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The Photos listed here were on the Barry county web site
Susan Tortorelli CC of Berry County web site
at that time, ask me to place them in the archvies Jan 2005
The person who submitted the photo is named along with their contact e-mail on the text file listed next to the photo link.
-- The text file describes the photo --
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haddock1.txt haddock1.jpg henbest1.txt henbest1.jpg hickorygrove1897.txt hickorygrove1897.jpg
hilton1.txt hilton1.jpg hilton2.txt hilton2.jpg hollar1.txt hollar1.jpg
holly1.txt holly1.jpg horseback.txt horseback.jpg howerton1.txt howerton1.jpg
howerton2.txt howerton2.jpg howerton3.txt howerton3.jpg howerton4.txt howerton4.jpg
howerton5.txt howerton5.jpg howerton6.txt howerton6.jpg hughes1.txt hughes1.jpg
hutchens.txt hutchens.jpg
jaques1.txt jaques1.jpg johnson1.txt johnson1.jpg
Keeling Photos ---- keeling1.jpg keeling2.jpg keeling3.jpg keeling4.jpg
king1.txt king1.jpg king2.txt king2.jpg king3.txt king3.jpg
king4.txt king4.jpg king5.txt king5.jpg king6.txt king6.jpg
king7.txt king7.jpg king8.txt king8.jpg king9.txt king9.jpg king10.txt king10.jpg
lane.txt lane.jpg ledgerwood1.txt ledgerwood1.jpg lee1.txt lee1.jpg
lee2.txt lee2a.jpg lee2b.jpg lee4.txt lee4.jpg lee5.txt lee5.jpg lee6.txt lee6.jpg
lee7.txt lee7.jpg lee8.txt lee8.jpg london.txt london.jpg
long1.txt long1.jpg long2.txt long2.jpg long3.txt long3.jpg
marbut1.txt marbut1.jpg marbut2.txt marbut2.jpg --- marshillsch.txt butterfieldsch1924.jpg whedon2.jpg ---
may1.txt may1.jpg mcguiresch1916.txt mcguiresch1916.jpg mckee.txt mckee.jpg
miners1.txt miners1.jpg miners2.jpg mitchel1-4.txt cwpict1.jpg mitchel1.jpg mitchel2.jpg mitchel3.jpg
mitchel4.jpg mitchel5.jpg mitchel6.jpg mitchel7.jpg mitchel8.jpg mitchel9.jpg mitchel10.jpg mitchel11.jpg
mitchel12.jpg mitchel13.jpg mitchel14.jpg mitchel115.jpg mitchel16.jpg mitchel17.jpg
msttintype1.txt msttintype1.jpg msttintype2.txt msttintype2.jpg mtsinaischool35-36.txt mtsinaischool35-36.jpg
murray.txt murray1.jpg murray2.jpg mystcarol.txt mystcarol.jpg mysteurekaboy1.txt mysteurekaboy1.jpg
mystfly.txt mystfly.jpg mystmen.txt mystmen.jpg mystmonettgroup.txt mystmonettgroup.jpg
neill.txt neill.jpg newsitechruch.txt newsitechruch1876.jpg newsitechruch1916.jpg
noe1.txt noe1.jpg northcutt1.txt northcutt1.jpg
oakgrove1926-27.txt oakgrove1926-27.jpg oakgrove1927-3rdgrd.txt oakgrove1927-3rdgrade.jpg
oakgrove1927-7thgrade.txt oakgrove1927-7thgrade.jpg oakgrove1927-6thgrade.txt oakgrove1927-6thgrade.jpg
oakgrove1927-keithhall.jpg oklahoma-1934.jpg
painter1.txt painter1.jpg painter2.txt painter2.jpg
painter3.txt painter3.jpg painter8.jpg painter4.txt painter4.jpg painter5.txt painter5.jpg
painter6.txt painter6.jpg painter7.txt painter7.jpg painter8.txt painter8.jpg
painter9.txt painter9.jpg painter10.txt painter10.jpg painter11.txt painter11.jpg
painter13.txt painter13.jpg painter15.txt painter15.jpg painter16.txt .painter16jpg
painter17.txt painter17.jpg painter18.txt painter18.jpg painter19.txt painter19.jpg
pendergraft1.txt pendergraft1.jpg pendergraft2.txt pendergraft2.jpg pendergraft3.txt pendergraft3.jpg
pendergraft4.txt pendergraft4.jpg periman1.txt periman1.jpg periman2.txt periman2.jpg
periman3.txt periman3.jpg periman4.txt periman4.jpg periman5.txt periman5.jpg
petty1.txt petty1.jpg powell1.txt powell1.jpg prevo1.txt prevo1a.jpg  prevo1b.jpg
purcell1.txt purcell1.jpg

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