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The Photos listed here were on the Barry county web site
Susan Tortorelli CC of Berry County web site
at that time, ask me to place them in the archvies Jan 2005
The person who submitted the photo is named along with their contact e-mail on the text file listed next to the photo link.
-- The text file describes the photo --
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reading.txt reading1.jpg reading2.jpg reed1.txt reed1.jpg reed2.txt reed2.jpg
reed3.txt reed3.jpg reed4.txt reed4.jpg reed5.txt -- obit of Willie Reed
rmstubblefield1.txt rmstubblefield1.jpg roller1.txt roller1.jpg rriver.txt rriver.jpg
scroggins.txt scroggins1.jpg scroggins2.jpg segraves1.txt segraves1.jpg segraves2.txt segraves2.jpg
sevenstar.txt sevenstar.jpg shellknob8thgrade1913.txt shellknob8thgrade1913.jpg shellknobsch1915.txt shellknobsch1915.jpg
smith1.txt smith1.jpg sparksch1906.txt sparkssch1906.jpg sparkssch1935.jpg sparkssch1935.txt
stumpff.txt stumpff.jpg
taylor1.txt taylor1.jpg taylor2.txt taylor2.jpg taylor3.txt taylor3.jpg
taylor4.txt taylor4.jpg terry1.txt terry1.jpg terry2.txt terry2.jpg terry3.jpg
thomas1.txt thomas1.jpg thomas2.txt thomas2.jpg thomas3.txt thomas3.jpg
thomas4.txt thomas4.jpg thomas5.txt thomas5.jpg
unknown1.txt unknown1.jpg utter1.txt utter1.jpg utter2.txt utter2.jpg
vanzandt1.txt vanzandt1.jpg vassar1.txt vassar1.jpg vassar2.txt vassar2.jpg
vaughan1.txt vaughan1.jpg vaughan2.txt vaughan2.jpg vaughan3.txt vaughan3.jpg
vaughan4.txt vaughan4.jpg vaughan5.txt vaughan5.jpg vaughan6.txt vaughan6.jpg vaughan7.txt vaughan7.jpg
violaschool.txt violaschool.jpg violaschool2.jpg violastore.txt violastore.jpg violastore2.txt violastore2.jpg
walden.txt walden.jpg walker1.txt walker1.jpg walker2.txt walker2.jpg washburnhs1920.jpg
waynesch1913.txt waynesch1913.jpg washsch1934.txt washsch1934.jpg wayne1925.jpg
wells.txt wells.jpg wells2.txt wells2.jpg weston1.txt weston1.jpg
wheat1.txt wheat1.jpg wheat2.txt wheat2.jpg wheatonhs1931.txt wheatonhs1931.jpg wheatonredbirds.jpg
whedon1.txt whedon2.jpg whedon3.jpg whisman.txt whisman.jpg wilkerson.txt wilkerson.jpg
wilkerson1.txt wilkerson1.jpg wilkerson2.txt wilkerson2.jpg williams1.txt williams1.jpg
williams2.txt williams2.jpg williams3.txt williams3.jpg williams4.txt williams4.jpg
williams5.txt williams5.jpg williams6.txt williams6.jpg williams7.txt williams7.jpg
williams8.txt williams8.jpg woodard1.txt woodard1.jpg
zinn1.txt zinn1.jpg

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