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Description Size Date Submitter
Alba, David 3 kb 14 Mar 99 Jan Sedore
Babcock, Robert Image 61K Nov 2007 Grace Dooley
Bailey, Robert C. May 30, 2004 1K Nov 2007 Kathy J. YoungThe Registry
Barber, Charles Image 59K Nov 2007 Grace Dooley
Bates, William Image 63K Nov 2007 Grace Dooley
Boshaw, John Image 64K Jan 2008 Grace Dooley
Bosom, Luke February 2009 Image 66K Feb 2009 Grace Dooley
Bugg, Edward L. March 12, 2000 1K Dec 2006 Marcia Shears
Buytas, Steve August 29, 1980 1K Apr 2009 Jan Cortez The Registry
Clark, Erastus February 2009 Image 64K Feb 2009 Grace Dooley
Cook, William February 2009 Image 49K Feb 2009 Grace Dooley
Dobson, Henry February 2009 Image 54K Feb 2009 Grace Dooley
Dobson, James February 2009 Image 113K Feb 2009 Grace Dooley
Dodds, Robert A. July 21, 1946 2K Jul 2011 Grace Dooley
Frisbie, William February 2009 Image 62K Feb 2009 Grace Dooley
Gard, William February 2009 Image 54K Feb 2009 Grace Dooley
Geroy, William February 2009 Image 149K Feb 2009 Grace Dooley
Hendrick, Maryetta March 3, 1894 2K Jan 2007 Kimmie Ramer
Jacques, Lewis William December 10, 1989 1K Nov 2006 Marcia Shears
Jean, Dixie Louise September 22, 1996 2K Nov 2006 Marcia Shears
Lake, Alonzo February 2009 Image 62K Feb 2009 Grace Dooley
Rose, Seth February 2009 Image 43K Feb 2009 Grace Dooley
Thielecke, Henry February 2009 Image 61K Feb 2009 Grace Dooley
Warren, Thomas February 2009 Image 88K Feb 2009 Grace Dooley
Warchuck, Rita M. (Nee Holdwick) October 29, 2008 4K Oct 2008 Jerry C. West
Wiedbrauk, John Raymond April 16, 2004 2K Nov 2006 Marcia Shears

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