 1883 Case Oliver R. Case Lillian Martha Webster Detail
Casebolt Egypt Twp Carroll December 14, 1886 Casebolt Harry Casebolt Nancy E. Stonns Detail
Caseldine Fairfield Carroll January 20, 1889 Caseldine Clioes J. Caseldine Amanda J. Elder Detail
Caskey Stokes Mound, Mo Carroll December 5, 1883 Caskey Marcus S. Corvell Sarah Caskey Detail
Casky Stokes M. Twp Carroll May 18, 1884 Casky Peter C. Casky Sarah L. Knoll Detail
Casner Carroll Co Carroll July 20, 1885 Casner Stephin P. Casner Mona Ellen Harrison Detail
Cason Carrollton Carroll November 7, 1885 Cason Herbert E. Cason Mary W. Eads Detail
Cason Carroll Co., Mo Carroll March 20, 1884 Cason Herbert C. Cason Mary William Eads Detail
Cason Louis Henry Carroll Co. Carroll September 13, 1887 Cason Herbert E Cason Nellie E. Eads Detail
Casseldine Fairfield Carroll March 4, 1893 Casseldine John Casseldine Eva Lighen Detail
Catran Egypt Twp Carroll April 16, 1888 Catran Henry Catran Millie Myaro Detail
Caulk Tina Carroll February 8, 1888 Caulk Jasper N. Caulk Margaret C. Plunket Detail
Cavender Carrollton Carroll April 28, 1888 Cavender Thos Cavender Julia Ann McKune Detail
Cavender Carrollton Carroll August 10, 1885 Cavender Geo.Thos. Cavender Julia A Niceum Detail
Chafer Carroll February 19, 1884 Chafer Fred Chaper Francis Moore Detail
Chandler Rawson Carrollton, Mo Carroll October 5, 1883 Chandler Luther B. Chandler Rosana Denning Detail
Chaney Ida Eugene Twp Carroll January 31, 1884 Chaney Joel H. Chaney Hellen Jesse Comfetch Detail
Chapman Egypt Twp Carroll March 2, 1892 Chapman Wm. Chapman Kate Little Detail
Chapman Cherry Valley Twp Carroll May 7, 1885 Chapman Albert Chapman Lydia Spitzer Detail
Chapman James B. Carrollton, Mo Carroll August 22, 1883 Chapman Albert E. Chapman Lydia A. Slutzler Detail
Chappell Ridge Twp Carroll August 29, 1886 Chappell Fred Chappell Maude Morre Detail
Charles Van Hom Carroll December 14, 1883 Charles T. S. Charles Anna Jane Sipes Detail
Charles Van Horn Twp Carroll October 18, 1884 Charles James A. Charles Nancy J. Stiles Detail
Charleton Moss Creek Carroll August 19, 1892 Charleton T. A. Charleton Emma Harbert Detail
Charlton Charley Fairfield Twp Carroll August 31, 1885 Charlton Curtis Stuart Charlton Susanah Frances Graham Detail
Chase S. Carrollton Carroll June 23, 1885 Chase Geo. W. Chase Eva Grumphy Detail
Chaver Hurricane Carroll March 24, 1887 Chaver Soloman Chaver Margaret McCormic Detail
Cherry Fairfield Carroll September 8, 1885 Cherry John A. Cherry Bettie Hampton Detail
Cherry Cora Belvel Carroll July 1, 1884 Cheny Jas A. Cherry Virginia Holman Detail
Chick Bertie Adkins Ridge Twp Carroll October 7, 1883 Chick Jacob Chick Lova Jane Bremmer Detail
Chinn Rockford Carroll November 17, 1889 Chinn William Chinn Lucy Laund Detail
Chipley Carrollton, Mo Carroll October 15, 1883 Chipley Alexander Chipley Trina S. Burnett Detail
Christmas Della Carroll Co., Mo Carroll August 4, 1885 Christmas Greenberry Christmas Martha Ellen Meadows Detail
Christy Carroll Co Carroll March 3rd Christy Joseph Evis Song Millie Jane Christy Detail
Christy Wakenda Twp Carroll September 7, 1885 Christy Wm. Adkins Elizabeth Christy Detail
Cills Combs Twp Carroll August 9, 1885 Cills Pleasant Edward Dills Cora Stella Lewis Detail
Circle Carroll Co., Mo Carroll July 14, 1883 Circle Walter F. Circle Laura Ann Carter Detail
Circle Carrollton Carroll December 13, 1886 Circle Wilber Fish Circle Laura Ann Casher Detail
Circle Jennie Wakenda Carroll September 25, 1884 Circle Eli Circle Emma E. Lynd Detail
Clair Carrollton Carroll December 23, 1885 Clair George Clair Anna M. Shadrach Detail
