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Mt Hope Cemetery
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The Mt Hope Cemetery is located in Lansing.  It is one of the three Lansing Municipal Cemeteries.  The office is located directly across the street from the Mt. Hope Cemetery at 1709 E. Mt. Hope, Lansing, MI  48910.  517-483-4303.

On April 3, 1871, the people of Lansing voted on a bond issue to purchase the land we know as Mt. Hope Cemetery. A special committee recommended the Miller Farm. The property was purchased from John and Rebecca Miller at a cost of $8,000.

On November 28, 1873, the Cemetery was officially named Mt. Hope Cemetery after a cemetery in New York from where many of the pioneers originally came. Mt. Hope Cemetery is comprised of approximately 82 acres.

There are many interesting and historical interments, monuments and special sites within Mt. Hope Cemetery. Among some of the most interesting are the R.E. Olds Mausoleum, the Spanish American and World War I Veteran Memorial and the Unknown Fireman Monument. Many of Lansing’s dignitaries are interred along the west side of Section F.

Mt. Hope Cemetery is easily recognizable by its famed white arch entrance way that leads visitors through the winding and hilly grounds with large and notable monuments and markers.

Terri Lindemann - from Cemetery Brochure

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Mt. Hope Cemetery Entrance Image 25K Mar 2006 Cheryl Mauer
Mt. Hope Cemetery Map Image 168K Sep 2005 Terri Vance
Mt. Hope Office Sign Image June 2005 Harold & Linda Saffron
Boys Vocational School Memorial Image 238K Sep 2008 Terri Vance
Fallen Heroes Monument July 7, 2008 Image 217K Mar 2009 Terri Vance
4 Side Of The Fallen Heroes Monument July 7, 2008 Image 89K Mar 2009 Terri Vance
Yeager, Fay Rosendahl Image 200K Apr 2009 Terri Vance
Yeates, Charles H. Image 204K Oct 2005 Terri Vance
Yeiter, Elizabeth J. Image 160K Aug 2006 Terri Vance
Yeiter, Emily Image 153K Aug 2006 Terri Vance
Yeiter, Frederick Image 167K Aug 2006 Terri Vance
Yensen, Beulah A. Image 175K Jan 2007 Terri Vance
Yensen, George H. Image 174K Jan 2007 Terri Vance
Yerkie, Adolph R. Image 144K Aug 2006 Terri Vance
Yerks, Eldred & Mary A. Image 242K Sep 2008 Terri Vance
Yungkind, Anna Image 251K Feb 2006 Terri Vance
Young, Anna Image 193K Apr 2009 Terri Vance
Young, David A. & Esther M. Image 202K Aug 2006 Terri Vance
Young, George A. Image 208K Feb 2009 Terri Vance
Young, Lyle F. Image 188K Aug 2006 Terri Vance
Young, Marion F. Image 192K Aug 2006 Terri Vance
Young, Mary T. Image 274K Mar 2006 Terri Vance
Young, May E. Image 190K Feb 2009 Terri Vance
Young, Robert S. Image 182K Mar 2009 Terri Vance
Young, Robert S. Image 166K Mar 2009 Terri Vance
Youngkind, Anna Image 225K Feb 2006 Terri Vance
Yungkind Family Monument Image 220K Mar 2009 Terri Vance
Yungkind, Caroline Image 243K Mar 2009 Terri Vance
Yungkind, Christina Image 244K Feb 2006 Terri Vance
Yungkind, Louis Image 244K Feb 2006 Terri Vance
Yungkind, Ludwig Image 260K Mar 2009 Terri Vance
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