Index of Surnames "U-V" History of Wright County Minnesota, Volumes I and II  

Published in 1915 by Franklyn Curtiss - Wedge


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  This file is part of an index of names for the two volume book 

"History of Wright County Minnesota, Volumes I and II", published

in 1915 by Franklyn Curtiss - Wedge.  The index was painstakingly 

compiled by Diane Hanson and is very handy as a reference.

  NOTE: These books are available in the reference section of the libraries 

and museums in and around Wright County. You could also check with your 

local History Center or library to see if it would be possible to get 

the volumes on "loan".

  HINT: Many names in these books are misspelled, so check for alternative 

spellings.  These books cover a variety of subjects, not just bios, 

so some information regarding individuals are quite short.  

Generally, the bios are on pages 264-544 and 984-1098  

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Index Surnames "U-V" 

Last            First and MI    Title           Page

Uecker             Annie                           269

Uecker             Bernard                         269

Uecker             Bertha                          475

Uecker             Caroline                        475

Uecker             Edwin                           269

Uecker             Esther                          269

Uecker             Fred                            269

Uecker             Olga                            269

Uecker             Otto                            475

Uecker             William                         269

Uhl                C.                              177

Ullman             Philip                          1108

Ullman             William                         722

Ulman              M.                              177

Ulman              W.                              177

Underwood          Aaron                           193

Underwood          Elias                           163

Underwood          Jesse                           822

Unger              Katherine                       365

Upham              Warren          Dr.             5,20,77,80

Upton              H. P.                           166,167

Utterberg          Carrie                          445

Utterberg          Charles                         445

Utterberg          Johan                           445

Utterberg          John                            445

Utterberg          Kajsa                           445

Utterberg          Mary                            445

Utterberg          Nels                            445

Utterberg          Ole                             445

Vadner             J.                              180

Vadner             Joseph Jr.                      622

Vail               George T.                       189

Valberg            John                            847

Valentine          C. G.                           822

Valentine          G. G.           Rev.            823

Valentine          J. W.                           831

Valentine          V.                              782

Valerious          Valentine                       616

Valerius           M. J.                           666

Valerius           N. J.                           666

Valerius           Nick                            727,972

Valiquet           Ulric           Dr.             928

Vallbrecht         J.                              177

Valldey            Charles                         192

Vallroth           Augusta                         454

VanCleve           Horatio                         611,611

VanCleve & Herzog                                  795

VandenHeuvel       A.              Rev.            976

VandenHoek         H.                              847,957

VandenRosenberg    Ben.                            958

Vanderburgh        Charles E.      Judge           582

Vandergon          D. D.                           957

Vandergon          Gertrude A. Braat               958

Vandergon          H. A.                           957

VanderGon          J.                              846,847

Vandergon          J. J.                           957

VanderGon          Jennie                          847

Vandergon          Leonard                         661

Vandergon          N. D.                           659,661,756,906,957

Vandergon          P. L.                           958

Vandergon                                          957

Vanderhoek         John                            662

VanderOever        M. A.                           958

Vandervort         C. H.                           809

Vandervort         J. B.                           1028

VanDervort         R. M.                           804,805

VanDervot          R. M.                           35

Vandyke            Gerrit                          956

VanDyke                                            357

VanEman            Hattie                          982

VanEman            Joseph                          844,981

VanEman            Mary                            844,981

VanEman            W. L.                           882,982

VanEman            William                         132

VanEman            William L.                      584,748

VanEmen            Joseph                          738

VanEvera           Catherine                       896

VanEvra            Maria                           532-533

VanFosen           H. J.                           828

VanFossen          H. J.                           827

Vangsness          O. K.           Rev.            847

Vanhekeren         Charles                         956

Vanhekeren         F.                              956

VanHorn            Isaac                           193

VanNess            W. H.                           95

VanNess            William H.                      118

VanNest            Sherman         Mrs.            492

VanNorden          L.                              170

VanNorden          Levi                            475

VanRensselaer      Philip                          324

VanRiper           Amelia          Mrs.            898

VanSant            Samuel R.       Governor        981

VanValkenberg      J.                              634,897

Vanvalkenberg      Job                             633

VanValkenburg      J. T.                           174

VanVorhees         A.                              115

Varlerius          Valentine                       722