Clanson Erwin W. Carrollton Carroll October 9, 1889 Clanson John Clanson Norma Betzler Detail
Clark Carrollton Carroll January 15, 1889 Graves Clark. Lewis Clark Maud Warner Detail
Clark Carrollton Carroll September 9, 1889 Clark Henry Clay Clark Hariette Reed Detail
Clark Carroll Co. Carroll April 22, 1889 Clark Henry Clark Mary B. Jenkins Detail
Clark Lester Twp Carroll July 21, 1889 Clark Spencer Clark Sophia Detail
Clark Carrollton Carroll May 15, 1887 Clark Henry Clark xx Jenkins Detail
Clark Egypt Twp Carroll March 4, 1884 Clark Jacob Clark Kate Craig Detail
Clark Hurricane Twp Carroll November 2, 1884 Clark J. W. Clark Mary E. Baker Detail
Clark Leslie Twp Carroll February 13., 1885 Clark Spencer Clark Belle Detail
Clark Carrollton, Mo Carroll April 7, 1885 Clark Henry C. Clark Mary B. Jenkins Detail
Clark Xenia Fannie Ballew Hurricane Carroll December 27, 1888 Clark W. L. Clark Kate L. Pattison Detail
Cleary Near Norborne Carroll December 19, 1887 Cleary James Cleary Emma Jones Detail
Clemens Norborne Carroll November 4, 1889 Clemens Chas. E. Clemens Mary Auld Detail
Clemens Prairie Twp Carroll October Clemens John Clemens Elizabeth Laughlin Detail
Clochen Carroll December 6, 1884 Clochen Frances M. Clochen Lorna E. Ramsey Detail
Cobb Moss Creek Carroll September 25, 1892 Cobb W. S. Cobb Sallie Webb Detail
Cobb Carroll County Carroll December 29, 1883 Cobb David Cobb Della A. Lane Detail
Cochran Carrollton Carroll May 16, 1889 Cochran John Cochran Lizzie Standley Detail
Cochran Trotter Carroll February 28, 1887 Cochran John Henry Cochran Lydia Hanley Detail
Cochran Carroll Co., Mo Carroll December 1, 1884 Cochran Chas. Edward Cochran Louisa Isabell Myer Detail
Cockerell (Twins) Carroll Co., Mo Carroll October 3, 1883 Cockerell W. H. Cockerel Emline Frayet Detail
Cockrell Norborne Carroll January 8, 1887 Cockrell Simon Cockrell Angi?? Prewett Detail
Coffey Reuben B. Carrollton Carroll August 13, 1883 Coffey Burten R. Coffey Mary A. Perls Detail
Cogburn Egypt Twp Carroll August 13, 1884 Cogburn William P. Cogburn Jennie Duke Detail
Coit Elmer V. Washington Carroll November 15, 1890 Coit Chas. M. Coit Emma Copple Detail
Coit Thomas Washington Carroll October 6, 1889 Coit Horace Dwight Coit Melcena Welker Detail
Colby Prairie Twp Carroll June 29, 1884 Colby Adrian Colby Adelia Rose Pounds Detail
Cole Norborne Carroll May 31, 1888 Cole McClelland Cole Martha Duncan Detail
Cole Cherry Valley Carroll December 7, 1889 Cole Lewis Cole Cole Laura Fauman Detail
Coleman Egypt Twp Carroll October 31, 188 Coleman John W. Coleman Rhoda Mayden Detail
Coleman Egypt Twp Carroll April 26, 1893 Coleman Jno. W. Coleman Rhoda J. Mayden Detail
Coleman Moss Creek Twp Carroll June 13, 1884 Coleman Meuer Charity xx Hughes Detail
Coleman Mary Norborne, Mo Carroll October 31, 1883 Coleman Jasper W. Coleman Margaret D. Burnett Detail
Colliner Grover Cleveland Carroll Co., Mo Carroll January 9, 1885 Colliner John Calaner Rose A. C. Elder Detail
Colliner Martha Ann Carroll Co., Mo Carroll January 9, 1885 Colliner John Caliner Rose A. C. Elder Detail
Compton Trotter Carroll March 12, 1887 Compton W. L. Compton Josephine Rupe Detail
Compton Carroll Co., Mo Carroll September 19, 1885 Compton Wm. L. Compton Josephine Rupe Detail
Comust Jno Bates Carroll Co. Carroll July 25, 1885 Comust Jno. Henry Comust Marth Virginia Bates Detail
Cone Carrollton Carroll March 25, 1889 Cone J. W. Cone Kate S. Blackwell Detail
Conner Cherry Valley Carroll November 24, 1887 Conner Wm. Conner Laura Davis Detail
Connor Franklin Lee Compton Twp Carroll April 7th Conner Wm. Conner Mary J. Williams Detail
Cook Carroll Co. Carroll March 9, 1889 Cook Bascom A. Cook Medora T. Marrs Detail
