Riverside Cemetery
Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County

Riverside Cemetery Entrance

Tombstone Photographs

The Riverside Cemetery is located at 1015 Gull Road, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan.

Note: The Catholic Section of Riverside Cemetery was set aside in 1862 for Catholic burials only and although it's part of Riverside, Mt. Olivet Cemetery has the burial records for that section. For information please call the cemetery office located at 415 Stockbridge Ave. at (269) 337-8227.



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Text & Description (Click this Link for Description, Photo Link for Image) Photo Link Date Submitter
Riverside Cemetery Entrance 2005 Image 231K Aug 2005 Jeff Phillips
Riverside Map Image 231K Aug 2005 Jeff Phillips
Civil War Monument Image 2005 Jeff Phillips
Civil War Monument Image 2005 Jeff Phillips
Civil War Monument/West Side 2005 Image 244K Aug 2005 Jeff Phillips
Civil War Monument/West Side View Closeup 2005 Image 58K Aug 2005 Jeff Phillips
Military Memorial Marker June 27, 2009 Image 152K Jun 2009 Jeff Phillips
Taft, Bert I. & Mary M. Image 181K Dec 2014 Jeff Phillips
Taft, Earl B. Image 219K Dec 2014 Jeff Phillips
Tanner, E. C. " Elsie Cline " Image 264K Oct 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tanner, Jennie Image 254K Oct 2015 Jeff Phillips
Taylor, Fern D. Image 138K Jan 2016 Jeff Phillips
Taylor, John W. Image 135K Jan 2016 Jeff Phillips
Taylor, Leon Image 210K May 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tazelaar, Jane Image 245K Aug 2015 Jeff Phillips
Teachout, Benjamin E. & Mable M. Image 262K Nov 2015 Jeff Phillips
Teall, Sherline Image 165K Jan 2016 Jeff Phillips
Te Bos, Derk Image 145K Apr 2012 Jeffrey Phillips
Ten Haken, Grace Image 270K May 2016 Jeff Phillips
Terburgh, John Image 74K Jul 2005 Lenny Boers
Terburgh, Peter & Anna Image 89K Jul 2005 Lenny Boers
Terpstra, Dora Image 2005 Jeff Phillips
Terpstra, Louis Image 2005 Jeff Phillips
Terrell, Ada Belle Image 156K Jul 2006 Jeff Phillips
Terrell, Clayton F. Image 139K Jul 2006 Jeff Phillips
Terrell, Nancy J. Image 147K Jul 2006 Jeff Phillips
Terry, Auddie C. & George L. Image 204K May 2015 Jeff Phillips
Thatcher, Helen Image 169K Aug 2006 Jeff Phillips
Thayer, Mary E. & Fairfield Image 223K Jul 2012 Jeffrey Phillips
Thayer, Mary Ellanor & Paul G. Image 229K Sep 2015 Jeff Phillips
Theodore, Unknown Image 43K Dec 2006 Katie Platte
Thoma, William E. Image 102K Apr 2015 Jeff Phillips
Thomas, Duncan Image 203K Jun 2015 Jeff Phillips
Thomas, James Image 154K Apr 2011 Jeff Phillips
Thomas, Margaret Image 219K Jun 2015 Jeff Phillips
Thomas, Robert C. "Baby" Image 288K Mar 2015 Jeff Phillips
Thompson - Sweeter, Cindy Image 170K Jul 2015 Jeff Phillips
Thompson, Chere & Robert "back Of Stone" Image 174K Jul 2015 Jeff Phillips
Thompson, Chere & Robert Image 191K Jul 2015 Jeff Phillips
Thompson, Edward Charles Image 238K Jul 2015 Jeff Phillips
Thompson, Randy E. Image 181K Jul 2015 Jeff Phillips
Thompson, Rebecca Image 221K Mar 2015 Jeff Phillips
Thompson, Teresa M. Image 203K Apr 2015 Jeff Phillips
Thorp, Eliza Image 220K Aug 2015 Jeff Phillips
Thorp, Philander Image 235K Aug 2015 Jeff Phillips
Thrasher, Marvin David Image 225K Apr 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tibbils, Eunice Image 294K Mar 2016 Jeff Phillips
Tickner, Medard Image 151K May 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tidd, John & Katie Image 51K May 2008 Jeff Phillips
Tidd, John E. & Henrietta L. Image 149K May 2008 Jeff Phillips
Tiefenthal, Calla L. Image 251K May 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tifft, Effie Image 202K Mar 2006 Jeffrey Phillips
Tifft, Floy L. Image 193K Mar 2006 Jeffrey Phillips
Tifft, Fred Image 194K Mar 2006 Jeffrey Phillips
Tifft, Wilma Tifft 1899 - 1966 Image 173K Mar 2015 Jeff Phillips
Timmer, Nellie Johnson Image 248K Nov 2015 Jeff Phillips
Timmons, Albert C. Image 228K Sep 2015 Jeff Phillips
Timmons, Martha Jane & Baby Armena Image 271K Sep 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tink, William Image 230K Nov 2005 Jeff Phillips
Tisdale, Charles William Image 273K Aug 2015 Jeff Phillips
Titus, Evelyn Image 289K Aug 2011 Dale Working
Titus, Guy L. Image 124K Jan 2008 Jeff Phillips
Titus, Ida L. Image 115K Jan 2008 Jeff Phillips
Titus, Lincoln H. Image 112K Jan 2008 Jeff Phillips
Titus, Lutie A. Image 124K Jan 2008 Jeff Phillips
Titus, Paul M. Image 114K Jan 2008 Jeff Phillips
Tolles, Harry Image 159K Apr 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tolles, Mary A. Image 235K Apr 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tolles, William J. & Rosa E. Image 221K Apr 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tomlinson, Robert E. Image 217K Feb 2012 Jeff Phillips
Tompkins, Andrew Image 97K Mar 2016 Jeff Phillips
Tong, Arthur Image 162K May 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tong, Ida P. Image 178K May 2015 Jeff Phillips
Toonder, Blazina Image 91K Dec 2011 Jeff Phillips
Toonder, Frank & Maggie Image 84K Dec 2011 Jeff Phillips
Toonder, Izak Image 88K Dec 2011 Jeff Phillips
Towne, M. Edna Waite Image 86K Apr 2011 Jeff Phillips
Traverse, Jack Image 83K Apr 2015 Jeff Phillips
Trayer, Guy C. Image 261K Aug 2015 Jeff Phillips
Trice, Bessie Image 238K May 2015 Jeff Phillips
Triezenberg, John M. Image 217K Aug 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tromper, John Image 62K Nov 2005 Jeffrey Phillips
Tromper, Wilhelmina Image 165K Nov 2005 Jeffrey Phillips
Trueax, Joseph Image 184K May 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tubbs, Jesse Image 281K Apr 2016 Jeff Phillips
Tubbs, Lee & Senie Image 76K Apr 2016 Jeff Phillips
Tucker, James H Image 250K May 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tucker, William Image 114K Jun 2012 Jeffrey Phillips
Tuinier, Douwe Image 211K Mar 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tuinier, Gertrude Image 198K Mar 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tuinier, John & Helen Image 250K Nov 2015 Jeff Phillips
Turner, Donald D. Image 143K May 2015 Jeff Phillips
Turner, Robert S. Image 211K Apr 2015 Jeff Phillips
Tuttle, Grant W. & Kate A. Image 119K Aug 2011 Jeff Phillips
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