Index of Surnames "Y-Z" History of Wright County Minnesota, Volumes I and II  

Published in 1915 by Franklyn Curtiss - Wedge


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  This file is part of an index of names for the two volume book 

"History of Wright County Minnesota, Volumes I and II", published

in 1915 by Franklyn Curtiss - Wedge.  The index was painstakingly 

compiled by Diane Hanson and is very handy as a reference.

  NOTE: These books are available in the reference section of the libraries 

and museums in and around Wright County. You could also check with your 

local History Center or library to see if it would be possible to get 

the volumes on "loan".

  HINT: Many names in these books are misspelled, so check for alternative 

spellings.  These books cover a variety of subjects, not just bios, 

so some information regarding individuals are quite short.  

Generally, the bios are on pages 264-544 and 984-1098  

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Index Surnames "Y-Z" 

Last               First and MI    Title           Page

Yager              Edward                          661

Yancey             B.                              749

Ylijarvi           Peter                           665

Yonke              Sophia                          271

Young              Austin H.                       582,583

Young              C. K.                           776

Young              Fred                            686,687

Young              H. E.                           833,834

Young              Henry                           173

Young              J. D.                           734,738,741,744,786,9

Young              J. P.                           738

Young              James D.                        175,737,887,982

Young              James David                     1086-1087

Young              John                            129,161,371,759,764

Young              John            Mrs.            371                

Young              M.              Miss            933

Young              Mary                            1054,1075

Young              Ruth A.         Mrs.            982

Young              S. D.                           738

Young              Thomas                          161

Young              Thomas          Mrs.            816

Young              W. D.                           517,742

Young              W. G.                           764

Young              William                         327,605

Young              William G.                      130,643

Zachanason         A.                              168

Zachman            Antoinette                      387

Zachman            Frank                           128,665,666

Zachman            John                            721

Zachman            Kate                            436

Zachman            Lena                            429

Zachman            Mary                            436

Zachman            Philip                          665

Zachman            R. A.                           666,913

Zachman            Thomas                          387,436

Zachmann           Albert                          430

Zachmann           Alfonse                         430

Zachmann           Alouise                         430

Zachmann           Annie                           430

Zachmann           Antionette                      430

Zachmann           Apolonia                        430

Zachmann           Edward                          429

Zachmann           Elizabeth                       430

Zachmann           Emily                           430

Zachmann           Felix                           430

Zachmann           Gerhardt                        430

Zachmann           J. K.                           644

Zachmann           John                            429

Zachmann           John                            719,970-972

Zachmann           John K.                         726

Zachmann           Joseph                          429-430

Zachmann           Kate                            430

Zachmann           Lena                            638,644,726

Zachmann           Leonard                         430

Zachmann           Louisa                          430

Zachmann           Mary                            430

Zachmann           Mary T.                         720

Zachmann           Otto                            430

Zachmann           R. A.                           726

Zachmann           Rudolph                         430

Zachmann           Thomas                          430,972

Zachmann           Victor                          430

Zachmann & Bloms                                   726

Zackman            J.                              176

Zackman            John                            94,197

Zaekman            John K.                         726

Zahler             Beronica                        306

Zahler             Frank                           501,722

Zahler             Joseph                          721

Zahler             Max                             666,953

Zahler             William                         726

Zahler                                             719

Zahrendt           Louis                           887

Zander             Ida                             1054

Zann               Hubert                          725

Zarling            F.              Rev.            943,1106,1108,1109

Zawadzki           Lawrence        Rev.            968

Zayachek           John                            661

Zdechlik           Stephen         Rev.            969

Zebarth            E. A.                           743

Zech               A. A.                           264,716,813

Zech               August A.                       545,566,904-905

Zech               Frederick                       905

Zech               John                            903,904

Zech               Julia                           905

Zehler             George                          665

Zeibarth           T.                              174

Zeidler            Agnes                           473

Zeidler            Albert                          473-474

Zeidler            Alvina                          462

Zeidler            Arthur                          473

Zeidler            August .                        461-462,473

Zeidler            Augusta                         462

Zeidler            Carrie                          473

Zeidler            Charles                         473

Zeidler            Clara                           462

Zeidler            Esther                          473

Zeidler            Florence                        473

Zeidler            Henrietta                       473

Zeidler            Hilda                           473

Zeidler            Ida                             462

Zeidler            John                            473

Zeidler            John Frederick                  461,473-474

Zeidler            Josephine                       462

Zeidler            Leonard                         462

Zeidler            Martha                          462

Zeidler            Minnie                          462,473

Zeidler            Otto                            473

Zeidler            Richard                         473

Zeigler            J.                              171

Zepp               Sarah                           486

Ziebarth           Albert W.                       400

Ziebarth           Alvina                          400

Ziebarth           E. F.                           733,735,745,746,748,8

Ziebarth           Ed. F.                          739

Ziebarth           Edward                          834

Ziebarth           Emil                            400

Ziebarth           F.                              159

Ziebarth           Fred                            399

Ziebarth           Fritz                           400

Ziebarth           S.                              174

Ziebarth           Sarah                           400

Ziebarth           T.                              174

Ziebarth           W.                              159

Ziebarth           William                         127,398-400,640,729,73

Ziebarth           William T.                      400,434

Ziedler            A. E.                           954

Ziedler            Christina                       1054

Ziedler            Gustina                         470

Ziegler            K.                              170

Ziegler            M.                              170

Ziegler            N.                              184

Ziegler                            Mr.             717

Ziemetz            Catherine                       489

Ziemetz            Charles                         490

Ziemetz            Elizabeth                       490

Ziemetz            Emma                            490

Ziemetz            George                          490

Ziemetz            John                            490

Ziemetz            Lucy (Sister M. Boniface)       490

Ziemetz            Margaret                        490

Ziemetz            Mary                            490

Ziemetz            Nicholas                        489-490

Ziemetz            Thomas                          490

Zieroth            Minnie                          397

Zieser             Michael                         163

Zimmer             C.                              174

Zimmer             Peter                           972

Zimmer             Thomas          Mrs.            522

Zimmerman          C. F.                           128,170

Zimmerman          Charles                         836

Zimmerman          Edwin                           836

Zimmerman          Frank                           694

Zimmerman          Frederick                       515

Zimmerman          Joise                           836

Zimmerman          Josephine E.                    515

Zisular            W.                              94

Zitlow             William                         715

Zorb               John                            607

Zumbusch           Casper                          664