Coop Clarence Robert Van Horn Carroll August 2, 1894 Coop Robert G. Coop Lucy Buzzard Detail
Cooper Carroll Co. Carroll July 31, 1888 Cooper Walter K. Cooper Etta F. Freeman Detail
Cooper Carroll Co., Mo Carroll November 1, 1885 Cooper John A. Cooper Nisa Standley Detail
Cooper Fairfield Twp Carroll April 8, 1885 Cooper Robert Cooper xx Brakey Detail
Cooper Anna Willey Carrollton, Mo Carroll November 8, 1883 Cooper William Cooper Martha Ellen Young Detail
Cooper Dora Lee Carroll Co. Carroll July 8, 1883 Cooper John A. Cooper Otesa Blandley Detail
Cooper Wiley E. Carroll Co Carroll June 28, 1885 Cooper Mark l. Cooper Emma E. Nild Detail
Cooper Xenia Ellen Carroll Co. Carroll July 8, 1883 Cooper John A. Cooper Otesa Blandley Detail
Corbin Pearl Norborne, Mo Carroll September 6, 1884 Corbin Gep H. Corbin Mary Electa Jordan Detail
Corbin Ruby Norborne, Mo Carroll September 6, 1884 Corbin Gep H. Corbin Mary Electa Jordan Detail
Corkran Carrollton Carroll January 10, 1886 Corkran Francis Corkran Senda House Detail
Corte Corle Washington Twp Carroll August 25, 1884 Cort Dwight Cort Anna Welker Detail
Corter Carroll Co. Carroll May 14, 1884 Corter David Sweet Carter Mattie Gail Hatches Detail
Cosert Fairfield Carroll July 14, 1893 Cosert Wm. Cosert Sarah Alice Bates Detail
Coulston Carroll Co. Carroll December 22, 1885 Coulston John Coulston Martha Welshons Detail
Cowick Joseph R. Eugene Carroll February 26, 1886 Cowick Joseph Cowick Sarah Hill Detail
Cowles Coloma Carroll April 3rd Cowles John Cowles Louis A. Avlon Detail
Cowsert Lucy Ellen Carroll Co., Mo Carroll October 24, 1883 Cowsert John Henry Cowsert Martha Virginia Bates Detail
Cox Carroll Co. Carroll February 21, 1888 Cox A. F. Cox M. A. Odell Detail
Cox Carrollton Carroll April 19, 1887 Cox Coise Wilson Cox Lucy Ann Rader Detail
Cox Carrollton Carroll May 5, 1887 Cox E. M. Cox Amanda Blankenship Detail
Cox Fairfield Carroll December 11, 1886 Cox J. M. Cox Nancy J. Elder Detail
Cox Combs Carroll September 27, 1886 Cox W. H. Cox Cornelia A. Holderman Detail
Cox Carroll Co., Mo Carroll May 28, 1884 Cox Avery F. xx Detail
Cox Eugene Twp Carroll September 19, 1884 Cox Edward Cox Mollie Ann Christie Detail
Cox Alva Residence Carroll September 15, 1883 Cox John N. Cox Alveldie Adams Detail
Cox Ednay P. Fairfield Carroll December 24, 1886 Cox Albert D. Cox Marion Rijner Detail
Cox Franklin Leroy Fairfield Carroll January 27, 1888 Cox Charles Franklin Cox Olive Menifer Detail
Cox Harry V. Wash Twp Carroll January 7, 1887 Cox Wm. H. Cox Amy A. Fiord Detail
Cox Mabel Fairfield Twp Carroll November 2, 1884 Cox Anton D. Cox Manna Reggle Detail
Craig Prairie Twp Carroll August 19, 1892 Craig Lee Craig Docia Cowherd Detail
Craig Moss Creek Carroll December 23, 1888 Craig Lee Craig Docia Cohead Detail
Craig Egypt Carroll July 25, 1889 Craig James Craig Mary M. Horine Detail
Craig Neal Anna Norborne, Mo Carroll September 19, 1883 Craig Jesse T. Craig Bella Catharine O'Donohoe Detail
Crane Caulet E Combs Carroll January 9, 1886 Crane John F. Crane Olivia Celise Detail
Crank Carroll Co. Carroll November 8, 1889 Crank Roma Crank Lucy Standley Detail
Crank Carroll Co., Mo Carroll May 22, 1884 Crank Reuben S. Crank Clarrisa M. ? Detail
Cravens Cloud May DeWitt Twp Carroll February 6, 1884 Craven James Cravins Malicia Galoway Detail
Craver Carrollton Carroll February 13, 1887 Craver Martin L. Craver Nancy M. Ardnold Detail
Craver Carrollton, Mo Carroll January 9, 1884 Graves Martin Luther Graves Francis Maria Detail
Crawford Van Horn Carroll April 20, 1892 Crawford Edwin L. Crawford Jennie V. Mitchell Detail
