Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church Cemetery

2350 Conowingo Road
Bel Air, Harford Co., MD

JONES, Jacob R.
6/13/1881 Age 53Y 8M 6D
KENNEDY, Elizabeth _/27/1806 2/7/1876 John G.
KENNEDY, John G. 2/18/1802 12/21/1880 Elizabeth
LEE, Elizabeth C.
2/1/1860 Age 2M 23D / William & Unknown
LEE, John T.

LEE, Unknown
4/1/1866 Elizabeth & William
LEE, William B.
8/12/1867 Age 29D / Elizabeth & Unknown
LINGAN, Robert H. 9/3/1873 12/20/1953 SGT CO D T REGT MD INF SP AM WAR
McCALLISTER, Elmer D. 12/27/1912 12/2/1985 S1 US Navy WWII
McCALLISTER, Mildred A. 1933 1992
MITCHELL, Phyllis Ann 12/27/1935 8/28/1936 Daughter of Franklin & Annabel
MONKS Family Stone #1

MONKS Family Stone #2

MONKS Monument

MONKS, Cora J. 3/11/1882 8/14/1882 Daughter of Wm. T. & Lucretia
MONKS, Edward T. 6/16/1831 9/30/1924 Ellen C.
MONKS, Elizabeth Virene 9/16/1879 2/11/1909 Daughter of James & Gertrude
MONKS, Ellen C. 2/8/1830 8/21/1879 Edward T.
MONKS, Ethyl O. 1895 1943 Mary E.
MONKS, Frances
6/1/1870 Age 9D / Daughter of James & Gertrude
MONKS, Helen C. 6/23/1903 4/30/1962 John E., Sr.
MONKS, James Emerson 12/28/1867 1/19/1964 On Monk Monument #1
MONKS, James Henry 3/7/1836 11/4/1895 On Monk Monument #1
MONKS, James P. 1869 1935 Father
MONKS, John E., Sr. 3/23/1898 7/19/1969 Helen
MONKS, Lillie Ella 11/13/1876 6/30/1900 Daughter of James & Gertrude
MONKS, Lucretia A. 5/3/1840 6/27/1906 William T.
MONKS, Mary A. 1876 1940 Mother
MONKS, Mary E. 1865 1938 Wife of Samuel S. James
MONKS, Mary E. 3/29/1865 2/27/1918 Ethyl
MONKS, Rosa Lucille 1915
MONKS, Rosa M. 1876 1974 Mother
MONKS, William T. 1871 1939 Father
MONKS, William T. 8/26/1837 7/16/1916 Lucretia
NORRIS, Goldie P. 11/1/1907 9/9/1989 William C.
NORRIS, William C. 10/19/1903 1/14/1961 Goldie P.

PETERS, Sidney Jean 2/1/1925 11/1/2001 Allen
PETERSON, G. Wilson 1890 1941 Husband of Bernetta
PETERSON, Grace Lee 6/10/1872 12/26/1932 Wife of John W.
PETERSON, James W. 10/4/1862 6/21/1928 Lucie
PETERSON, James W. 1817 1911 Rennis
PETERSON, John W. 3/23/1864 3/14/1947
PETERSON, Lucie M. 7/31/1871 11/29/1962 John W.
3/8/1894 Daughter of John W. & Grace
PETERSON, Rennis Judd 1822 1910 James W.
POOLE, Margaret 11/12/1915 12/19/1964 William
POOLE, S. William 12/27/1894 1/11/1975 Margaret
PRICE, William Thomas
PYLE Monument

PYLE, Ellen F. 1849 1941 George M.
PYLE, Florence B. 8/18/1860 8/10/1935 Wife of Herman Pyle
PYLE, George E.
PYLE, George M. 1848 1934 Ellen
PYLE, George Orville 1/31/1886 8/26/1962 Husband
PYLE, Hannah J. 1855 1927 Lewis
PYLE, Herman T. 3/18/1859 1/12/1914
PYLE, Joseph Lillian 8/7/1879 9/28/1884
PYLE, Lewis A. 1855 1930 Hannah
PYLE, Martha Jane 2/23/1851 6/8/1930 Wife of David Egoff
REMLEY, Mildred J. 1900
RICE, Helen J. 2/11/1899 11/4/1977 Thomas
RICE, Thomas H. 6/12/1905 3/16/1985 Helen
ROSS, Amelia B.
1/7/1883 Age 69Y 7M 18D
ROSS, John W.
7/19/1874 Age 40Y 8M 29D
ROSS, William
8/26/1886 Age 81Y 8M 21D

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