Varner             Adam                            313

Varner             Adeline                         287

Varner             Alice                           287

Varner             Amanda                          313

Varner             Amanda J.                       336

Varner             Archibald                       313

Varner             Charles                         287

Varner             Daniel                          312

Varner             David                           312,633

Varner             David H.                        633

Varner             Etta Jane                       345

Varner             Francis                         287

Varner             George                          313

Varner             Grace                           287

Varner             Harriet                         294,313

Varner             Henry                           177,294,312-313,336

Varner             Jacob                           178,312

Varner             James F.                        345

Varner             John                            287,312,313,344,633,6

Varner             John Jr.                        312

Varner             John Sr.                        287

Varner             Josephine       Mrs.            935,936

Varner             Katie                           312

Varner             L. B.                           633

Varner             Lafayette                       312,344-345,634,890

Varner             Letta                           287

Varner             Levi                            312

Varner             Maggie A.                       512

Varner             Marie                           345

Varner             Mary                            313

Varner             Mary Ida                        345

Varner             Maude                           345

Varner             Milbrey                         313

Varner             Minnie                          287

Varner             Nettie                          313

Varner             Newton                          345

Varner             Polly                           312

Varner             Reuel                           287

Varner             Ruben                           313

Varner             S.                              179

Varner             Sarah Ida                       345

Varner             Simeon                          287

Varner             Solomon                         312,345

Varner             Susan                           312

Varner             William                         287,312

Varner             Zachary Taylor                  345

Varney             E. J.                           791

Varney             Elbridge J.                     613

Vea                O.                              172

Vean               O.                              173

Veau                               Mr.             85,90

Veches             Annastasia                      511

Vegesach                           General         874

Veo                A.                              173

Veo                George                          510

Vertum             Louis                           173

Vetsch             Ign.                            972

Vetsch             J.                              177

Vetsch             Jacob                           721,722

Vetsch             Joseph                          721,726

Vetsch             L.                              972

Vetsch             Laurence                        722,723

Vetsch                                             720

Vickstrum          Fredericka                      402

Vickstrum                          Mr.             304

Virgin             D.                              635

Virgin             Fr.                             1108

Virgin             Gust. C.                        1108

Vlug               I.                              958

Voegele            Lena                            436

Voelker            A.                              159

Vogel              H. W.                           813,903

Vogel              Theresa                         427

Voges              Adolph E.       Dr.             919,923

Vohl               G.                              633

Vokaty             William                         662

Volbrecht          William                         175

Volk               Max                             635

Volk               W.                              186

Vollbrecht         August.                         725

Vollbrecht         Henry                           725

Vollbrecht         Herman                          725

Vollbrecht         Jacob                           719,724,725,793

Vollbrecht         William H.                      724

Vollbrecht                                         722

Vollbrecht Bros.                                   724

von Borgensrode    Rudolph         Colonel         616

Vonderhaar         I. H.                           727,892

Vonderhaar         J. H.                           953

Vonderlinde        William                         182

VonHeckron         E. G. E.                        193

VonHeckron         K. W.                           193

Voolbrugkt         J.                              94

Voonea             H.                              94

Voorhees           J. M.                           770

Voorhees           J. W.                           579

Voorhees           James M.                        187

Voorhees           M.                              95

Voorhees           R.                              95,579

Voorhees           Ralph                           97,187

Voorhis            Laura                           1033

Voorus             Philip                          292

Vorees             F. T.           Rev.            842

Vorochek           Frank                           661

Vorse              C. H.                           633,634,686,739,741,8

Vorse              C. H.           Mrs.            983

Vorse              Charles H.                      131,132,316-317,621,631

Vorse              Henry                           316

Vorse              Lois                            317

Vorse              Nellie                          317

Vorse              Vivian                          317

Vorse              William                         93,193,316,316,882,1097

Voss               Chris                           689,831

Vye                W. H.                           885