Crawford Carrollton, Mo Carroll February 17, 1884 Crawford Alexander Crawford M. L. Johnson Detail
Crawford Stokes Md Twp Carroll November 29, 1884 Crawford Frank M. Crawford Charlotte Clark Detail
Creek Hazel K? Carroll County Carroll December 16, 1883 Creek Benjamin Franklin Creek Lucy Jane Martin Detail
Creel Carrollton, Mo Carroll August 26, 1883 Creel Francis Creel Iola Summens Detail
Creel Carroll Co., Mo Carroll November 4, 1884 Creel Eljah Allen Creel Lizzo Anola Scoll Detail
Creel Carrollton Carroll April 29, 1884 Creel W. R. Welch Annie H. Welch Detail
Creel Jarvis Norborne Carroll April 3, 1888 Creel John C. Creel Fannie Allen Detail
Creel Lida Mildred Carroll Co. Carroll February 22, 1887 Creel Elijah A. Creel Lizzie A Scott Detail
Creel Luea Scott Carroll Co. Carroll February 22, 1886 Creel Elijah A. Creel Lizzie A. Scott Detail
Creel Walter Carrollton Carroll February 17, 1885 Creel Frank Wm. Creel Jila Lee Summers Detail
Creswell Egypt Twp Carroll October 26, 1885 Creswell Abram Creswell Amanda Maide Detail
Crews Carrollton, Mo Carroll January 21, 1884 Crews Robert Crews Lizzie Wilson Detail
Crispin Eno Lee De Witt Carroll April 25 Crespin Joseph S. Crespin Alice A. White Detail
Crockett Carroll Co., Mo Carroll August 30, 1883 Crockett Vade Crockett Mollie Relour Detail
Crockett Carrollton Carroll February 11, 1887 Crockett William J. Crockett Nancy Jane Anderson Detail
Crockett James Blaine Carroll Co., Mo Carroll September 13, 1884 Crockett Nevada Crockett Mollie Kellner Detail
Crook Carroll Co. Carroll March 4, 1889 Crook Rueben Crook Emmaline Miller Detail
Crook James Sylvester Carroll Co. Carroll July 7, 1887 Crook Frank Eugene Crook Agnes Lock Detail
Crop Homer Combs Twp Carroll December 13, 1883 Crep Charhan A. Crep Laura A. Leppensol Detail
Crosby Washinton Twp Carroll February 25, 1884 Crosby Edward Crosby Emma Watts Detail
Cross Plymouth Carroll November 8, 1888 Cross Elworth G Cross Fanny Ida Pond Detail
Crouch Ridge Twp Carroll June 5, 1884 Crouch James Crouch Alice Lucas Detail
Crouch Arthur Philip Carrollton Carroll September 24, 1884 Crouch Franklin Crouch Mollie E. Miller Detail
Crove Rockford Carroll January 3, 1888 Crove F. J. Crove xx Detail
Crowder Elizabeth Leona DeWitt Carroll January 23, 1885 Crowder Joshua L. Crowder Ladora A. Burton Detail
Culbertson Hurricane Twp Carroll May 16, 1884 Culbertson A. M. Culbertson S. E. Detail
Culp Carroll September 26, 1883 Culp David S. Culp Mary Jane Peper Detail
Cummings Carrollton Carroll July 3, 1888 Cummings Jas. C. Cummings Lyda Woods Detail
Cundiff Ethen Wakenda Carroll August 14, 1889 Cundiff M. M. Cundiff Rasey Manning Detail
Cunningham Carroll Co. Carroll July 22, 1887 Cunningham Wm. Cunningham Rena Wallace Detail
Cunningham Carroll July 31, 1887 Cunningham Wm. Cunningham xx Detail
Cunningham Carrollton Carroll June 19, 1890 Cunningham Leonidas Cunningham Georgia Ann Dozeer Detail
Cunningham Carroll Co Carroll March 12, 1884 Cunningham William Cunningham Phoebe A. Hollace Detail
Cunningham Sugar Tree Twp Carroll July 29 Cunningham Wm. Moore Orra Shelby Detail
Cunningham Walter L. Carroll Co., Mo Carroll September 3, 1885 Cunningham Wm. J. Cunningham Phoebe A. Wallace Detail
Curry Hurricane Carroll April 22, 1887 Curry Ashbeny M. Curry Laury M. Kingman Detail
Curtis Hill Carroll November 29, 1888 Curtis Thomas Curtis Lily Curtis Miles Detail
Curtis Virgil E. Trotter Twp Carroll September 30, 1885 Curtis Wm. H. Curtis Nancy Louden Detail
Cutter Earle E. Carrollton Carroll October 9, 1884 Cutter Calvin P. Cutter Lydia Chambers Detail

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